Introducing the Ease fumed glass bubbler dome from the talented glass blower, Ease.

This amazing glass bubbler stands at a 45 degree angle and has undergone a fuming process, leaving a slight multi-toned tinge on the glass.

The bubbler itself is composed of a number of key sections, namely the main chamber, the dome style bowl and the horned neckline in addition to a number of other decorative features.

The fumed main chamber is bulbous in nature and houses the ground joint which supports the bowl of the bubbler. This main chamber is also graced with a range of decorative glass millefiori which add great character to the bubbler.

From this main chamber extends the glass mouthpiece which has been heavily worked. The detail involved becomes evident upon the inspection of the glass horns which protrude from the neck of the bubbler as well as the hand pulled design around the mouthpiece.

Another phenomenal and functional piece of art glass by Ease.

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