Discreet Worldwide Delivery Guaranteed

We only use discreet packaging for your EveryoneDoesit.com orders, with worldwide shipping including cannabis seeds, herbal incense, legal highs, glass bongs and all other smoking paraphernalia and alternative lifestyle accessories.

We use plain brown Jiffy envelopes (with an inner-lining of bubble-wrap) for smaller orders and plain brown boxes for larger orders. None of our packages bear any outside markings or indications as to what is inside (barring ‘Fragile’ tape on packages containing glass). Courier orders often have their own special packaging in the colours of the courier (see the FedEx examples at bottom of page) but these also bear no indication as to what is inside.

Glass items, such as Roor.de or Weed Star bongs are thick-wrapped in layers of bubblewrap and packed tightly with protective filler into their boxes to ensure safe delivery. Even if the box gets brutalized by a maniac courier, we have a hard-working and reliable customer service team here ready and willing to help you out with whatever problems the world’s various postal services throw at us.

Discretion is our priority
Discretion is our priority

If you have any questions regarding our packaging process or any of the materials we use, or require any other information regarding our order dispatching methods, then email us at enquiries@everyonedoesit.com or give us a call between 9am and 6pm (UK time) and one of the team here will be delighted to answer all queries for you.


  • Comet

    I have had several ROOR’s, accessories and misc items shipped to the US. They are always very discretely packaged and arrive in perfect condition (usually in a week or less). On a side note I have had so many boxes come in marked fragile my postman asked me if I collect glass figurines or something of the like.


  • Aaron

    I live in the US and have made quite a few orders and have never had the package take more then a week. And ive never had a broken item EDITS shipping is great ive order from amazon so many times i have no idea how EDIT can ship so fast to the uk to the us. There shipping is just that great dont hesitate to buy from them just do it:)

  • Alvin

    I totally agree i live in California and i always get my packages within 7 business days max EDIT has superb shipping and packaging i am always proud to buy from EDIT you guys and gals really do an awesome job

    Thanks EDIT!!!

  • daltin

    i ordered a weed star GonG piece 10 days ago and i havent recieved it yet. i live in illinois. is this normal?

    EDIT ANSWER: Yes, quite normal. They should arrive within ten days at least, but there are plenty of examples of them taking a bit longer. I have even heard customers tell me about a second order they placed arriving before the first one, despite them being placed several days apart. I would love to know exactly what the packages get up to once they are taken by the post service, but alas it remains something of a mystery. Probably best for our anxiety levels too!

  • Carter

    Agreed. Ive had a RooR 5mm, Ehle 3.2, ashcatchers and diffusers shipped all in different shipments and none came broken and all within 7-10 days.

    (But be weary of items that say In Stock. You could end up waiting another week or more for that item to come back “in stock”.

    EDIT REPLY: Sometimes there are stock issues, as in any retail business, especially a specialist area such as Roor bongs, but they are kept to a minimum and we actually have much less problems with Roor stock than any other retailer. We alos inform customers straightaway of any stock issue.

    Unfortunately we don’t make the bongs ourselves, so often we are expecting the stock to arrive tonight or tomorrow, but the blowers themselves haven’t quite got the job completed in time, possibly due to testing the mechandise.

  • Carter

    Im sorry I should have clarified. This has happened to me now 2 times( never had to wait more than a few extra days though) So Id like to say that out of the fifteen or so orders I have made through EDIT this has only happened twice and Id like to commend EDIT on their shipping, customer service, and general selection. It is hard to keep inventory on a couple thousand items up to date at all times but they do not hesitate to answer emails ASAP and get things right with you.

    Well done EDIT. Will continue to order from you all exclusively for my smoking needs.

  • Carter

    I just got a shipment in today and inside the package was a copy of my invoice. Nothing at all on the outside. Even with my larger packages none of the stick on invoices or return slips. They are all packaged internally.

  • brickell

    I was wondering what name shows up on the bill. I’m in college and my mother likes to randomly check out my bank statements and I’d rather not have her poking around seeing “everyonedoesit” on the statement and start asking questions.

  • marcelo

    Iwant to buy seeds , but i cant buy with my credit card
    Can you help me to buy in another way
    Im from Brazil


    What about if i want to order seeds and have them shipped to an Australian address.

    EDIT ANSWER: That will be fine. I recommened youi make yourself aware of any legal issues regarding the import of seeds to Australia, but you can place the order no problem.

  • zakkybhoy

    what is the risks in buying seeds and gettin cought ?

    EDIT ANSWER: No risk in the UK as seed are perfectly legal to collect. It’s the germination process over here that is illegal, so we only sell them as souvenirs. I know the law is different in the US where seeds are as illegal as the grown product, so you would have to check your own local legislation on the matter before making your own choice on your security.

  • Sounds good and I have never had any problems with my orders, But still can’t shake off that funny feeling about ordering seeds. Any feedback to ease my way of looking over my back !

  • ed

    do you make shipping to israel ?
    how do i choose the Discreet package?

    EDIT ANSWER: They’re all discreet packages. We can ship to Israel if it’s legal for us to send the items there.

  • Shanil

    hey i was wandering about getting a bong shipped to australia is this legal?…can i get a bong shipped to australia.

  • va

    i want to make an order to israel
    but the question are they know that this package
    coming from this website,and are they know whats in the package?

  • Denial182

    EDIT’s great. I’ve gotten heaps of great bongs and accessories from here and plan to get more, the shipping’s quick and discreet, packaged well and safe. The customer service is great, The prices are decent, the range/selection is impressive, what more can i say. Never had a problem so far.
    I live in Australia, so for anyone wondering, don’t worry. All the bongs i’ve ordered have gotten here safe and sound.

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