Vaping and vape pens are becoming some of the most popular social habit trends around. If you are fresh to the vaping field or simply want to brush up on some etiquette, read on and soak up the knowledge.



  • Do make sure you are allowed to smoke in the specific area you are. Like cigarettes, vaping isn’t allowed everywhere
  • Do charge your battery fully
  • Do use charger specified for your device
  • Do allow atomizer to cool if it gets way too hot to the touch
  • Do position the vape pen or personal vaporizing unit correctly so no liquid spills out and ensure all waxy concentrates are positioned correctly over the coils
  • Do watch for burnt marshmallow flavor, as this could be a sign of your atomizer’s slow death. Replace with same brand atomizer
  • Do resist the urge to throw the vaporizer. It’s an electronic device after all
  • Do keep your vaporizer dry and away from water and moisture
  • Do experiment with different flavors and consistencies of concentrates
  • Do clean regularly



  • Don’t be misinformed about legalities. Some areas of the country and world are a-ok with your plumes of vapor but others are not. Stay educated
  • Don’t get caught stealth vaping. Stick to discreet sizes and colors to keep your vaping on the low down
  • Don’t skip out on reading the instructions or manual that comes with your vape pen or device
  • Don’t vape at work
  • Don’t mix substances in your vaporizing unit
  • Don’t charge and use a vape pen at the same time, unless you are using a unit that has specified charge in use capabilities

Vaporizing solvent based extracts usually packs in a better punch than burning dried herbal mixtures. Your taste and hits will be stronger and more clear. Follow these dos and don’ts for safe and happy vaping.

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