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Win A RooR! A bloody RooR! Roar!!!

DRAW UPDATE: Yo everybody, got lots to do today as it’s catch-up time after the bank holiday yesterday, but I will be going through all the entries and gathering all the different requirements together. Once I have determined how many entrants we have via Requirements 1, 2 and 3, I will then be able to fill out the draw with the best joke entrants according to me and the mood I am in when I read them.


Thursday, May 7th, Afternoon o’clock

Preview your potential prize!

Here’s the thing, we’re surrounded by these beauties all day, every day. I have one, of course, a lovely one at that, and maybe a few others, they’re nice too, but I have no pressing desire to fill the entirety of my home with them in the manner that my workplace is. So please, enter this competition and help me clear some clutter from my desk.


This particular Roor has a slight blemish on the first O of the logo, plus there is a very small chip on the outer rim of the joint (barely visible and will not affect performance). I don’t think the chip happened here as it is very smooth and possibly flamed so. Thought it best to warn you though. The Black Logo diffuser that comes with it should more than make up for it.


This German-made Big Brother Roor Bong was originally intended to be given away in a Big Brother style competition on the old forum where two ‘houses’ of forum members competed with and against each other by posting a whole load of different items and it would have ultimately been down to everybody else to determine who they thought deserved it the most. Unfortunately that all went down the pan when the forum went down there too. (If any of you are still out there, see Requirement #1.) I managed to clutch the prize itself just as it was about to swoosh up the u-bend and I’ve given it a dab with the tea-towel.


So who wants it? Better check you meet what I’m calling “the requirements”. I would point out where “the requirements” are but it is beneath me.

 The Requirements:

To win this 5mm, 45cm Roor Little Sista Ice, you must fulfill one of the four following Requirements:

1.    You are a former EDIT forum member who was entered in the Big Brother house (to win this very same Big Brother Roor) just before the collapse of the known universe. Email and reveal yourself whilst declaring you’re still up for a shot at it and your name will go in the final draw (you don’t have to be entered under your original EDIT name, though I would appreciate a comment posted on this page so everyone knows I’m not just making things up if you should win.)


2.    Send a picture of your glass or pipe collection with an EDIT wristband in the picture to the address and this will automatically qualify you for the final winner-deciding draw. In the event of everybody doing this, the earliest sent will be accepted until the quota is full (minus former forum members who were in the two BB houses, who are entitled to be entered – see #1). You must leave a comment on this page to signal your entry in this manner (helps me keep an eye on how many are entering).


3.    Requirement #3 is something of a thank-you to our customers. You can be entered for the draw if you have placed three or more orders with us (or spent a very high amount in one), which we can check with your email address or order numbers. However, one of those orders must include some glass, no matter how tiny. Just post a comment on this page requesting we check for you and if you score enough, you will be entered. In the event of too many people entering this way, I think it’s fair that those who have spent the most with us, or at least the most regularly or the most on glassware, should go through, and thus it will be as judged by me.


4.    If none of the above are achievable by your good selves over this weekend, then you can simply post a comment on this page which includes a joke. The best jokes will pad out the draw that the first three requirements do not fill, for there are a set number of places in the final draw if my Plan A goes without hitch. What befits a ‘best joke’ will likely be determined by the mood I’m in when it comes to the reading. I will say only this, extra points go to jokes I haven’t heard before. It is a risky option as the final places may be all or mostly used up, thus only a handful of the very best jokes will get through.

Somebody has to win this. I'm sick of the sight of it.
Somebody has to win this. I’m sick of the sight of it.

Extra Information I’m Only Just Thinking Of Now :

·         This will last for at least the entirety of this coming weekend, maybe a day or two longer if not many people have been interested by Monday. Got a feeling there might be one or two interested though.

·         The result and the deciding of that result will be filmed and posted so you can judge for yourselves if it was fixed, which it won’t be. I’ve got an idea of how to do it as well. I’m calling it “Plan A”.

·         You have my word – that is, the word of he who is writing this very sentence, not a faceless corporate word that means as much as a poo in a field full of cows, that all who are entered in this draw have an equal chance of winning.


  • Luke

    I’d like to enter under Requirement 3. Just search my email in your database or whatever. 🙂 Would be great to win this baby!

