Here we go again then. First crack commando out of the basket wins the Mini Cyclone, second crack commando wins the big one…

Draw to Win Cyclone Bongs

Behold the Glory
Behold the Glory

Congratulations to crack commandos Comet and Nick Cruz, you are our winners. The Mini Cyclone will be on its way to Lieutenant Comet and the big one to Sergeant Nick Cruz. Emails will be sent to you to confirm your glory and acquire the correct address to send your prizes to.


The A-Team Stretch Canvas Print from the video is available for permanent hire from EDIT for a one-off fee that can be paid in batches of one.


A-Team Stretch Canvas Print
A-Team Stretch Canvas Print


Though fond of a plan, Hannibal wasn't so keen on three buses coming together
Though fond of a plan, Hannibal wasn’t so keen on three buses coming together


  • Alvin Olmos

    lol i have the worst luck but ill never quit ill enter into every contest till i win something cool 🙂

  • nick cruz

    hell yeahhhh!!!! now i got 2 packages coming to me from edit! just bought the vaporstar and a molino spoon few weeks ago. Thank you EDIT. i tell all my friends and family about you guys.

  • Luke Gardner

    YOU have the worst luck?! When I saw my name fly out of that box I almost pissed myself and when he put it back in I almost wept.

  • pcok06

    Haha, congratulations guys. I didn’t enter as I thought the best comment wins, not just a random draw, and I couldn’t think of something witty to write god damnit!

  • max

    I think that I should win this bong because tomorrow is my birthday and I just rely can’t afford one

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