From the beginning of time, or more probably the beginning of blunts, people have complained that the first half of a blunt tastes better than the second half, especially near the butt. This can be true with all cigarettes and cigars. The reason this happens is that as you smoke a blunt, the tobacco you are smoking passes through the unsmoked tobacco with every puff. This causes the unsmoked tobacco to act almost like a filter. It picks up nicotine and tar from the burning tobacco and becomes much stronger in both flavour and nicotine content. So, as your cigar burns each puff gets a stronger taste than the one before it until the flavour has become so strong that it’s potentially no longer enjoyable.

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The solution to the problem is the Cyclone cone-shaped blunt. When the Cyclone burns, more tobacco is burning at the beginning and progressively less is burned with each puff. Therefore, as your tobacco gets stronger and stronger, you are burning less and less of it. Thus, the first puff tastes almost the same as the final puff. The Cyclone gives the most even flavour and smoking experience possible.

The Cyclone is an invention that has revolutionized blunt smoking. Sales have been truly phenomenal and the reviews by the industry and smokers alike have been very strong.

Coned For Your Convenience
Cyclone Blunts are coned for your convenience

Cone shaped cigarettes have been popular for years, but nobody has ever been able to design a cone shaped blunt that was both easy to roll and fill. The Cyclone is 100% pre-rolled and comes with a filling/packing stick. Not only is it easy to fill, but it comes in a flavour-sealing reusable tube. You can even use the tube as a snuffer to extinguish a partially burning blunt.

Beyond the ordinary pre-rolled Cyclone blunts… 

These fairly recently added Cyclone  Blunts maintain the high quality of Cyclone pre-rolled blunt wraps and are extra-slow burning for those who require a little extra time to enjoy your blunt. There are three flavours available, including Hyphy, Urban Assault and Stealth.

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Cyclone Clear Blunt Wraps
Cyclone Clear Blunt Wraps
Cyclone XXL Blunt Wraps
Cyclone XXL Blunt Wraps

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Cyclone Trainwreck Flavour - 13 Flavours Smashed Together!
Cyclone Trainwreck Flavour – 13 Flavours Smashed Together!


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