  • Nioclás

    Hi guys can i enter? im after spending lotsa money from the EDIT website in the last two years,Most of it on glass, you can check my order history and e mail, Peace and thank you! Wow i would love this roor..

  • SpiritualHerbalist

    Bill Clinton dies and is on his way to Hell. At Hell’s gates he meets Satan. Satan tells Clinton that, since Hell is full, Clinton will be replacing one of the current inhabitants. He will be given the choice of who he will replace forever in Hell. Three doors appear before Clinton. The first door opens. Behind it is Newt Gingrich. He’s being forced to pound big rocks into little rocks. Upon seeing Newt in this predicament, Clinton cringes and says, That looks painful. I don’t think this is for me! The second door opens. Behind it is Ted Kennedy. He is bobbing for automobile parts in a large pool of dirty water. Grimacing at the filthy scene, Clinton says, I don’t think so. The third door opens and behind it is Ken Starr. He’s naked and bound hand and foot. Kneeling before him is Monica Lewinsky, doing what she does best. I can handle that! Clinton proclaims enthusiastically.
    very well,” says the Devil, Monica, you may go…..

  • Nioclás

    I might as well enter with a joke aswell lol, here it goes,

    Two hunters are out in the woods when one of them collapses out cold. He doesn’t seem to be breathing and his eyes are glazed. The other guy whips out his phone and calls the emergency services. He gasps, “My friend is dead! My friend is dead! What can I do?”. The operator says “Calm down sir. I can help. First, let’s make sure he’s dead.” There is a silence, then BANG a shot is heard! Back on the phone, the guy says “OK, now what?”

  • SpiritualHerbalist

    i see a tool of happiness btw 😛 the name reminds of a Roar! That refers to a lion.. that brings my mind to Lion of Judah. BUT thats not what i wanted to say.. i just want to wish you all a great weekend in the sun, blaze it up. Selah

  • james

    im new to this site so im going to have to go with a joke,
    Apparently the easiest way to catch swine flu is to have sex with an infected pig, upon hearing this Jack tweed (jade goodys husband) shit himself.

  • highlyblest

    ROOOOOR!!! wot a beauty can i be enterd in the draw aswell im a member of everyonedoesit you guys are ace i got a blackleaf acrlyic icebong off this site and a metal pipe… i also got some seeds hahaa..lowriyder kooshty

  • highlyblest

    how do you make lady gaga cry?…pokerface…….check the roor ashtray on hte video sweet.

  • John

    A guy walks into a bar with his pet monkey. He orders a drink and while he’s drinking, the monkey starts jumping all over the place. The monkey grabs some olives off the bar and eats them, then grabs some sliced limes and eats them,then jumps up on the pool table, grabs the cue ball, sticks it in his mouth and swallows it whole.
    The bartender screams at the guy, “Did you see what your monkey just did?” The guy says, “No, what?” “He just ate the cue ball off my pool table – whole!” says the bartender. “Yeah, that doesn’t surprise me,” replies the patron. “He eats everything in sight, the little twerp. I’ll pay for the cue ball and stuff.” He finishes his drink, pays his bill, and leaves. Two weeks later he’s in the bar again, and he has his monkey with him. He orders a drink and the monkey starts running around the bar again.
    While the man is drinking, the monkey finds a maraschino cherry on the bar. He grabs it, sticks it up his butt, pulls it out, and eats it. The bartender is disgusted. “Did you see what your monkey did now?” “Now what?” asks the patron. “Well, he stuck a maraschino cherry up his butt, then pulled it out and ate it!” says the barkeeper.
    “Yeah, that doesn’t surprise me,” replies the patron. “He still eats everything in sight, but ever since he ate that damn cue ball he measures everything first!”

  • Luke Gardner

    How about this little beauty then?

    Far away in the tropical waters of the Caribbean, two prawns were
    swimming around in the sea – one called Justin and the other called

    The prawns were constantly being harassed and threatened by sharks
    that inhabited the area. Finally one day Justin said to Christian,

    “I’m fed up with being a prawn, I wish I was a shark, then I wouldn’t
    have any worries about being eaten.”

    A large mysterious cod appeared and said, “Your wish is granted”, and lo
    and behold, Justin turned into a shark.

    Horrified, Christian immediately swam away, afraid of being eaten by his
    old mate.

