The increasing popularity of waxes, oils and concentrates, particularly with smokers in the USA, has driven a huge demand for quality, purpose-made tools for use with these sticky-icky substances.

Typically, your friends here at are here to help with our superb range of dabbing tools from a variety of famous manufacturers featuring scrapers, dabbers and grabbers of all shapes and sizes, made from a range of heat-resistant materials with prices to suit every pocket.

First up are all-round paraphernalia manufacturers, GEAR with their range of dental-grade stainless steel dabbers that they call Skilletools.

Skilletools Mr Dabalina Dabber by GEAR

The Skilletools Mr Dabalina Dabber by GEAR has a finely crafted fork-shaped implement at one end giving the user precise control when moving the sticky stuff about.  The stainless steel dabbing tool features a comfort grip which is emblazoned with the ‘Skilletools’ name in a cool, graffiti-style.  Mr Dabalina is designed for use with honeys, oils and waxes and coming in at under £10, this is a great value tool which will enhance your enjoyment of your favourite extracts without breaking the bank.

Mamba Oil Concentrate Dabber – Roor

German glass masters, Roor have waded into the market with their own limited edition dabbing tools made from superb quality borosilicate glass.

The Honeycomb Oil Concentrate Dabber by Roor is made from jet black pyrex glass and beautifully decorated with a honeycomb design and the Roor logo down the shaft of the tool.  Each of these hand-made dabbers is a complete one-off and will never be made again, so this is literally your only chance to own one of these exquisite tools for yourself.  Superb quality glassware is no more than you would expect from Roor, but these dabbing tools are real art glass for the glass connoisseur at a surprisingly low price thanks to the incredible 36% discount we are currently offering.

There really isn’t room to showcase all our dabbing paraphernalia here, but unsurprisingly, as the world’s largest smokeshop, we have a massive range with something for everyone.  Have a browse through our full collection and pick the right tool for you.

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