Win A Hurricane Bong

[UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed and the lucky winner will be announced today.]

EDIT customers past and present behold your chance to win a very special, one-off Custom Hurricane bong made especially for EDIT by the Republic of Bongland. It features the old school logo sandblasted around the bong. Leafy, the old EDIT mascot, is immortalised in the design too.

Anyone wondering where Leafy has been these past couple of years, well, he's been here, trapped Han Solo like in a bong. It's the way he would have wanted to go.
Anyone wondering where Leafy has been these past couple of years, well, he’s been here, trapped Han Solo like in a bong. It’s the way he would have wanted to go.

All you need do is be able to prove you’re an EDIT customer (we don’t give this stuff away to just anyone, you know) with an old order number or at least some details (sent in private if necessary) that we can find your past orders with.

Then simply post a comment on this page briefly describing the best thing you have experienced while shopping at A competition for the worst thing will be coming in the future where you will get the chance to win a whole piece of old chewing gum scraped off the underside of a desk! For this one though, just the good stuff. Let us know what you have enjoyed or appreciated the most so we can keep on doing those things for you.

As it’s a very expensive prize, we will likely leave this one open for as long as possible – at least a week, perhaps more if there is a good reaction. Then we will ensure everybody is an EDIT customer past or present before deciding on a revolutionary method of random winner plucking.

Hurricane Bongs


  • JOJO Ahern

    Ref: 1274618
    EDIT Order Confirmation (01-300709-1274618)‏
    My favorite thing about shopping on EDIT is the fact that u have so much variety of every single type of peices. Even most peices u cant find anywhere else. The work is always immaculate and great. Also i like how u usually give free product with what we order. Lastley ur website is very easy to navigate through and find what it is you are looking for. Keep up the great work !!

  • seb

    Hi, I’m not quite sure how you want us to prove we’re EDIT customers, but here is an old ref: 1278508.
    I’ve had a few pretty good experiences with you, but i think the best was when i snapped both my downpipes, and obviously needed a new one, but it was at the start of the postal strike, so you guys upgraded my postal service to courier, so I’d get it the next day. You also chucked in a free EHLE carbon adapter(due to a previous mistake), and with my reward points i ended up paying £8 for the EHLE carbon adapter and diffuser. It made my day. 😀

  • Luke

    I have many old order numbers, so just check all orders from my email address.
    The best things i have experienced while shoping here is how simple it is to buy, i brought a pipe, which i managed to break in a few weeks so brought another one, this time a glass one 🙂 very funky design. All my friends were jelous of my pipe’s and i have them the wrist bands and they loved it, i also love your huge selection, have brought a bong or two, some herbal smoke, seeds and smoking kits.
    Love this site, recomend it to all my friends.
    Will continue to always purchase from here alos as i can trust you 100%
    Thanks for the great experience!!

  • Stebbz


    I was also going to say customer service but as its just been said then I think these competitions are the best thing I’ve experienced.

  • Nick Kaxiris

    You also can’t go wrong with the freebies and deals, they give away. Keep it up thanks for your hard work.

  • 420yoker

    I bought a Molino Spidernet Spoon Pipe – Orange & Black and i ended up with a almost pink colored over-sized horrid looking creation I was considerably unhappy with this and when i made a complaint to EDIT they understood what happened and sent me a exact copy of the main photo of Molino Spidernet Spoon Pipe – Orange & Black. The hardest thing about buying offline is you cant inspect it the way you do in headshops and that experience is what keeps me going back to EDIT.

    Order number 1240235

  • Nick


    Wow that Hurricane is sick!

    One of the coolest things that has happened me to was probably my first ever order which EDIT which was a Roor Blue 100 I ordered. Arrived the next day with a hand written note on the invoice saying “Free upgrade to Roor 250!!” I was over the moon 🙂

    Not to mention the other dozens of times EDIT have thrown very generous freebies in for me and sorted out any problems I had.

  • Mike Schuldt



  • Jonny

    Order #860850

    Best thing is the ammount of products that are for sale and the speed of deliveries. No matter what your after EDIT always has something for your needs. Since finding this site ive never been anywhere else to buy my smoking accessories.

  • DotonShaft

    Order number: 1370184

    And really like your selection and especially the shop, navigation is great and fnd that quite important. Also, the blog is pretty great.

  • Sha

    Order #1275043

    Overall I’ve had a great experience with EDIT. I never saw prices so cheap! Not to mention beautiful glass work. EDIT definitely won me over when my shipment came within 5 days and I’m on the West Coast in USA! I love EDIT!!!

  • Comet

    one of my order numbers 1440547

    The best thing about EDIT? There are many. First the great customer service, on the rare occasion there is an issue with an order it is taken care of without hassle and to my complete satisfaction. Then I could talk about the prices, I have found it more cost effective to order a ROOR from the UK and have it shipped to me vs. driving an hour to a major city on the west coast of the US and buy one. EDIT also has selection, even if I do drive the hour the to major city they may have 5-6 ROORs in the entire shop, an no custom ones. Finally I should speak of shipping and packing. The orders show up quickly and discreetly packaged yet very secure. I have had boxes that look totally trashed yet the glass inside is perfect.


  • phil


    I find your webshop really well laid out with plenty of items, i’ll sit with a cup of coffee and just browse to see what there is. Ease of use .Also how quick your postage is to me.

  • seb

    hi, one of order numbers is 1278508
    i find the extensive range of products that i just couldn’t find anywhere else, along with the amazing customer service just makes EDIT the place to buy from.
    there was a problem with one of my orders, a replacement was shipped as soon as i informed them, and it was sent by courier at no extra charge to me, as it was right in the middle of the postal strike.
    thanks guys.

  • Andrew B

    there are so many things that i will never remember them to write them down.
    1)customer service, always the reason i will put this website above any other

    2) the ammount of products, the website has so much to offer incorperating anything and everything the consumer could ever want.

    3) The speed at which an order is shipped, every time i have ordered somthing from this website it has been at my door within two days

    4)when a product dosn’t arrive due to any reason (general incompitance of royal mail usually) a new one will be sent out without charge.

    that’s the top 4 reasons EDIt will always be the worlds best headshop in my mind.

  • ScaryHighBoy

    i am newer to this whole thing but feel as if i am right at home because EDIT as a company have really helped my knowledge and myself as an individual grow, not only as a person, but as a glass and herb connoisseur. thanks to them and their resources i have one of the best high quality glass collections around. without which i would not be able to enjoy my smoke accordingly. i might be a yankee but i truly have come to appreciate the “over the pond” way of doing things which are better, more thorough, and much more personable and responsive in the customer service than any of those over here. even though EDIT is an internet company i feel way more cared for and appreciated as a customer than i do in any of the “head shops” on the east coast of the usa. these giveaways are a perfect example of that. this is my first time entering one of these and i am just thrilled to be able to contribute and compete with my fellow collectors. personally i would love to add this remarkable one of a kind piece to my collection not only to have, enjoy, and marvel at its beauty, but to also share the wealth of information and expertise that has to offer by spreading the word with this unique conversation piece and fine smoking device with my fellow foreigners when i am able to share with them what i have hopefully won from this giveaway. thank you for giving me the chance to share with you my thoughts and feelings concerning this glass piece of elegance, art, and ingenuity.

    most recent glass order #1459665

  • Michael Whitley


    Customer service has always been great. Even when some items are on back order, EDIT notifies the consumer rapidly by email. The items are always sent out quick and discreetly. All in all, EDIT is one of the #1 shipping HS online and will continue to receive my business.