    Time passed (as it invariably does) and Justin found life as a shark
    boring and lonely. All his old mates simply swam away whenever he came close to them.

    Justin didn’t realise that his new menacing appearance was the cause of
    his sad plight.

    While swimming alone one day he saw the mysterious cod again and he
    thought perhaps the mysterious fish could change him back into a prawn.

    He approached the cod and begged to be changed back, and, lo and

    behold, he found himself turned back into a prawn. With tears of joy in
    his tiny little eyes Justin swam back to his friends and bought them
    all a cocktail.

    Looking around the gathering at the reef he realised he couldn’t see his
    old pal. “Where’s Christian?” he asked. “He’s at home, still distraught
    that his best friend changed sides to the enemy and became a shark”,
    came the reply.

    Eager to put things right again and end the mutual pain and torture, he
    set off to Christian’s abode. As he opened the coral gate memories came
    flooding back. He banged on the door and shouted, “It’s me, Justin, your
    old friend, come out and see me again.”

    Christian replied, “No way man, you’ll eat me. You’re now a shark, the
    enemy, and I’ll not be tricked into being your dinner.”

    Justin cried back “No, I’m not. That was the old me.

    I’ve changed…..”

    “……I’ve found Cod. I’m a prawn again Christian”.

  • Reece

    Have been buying stuff for years and was a forum member…. SUBZD…. i wanna win that bad boi

  • Alvin Olmos

    i almost made the 2nd and 3rd requirement cause i just made my first orer to EDIT a few days ago so im enter in with a nice joke i hope you like it

    A stoner walks into an appliance store and asks the owner, “How much for that TV set in the window?”
    The owner looks at the TV set, then looks at the stoner, and says, “I don’t sell stuff to potheads.” So the stoner tells the owner that he’ll quit toking and will come back the next week to buy the TV. A week later, the stoner comes back and says, “I quit smoking pot. Now, how much for that TV set in the window?”
    And the owner says, “I told you I don’t sell to potheads!” So the stoner leaves again.
    He comes back a week later and says, “How much for that TV?”
    The owner says, “I’m not going to tell you again, I don’t sell to potheads!!!”
    The stoner looks back at the owner and says, “How can you tell I’m a pothead?”
    The owner looks back and says, “Because that’s a microwave.”

  • Jake Smith

    I see whats going on here, making us perform for you like the little bitches we are. lol I sat here for 45 minutes, smoking bong hits, thinking of funny jokes, giggling, but you know what, I fucking forgot them, I forgot them all.

    I’m going to watch Smallville, this RooR can SUCK IT. XD

    I love you guys anyways! I’ll be back for more… EDIT FTW

  • Adamz

    I got a joke! PLEASE LET ME WINNNNNN

    How many vietnam vets does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

    You don’t know man, you weren’t there!

  • MrNice

    Here’s my joke, more of a one liner but I love it:
    I like my pussy like I like my weed, stinky with purple hairs on it cause I’m freaky like that.

  • johntreland

    hi i would like to be entered into the draw.i have spent around 650 dollars and have a 7mm roor custom polished that i bought from you guys.and i recently made a order that was 40 dollars

  • NTrailZ

    I would like to enter under requirement #3, check email address for same one used on my account.

  • j

    whats the difference between a gay person and a refrigerator

    the refrigerator doesn’t scream when you put meat in it

  • Feltros

    What a beauty!!! I’m slightly worried about the concept that if I win i’ll be sucking on my lil sista, but being a stunning RooR piece i’ll soon get over it 😛

    Entering under req 3.

  • andrew

    Hi, I would like to enter the contest under requirement #3. Check my email and order history to see if I qualify. thank you

  • Kevin

    There were 3 men and they all died in a car crash and went to hell. When they got there the devil asked them all in turn a question.
    To he first he said “what was your biggest sin on earth?” and the man replied “Oh man I just love alchol and being drunk man” so the devil showed the man to a room full of alchol of every type and description and he put the man inside and said “see you in 100 years” and locked the door.


    A stoner stumbles out of a party, and starts to walk home.
    One the way he bumps into a guy who is all bloody and mangled. The guy limps up to the stoner and says “Call me an ambulance!” The stoner looks at him for a second, smiles and says, “You’re an ambulance!”

