Welcome to the dab lab! The wide world of dabbing may seem a little overwhelming, but we have step by step instructions on how to get started.

Supply List

  • Concentrate of Choice

Your concentrate of choice can come in many different forms. Budder, live resin, oil, shatter or wax are all products you can utilize in the dabbing process.

A dab rig is a specified type of water pipe designed to use with concentrates

  • Ceramic, Quartz, or Titanium Nail

Nails may come with or without dome. The nail is the piece you heat your concentrate on. Domeless nails are sturdier, as you have one less step to complete in your dabbing routine.

A dome is a piece that slides over the nail and has a small opening in the top. This helps capture and direct the vapor down through the pipe when it comes off the nail. If you are a novice dabber, starting with a domeless nail and gradually working your way to dome use is an extremely less complicated idea.

  • Dabber

A dabbing tool makes transporting your concentrates or essential oils to your heated nail easier.

  • Torch

Butane torches differ in quality, and usually that sort of reasoning has an attached price tag. Invest in a sturdy and trusty torch. You wouldn’t want your session to come to a premature end just because you got a cheap warming method.



Set Up Your Rig

Ensure everything is clean, dry and standing on an even surface.

  • Grab Concentrates and Dabber

Make sure your tools and products are close at hand at a comfortable distance.

  • Season Your Nail

Heat titanium nails until glowing red hot and apply a tiny bit of whatever you are going to be smoking on it. Ceramic or quartz nails can be deceivingly sizzling, as they will show no difference in color as you heat them. Seasoning your nail before full use is essential as it causes polymerization, which forms a layer over your nail’s pores.

  • Inhale

Heat the nail until it is red again (or in quartz and ceramic usage cases about 15 seconds) and let it set for approximately 10 seconds. Slide your small glob of concentrate on the nail as you inhale slowly. When your wax is melted and your lungs are full, promptly exhale.

  • Enjoy!


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