Custom Roor Crown Ashtrays

Roor Ashtrays with Custom Crown Rims

Custom Roor Crown Ashtrays are special ashtrays for the true connoisseur who doesn’t mind an occasional dent in his wallet. These crown-rimed glass ashtrays featuring a 40mm coloured Roor logo could well complete a fabulous Roor bong and accessory collection.

Hand-blown in the same fashion as the Roor bongs themselves, these Custom Roor Glass Ashtrays are crafted with the same renowned quality that makes this collector’s item of Roor merchandise a serious consideration for any serious RooR glass aficionado.

This Crown Roor Ashtray would also make a great gift for your fellow followers of the Roor Glass culture. Just don’t forget to leave the price-tag on!

Custom Crown Roor Ashtrays

Custom Roor Crown Ashtrays


Full Range of Roor Glass Ashtrays:

· Roor Custom Crown Ashtray – Green

· Roor Custom Crown Ashtray – Black

· Roor Custom Crown Ashtray – Blue

· Roor Smoking Papers – Box of 10 & Ashtray Set

· Roor Ashtray – Frosted

· Roor Ashtray – Black

· Roor Ashtray – Green

· Roor Ashtray – Blue

· Roor Ashtray – Red

· Roor Ashtray – Yellow

· Roor Ashtray – White

5 thoughts on “Custom Roor Crown Ashtrays”

  1. what really took me was how XL roor stash jar is 30 dollars. the same thing with just a custom crown is an extra 150!!! insane?? i think so… wish i was a millionair so i wouldn’t have to worry about price goudging products. a bong is one thing. for a stash jar to cost 185 dollars, there better be gold in the peice lol.

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