  • HashBean

    Hello, is this the FBI?” “Yes, what do you want?” “I’m calling to report my neighbor Billy Bob Smith! He is hidingmarijuana inside his firewood.” “Thank you very much for the call, sir.” The next day, the FBI agents descend on Billy Bob’s house. They searchthe shed where the firewood is kept. Using axes, they bust open everypiece of wood, butfind no marijuana. They swore at Billy Bob and left. The phone rings at Billy Bob’s house. Hey, Billy Bob! Did the FBI come?” “Yeah!” “Did they chop your firewood?” “Yep.” “Happy Birthday, Buddy!”

  • Cameron Ruiz

    A stoner walks into an appliance store and asks the owner, “How much for that TV set in the window?”
    The owner looks at the TV set, then looks at the stoner, and says, “I don’t sell stuff to potheads.” So the stoner tells the owner that he’ll quit toking and will come back the next week to buy the TV. A week later, the stoner comes back and says, “I quit smoking pot. Now, how much for that TV set in the window?”
    And the owner says, “I told you I don’t sell to potheads!” So the stoner leaves again.
    He comes back a week later and says, “How much for that TV?”
    The owner says, “I’m not going to tell you again, I don’t sell to potheads!!!”
    The stoner looks back at the owner and says, “How can you tell I’m a pothead?”
    The owner looks back and says, “Because that’s a microwave.”

  • Amanda

    A stoner was relaxing next to a cactus with his horse standing next to him. Along came a stranger and asked, “What time is it?” The stoner looked at the horse, lifted up his balls and said, “It’s 4:20.” The stranger said, “You’re sure it’s 4:20?” The stoner lifted up his horse’s balls again and said, “Yup, its 4:20!” The guy says, “How the hell can you tell time by lifting up the horse’s balls?” The stoner lifts up the horses balls and says, “You see that clock over there?”

  • Sam Wade

    A hippie was walking down the street one day when a pixie pounced on him. “Today is your lucky day!” said the pixie. “I’m gonna give you two wishes. What will the first one be?” The hippie thinks for a moment and then says, “I want a never-ending joint.” So the pixie snaps his fingers and there is this king-sized joint. The hippie jacks it up and starts puffing. After five hits the joint is still the same length. Next the pixie says, “…And number two?” The hippie replies, “This is so cool man! Gimme another one!”

  • Mr B

    I’d like to enter under requirement 3, that Ice Master looks awesome! I have a bong on order from you guys atm if that counts?

  • Lonka

    Mail sent to enter under requirement number 2! How could one resist to the appeal of this beast (rawr?)…

  • Matthew


    I’ll enter the contest with the #2 entry. I’ll leave a picture of my pipe collection with the wristband tomorrow morning after cleaning my pipes :Þ

  • Erin

    There is a well dressed middle aged woman walks out of a fancy hotel. She sees a stoner and says to him, “Call me a cab!” He looks at her for a second and says, “You’re a cab!” He smiles and walks off.

  • Ducky

    Q: How many Stoners does it take to change a light bulb

    A: Who cares man, its to bright in here anyway!

  • Slate L

    One day this cop pulls over a stoner for speeding. The cop gets out of his car and asks the stoner for his license.

    “You cops should get it together. One day you take away my license and the next day you ask me to show it.”

  • KIM

    what’s the difference between a drunk and a stoner? a drunk will drive right past the stop sign while a stoner will wait for it to turn green.

  • tomsapples2000


    Am I the first of the ex-housemates to post? I was in the EDITBB competition before it went under, so I’ll be entering myself again >_>

    Best of luck to you other scamps,


  • Hello, DG here!
    I can knock up a photo with some smokewear and a wrist band in a bit but thought i would enter in here first, under category 3.

    Thanks!!! 🙂

  • Wolfie

    (need to say it aloud)

    Knock knock…

    Whose there?


    Biggish who?

    No ta….

    *blushes* sorry 🙁

  • Sean Hunt

    I’d like to enter the competition under the 3 order requirement. I know I’ve ordered at least 3 things with this email address and the latest was a roor bowl and carbon filter, I think the earliest was a WS Mr Li bong and a roor diffy to replace the diffy I broke in that 🙁

  • Wolfie

    Actually I have ordered more than 3 things of you guys too, including possibly one of the smallest pieces of glass, a mini molino bong 😀

    Can’t remember if I have to send a pic in hmmm.

