If you are a dab rig professional or a newbie to the dab game chances are you are familiar with the positive and negative aspects of owning and using a rig. If you are a truly seasoned champion of dabbing, you certainly know that a low quality, poorly designed rig will bring you nothing but messy sadness. Searching for the perfect dab rig involves understanding exactly what aspects of convenience and safety you desire, as well as keeping in mind your personal sense of style.

A lot of aficionados prefer not to use a dab rig for burning flower. Critics of this practice say that in doing so, you will affect the clarity of taste in both dried herbal mixtures or concentrates. It is best practice to have a separate piece of glass to dab on.


Size of rig can also be a point of taste for dabbers. The smaller the dab rig, the more flavorful and distinct the taste. Keep your puffs pure and times lights by choosing a mini rig with a fun theme like EDIT’s milkshake dab rig.

Nail quality is of utmost importance when it comes to your dabbing rig set up. A high quality dab nail is essential to a great dabbing experience. Quartz or titanium are best, and depending on your sesh style you will more than likely be able to suss out which one you enjoy the most. Understanding that using quality glass for products is key. Cheaper glass from China has a higher chance of giving you pain and strain in the dabbing game.


When heating a dab rig, make sure you use a quality grade torch. Hold up wait, torch? I know what you are thinking but this isn’t as sinister as it sounds. Small butane torches are used to season and evenly heat dabbing nails. #thisthingrips makes cute and colorful mini torches that will do the trick with style and ease.

Find a dab rig that’s perfect for you but doesn’t hurt your thinning wallet on Everyone Does It, where we have collected and sorted dab rigs that range in price from $40 -$99 USD.

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