  • Micah Joyner


    What always attracts me to EDIT is how you guys are located in Europe, but still send to the U.S. and quick at that! You guys have some of the best selection of quality straight tubes online, but a few more peculated tubes would be great. I love that you guys are doing another contest/giveaway. Thanks, you guys are great!

  • Niko

    1435025 ; 1484683 ; 1489094

    I really wish I could be creative and shine a light on some great aspect of this site. But really, the previous comments cover it..
    This site IS the best headshop. And now with worldwide seed shipping! and greenhouse freebies.. c’mon can this place get any better?

    My first order placed here wasnt in stock.. I recieved a call to my cell phone re assuring me. My order was then upgraded to a much nicer piece. Ever since then I’ve shoped nowhere else.

    Products are great, prices are delightfuly low, shipping is fast and discreet, and the customer service is top notch.

    EDIT 4 life!

  • Sam


    I have never had any problems. I live in Southern California and none of my orders have ever taken more than a week. I bought a roor custom little sista 3.2 red label with gold gilded ice notches a few years ago, I think before I was even a member, and that is the best bong I own. It and my WS Messias Illusion double tree perc have survived some scary falls onto my hardwood and tile floors completely undamaged. I am a repeat customer and will continue to be one.

  • Aaron

    The great thing about EDIT is that they ship faster then any site ive been on. Even places that im buying within the U.S. they still are better its crazy. There packaging is amazing ive never had anything broken not once they really take the time to make sure you get your stuff in one piece. There selection is the best and that is why I always come back for more there just so many great brands and products. And there priced very well to:). There customer service is great also they reply to your emails fast so its nice that they care about what you have to say. And another great thing about EDIT is that they give prizes away like this. You guys/gals really dont even have to give prizes away and on top of that really nice and expensive prices. So I thank you for caring about your customers.


    Thanks EDIT!

  • shane4678

    i just got my third order from and i am very pleased, the orders arived very fast. i got my weedstar bubbler bong and wow it hits like a truck. the bowell is huge so ill be ordering again. i love this site wish i could get more wristbands for this summer got a huge bike fest and would love to pass them out. i was using another site which seem to be cheaper but they never had what i wanted when i wanted it so i found this site and have been using it ever since. it was very easy to place a order and they usually have what u want (milino better get on the ball lol). i would and always do tell evryone about this site. thanks again shane4678

  • Carter


    I think you can judge a company by the sum of its parts. In this case, you have good product, plus good service and fast shipping which equals a consistently good experience.

    Plus I have a lifetime supply of different sized J papers due to the free papers sent out with like every order. Thanks for that one too.

  • dazhhhhh

    THE best thing i have experienced while shopping on
    is being a winner on one of these competitions.
    THE ammount of products is AMAZING!

  • Tim

    Hey all, this giveaway is right up my alley!! I’m your biggest fan!!

    Every time I order something from E.D.I.T. it has come sooner than expected! Even when I have received goods damaged during shipments I showed proof and was reimbursed fairly, and in timely fashion! All products I look at on here are well described and often better than I expect.. When it is all said in done I don’t just feel like a customer I feel like a buddy!

    and trust me folks i write the EDITor’s quite a bit, I’m not just blowing smoke! (pun intended) this is my true feelings about this joint 🙂

    Keep up the good work EDITors! It seems I’m not the only one with a refreshing feeling about this site. So we are all one big happy family…

    Too bad there is only one prize, and I feel if anyone deserves it, I would have to say, it is the folks who serve me well at

    (just kidding I want that beautiful piece!!!) 🙂

    Take care guys, and thanks again for making a site that we can all trust in!

  • Darren


    I don’t want to go on and on about how much i rate EDIT- but all i will say is that you made my christmas last year!
    I love you guys more than a cardboard box is cardboard!! and thats saying something.

    And now you’ve reminded me i need some more bits… so off to check my bank balance! 🙂

  • 1402147

    Firstly, as above!

    Reliability. This alone will always put EDIT above everywhere else. Then there’s the fact that anything you could wish for in a headshop is here in a well organised site at cheap prices 🙂

    However the best thing I have ‘experienced’ was FREE CHOCOLATE with some random order, I could have kissed you 😀

    I can’t fault you EDIT so I have to enter this competition I have no chance of winning the pre chewed gum!

  • sacagood

    the best expirence when I won my first giveaway 😀
    and find all the smoking paraphernalia that i want 😀

    Order number: 1321259

  • Deeku


    The best thing has been definitely browsing through your amazing bong collection, all the great images really wet my appetite for good quality glass at reasonable prices! Keep up the good work!

  • nordelen

    most recent order number: 1482324

    best thing about edit? Could be customer service. could be the fact that I can get the things I like all from one place. could be all the little freebies I’ve gotten. Could also be the fact that the range of products is wide ranging, price-wise. I know that if I’m a little skint I can still get a cheap smoking implement for a couple of quid.

  • Harry


    I have never, not once, not even for a second, had to experience any form of anger or disappointment while shopping with EDIT. The service is top quality every single time without a single lapse. The products and product range are superb, and I order my products safe in the knowledge it will pretty much always arrive the very next day. This is the best thing I have experienced while shopping with EDIT – Great job guys!

  • Josh


    I picked up a SICK illusion bubble pre-cooler by Molino through you guys, let me say it has been the piece my HVY bong has been missing. IT already hit like a dream, but now its so smooth I can’t even tell if I’m getting anything.

    I’ve never had to deal with customer service, because shipping and everything has been SO great; unlike oter websites that I’ve used in the past, EDIT makes sure you get the piece you ordered, or a better one, rather than leave you disappointed.

    I plan on buying the majority of the rest of my pieces from EDIT and this contest would definitely be nice to win!

    Keep on keepin on you guys!

  • Ambush


    Best thing is the excitement of wondering what the free gifts will be with a large order 😀

  • AHM714

    Order Number:1416047

    The best thing I have experienced is the the great selection of glass pipes and bongs not to mention the customer support. The shipping is quick received my order in 4 days.

  • Jason


    I love the site layout, the quick shipping, the great customer service, the awesome variety you have in the store, and last but not least…the mystery gifts that show up with orders! Keep up the good work! 🙂

  • amanda hughes

    order #1351095

    I LOVE the bong that I ordered from EDIT (and every product I have ever ordered from them), simply amazing. My favorite part about ordering from EDIT (besides the great service & the high grade of their products), was how well my order was packaged and how discrete it was. I have NO worry about my order being damaged or about people knowing what i ordered. EDIT will ALWAYS be my first stop for ordering paraphernalia in the future. The care you put into your orders really makes the difference, Thanks again EDIT.

  • Kottonmush


    Ive had many amazing freebies from edit but the one i love the most is the cheapest, its a little spoon pipe and its awesome, 😀

  • JayDee


    EDIT is simply the best online headshop site there is. Great customer service, a VAST selection and quality products have definitely made me a permanent customer. A while back I ordered a Black Leaf gold dragon and unfortunately the downstem broke (due to my friends stupidity). My first thought was to check the local shops and see if I could find a cheap replacement. After checking all the places that would sell such equipment, I couldn’t find a single place that offered the balance of cost and quality I found here. My beautiful dragon now has an EHLE diffuser and a RooR bowl and it is the envy of all my smoking buddies. Thanks EDIT!

  • TylerJ

    It would either be the great customer service or the fact that i can spend $10 dollars to get a really nice pipe that would cost 20-25 at a store
    Good Luck Everyone

  • Dc03

    Order #: 1350991

    Simply put, the thing that amaze me when I shop with EDIT are their shipping time. Very good.