    Anyhoo hello edit people *waves*

  • Danja

    I’ve bought a shedload of glass from this website in my time!

    Heres a few of my order numbers:


    And there just a few, I reckon I’ve had at least 7 big edit orders in my time 😀

  • Ben

    Yeah I’m pretty sure i’ve made quite a lot of orders with EDIT and a few were definitely glass although the bong I ordered arrived broken and you never did anything about it… 🙁 So now you can redeem yourselves by letting me win the roor 😉

    (Oh I was Paravrais on the forum too but I don’t think I was in the big brother thing..not got the best memory though.)

  • Theo

    Forum Name: Theo

    I was IN the BB Comp and I helped out a lot, I’m really happy that this is coming back. So, count me in!!

  • Orlando

    Check this so I can enter the draw. Sacagood’s Order reference: 945804, Order reference: 726950, just some glass I bought from you. Thanks


    How manny stoners does it take to Change a light bulb??
    3 one to hold the bulb one to hold the ladder and one to toke till the room starts to spin!!

  • Dro

    Whats the Diffenence between kinky and perverted?
    Kinky is when you tickle your girl friends ass with a feather.
    Perverted is when you use the whole chicken…

  • Rob

    I got stopped by a woman in the street today.
    She said, “Excuse me, sir, have you had an accident in the last three years that wasn’t your fault?”
    I said, “Yes, she’s nearly 2 now.”

  • hey i hope im eligable to enter ive worn an edit wristband in every one of my vids for a year on youtube and i can enter my glass collection i just put out a vid today. let m eknow

  • Valderama

    Would love to enter this if possible just stumbled across the site and absolutely love it so I just had to place an order; the number of which is 1202259. I really hope this also qualifies me for this competition as I would kill for such an awesome piece of glass.

    Great site folks, I will surely be a regular customer from now on now that I know you guys are here.

  • mike

    A priest and a medicine man are fishing together on a lake in a boat. In the midst of a conversation the medicine man decides to walk out of the boat in the middle of the lake. To the priest’s amazement, the medicine man effortlessly trends on the water. The priest thinks that he is surely on the same spiritual level as the medicine man so he must be able to do this too. So he trys his luck and sinks quickly to the bottom. They both get back in the boat and the priest asks the medicine man how he did it and he replys, “Its not about how much spirituality you have, its about knowing where the rocks are.”

  • such a beautiful roor .de!
    i was squr3l on the forums
    and heres an order i made 1047404
    and im about to take a glass pic to mail to you guys!
    and since i dont fully qualify, heres a joke =D

    Friendship among women:
    A woman didn’t come home one night. The next morning she told her
    husband that she had slept over at a friend’s house. The man called his
    wife’s 10 best friends. None of them knew anything about it.

    Friendship among men:
    A man didn’t come home one night. The next morning he told his wife that
    he had slept over at a friend’s house. The woman called her husband’s 10
    best friends. Eight confirmed that he had slept over, and two said he was still there.

    funny? (hopefully, however i doubt im a great joke reteller, sorrryyy)

  • Sean Hunt

    I am entering under requirement number 3. Under this email I believe I have ordered more than thrice for a ws mr li and some root parts aswell. Please do a check on this email address please.

  • Jordan Frost

    EDIT is the best!. Here are my orders, 1007478, 1162837, 1195424. Also gonna send ya a picture of my glassware collection as well.

  • S.n.o.w

    Glad to see the competition up and running again, also glad to see Edit continues to thrive despite the untimely end of the forums.

  • Andrew Bevis

    here’s my orders for glass, i know there’s not many:
    1144996 – still havn’t got this one after i sent it back to be changed?

    i can’t send a picture of it due to not having a camera, and was an active forum member until the sad day when it vanished

  • kingsurfer

    Yooo, well I was in EDIT’s last BB, so here’s me entering the draw. :p
    Good luck everyone!

  • Adrien

    A doctor says to his patient : “I have bad news and worse news”.

    “Oh dear, what’s the bad news?” asks the patient.

    The doctor replies : “You only have 24 hours to live.”

    “That’s terrible”, said the patient. “How can the news possibly be worse?”

    The doctor replies : “I’ve been trying to contact you since yesterday.”



