There’s a feature on the more affordable range of Zippo Lighters but here’s a quick pictorial run through our more expensive deluxe range of Zippos. Some of them earn a higher price due to the extra workmanship involved in the design or the material used for it.

Manufactured by the Zippo Manufacturing Company, a Zippo Lighter is a refillable, windproof metal lighter that should last as long as you at least. The wind-proofing of Zippo Lighters comes from the windscreen – within which the flame is sparked due to the adequate fuel delivery. A familiar clicking is heard when the lid of a Zippo Lighter is opened and closed, caused by the spring-toggle lever which keeps the lid closed tightly when the lighter is not in use, starving the flame of oxygen and thus extinguishing it.

Mesh Cross, Bling & Timberwolves Zippo Lighters
Mesh Cross, Bling & Timberwolves Zippo Lighters

Deluxe Range of Zippo Lighters:

·         Zippo Lighter  – BLU High Polish Chrome

·         Zippo Lighter  – Bling High Polish Chrome

·         Zippo Lighter  – Elvis Military Induction

·         Zippo Lighter  – Jack Daniel’s

·         Zippo Lighters – Mesh Cross

·         Zippo Lighters – Playboy Crown-Stamped

·         Zippo Lighters – Timberwolves

·         Zippo Accessories – Fuel Canister

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