    Plus, good selection of all kind of product, and the price isn’t beatable.

    But the best thing when I shop with EDIT is that there is never any kind of problem. Always got what I asked, fast and it is packaged with love and quality.

    Don’t give up guys!

    And good luck to all of you !

  • AcidBurn2020


    Edit Prices compared to local headshops is incredible. I bought a steamroller around here for $25 and it was tiny compared to one I ordered off edit that was only about $15… I also love free wristbands and rolling papers. The selection of high quality bongs is also really nice.

    And of course, these contests are just sick, who else is giving away such expensive pieces?

  • aweeSa


    Best thing I experienced on EDIT has to be Ben aka Mr. Editor. He single handedly helped me out when customer service wouldn’t. He made sure that my order got fixed and sent out the same day, hence why I will forever be loyal to

    And another thing, EDIT’s prices are amazing.

  • KenR


    The best things i’ve expirienced with EDIT is that the products are cheap and gets shipped fast, and great custumer service.

  • Joey


    All my orders have been shipped on the same day, and i’ve never experienced that before and i think this is an awesome thing that EDIT do! The Prices: Phenomenally cheap on everything, i’ve never met an online store to sell as cheap as EDIT, especially offering half price P&P! EDIT always offers freebies as i’ve heard and know but unfortunately never got to experience getting one due to them being out of stock. The first time i contacted them with some enquiries about items i got an email the same day which was very pleasing and provided more then an answer which i was very pleased about!! And for the simple fact EDIT is always holding giveaways regularly i think this really is the best headshop ever!



  • SweetLeaf


    Always have a great experience when buying from EDIT. Best would probably be when a bowl I ordered came damaged (only time this has happened), and with one email to EDIT I had a replacement on my doorstep the very next day. Think this pretty accurately sums up the first rate customer service here.

    Will always be a customer. Keep it up guys.


  • Singe du Fleuve


    Best thing I experienced at edit was the one man leader of customer service ben. Honestly that gentleman could not be paid enough for what he does, he should probably be paid double. His communication skills are fantastic, his customer service manner is simply sublime and he leaves every customer he graces feeling better than they did when they approached him.

    And he directs a damn good movie. Justice wears dark glasses rules!

  • Theo

    My best thing to ever happen to me from EDIT happened not too long ago. I won a torch lighter and asked if I could turn that in and get a discount on a spacecase…..well, I got a glass bubbler, spoon, grinder, metal pipe, papers, papers, more papers, and candy! Definitely by far the best thing thats ever happened 🙂


  • Kalle


    Well you guys saved my weekend at one time. I ordered a bong from some other shop but i never got it delivered. And just after i found this website and found such a beauty i couldn’t resist. With just 4days of delivery to sweden you guys were awesome. And I’m VERY pleased with my grinder gift i got with you packades. And now I’m looking into more bongs and hookahs in your shop. So hard to decide when there are so many different products :D. Thanks guys, and have a nice weekend! Also big thanks to Amy and Scott in your customer service, fast replys. I wish i could get this good service back in sweden.

  • Hi there. A past order # of mine is: Order 1471684.

    The best thing about EDIT is the amazing efficiency on their part by letting you know what’s in and out of stock before placing an order, not charging your CC until the order has shipped, and other hallmarks of a fully professional and legitimate business aimed at helping the consumer have the best shopping experience they can. ALSO, The Shipping is EXCELLENT in cost and efficiency. I’ve never waited longer than a week and I live abroad!!
    The best seed bank there is. Period!

  • Raul Ceron

    i bought the weed star percolator bowl here. best hits ive ever taken!!! it was packaged perfectly and safe and arrived here super fast!!! this is the number one site to buy from hands down!!!

    order # 1487553

  • Eldrahn


    This is the best headshop on the internett.

    They have alot of items and the prices are good.
    Shipping is very fast.
    Cool competitions.
    Very nice service.

    Keep up the good work.


  • Petter

    Order #: 1447085

    The best thing that has happend to me when shopping at EDIT must be when i know what i want and what i shall buy, but always ending up whit a whole lot more… That’s what i love about EDIT. All the little things you’ve got so much nice stuff here.. And the prices is good too! And the customer service. Always quick answers and everything.. I LOVE EDIT

  • Ponytail P

    Just the complete and utter reliability, you guys ALWAYS seem to get me my order the day after ordering…. Massive choice, good prices and extremely helpful and friendly customer service!

    I haven’t used any other headshop 😀

    I’m trusting you lot that they aren’t all wayyy better though…. hehe


  • Anthony Nardelli

    I get pieces for my hurricane from EDIT and couldnt be happier with the service…PEACE TO EDIT.COM

  • adam brooks

    order # 1472858

    So this looks like a good free item to try to win =) anyways All I have to say is EDIT is by far or the best at what they do! They ship you your item super fast and hey really who dont want there new item from EDIT asap…..

    Well they make it happen and i will not shop anywhere else but EDIT !!!!


  • Chyabruh

    order no. 1363269

    I’ve experienced about as much as getting my first glass pieces here, but what keeps me eager to buy from you guys, even thou i’m still waiting on an order thats been gone for 2 months, you guys are constantly emailing me, constantly trying to help me out, the customer service should have just gotten fed up and refunded the shit by now, but you guys are still trying to get my glass through, that’s defeninantly what I love about EDIT, *corny voice* the customer service *thumbs up*

  • Leandro


    The best is the respect with the costumer. The glass products are extremely well wraped and if something arrives broken or cracked they will send you a new one without the unpleasant need of sending the “defective” product back to them.

  • PeppeBeng

    Order: 1142154

    The website is very easy to navigate, customer service is excellent and the fact that you get freebies with every order is totally awesome and makes a bong purchase even more satisfying!


  • JP


    EDIT’s customer service is responsive; they replaced a broken shipment without a hassle and even sent me some bonus items for the aggro!

  • shiraku

    The BEST thing? Wow, that is a tough question.
    First of all, there is of course the extremely competitive prices. Then there is the superbly speedy delivery. These two things alone keep me coming back, but EDIT don’t stop there! There’s the freebies you get with your orders, and the excellent customer support in the rare case that something does go wrong.
    And to top it all off, there’re the amazing competitions!

    Thanks EDIT, for everything.

  • Tim Kiefer

    1344832 — thats one of my order numbers

    EDIT is all around the best glass shop online. great prices, awesome service, huge selection. Im in Cali and all my orders have all arrived within 3 or 4 days. EDIT is definitely the only shop ill ever use to get my “goods” online. and also ive showed alll my friends your website and they all love it as well. pick me, please?

  • Huyy

    the best thing i have experienced was purchasing my first glass bong from EDIT! i love it! and what i have appreciated most is that you guys exist and doing the things you do! thanks for everything you’ve done!

  • Chris


    Got a Weed Star Inline. Veryyyyy nice bong. No drag what so ever. clears in a second.

    I love EDIT. Keep up the good work guys!

  • Order #: 1123625
    Each experience seems almost too good to be true,in several aspects based on several Reasons.

    1: As Most All commentors suggest, the customer service is impeccable.
    From the tiniest question about color choice getting answered in minutes, or correcting the small mistakes in shipping Immediately, plups throwing in suprise gifts for inconvenience

    2:Your the ONLY Legit store Shipping 100%German made RooRs to the states, and Shipping Arrival is amazingly fast coming from U.K.!!

    3: Your Site has it all and then some. Im always adding stuff to my cart and saving $$ till i can checkout. From the Secret Stash wooden boxs, to the bubblebags….NOT TO MENTION THE BEST the SEEDS!!!!!
    That in its self puts you Miles ahead of any other shop…Also the E.D.I.T braclets aer the Bomb
    i dont let my freinds shop locally anymore hahah.

