DEA Glass Bong Giveaway!

Win a Bong!

GIVEAWAY FINISHED. CLICK HERE FOR RESULT. We have this reasonably good-looking glass bong to give away, and we’re going to give it away to the comment posted on this page that we perceive to have the best accompanying profile picture. It’s going to be a very quick giveaway compared to the last couple (which dragged on a bit due to spare-time constraints), and I should be announcing the winner by lunchtime tomorrow (12pm, Friday 21st May). IF YOU CAN’T UPLOAD A PROFILE PIC WHEN YOU COMMENT THEN JUST POST A LINK TO IT – TO SAVE TOO MUCH MESSING ABOUT.

So you have a bit of time to select a profile pic. I have no idea right now as to what kind of pic might win. I will be following my heart I think, although that’s got me into trouble a few times. Good luck!


Win this DEA Bong with the best profile pic attached to your comment on this page!
Win this DEA Bong with the best profile pic attached to your comment on this page!


The prize comes with a few bits and bobs...
The prize comes with a few bits and bobs…

36 thoughts on “DEA Glass Bong Giveaway!”

  1. If you can’t post your comment with a profile pic, then just link me to it and that’ll do.

  2. Sorry my hyperlink did not work please if you can erase my last comment. :/

    Just like I won president in government class, you should vote to give me some DEA Glass. 🙂
    check out my picture EDIT you are following me as well as I’m following you. 🙂

    Again please delete the comment above this, It is also mine and I would hate to get disqualified :/

  3. HELP this cancer patient get off the paper addiction. i need a water pipe to give the joints a rest. CHECK OUT THE REST OF THE PICS. , im a DIE HARD SMOKER ,



    I COULD PROVE, I NEED IT more than most. this is worth my time for sure.

  4. NO MORE ENTRIES AFTER THIS HERE COMMENT. The entries have been uploaded onto our Facebook fan page. I’m hoping for a bit of feedback, though I already think I know who will win. But we will see.

    Also, Max and Ian C, your links didn’t work….

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