Ease makes wonderfully fumed ornate pieces that are characterised their unique colour changing skin. True appreciation of this piece comes when holding and moving it around to see the coloured glass at work. This Ease Fumed Glass Dry Pipe is a truly remarkable piece of glass art as our EDiTor’s Piece of the Day.

Ease has created this beautifully worked colour changing fumed glass dry pipe to perfection. This ornate piece sparkles upon the eye with its subtle changes of colour covering a vast array of rainbow like forms depending on what angle it is viewed due to the fuming process on the glass.

The Dry pipe contains the usual horned neckline that Ease glass pieces tend to have. The pipe is composed mainly of two large horns. The first chamber houses the bowl and is very deep due to the large horn. There is a red glass carb hole on the left side of the pipe. Also at the front of the first chamber in the centre there is a small patterned marble.

Moving onto the second horned chamber, there is a more fumed work giving incredible light to this piece. At the top of this second horn, there is a heavily worked bulbous mouthpiece that resembles a rainbow honeycomb pattern.

One of the most gorgeous parts of this piece is the large spiral marble with lens that connects both the horned chambers to finish off another masterpiece created by Ease.

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