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As a lot of you are aware, our email server was down over the weekend and was only back up yesterday. It was due to backing-up and renewing the email system (so the technical people tell me). Please accept the sincere apologies from everyone here for the inconvenience and lack of communication during this time. We are paying for it now as well with a huge influx of emails and the phone ringing off the hook. Everybody’s working their arses off to get caught up and get everybody’s queries and order questions answered as quickly as possible. Please bear with us and we should be on top by the end of this week.

I would like to have had a warning about it posted on the blog and tweeted, but I wasn’t here when it went down and it stayed down a hell of a lot longer than anybody anticipated, so we got caught with our pants round our ankles – a slightly bizarre image which I’m going to leave you all with by way of apology.


14 thoughts on “EDIT Emails Are Working Now”

  1. Absolutely. I have somebody contacting you today. There is a stock issue with the Mossy’s Jem at the moment, but you should have a nice alternative offered to you when customer service get in touch. Hopefully it will make up a little bit for the delay.

  2. Hi!

    Sorry for my english…
    I can’t received e-mail from you at this date.
    Is it normal?
    I pass an order this morning and i have no received the confirmation. Is it ok?

    Thank you

  3. I have been trying to reset my password for the site, so I can have access again. But I am not receiving any e-mails. Are you still having some troubles with the system?

  4. What about your phone number theres alot of reports of issues with it??
    Can you clear that up please.

  5. I´ve tried to recover my password about 20-30times (over the last weeks) now and I´ve still not got an email yet. I can´t seem to get in touch with the tech-staff aswell through email. So whats going on?

  6. My apologies for the trouble with the emails. The server was down for maintenance for a few days and it lasted much longer than we thought it would. They are up and working now, but there is a huge backlog which the customer service team are doing their best to work through as quickly as possible.

  7. It has only been ten working days since dispatch so far (exactly today) so it should be arriving this week for you.

  8. No troubles anymore, save trying to answer the deluge of emails that have poured in since the server went back up. We’re doing our best.

  9. The emails should be working now, Mark, though there is a huge back log they are catching up on. They should only be behind for another day or so.

  10. Hello!
    Thank you for your answer, I was able to re-connect.
    But I shall like knowing:
    I placed an order on Saturday, without becoming identified, and I have no recu an e-mail of confirmation. Has my order was registered?
    Thank you

  11. Do orders usually come with tracking numbers?
    I ordered in January and finally got a a dispatched email last week but no tracking number and since then no package.

  12. Standard mail has no tracking number unfortunately. For tracking you would eed toselect either the Signed-For Registered option or courier mail. Standard international mail can take up to 14 working days.

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