Roor Ashtrays with Custom Crown Rims

Custom Roor Crown Ashtrays are special ashtrays for the true connoisseur who doesn’t mind an occasional dent in his wallet. These crown-rimed glass ashtrays featuring a 40mm coloured Roor logo could well complete a fabulous Roor bong and accessory collection.

Hand-blown in the same fashion as the Roor bongs themselves, these Custom Roor Glass Ashtrays are crafted with the same renowned quality that makes this collector’s item of Roor merchandise a serious consideration for any serious RooR glass aficionado.

This Crown Roor Ashtray would also make a great gift for your fellow followers of the Roor Glass culture. Just don’t forget to leave the price-tag on!

Custom Crown Roor Ashtrays

Custom Roor Crown Ashtrays

 Full Range of Roor Glass Ashtrays:

· Roor Custom Crown Ashtray – Green

· Roor Custom Crown Ashtray – Black

· Roor Custom Crown Ashtray – Blue

· Roor Smoking Papers – Box of 10 & Ashtray Set

· Roor Ashtray – Frosted

· Roor Ashtray – Black

· Roor Ashtray – Green

· Roor Ashtray – Blue

· Roor Ashtray – Red

· Roor Ashtray – Yellow

· Roor Ashtray – White


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