Here @ EDIT we are starting to feel like the true spirit of Christmas is beginning to get lost in the 21st Century…

So in the name of all things ‘Christmasy’ we are in a giving mood (except G-man, he is always in a party mood!)
This year, once all the elves we have leased go back to Santa, we will be sending one lucky customer a FANTASTIC ‘MYSTERY’ PURE GLASS BONG
This work of art comes complete with down tube, bowl and any ‘mystery’ trimming needed
All you have to do to be eligible to win this AWESOME prize… is NOTHING!… Well maybe just an ickle something!
Just give us an order number from an order you have placed within the last 3 months (since 01 September 2010), post it up on the blog with a little ‘Happy Xmas’ note and that’s YOUR entry!


I look forward to giving one of you EDIT faithful this GREAT piece of GLASS, so… Go! Go! Go! Let the festivities begin! πŸ™‚

86 thoughts on “EDIT COMPETITION”

  1. Order #1745815

    I hope you’re getting snow for Christmas because all we get over here is rain. Merry Christmas EDIT! You are the best headshop in the world!

  2. And merry christmas one and all. hope everyone gets what they are after, g-man the whole crew. Have a toke for me.

    Peace be with y’all.

  3. I have 5 orders numbers:
    1- (09/09/2010) 1658528
    2- (20/09/2010) 1677376
    3- (24/10/2010) 1714459
    4- (13/11/2010) 1733396
    5- (23/11/2010) 1737290

    I just wanna thank you guys for the happiness that you all helped to us to have this year.

    merry christmas and happy new years eve.

  4. 1665189


    Happy christmas edit and all the team, its been a good year and i hope theres many more good ones to come, love the site, the dedication to the customer is spot on 100% and thank your for being my favourite head shop merry christmas.

  5. 1708394

    Its going to b the best Xmas with that Ziggy this would make it that much better!
    hope you guys get everything you could want And have an amazing Christmas and new year

  6. 1733850


    Heres a poem that I found on the forums a few years ago (before they closed) around Christmas time. I saved it because it was so freaking awesome. I have no idea who wrote it – one of the forum members though. So no credit to me. Merry Christmas EDIT.


    Twas the night before foreclosure

    Twas the night before Christmas, when all over town
    Not a person was employed, not even a clown.
    The clothes were hung by the chimney to dry,
    Because with no money, the bills were too high.

    The children were restless all hungry in their bed,
    While families of CEO’s were happily fed.
    And mamma sat crying, and I losing my will,
    Because we knew we could never pay the bill.

    When suddenly outside, I heard a loud noise
    I grabbed my gun, and said wake the boys.
    Away to the window I ran with delight,
    I was going to release my rage this night.

    The sight that I saw, filled me with fright
    Our town wasn’t safe, especially at night.
    When, what did my drunk ass see at my door
    But the sheriff, my banker, and his 20 year old whore

    For weeks they had threatened this very thing
    My kids would be homeless, to pay for his bitch’s ring
    I pulled back the hammer, and opened the door
    And emptied the clip, then emptied three more

    My neighbours came out to see what’s the matter
    They sure were surprised from all the blood splatter
    But our family’s situation was not rare
    And to most of my neighbour’s my reaction was fair

    We all got together, and planned up a plan
    Into the river, the bodies and banker’s van
    As we walked to our homes, swearing to keep quiet
    I said “Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good-night!”

  7. Have a great Christmas EDIT and happy holidays to all!!!

    Order: 1711124

    Order: 1719969

    Order: 1727229

    Order: 1735447

  8. Order #1668526

    May your holiday season be filled with fine herbs and quality glass to smoke it through.
    Thank You Edit for making that possible fer us poor puffers. lol

    Happy Holiday’s

  9. 1749922

    Merry Christmas to all.

    I’ll be keeping my spirits high this holiday season with my new jet-flash, Gordon.

    Cheers to everyone around the world.

  10. Order number: 1749899 (12/1/10)

    I hope all of EDIT has a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year and thank them for all the great things they do and give and for the GREAT DISCOUNTS!!!

    GO EDIT!!!!!!

  11. order no: 1772662

    merry christmas guys. here’s hoping you all get suitably pie-eyed over the festive period πŸ™‚

  12. 1678212

    Happy Christmas Guys,
    Thanks for the savings!

    p.s. Do you know how long it’ll take to get the 4 free indoor seeds from your seed promotion a couple of weeks ago. I am looking forward to them!

  13. 1764625

    happy xmas to everyone at edit and everyone here

    may edit thrive and posper year after year

    with stoners greetings djkien

  14. 1st: 1639345
    2nd: 1731723
    3rd: 1732159
    4th: 1756867

    Thanks for the support over the past year and Merry X-mas and happy new year !

  15. Order no. 1713172

    Happy Holidays hope every1 at edit has a great Xmas and an even better NewYears Thanks for all the savings and discounts you guys are the best

  16. I have submitted this now 3 times and it hasnt been posted up yet.

    I hope this one works πŸ™

    order ref: 1726069

    Merry Chrimbo and all that πŸ™‚

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