    Those things i Truly Appriciate but, you know what i Enjoy??
    Seeing how many customer points i can earn with each new splurge…
    Gives me a huge excitement to know i get something back to spend just for buying stuff i LOVE!!

    That was long but thats why i Love, Appriciate & Enjoy my E.D.I.T relationship!

  • jamie

    my worst experience was knowing i didnt have 600 quid spare to buy that bong and my best was seeing you giving one away for free hahhaa dibs on the b !

  • conf20

    too many good things to say about edit, the list is endless, amazing fast response customer service, shipping is so fast and always amazingly packaged, the products available are amazing, the prices are amazing, and also the amazing freebies!! 😀

    EDIT is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xD


  • Rick

    order: 1223744

    EDIT has people that actually respond to e-mails and such when there are any issues, and they are prompt to take care of you, the whole purchasing process is really smooth.

  • Harry

    Order # 1171900 (Little Sista 3.2–Big Sista)

    Customer service is certainly up there and I cannot express how much (international) customers appreciate this.

    More specifically, your selection of Roors and other glass bongs is superb, and it’s a pleasure just to look through them (and plan my next purchase : )).

    It’s remarkable how many customers seem to have a personal relationship with EDIT. This in itself is a testament to your service and dedication. I look forward to further interaction!


  • NTrailZ

    Order Number: 1446224

    Best thing by a long way that has happened since I have been a customer has to be winning the RooR Big Brother. 😀

  • March 19, 2010 at 12:45 am
    Ive been a customer for awhile now. ive bought a weed star double perc bong and all kinds of other things. i dont remember any order numbers but if you look at my email you should see ive ordered at least a few times. i got lots of wristband!! I love everything about youre website. i check it everytime i get on my computer to see whats new. thanks for everything and i hope i win this bong!!!!

  • pisces541

    i would also say that ther customer service is the best and the website is above and beyond all others

  • Kevin

    order number: 1473738

    Honestly i’ve always been skeptical of buying things online, especially glass. EDIT has changed all of that, not only was everything i ordered in flawless shape but during the entire process i had loads of questions and recieved prompt responses. Also as EDIT is based in the UK and i am in the US i was worried about the difficulties of overseas shipping but found it was certainly no more work on my end then if edit had been in the country! EDIT will definitly be my main go to site for glass and everything else. Certainly worth the extra time shipping overseas! THANKS!

  • Adam Fletcher

    order# 1357307

    Excellent customer service and very fast shipping!! was extremely satisfied with my purchase and now my friends are customers also and very pleased!

  • Austin Smith

    heyo i have bought many bong parts on here but never a bong, soon though, i love the roors, i have two. 1474971 – 21/2/2010 thats my last order. would love this hurricane. bongs are my thing. my absolute favorite has to be the dealers cup white lines. some day, some day..

  • Dan Z

    Order #: 1203573

    Largest and best priced selection of assorted goods I have ever encountered. I have never been unsatisfied with anything I have purchased from this site. Overall, everything is great.

  • Antonio


    I love EVERYTHING about EDIT. The amazing selection and variety can suck me into window shopping for hours at a time. I love just browsing every water pipe and smoking utensil in their inventory. Of course, once you order it only gets better! Excellent customer service, outstanding quality, and discreet shipping to boot! I have never been disappointed with an order from EDIT and doubt I ever will be. Quite simply, if you plan on buying anything smoking related head to EDIT before you go anywhere else because they are likely to have the best price, selection, and quality on anything you could possibly desire.

  • Dan

    1337629 12/10/09
    best thing about the site is spending hours shopping around imagining using each beautifully crafted smoking implement… even if its just wishfull thinking most of the time lol!

  • Quinn Van Order


    fuck the bong!!! I want that chewing gum!!!!! but in all seriousness… that hurricane looks like something that I would enjoy!

  • Abe Epperhart

    I have had great customer service from shopping through EDIT!!! You guys have responded to every email I have ever sent to you by the next day…with answers…not giving me the run-around. Amazing!!! My puff purchases will only be made through EDIT…no doubt about it. Thanks for a website that provides so many different products with the lowest prices possible!!! Also, to a great staff who cares and respects their customers WORLDWIDE!!!! Like I said earlier…AMAZING!!!!!!!!

    order 1487921
    order 1499851

  • Sophie Jaffe

    order number 1474913. HAHA WHOOPS! Sorry, a little baked. I bought a roll tray and a bunch of papers a while ago from you guys and have been obsessed with your site ever since! You have everything! And its all at the click of a mouse! Great website and i love how you can get an email when an item you want is back in stock. On a scale of 1-10 i give edit a 10!

  • Maximilian

    your website is very good. I do like your product selection a lot, anything which ive yet ordered has been very high value for money(wristbands get regulary used^^). My friend apparently loves his roorbag, for his awesome bong. I will see soon when i return to germany the bag. My current bong is good reliable and was very cheap. I am always playing with the thought of buying a very cool , bong but yet i keep spending my money for sth else more^^.
    Sry for bad english ,
    Peace german student in UK!

  • cr

    1233981, greatest purchase ive ever made, plan on buying another bong soon as well, but still wouldnt mind making this a part of my collection.

  • Nick

    Order #1271240

    The best thing is your wide variety of bongs and being the best distributor of ROOR’s in the world. Looking through your selection of glass always brings a smile to my face.

  • buck

    order: 1047404

    I love EveryoneDoesIt because they always treat you like their best customer, throw in a ton of goodies, and totally make your day when the package arrives! Thanks EDiT! And if all goes well, they might even give me a free bong!

  • Everlong2019

    Order Number 1391329 sent out March 2nd, 2010

    The coolest thing that has ever happened to me was when I ordered my Flaming Skull dome Perc bong, they sent me (for FREE) one of the bongs that I was thinking about getting for a friends birthday but decided it was too expensive. My friend was so happy to get this bong AND the other less expensive gift that I got for him and I was pumped that I didn’t have to pay for it!

  • Al

    I’ve been using edit for several years now, bought my first glass piece here, and I trust them to pick out, package and send off my new one to me, each and every time I’ve dropped and broken one whilst cleaning it up and I’ll continue to trust them, because of the awesome service they supply.

  • Tony_K

    Order numbers 1064089 and 867454.

    I have enjoyed the added bonuses that get tossed in with every order, no matter how large or small. More specifically the screen holder, and incense samples I had received.

  • Alex Greenberg

    order #: 1464710

    I love the added gifts you send. I have gotten candy, grinders, papers, pipes and many other cool things that no other site has ever done for me. (not to mention the best selection of glass bongs on the internet) EDIT rules!

  • Andrew Blackwelder


    I bought a G Spot, Steam Roller Pipe, lets just say hands down best pipe I’ve ever owned. I nicknamed it the “Forever Bowl”, if you pack a bowl to the top lets just say it last a while. Sometimes when chillin’ with friends I ask them if they have heard the legend of the Forever Bowl. 🙂

    Thank You so much,

    Andrew Blackwelder 🙂

    Hands down best place to shop for glass 🙂

  • will

    1497670 my order number

    its the first thing i have ordered and it hasn’t arrived yet so i cant really say anything about the service yet but i can say EDIT’s selection is second to none on the internet.

  • Ian Chambers

    Order numbers: 1208140,1218633, 1263034,1330140, 1331558

    I have been a long standing EDIT customer. I love the massive selection of glass bongs I have always enjoyed the speedy delivery, accuracy of picking and descrete delivery. All my orders have arrived fast and well packed.. never have I recieved a “short order” GOTTA LOVE EDIT!!!

