The Eagle Bill Shake & Vape Pipe vaporizes herbs without producing any hazardous carcinogenic smoke. The pipe is heated from the bottom of the bowl with a normal lighter until a fine vapour begins to appear inside the bowl. You then shake it a little to spread the heat around and thus not overheat the herb to the point of combustion.

Eagle Bill Vaporising Pipe

Eagle Bill Amato was a Cherokee medicine man who devoted a big part of his life to inventing, promoting and reinventing the vaporization method of herb imbibing. He worked to make people aware that smoking herbs like tobacco or cannabis with the traditional burning method causes inhalation of carbon monoxide and carcinogenetic tars. Eagle Bill wasn’t too keen on these harmful compounds and they have no known psychoactive effects. In fact, he knew that the only reason to actually burn herbs in the traditional manner was to generate air hot enough to evaporate the resins from the burning material. Vaporizers only use hot air rather than an actual flame, so no smoke and few carcinogens are produced. 

Eagle Bill invented several forms of the vaporizer including the 10 gallon jar model he displayed at shows for its dramatic effect. His one piece glass “shake and vape” pipe was adopted by the Netherlands government as part of their medical marijuana program. The Eagle Bill vaporizers were actually available at most pharmacies in Holland.

Bill came up with the shake and vape pipe to make vaporization more available to everyone. It is said to be based on ancient Egyptian methods of using hot stones to hold the temperature necessary to vaporize herbs.

Eagle Bill Shake and Vape Pipe

Eagle Bill passed away back in 2005. Cancer took him but by all accounts he made the best of his last days and died peacefully in his sleep. He had resided in Amsterdam for over a decade and had become a resident feature of the Sensi Seeds Hash Museum (YouTube junkies will recall him giving Paris Hilton a go on his giant vaporiser), though he had returned home to his native Georgia in the States to be with his family while he ran the home straight. He is remembered fondly as the ‘Father of Vapor’ and as a man who faced up to his impending fate with incredible dignity and good humour. He even organized his ‘funeral’ before he actually died as he hated missing a party.

Eagle Bill during the 2004 Cannabis Cup
Eagle Bill during the 2004 Cannabis Cup

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  • Smokey

    Funnily enough I just picked one of these up today, and can say it’s worth getting one. Takes a few tries to get used to, (I was worried I’d heat the glass too much at first :p) but gets rid of the smoke and carcinogens that you get from burning your herbs. They’re cheap, too, so it doesn’t hit you as hard in the pocket as one of the more expensive, electric vapourisers

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