    My wife and I took out life insurance policies on each other — so now it’s just a waiting game

  • Demerzel

    I will enter under #3. I made a lot of orders including all kinds of glass and will continue to purchase more with EDIT.
    keep up the great work 🙂

  • Aidan

    What did one deadhead say to the other when they ran out of weed?

    “Man, this music kinda sucks..”

  • Jack

    A guy walks into a bar.
    He’s a clinically depressed alcoholic who beats his kids!!!! Haha!

  • Jo

    Not sure if i have made enough orders to qualify? Think i have 😀 Anyways i’ll send ya a picture of my glass wear too just to be sure, hopefully ya should be getting that email soon.

  • NickCast

    Even if I don’t win, I think this joke is great. Two stoners are walking down the street and see a dog licking his balls. One says to the other I sure wish I could do that. The other stoner says you better get to know him better first.

  • Goodall

    Email of modest glassware collection on its way from same email, so hope i am in time to catch a requirement #2 slot, Bong not in the photo unfortunately, broke it in February, nowhere near as nice as a roor though, so hope i win.

  • Stephan

    My orders for glass, only thing there is a light bulb vaporizer, but ill get more cash tomorrow, so if this give away is still up ill order something ive always wanted.

    1199710 – order number

  • Stephan

    Sorry for dobble post, but the pics will be here tomorrow because its when the package arrives, i hope this is ok, peace!

  • bornat420

    Hope you like this joke, it’s my favorite of all time, EVER
    There were 3 men and they all died in a car crash and went to hell. When they got there the devil asked them all in turn a question.
    To he first he said “what was your biggest sin on earth?” and the man replied “Oh man I just love alchol and being drunk man” so the devil showed the man to a room full of alchol of every type and description and he put the man inside and said “see you in 100 years” and locked the door.

    To the second man he asked the same question and the man replied “oh man I just love to have sex with the ladies, I was really unfaithful to my wife man”. So the devil took the man and showed him to a room full of hundreds upon thousands of georgeous and beautiful naked women. The man ran inside and the devil said “see you in 100 years” and locked the door.

    The third man’s answer to the question was “oh man I just LOVE weed! Im high all the time man and I can’t live without it!”. The devil showed the man to a room packed with the most amazing grade-A bud you’ve ever seen, stacked to the roof! The man went inside and the devil locked the door after saying “see you in 100 years”.

    100 years later the devil came by to let the three men out. He opened the door to the first man’s room and found the man collapsed on the ground, passed out with empty bottles laying around him and puke all over him. He was a mess.
    The devil opened the 2nd man’s door and the man came running out of the room and cried “IM GAY! IM GAY!”. Finally the devil came to the third man’s room and opened the door. Sitting in the middle of all the bud, in the exact same position the devil had left him in was the man. He looked up at the devil and with a single tear rolling down his cheek he asked ; “hey man, got a light?”

  • Luc Synette

    I really want to win thi sone or at least get a fair chance to so here laugh at this one 😉

    TEXAN: “Where are you from?”

    HARVARD GRAD: “I come from a place where we do not end our sentences with prepositions.”

    TEXAN: “OK – where are you from, jackass?”

  • Phil

    I don’t want enterted for the draw as I bought the roor red baron last month it’s my first glass bong and i just wanted to say whoever wins this roor you will reallly love it as i good luck to you all.

  • Tiny

    Bill’s all excited about his new rifle. So, he goes bear hunting in Alaska.

    The first bear he sees is a little brown bear, and he kills it with his first shot. There is a tap on his shoulder, and he turns around to see a big black bear.

    The black bear says “You’ve got two choices. One, I maul you to death or two, we have sex.”

    Bill bends over for the bear. He’s sore for 2 days, but he recovers and vows revenge.

    Bill heads out on another trip to Alaska and he finds the black bear and kills him. At that moment there is a tap on his shoulder.

    A huge grizzly is standing right behind him.

    The grizzly says, “That was a big mistake. You’ve got 2 choices, either I maul you to death or we have sex.”

    Bill bends over. He survives, but he’s really hurting and takes quite a bit of time to recover, and, he’s outraged. Sure enough, he heads back to Alaska and finds the grizzly and shoots him at point blank range.