    I also promote/recommend EDIT to all my friends and family, I have even suggested EDIT to PUK pipes to try strike up a distribution deal in the UK…

    Now thats a loyal customer 😉


  • Joe

    Order Reference
    1418200/ 1423150/ 1452811/ 1457064 /1491986

    Ive been shopping on edit for a years and all my orders have arrived
    AMAZINGLY fast(I reside OVERSEAS) and always correct . The pricing is unbeatable, I have purchased items plus the cost of shipping and still paid less than local head shops cost . Best prices , Best Selection, Unbeatable QUICK Service

  • Kongville

    Um… if ur readin this you probably promote EDIT. If not let me give you just a few reasons why you should. Discretion in an increasingly monitored Planet, Wholesale prices, Excellent Quality, and customer service that serpasses all other’s. I’ve never had such generous compensation when the smallest delivery issue has arrised. These guys rock regardless of the glass they give away. But you already know that. Oh yeah, Did you know that EDIT INCREDIBLY RELIABLY(I’ve recieved 14 of 14 orders in the heartland of the states united) now delivers CaNnIBiS Seeds WORLDWIDE. Don’t grow them things less your local laws permit. Save EM in a dark n cold place for a more understanding society… or just move. Cheers!
    Here’s a couple of my old orders. I hope they suffice

  • Trey


    First of the the updates and selection are 2nd to none.. There is a reason edit is the only place I shop online…

    It’s awesome when I have ordered things not expecting anything extra and then I pull out a free pipe, pappers, or candy! I mean come on CANDY !!!! what !!!

  • Trey

    OH! I also won a double doubler ! sweet times… verry damn sweet ! RIP leafy I still wear your old wrist bands!

  • Order Number: 1092387

    I love the fact EDIT has almost everything i need in stock and whenever i order a package without a doubt it’s packaged and received safely in all it’s glory wrapped in bubble wrap. not to mention the cheapest prices around. did i forget to mention the free merch added with every order sent out?

  • Simon

    Easy to get quality genetics even in Western Australia. Thanks for helping to spread the love guys…

    Order #1335726

  • Adam T

    My orders have been eaten by my email, I am however sure more will follow soon.

    Things I enjoy about EDIT have to include;
    1) The sales team (especially Tanya) are always friendly and actually have a sense of humour.
    2) Free sweets, I can actually justify my spending to my Mrs as she has a sweet tooth.
    3) Any problems and EDIT will bend over backwards trying to sort it out as best they can.

    The best thing I have experienced about EDIT has to be speaking to people that actually know about what they are selling, not just the brand and price.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Im from Australia where all of the bongs are of shocking quality. The best thing for me about EDIT is the level of quality in the products they sell. Ive never hit anything like my EHLE bent neck 1000ml. Second best experience was trying a bubbler for the first time when i hit my glass bubbler…..Amazing..haha

    Most Recent Order Number:1453250

  • Goodall

    Don’t have an order number on hand, but you can check my email, my best experience was opening the box of my weedstar inline, and digging through about 10 inches of packing, lol, not much chance of broken stuff coming.

  • Allan Davies

    Order Number: 1316240.
    I just love the varied selection, and the service is second to none. Keep on keeping on EDIT.

  • Stan

    Order number 1277024

    The best thing about EveryoneDoesIt is the magnificent selection of bongs, pipes and other smoke tools I have not found in this magnitude elsewhere, and for good prices too! Thank you for spreading joy around the globe. 🙂

  • Niall


    Having ordered the Boost Bong circular base, and simultaneously waving goodbye to my old smoking tool ‘ Berty the Bad Boy Bubbler’ i entered the wrong email address, it was a quite straight laced friends email. My bum hole flapping at this point thinking i had just lost the order to the cruel mistress of the internet i rang customer service..

    Helpful Customer Service Lady (With Seductive voice) ( to be know as HCSL from this point.) : Hello, Everyonedoesit!
    Me: Erm..hold on man im on the phone trying to sort it out…Oh right, erm hi, is this everyonedoesit?
    HCSL: Yes it is, how can i help.
    Me: ITS THEM…erm hello,i’ve just made a mistake ordering from you, i put in the wrong email address.
    HCSL: Oh right, what was the order for?
    Me : A boost bong.
    HCSL : No worries i’ll have a look ( sound of typing)
    * exchange of personal details regarding back etc.*
    HCSL : that’s fine it should be with you tomorrow.
    Me: Thats awesome cheers!

    It arrives, and my friend who is a bit of a pain in the arse and doesn’t smoke through bongs is there and harshing my excitement at it. I say im popping the cherry of barbie the boost bong, he doesn’t want to double team Barbie and wants a joint instead. Problem, no rizla, so he’s searching our flat for a pack of papers with no luck. However, i pull from the box which contains my bong a pack of silver pack of Swans.

    Like Jesus of Nazareth picking up the souls of mankind i lift this pack of rizla up. My friend smiles, i smile, Barbie gets smoked. Then…well it was much the same really, Mario Kart on the N64 and Dominos pizza.

    Still, it was AWESOME, free gifts rule.

  • Alex

    1051651 – 3/12/2008

    I like the fact I can always find new stuff I’d love to buy, even if I can never afford it. Keep up the good work EDIT!

  • ChronJohn

    Order # 855740

    My favorite and most memorable thing about this site is that I ordered my first bong from here 🙂 It was a weedstar and even though everyone talks maaaaad trash about the company’s quality, I still have the bong and to this day tell everyone that I got it from the best online headshop, Everyonedoesit. As a result you have quite a few new customers here in the states. Thanks so much for providing a place to get cheap, n00b pieces as well as really quality pieces for the more experienced (and rich lol) among us! Hurricane is my absolute dream bong, and I thank EDIT so much for the opportunity to win one. It was actually a part of my first order (yes, a weedstar and a hurricane in the same order haha) but I ran into money issues and had to cancel the Hurricane =( it went without a hitch tho, so I’d say my second favorite part about EDIT is the awesome customer service! I get a response within 24 hours every time, and have always had issues resolved. Thanks for making my toking life that much more enjoyable WS!

  • max

    Order #1317277

    The thing that is really great about EDIT is that you guys really take careof your customers. From free giveaways like this one, to freebies put in orders, you make sure the customer is happy. Coupled with a great customer services department and extremely competitive prices, you guys are what most companies should aspire to be.

  • smokeyadam

    My previous order numbers have gone into the dark depths of the deleted folder. Sure got plenty of stuff from you in one way or another over the years though!

    Best thing about EDIT (apart from these awesome comps) is that you know about the products you sell. I can phone and ask what length/thickness/volume something is and will get an answer swiftly. Second best thing is the ashcatcher I purchased from you as it now keeps my Icemaster a hell of a lot cleaner (has been my daily driver for over 6 years)

  • james

    order number 1210531
    The best thing about EDIT is the freebies; wristbands that give you a smile whenever you see someone else with one and the free giveaways that help poor students like myself that cannot afford very nice glassware have the chance of owning one 🙂

  • jeeba toking monster


  • Blkmmba

    order #1439933, and the best thing ive ever experienced here at edit is winning one of these competitions! hope i win this bong, the leafy looks awesome.

  • Damien


    Having shopped with EDIT for a years now Id say the best thing I find with the service is the ease. From the shopping interface, to the prompt, hassle free ordering and delivery, everything is consistently outstanding. In short, Ive never had a reason to complain!

