A 10cm extension (taking it up to 45cm tall) proved to be very popular on the standard 3.2mm Roor Little Sista, known under the custom nickname of the Big Sista. We then did the same for the 5mm version of the Little Sista, which we wittily nicknamed the Big Brother, coining the term literally just half a century or so after Orwell himself.

This Roor Custom Bong Little Brother is named because it is the smaller version of the Big Brother which is the thicker-glassed version of the Big Sista which is the height-extended version of the Little Sista, which is the smaller and thinner-glassed version of the Dealers Cup.

This convoluted custom Roor bong comes fully equipped with a diffuser instead of the usual open-ended downtube, which also happens to feature a unique (for 3.2mm) black Roor logo to match the main bong logo.


An information-riddled picture of the custom Roor Little Brother bong
An information-riddled picture of the custom Roor Little Brother bong

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  • Zoads

    Ahh yes another custom RooR Little Sista offspring. This bitch sure has a big family lol. RooR should have been using the diffuser downtube’s in all there pipe’s a long time ago instead of the usual straight tube. I picked up a RooR diff tube for my Green label 7 mm Little Sista a while back, something i feel should have been in the pipe to start with. Just a thought maybe even a matching ashtray (label color same), poker, and lighter. A starter kit( pipe,pre-cooler/ashcatcher,ashtray,poker,and lighter)

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