    There’s a tap on his shoulder. He turns around to find an enormous polar bear, and the polar bear says, “You don’t really come here for the hunting, do you?”

    Hope i win!

  • highlyblest

    its actually happening im going crazy …cant… edit…mind going..eyes….blury..cant…see….AHHHHHH how can you do this to us ive waited since friday it feels like a life time…if i dont win do i get the roor ashtray thats in the video…sort of guessd ya got heaps just laying about

  • highlyblest

    sorry i dont know wot got into me… over 60 comments..thats quit i been on all day thats pretty much everyone i guess..yep.that ort to do it..


    Here’s a kinda funny but nerdy joke.

    Todays star wars day MAY THE 4th BE WITH YOU

    its the only joke I could think of lol 🙂

  • Jeff

    A man goes into a psychiatrist’s office wearing nothing but underwear made of Saran-Wrap. The psychiatrist looks at him and says, “Well, I can clearly see your nuts.”

    Thanks, EDIT!

  • Locutuz

    I would like to enter the Roor giveaway with my favorite jokes.

    Why don’t cannibals eat clowns ?

    Because they taste funny.

    Why did Buckweat take a bath in tide ?

    Because it was too told out tide.


  • Janet

    55 Ways To Get Rid of a Bad Date

    1.At dinner, guard your plate with fork and steak knife, so as to give the impression that you’ll stab anyone, including the waiter, who reaches for it.
    2.Collect the salt shakers from all of the tables in the restaurant, and balance them in a tower on your table.

    3.Wipe your nose on your date’s sleeve. Twice.

    4.Make funny faces at other patrons, then sneer at their reactions.

    5.Repeat every third third word you say say.

    6.Give your claim to fame as being voted “Most Festerous” for your high school yearbook.

    7.Read a newspaper or book during the meal. Ignore your date.

    8.Stare at your date’s neck, and grind your teeth audibly.

    9.Twitch spastically. If asked about it, pretend you don’t know what they are talking about.

    10.Stand up every five minutes, circle your table with your arms outstretched, and make airplane sounds.

    11.Order a bucket of lard.

    12.Ask for crayons to color the placemat. This works very well in fancier venues that use linen tablecloths.

    13.Howl and whistle at womens’ legs, especially if you are female.

    14.Recite your dating history. Improvise. Include pets.

    15.Pull out a harmonica and play blues songs when your date begins talking about themselves.

    16.Sacrifice french fries to the great deity, Pomme.

    17.When ordering, inquire whether the restaurant has any live food.

    18.Without asking, eat off your date’s plate. Eat more from their plate than they do.


    20.Chew with your mouth open, talk with your mouth full and spray crumbs.

    21.Eat everything on your plate within 30 seconds of it being placed in front of you.

    22.Excuse yourself to use the restroom. Go back to the head waiter/hostess and ask for another table in a different part of the restaurant. Order another meal. When your date finally finds you, ask him/her “What took you so long in the restroom?!?”

    23.Recite graphic limericks to the people at the table next to you.

    24.Ask the people at the neighboring table for food from their plates.

    25.Beg your date to tattoo your name on their derriere. Keep bringing the subject up.

    26.Ask your date how much money they have with them.

    27.Order for your date. Order something nasty.

    28.Communicate in mime the entire evening.

    29.Upon entering the restaurant, ask for a seat away from the windows, where you have a you have a good view of all exits, and where you can keep your back to the wall. Act nervous.

    30.Lick your plate. Offer to lick theirs.

    31.Hum. Loudly. In monotone.

    32.Fill your pockets with sugar packets, as well as salt and pepper shakers, silverware, floral arrangements… i.e anything on the table that isn’t bolted down.

    33.Hold a debate. Take both sides.

    34.Undress your date verbally. Use a bullhorn.

    35.Auction your date off for silverware.

    36.Slide under the table. Take your plate with you.

    37.Order a baked potato for a side dish. When the waiter brings your food, hide the potato, wait a few minutes, and ask the waiter for the potato you “never got”. When the waiter returns with another potato for you, have the first one back up on the plate. Repeat later in the meal.

    38.Order beef tongue. Make lewd comparisons or comments.

    39.Get your date drunk. Talk about their philosophy. Get it on tape, and use good judgement in editing to twist their words around.

    40.Discuss boils and lesions, as if from personal experience.

