I spent a while gazing at the pictures linked by you in the comments of the original DEA Bong Giveaway page and it was only a wee while before it became clear the one picture I kept coming back to was Smallerbach’s Human Zippo. I received some assent for my thoughts on this on our EveryoneDoesIt Facebook page and so I have taken the plunge and deemed the new owner of this bong to be Smallerbach. Congratulations, dude, I hope you will give it a good home.

I think similar, smaller and quicker giveaways like this will be happening a lot more routinely from now on. I like to make stupid videos of big random draws but they can take up so much time which I should really be spending doing proper work, like filing things and counting stuff.

Keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook pages as the first rumblings of any imminent giveaways are likely to be announced in one or both of those mediums. Thanks to all who entered, and my apologies to Ian C and Max, who’s links didn’t work for me, nor the whole address when I pasted it in. You two feel free to send the pics again to me at and if they were potential winners then I’ll rustle up a runners-up something or other for you.


Smallerbach will be covering the shipping costs of the Human Zippo Lighter...
Smallerbach will be covering the shipping costs of the Human Zippo Lighter…


Smallerbach's new Black Leaf DEA Bong!
Smallerbach’s new Black Leaf DEA Bong!


  • smallerbach

    so glad i have a ryot case for this bad boy…i was so excited i misspelled horribly before but i loved the pic and great contest

    thanks edit

  • Jim

    Congrats dude! Loved the pic and well deserved win!

    “May my proud successor be wise and horny in equal measures.”

  • smallerbach

    thanks…yeah i loved the spinning fire theo and as for funniest i still cant get over the kitten smoking its cracks me up everytime

  • TheEditor

    Hey, Smallerbach, I just tried emailing you to confirm which delivery address to send to, but the email has come back undelivered. Shall I send the bong to the address on the order number you posted with your comment before?

  • smallerbach

    yes that is the one…sry my email was supposed to be not .edu

    order number 1435604 is my current address

    again thanks so much and sorry for that inconvenience

  • Carter

    Haha thanks for the mention of Happy Eggs. Im a chef and it happened at work while I was making this brownie batter. I decided to take a picture before I ruined it.

  • Theo

    You guys haven’t had anything happen in a while. With the new Incredibowl mini’s being up you should do a little something with them 😉

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