  • Peter

    Order number: 1248421

    The best thing about EDIT is that it is the best online headshop I’ve ever used. The delivery is really quick, and customer service is far better than a lot of online shops, and then there’s these really cool competitions that you do, and I have yet to win.. :p

  • Simon

    Some order numbers:

    Best thing about EDIT is the seed bank. Largest online seed bank in the europe i think. Green-o-matic seeds were GREAT! Of course i would never plant those seeds cos it’s illegal, but i enjoy their presence so much.

    Low prices and high quality products. That is

  • Chris Brockett

    I love the shipping time! Even though it being based in the UK and me being in the US I still have received all my orders in under a week!


  • Arthur

    Well everything’s about EDIT is great, but the best part of it is the customer service and the quality of the glass provided on the site.
    Long Live EDIT !

    Order # 1344130

  • stoner3007

    I am on this site nearly every day looking out for new products your always adding and keeping up to date on new seeds/breeders etc and these giveaways are a great bonus, never had any problems with you either, A1! THANKS

    order no; 1405651

  • Kyle Thom


    My best experience with EDIT was, EDIT. Luckily enough my first venture into the online head shop scene landed me at the best. The speed at which my order arrove was incredible for being on the west coast and the free gifts included only solidified the prowess EDIT embodies. Rock On.

  • Feltros

    Finding sweets in the bottom of old EDIT boxes, months and even years after orders I still manage to find the odd chewy thing or pack of refreshers in between all the foam packaging material hehe. Its the personal touch that makes a difference.

  • dan

    hey long time buyer even though im super far you guys got speed bubble baga spot on bongs i realy aprecheate it
    edit order number 1422376

  • dan

    hey long time buyer even though im super far you guys got speed bubble bags spot on bongs i realy aprecheate the quality thanks
    edit order number 1422376

  • Ralph

    Time in transit is amazing. I can order something and have it in no time at all.

    1192279 – 20/4/2009

    1134816 – 12/2/2009

  • AlfredFI

    My first order number 859537 !

    I only have good memories about edit but one order jumps
    in my mind when I think about best things using edit. I ordered a
    2-piece hookah and it turned out to be sold out, so edit sent
    me a 4-piece hookah, with the prize of a 2-piece! The more the
    merrier as they say when you’re smoking a 4-piece hookah with
    your friends 😉

    A big save for me and a life long customer for EDIT !

  • Leslie T

    Order # 1197383

    EDIT is the best! The freebies, 1/2 off shipping deals and great customer service are just a few of the great things at EDIT! Now only if i could win an amazing bong!?!

  • abe epperhart

    The great customer service has been the best experiance I have had with EDIT. Every email I have ever sent to you guys has been responded to by the next day…with answers…not run-arounds. The web site itself if amazing by offering soooo many different products and brands at the lowest price possible…AMAZING!!! The staff also desrves a shout out for caring and respecting their customers worldwide. Like I said before…AMAZING!!! Those are just a couple of reasons I can assure you I will never shop anywhere else for my puffing products. You guys are awesome!

    Order 1487921
    Order 1499851

  • Alex Bernasconi

    Order: 1359683

    love this site!!!
    its like a site made just for me, i want it all!!
    lol its saved in my favorites

  • 1358660

    I am never going to shop at my local head shop ever again. My first order came in a week absolutely no problem to Canada in professional packaging even with the cheapest shipping. It got here just in time for me to enjoy some nice BC Kush which also coincidentally came in the mail :). If I were to buy the items I ordered off this site at my local head shop I would have paid double.

    I enjoyed the service, quality and selection so much that I have already referred my friends (5 and counting) to use this service and I have yet to see an unsatisfied customer. I know my herb. I know my bongs. I know EDIT is the only head shop I will now use.

    From the herb I grow to the herb I buy the quality of the glass I use is absolutely critical. I have been nothing but satisfied with the speed, service and professionalism I have received from EDIT. It is extremely difficult to find legitimate RooR bongs online.

    I’m putting another order today. My friend is so intrigued from my description of EDIT he had to get in on it. I really like your inline ash catchers I recommended his new piece to him.

  • Melissa

    I’ve ordered from you guys a few times. First time a ton of papers and little things, finding the random stuff inside was so much fun. I just ordered a few more pieces including a bong (Order number: 1503527) and I’m looking forward to the surprises included! 🙂
    Thanks again EDIT for always making my purchases easy and reliable.

  • Korken

    most recent order number: 1489303

    It can’t be said too many times how great the Customer service is.
    But an other great thing is the fast shipping.

  • Mitch


    But really it was the time I got may MJ seeds. When I opened that package I was stoked! Can’t believe they got trough customs!
    This site was where I got my first papers, first pipe, first bong ect. Such an outstanding selection. One of the best head shops on line for sure.

  • Zack

    order # 1442161

    my favorite thing about EDIT is beautiful website layout and the ease of navigation. i can go to this site and find a cheaper price on ANYTHING i can find locally for 20 miles. and shipping is always fast and extremely well wrapped. Ive also ordered from your main competition and they don’t even compare. every time i don’t order from EDIT a piece gets broken, order takes 2x as long, packing sucks, and their customer service isn’t 1/2 as good

  • cained unable

    Good website for easy shopping coupled with helpful **FRIENDLY service.
    simple 🙂

    kind of like that nice guy who runs the shop just up the road?
    you know? ah whats his name??? yeah well anyway… its not him
    its these folks instead.

    Luckily their just as cool! bargain.

    also – they’ve got the stock that.. (we’ll call him Ted)
    Ted from the pet shop – just doesn’t.

    very helpful with an exchange – even when i was a bit grumpy on the phone thinking they’d rang & woken me to sell me a mobile phone upgrade.
    (sorry! working nights – those mobile upgrade guys killed my sleep all week)

    ** if i had a hat on – I’d take it off
    (or at very least tip my brim)


  • Rob Pembro

    One of my order numbers was 1426728
    I love EDIT, just browsing through the huge selection of stuff cheers me up!
    Much more convenient than trekking miles to the head shop – and if you haven’t got what I want in stock, you make intelligent substitutions. I recommend you to all my smoking friends 🙂

  • 1408504‏

    Always a great experience and an all round good store – from xmas presents for friends to the gravity vortex I’d been hankering for orders arrive fast, well packed, discreet and with pressies. Their stockroom elves are second to none…yes even santa’s.

  • Dave

    got a rasta roor from edit. great customer service and quick delivery considering its across the ocean. Never any problems. Excellent.

  • Lomaxa

    Order Number:1493043

    As i first emerged into the world of smoking my friend recommended i check out to pick up some beginner items, as soon as i entered the site i was amazed by the hundreds of different brands that edit had to offer i mean shit i was in a daze for the next 4 hours trying to pick out a piece for my measily 50 dollar budget…i was amazed how many things i could fit into a 50 dollar budget and when it came 4 days later and i was looking at a spitting image of the website pictures i was in shock. Edit is an awesome site and will be getting buisness from me no matter where i go.

  • denthebarman

    order 1465966
    my red label roor is so sweet. it got to the usa in 5 days !!!
    EDIT rocks !! cant wait to order matching ashcatcher.
    thank you so much

  • Dizzy434

    Order Number # 1447760

    I use to smoke nothing but blunts or joints, my friend mentioned EDIT and the LoW LoW LoW prices they have. So i caved and bought a simple large steam roller. It may not have been much or that expensive, but it opened up my eyes to a better world of toking. THANK YOU EDIT!!!!!!!!!

