We’re now 4 months into 2014 and I can confidently say that there have been more than a few New Year’s resolutions broken over here at EDIT HQ.

Diets have been forgotten, gyms have not been attended, and the office gofer still hasn’t made a decent brew.  Quitting smoking, though?  That’s even tougher, surely?

Then the new range of Jasper and Jasper Disposable Nano E cigarettes arrived for inspection.

Nano Disposable E Cigarettes by Jasper and Jasper

Designed to mimic an actual cigarette, these e-cigs are available in a range of strengths from 6mg nicotine for the light smoker, through to 16mg for the heavier user.  Available in menthol or standard tobacco flavours, the Nano even has a soft tip so it feels like a real cigarette in your mouth.  Each one is approximately equivalent to a deck of 20 normal cigs, and just look at our launch prices on this revolutionary new line.

If you’ve quit or are thinking of giving up cigarettes, help is at hand.  The Nano disposable E cigarette from Jasper and Jasper is a great tool to make the struggle of quitting easier.

…..Also in with the new stock……..

Go Shisha E-Liquid 0mg Nicotine

A new range of flavoured e-liquids from Go Shisha!  10ml refill bottles are now available in exotic flavours but familiar EDIT low prices.

Go Shisha E-Liquid 24mg Nicotine

The refills are suitable for use with your favourite refillable vapour pen, E-Cig or E-Shisha.  Choose from our nicotine free range, or, to help with smoking cravings, try 18mg or 24mg nicotine strength.

Go Shisha E-Liquid 18mg Nicotine

No stale breath.

Smoke anywhere legally.

Much healthier than smoking tobacco.

Join the vapour revolution today!

As always, same day dispatch is guaranteed on all products if you place your order before 4:20pm.

Disposable Nano E-cigarettes and Go Shisha E-Liquids from Everyonedoesit.com:  The help to quit smoking at prices you’ll love.

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