Custom Roor Bongs – Firefly Icemaster

Roor Bongs Custom Roor Bong Firefly

This sleek 5mm Custom Roor Icemaster Bong features a sunburst crown mouthpiece encapsulated by a lagoon blue ring of ultimate truth.  It’s notable that rings of ultimate truth are rare these days; so rare, many ordinary people believe I have made the whole thing up just now to make the previous sentence a little more interesting for me to write. This article is continued in the next paragraph (see below).

This life-affirming Roor bong is bedecked with a Flame Polish Logo which won a vote amongst myself just a few minutes ago as the GREATEST EVER custom Roor bong logo – rivalled only by the Rasta Roor Bong logo and also the Sandblasted Logo and the Solid Silver Mounted Logo with Ruby Jewel.

Reminiscent of womanly hips, a reduction in the glass (or ‘narrowing’) beneath the ice-notches further defines the Firefly Roor Bong’s sleek appearance and allows for a greater grip while being handled, hence the reminiscence.

All Roor bong glassware is made from the highest quality borosilicate glass and they are known the world over as a benchmark for high end glass bongs. Just don’t mention percs. 😉


Firely: Custom Roor Icemaster Bong
Firely: Custom Roor Icemaster Bong




"I'll have the one on the left please. And that one on the right. And those ones in the middle, thank-you."
“I’ll have the one on the left please. And that one on the right. And those ones in the middle, thank-you.”


Firefly Custom Roor Bong – Icemaster 5mm

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  1. thay r awsome bongs but the price, 300 is the most i would spend but i would rather buya few weedstars

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