    41.Speak in pig latin throughout the meal (Or ubber-dubber language, or just nonsense).

    42.Take a break, and go into the restroom. When you return to the table, throw a spare pair of underwear on the back of one of the chairs. Insist that they just need airing out.

    43.If they are paying, order the most expensive thing on the menu. Take one bite.

    44.Bring 20 or so candles with you, and during the meal get up and arrange them around the table in a circle. Chant.

    45.Save the bones from your meal, and explain that you’re taking them home to your invalid, senile old mother, because it’s a lot cheaper than actually feeding her.

    46.Order your food by colors and textures. Sculpt.

    47.Take a thermos along, and hide it under the table. Order coffee, and fill the thermos one cup at a time, taking advantage of the free refills.

    48.Insist that the waiter cuts your food into little pieces. In a simliar vein, insist that he take a bite of everything on the plate, to make sure no one poisoned it.

    49. Accuse your date of espionage.

    50.Make odd allusions to dangerous religious cults.

    51.Don’t use any verbs during the entire meal.

    52.Pass the hat in the restaurant. Use the proceeds (if any) to pay the bill.

    53.Break wind loudly. Add color commentary. Bow.

    54.Feed imaginary friends, or toy dolls you’ve brought along.

    55.Bring a bucket along. Explain that you frequently get ill.

  • Master Chiefer

    Q: What’s the difference between a Porcupine and a Porsche owner?
    A: With a Porcupine, the prick is on the outside!

  • DAVID!

    A husband and his wife are sharing a bottle of wine. The husband turns to the wife and says, “I bet you can’t tell me something that will make me happy and sad at the same time.” The wife thinks for a few moments, then says, “Your dick is bigger than your brother’s.”

    I’d love a ROOR!!!

  • tim

    why do girls have vaginas ?
    so they dont slide off there bicycle seat.

    a guy is eating out a girl and he is finding all these peas, then carrots so he says to her hey i think your sick or something .
    she says no !! the guy that was down on me before you was.

  • Admin1

    Yo everybody. Got a bit carried away with some other fairly important work today, but I have sorted everything I need out to do the draw tomorrow. I think it will be Star Wars themed.

  • Ranesh

    This one may seem quite anti-semitic, however being jewish myself i feel im allowed to tell it.
    A jewish boy wants to go to the movies and needs $10. He goes to his father and says “Papa can I have ten dollars to go to the movies?”
    his father replies, “10 dollars?! since when does it cost 5 dollars to go to the movies? there is no way i’m gonna lend you three dollars!”

  • SpiritualHerbalist

    @ Admin1
    “I think it will be Star Wars themed.” ?
    Maybee you got carried away with some StarWarz? or maybee you refer to the new weed star 7mm Messias Illusion Ice – Double Perc? my guess is a combination of both…but we will never know i guess 😮

  • Stephan

    A stoner stumbles out of a party, and starts to walk home.
    One the way he bumps into a guy who is all bloody and mangled. The guy limps up to the stoner and says “Call me an ambulance!” The stoner looks at him for a second, smiles and says, “You’re an ambulance!”

    Hah XD

  • DrBengele

    Entered, alittle late maybe, but i hope i’m still in the draw..

    Kind Regards,
    Dr. Bengele

  • JahRas

    I cant remember what i made in the first couple orders but i think i have made enough orders to make me eligible, thanks.

  • JahRas

    If that does do it then let me add a joke. . .

    Avram Kaplowitz goes to his favorite kosher restaurant on the Lower East side to have a bissel tongue in raisin sauce. He is surprised to see, instead of another elderly Jew waiting on him, a Chinaman.
    Avram is not pleased. While he speaks five languages – Yiddish, Hebrew, Polish, Russian and English – his English is weak and he knows almost no Chinese. Imagine his happy surprise when the Chinese waiter asks him for his order in fluent Yiddish!
    Avram chats with the waiter, gives his order and eventually finishes his meal.
    While paying his bill, he says to the cashier: “You know, I never heard of a Chinaman speaking Yiddish before.”

    “Shah!” says the cashier. “He thinks he’s learning English.”

  • Fireflyuk

    Well iv ordered a lot of stuff off EDIT over the years including 2 glass bong, this is my login name on the EDIT store please check thanks!

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