  • JOEE

    Been shopping with EDIT for yrs and have never had any problems with my orders always correct and have arrived FAST overseas. The pricing is the best ,even local head shops cant beat it and selection is always great ,I also like the Reminder for out of stock items and rewards for purchases. TRUSTWORTHY and FAST are why i like EDIT . 1418200 1423150

  • JOEE

    1423150 Shipping Pricing Selection and #1 TRUST is why i like EDIT always FAST and never any problems over a few yrs of shopping on EDIT

  • John

    The first time i herd about your website was from a friend. My friend owned a RooR bong, black 5mm icemaster, and it gave the best hit ever… Shortly after this time, he quick smoking, i naturally bought his roor, that he bought from u guy at Since that day, i use it all the time. I just got a rasta pesiodon bowl, 1463992. I use this everyday and when i get the extra money, I’m going to get a roor carbon filter, a roor cone adapter, and a roor stash jar 3.2mm. I purchesed roor papers in a order, in the past with some roor bong cleaner 1461614. When im not at home and i need a spliff i recommend these over any other papers i have ever used in my life, they burn so slow and nice. I think that the only bong that could keep up with a roor is a hurricane. I must say that, the hurricane that is in the giveaway is the sickest one i have ever seen the rest are pretty plain jane but that one is sick. Also that since i have learned about your site all i thought was bongs and roor, but the way that hurricane looks it makes me think u guys should make custom hurricane from now on…ive allways been a roor guy since i learned of there company maby can make me change my mind about that and put two bong loves in my life… life customer-Roor lover-Bong enthusiast……….

  • Anastos

    1476748 , 1391755 , 1379823 , 1224119 , 1164347 , 1124217 , 1059891 , 1051830 , 886192

    Hey , I remember finding your website 1-2 years ago by chance in google. You are far the best headshop i have ever seen. I have bought many nice goods from you and i wanna thank you for all the services you are providing :))

    By the way great hurricane bong! Also the logo rocks!

    Republic of Bongland ? Repsect ++++++

  • architect

    order #: 1347028

    gotta love the freebies, and edit ben has gone out of his way on more then one occasion to sort me out, cheers fella! even going as far as procuring me a new mouth piece for a bong to throw in with a competition prize because I happened to mention I’d lost one.

  • chungboyz

    Yo my favourite thing about everyone does it is the giveaways!

    youve got my email, ill find an order number if need be.

  • Flayer


    I love the sweets they give me sometimes, but the best is probably customer service. They are really helpful when customs is being bitchy.. thank you edit:)

  • chris murray

    1416772 my fave thing about shopping with EDIT is when all the hiney new things arriving like the day after i ordered them! i also like how no matter how much stuff i buy, there always seems to be more things i want! oh and i love the thought of a happy team of stoners sending out bongs n grinders n stuff left right and center!

    long live EDIT!

  • Master Fu

    1443576, When i ordered a gas mask from EDIT they first sent me a broken one BUT before i even realized it was broken a 2nd one had already arrived! Thanks EDIT, u guys are the best.

  • Master Fu

    1430397, My favorite experience from EDIT was when i won the Rasta Roor and they sent me so many other ill things with it. More thani could ever ask for, u guys are too generous, peace and love EDIT

  • Dancing Bear

    1356278, gotta say my favprite experience from EDIT was opening my first Roor, nothing special but it just felt really good to finally hold it (and smoke it duh). EDIT, ur the shit.

  • Day Man

    1430397, My best experience with EDIT was looking at the new Weedstar stuff on their website and coming to EDIT to see they have it for lower prices! U guys know ur business, respect EDIT

  • roorless whore

    1029140 is an old order. I just recently purchased empty cigarette tubes and a zen shooter off this site and I was impressed by the amazingly quick shipping time! In the past, I have gotten things from EDIT (which is located in the UK) in 3 days. I cannot even get things shipped from close US states in that amount of time. The great shipping methods and products are awesome! Thanks!

  • (1504205) i have ordered many things from EDIT and my mind is allways blown by the unuiqe variety there is! Everything i see i want (and sometimes get haha). By far the coolest company there is, afterall you got a good reputation for a reason!

  • I had ordered a bong from EDIT, but a few days later they emailed me and said it was out of stock. So they let me pick out a more expensive piece and sent it out to me and also threw in some free accessories. Never had I received customer service like that from any other online store. EDIT is the best place to buy anything related to that special part of your lifestyle. Thanks EDIT you guys are pretty kick ass.

  • Evan Gunden

    1494989 I had ordered a bong from EDIT, but a few days later they emailed me and said it was out of stock. So they let me pick out a more expensive piece and sent it out to me and also threw in some free accessories. Never had I received customer service like that from any other online store. EDIT is the best place to buy anything related to that special part of your lifestyle. Thanks EDIT you guys are pretty kick ass.

  • Ryan D.

    1409321 I had ordered a joint holder, yet it arrived with no top. I sent an e-mail notifying EDIT of this and with quicker than lightning speed they had sent me 3 replacement tubes and 4 tube stopper tops free of charge. Thank you guys so much :-). Best customer service, and best prices I have seen compared to every other site.

  • I Broke It

    1426544 – I ordered a pretty expensive bong from here, and living on the West coast of the US, I expected it to take quite a while to get here. The same day I also ordered salvia from a different website that was only a state away. The bong got here first.

    God I loved that bong.

  • Matt

    1504275: I love You you have changed my life when i started shopping with you through the internet. my bro’s b-day is coming up so i’d just love to hand over a one-of-a-kind gift like your unique hurricane bong 1504275 is a recent order, my bros b-day is april 6 so thank you!!!!!!!

  • Leslie T

    Order # 1197383

    I have made 3 orders through EDIT. I have recieved great customer service, fast shipping, freebies and even Half of shipping on one of my orders! EDIT IS DANK! I just need a nice new piece for the collection! Comon Hurricane!!!!

  • Oliver Trickett

    1504441 – Out of this order i shall make a 3 stage paper/blunt system, 1/3 hemp, 1/3 cherry and finally 1/3 island blend blunt at the roach to remind me of the old country. Thanks EDIT, keep up the good work!

  • migzz

    1489053 i bought the best $30 bong ever from this website. no other place or website in the world can match that value, i am more the satisfied with my new bong 🙂 and will be looking to buy some accessories soon!!!!!!!!!

  • Theo

    Just wondering, what size is this and how many jets? Just pure curiosity 🙂

    EDIT ANSWER: It’s a three jetter.

  • Colin

    1455265 and 1504499
    I love this site, always puts a smile on my face when I find something interesting, especially the descriptions! “Keeps your herbs, half eaten chocolate bars, and caught spiders fresh” lol!

    When my bowl cracked on my water pipe the FIRST place I thought of was EDIT, so I hopped on whithin a minute and ordered up a new bowl along with a couple of other things that caught my eye.

  • holistic616

    this is an easy one ive,never won a contest before ever. but shopping at EDIT i feel like ive allreddy won, just today with the last order i placed having placed the order online i then get the dreded out of stock email so i rang them up spoke to a chap called chris and within moments we had the replacement roor on its way to me so number one for price, service, and despite being one of the largest online stores can still take the time to deal with customers on a one to one basis to make things right. long live EDIT now i can relax and enjoy my weekend god bless the pepole who have to work on saturdays

  • Ghost Face Killah

    I wasn’t sure if the giveaway was still going on, didnt get the email till just now. EDITS large selection of goods made is so easy to choose the piece that was exactly right for me. Then after ordering it came two weeks faster than I had anticipated. Great Job!

  • bigred50


    The first time I ordered from you guys you gave me a free grinder and free rolling papers. You sure know how to keep custumers hooked.

