You and all of your buddies have been smoking dried herbal mixtures for a few years now and you’re looking for a different kick. Sounds like it’s the perfect time to have a massive dab sesh! This exciting and radical craze taking over the toking crowd is fun for everyone. Fun for everyone if you follow some simple polite rules of etiquette that is.

Guest Dabbing



If you are dabbing with someone else’s equipment or product, be courteous and grateful! Here are a few other tips so you don’t look like a rude dum-dum:

  1. Do not glob a huge piece of concentrate for one hit. This can cause the joints and domes of the rig to gum up and get gross.
  2. Don’t touch other people’s concentrates or waxes. No one likes a greedy guest.
  3. You break it, you buy it. This rule is fairly simple to understand. If you wreck someone’s rig or set up, you need to pony up some cash. Dabbing equipment is not cheap.
  4. Don’t waste dabs or vapor. When you are filling the rig with that sweetness, suck it all in. No one wants your old stale dab breath on their mouths.
  5. Heat the nail for next in line. If you have a party chain going, it’s only proper to offer and heat the nail for your bud.
  6. Don’t set a hot dab tool down immediately after using one. These things are capital H Hot, and can leave sticky nasty residue on anything and everything in sight. Wait until it’s cooled and then set it on a dab mat or hand it safely and politely to the host or next in line.
  7. Throw some cash down if you are feeling it. Concentrates are on the pricier side, and showing your gratitude with money is a-ok always.
  8. Don’t touch the nail. It’s scorching hot. Duh!
  9. Heat the nail, not the rig. This is an amateur mistake many first time dabbers make. Don’t be that guy.


Dabbing Host



  1. If you are throwing a dabbing party with your own rig and concentrates, be a perfect host or hostess cupcake. Here are a few tips so you don’t look like a slobby jerk:
  2. Don’t brag about how expensive your equipment or wax was. This is tacky and beyond second hand embarrassing.
  3. Warn your first time dabbers about the effective potency of dabbing. Even the most seasoned smokers can be on their backside after a strong dab.
  4. Keep your equipment clean. The neatness or sloppiness of your presentation can say a lot about you. An easy way to keep everything sparkling is to do regular maintenance after each use. Clean dab nail and dab tools completely.


Now that you know how to act right, hit up a friend and get to dabbing! Let us know about your favorite dabbing session in the comments below!

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