I just had to get some pics up of this custom RooR bong that was made recently. It’s the only one made exactly like it, featuring a specially customised Embedded Marble, which features the letters ‘LS’, though you can’t see it so well in the pictures. This particular custom Roor pipe will not be available on the site, but we are looking to get a few new designs on soon to freshen up the range for the summer.

So, without further ado, it’s a 7mm RooR Dealers Cup with all the trimmings.


Custom Roor Dealers Cup 7mm


Crown Mouthpiece - 2-Tone Blue, Yellow & White
Crown Mouthpiece – 2-Tone Blue, Yellow & White


Yellow, White & Blue Ice Notches
Yellow, White & Blue Ice Notches
Custom Coloured Mid-Section, four colours
Custom Coloured Mid-Section, four colours
Matching Accoutrements
Matching Accoutrements
In all its splendid glory
Here it is in all its splendid glory. Well, most of its splendid glory.

Buy Custom Roor Glass Bongs Online

Custom RooR Dealers Cups Available on EDIT:

Roor Custom Dealers Cup 5mm – Lion of Judah

Roor Custom Dealers Cup 7mm – Behemoth

Roor Custom Dealers Cup 5mm – White Lines

Roor Custom Dealers Cup 5mm – The Kingpin

Roor Custom Dealers Cup 5mm – The Blingpin

Plus the original:

Roor Dealers Cup 5mm


  • Feltros

    Man… what a beauty! With that kind of quality you can see why ROOR’s demand so much more than other bong makers

  • SpiritualHerbalist

    So.. if its not in the shop.. does that mean that its yours? :O and if so.. i will give you a laught and you give me the roor aight ;D ?

  • Admin1

    I’m alright for laughts at the moment.

    And it’s not mine. But it will be. One day. Oh yes. It will be mine….

  • Feltros

    Spiritual – I’d say depends if your into percs or not really. WS have opted to put 2 different types of percs in (maybe for good reason but presumably because they couldn’t decide which perc system was better so opted to use both to market to both groups of consumers).

    If your not a perc fanatic then the lion of judah will be a stunning piece. Don’t ignore the lengths of the downtubes either! 11.5cm in the rather thin WS requiring you to utilise both those percs in order to filter smoothly, the ROOR utilising good old fashioned 17cm of water in a larger base.

    Personally, if I had the money i’d go for the lion of judah, and if I wanted a good £120 range bong I wouldn’t necessarily opt for an experimental perc design.

  • SpiritualHerbalist

    @ Feltros, Thanks for that intressting view on it 🙂 Yeah the Lion of Judah have been on my wishlist for a wile. its so beautifull. But at times like this when economy goes downhill like a rollercoster im not sure if i would spend that kind of cash. i guess ill have to wait until i start working in my garden again ;D then ill order it :3

  • Benjamin Jacob

    That is a beauty. It looks like a Illadelph or something, with awesome colors and what not.

  • Snapplecap420

    Yeah i like this one. The section is nice, i like how roor does the colored sections w/ the reduction on each side, clean look. However, i’m still waiting for the day roor.de starts slinging perc bongs 🙂 Nice piece though.

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