  • PercGoPurr


    My favorite thing about edit is the friendly customer service. They are really patient and helpful when US customs is stealing my packages! I think someone else already said this so let me think of another,,

    I also like how the website is orginized. it is really easy to find everything you may need in an instant.

    Keep it up EDIT!!!

  • owen

    My free keyring! its been on my house keys for years. The simple common scence of a durable cheap bong from edit itll last longer!!

  • Ian Bishop

    Don’t remember my order number but bought a roor desert dream from you and a 12.5 diffusor, you sent me a 13″ and quickly replaced it with the right size. Have ordered several times since then. Best thing about edit would definitly be the customer service. keep up the good work.

  • Kreig


    I look at many different sites that are on the same playing field as EDIT, but this is my first and only choice when buying such products. Due to the awesome customer service as well as a much larger selection of many different sections of products. I ordered a pipe that was incredibly cheap, for the awesome quality. It got to me in the estimated time in tip-top shape. I love EDIT! Thanxx!

  • Dan

    I would have to say the best thing about the buying process at everyonedoesit is the community! Reading the reviews from like minded customers is a great thing!

  • M

    1254868, purchased an Ehle 5mm. Amazing… Arrived in the mail soo quick! I always find myself browsing the pages looking for something new, hands down best site ever. EDIT owns all.

  • Jamerson

    Order: 1344260

    😀 I love this site, you guys have a huge variety of stuff.
    and the delivery time is always fast!
    I will definitely be ordering more items from here in the future.
    but I could definitely use a new piece.
    all my other’s got stolen 🙁
    so hook it up and i’ll be greatful forever! lol

  • 01-171208-1068135 – I have ordered several times from you and once i got a nice little keyring!! but my best experience with EDIT was when i ordered some spice and it never turned up i emailed EDIT and they sent me another one for free no questions asked and it got there the next day!!! you guys are awsome! each and everytime i get it the next day practically!! love you guys!

  • codfish30


    The best thing about EDIT is that they took me to the cannabis cup 😀

    oh, and something about the products.


    My favorite thing about EDIT is the unexpected goodies I get in my orders. It’s awesome enough when a package arrives from EDIT, but when it has surprises inside, it’s even better!

  • Locutuz

    The best thing about edit is the free stuff you sometimes get with your order. Edit also has great giveaways and know how to take care of their customers.

  • Chris

    I do like the freebies like the sweets & the wrist band’s just a shame i cant find my order numbers 🙁 & none of my email’s aint on the system Gutted

  • roorfreak

    The best thing about edit hmm let’s see the Amazing Bongs! that you can’t get somewhere else the selection they have is good and also the freebies who doesn’t like stuff they always sedn me a hand full of stuff…

  • 19Swords

    Order # 1243756

    On a planet that seems to be going to hell, whether it be by corporate/political greed, or climate change, I often feel the need to relax and unwind from the pressures of this place. It is comforting to know that if I place an order for something to aid in my relaxation, I can do so with a company where corporate greed has no dominion. Thank you EDIT.

  • Spencer


    These giveaway’s are pretty boss, i won the black leaf bong a while ago. I also just like the wide selection on the site.

  • Singe du Fleuve


    Best customer service skills in the known universe. Can’t say enough good things about this fella, he can’t be paid enough for his tremendous level of service. And his cinematographic skillz are elite, eagerly awaiting the justice wears dark glasses triology to conclude so I can buy the box set.

  • Jamie Duncan-Brown


    I like the fact that you can buy small pipes and bowls for cheap, and theyre still good quality

  • Nick

    I cant find my other order numbers, but i love the customer service, along with ALL the other people here, the shear variety of product, i often find myself wasting hours cruising the site for new and cool stuff 🙂 much better than facebook stalking!! also i love the body jewelery shop, the sister site, i have had so many thing ordered from there and here and they arrive pretty much next day 🙂 awesome and whey better than a head shop!! x

  • Jamie

    1313710, 1267071, 1316260 are just a few of my orders

    I like the great customer service that you guys provide and the way you actually HELP deal with customer problems instead of just passing them on to somebody else.

    I like how you can come back onto the site after spending some time away and seeing it filled with new products, and knowing you won’t have to spend the better half of a year saving up so you can afford them 😀

    And from the sounds of what other people are saying you are pretty generous with gifts and such haha 😀 Guess i’ll just have to wait my turn

  • Zak

    1338709 great stuff, best online head-shop around ..all things are genuine…cheap shipping..safely packaged….I shall purchase more!

  • Forman


    My Ehle was back ordered the day after I ordered it. It was definitely worth the wait though. Customer service stayed in contact with me and it got shipped to me lightning fast as soon as it was back in stock. Plus, i got free rolling papers. Very professional service!

  • Scott Bennett

    1484587 Best online smoke shop with detailed pics of products and all the name brands at the lowest prices. Great customer service is an under statement, they not only double bubble wrap your order it arrives fast and sound with free stuff inside! Overall the best online shopping experience.

  • Ben Schaerer

    EDIT are awsome when it comes to customer service, I remember when iI had a wrong item sent and the issue was solved promptly and most importantly by polite and happy staff. Thanks for good glass at good prices.


  • Anastos


    Hey , i just wanna say that you site is the best. Iv been shopping from you 2 years and i never had any problem . Great items, seeds superfast shipping service and yep you are far the best online provider for the products you have!

    Hurricane bong with everyonedoesit signature on it? suuuuper hot 😀

    anyway thanks for all 🙂

  • It’s pretty hard to choose just one thing that i love about EDIT. The reliability, the customer service, the great prices, and oh yeah, these great giveaways. My best experience would be the first piece i got from here, buying my EHLE, but i have now have had multiple great experiences and i know i will continue to do so in the future. thanks EDIT!


  • Marie

    OrderID: 1416451
    I’ve made three fairly large orders in the past couple of months, each time I got some crazy expensive freebie. My last order, I ordered some seeds and they actually forgot to put the seeds in the bag! They resent my WHOLE entire order, with freebies and a discount.
    Not to mention faster-than-normal free shipping on the replacement order.
    You guys are amazing, I don’t even care if I win this giveaway.

    Well done whoever gets it!

    P.S. I’m loving my RooR EDIT!

  • Henry 07504230***, Sorry I cant find order number

    Hi guys. The best thing I love about EDIT is there super prompt next day delivery. Also, the free gifts are great, but come on guys who uses red rizla? lol Thanks

  • Zach and Damian Maurer

    Me and my brothers are long time fans of EDIT, our recent purchases include a black leaf steam roller, bullet grinder, a couple rolling machines, papers, and the Boost Mega bubble clear. but that was not my first buy at EDIT like two years ago I got a roor bong 1000 blue series along with a roor 200$ ash catcher. That baby made it a good 2 years before some dbag broke it. The Boost bong is alright but this hurricane sounds amazing. Me and my bros are all ways lookin for the bigger and better thing.

    Order: 1478374

  • Dustin


    The best thing that happened to me was after EDIT sent me the wrong item, they sent out another one within a day of me telling them about it. And they usually include some sort of freebie stuff. Got this really cool rolling mat.

    Just great stuff and great customer service all around.

  • Mike

    I love EDIT and i rock my shirts everywhere, but the Bushmaster Cyclone came quick and is the smoothest hits around!!!

  • Tim

    Order ID’s: 1352397, 1447951, 1455887. I love being able to order so many products you can’t find anywhere in Australia, leading me to be the envy of all my friends. Not to mention, your packaging is amazing, numerous glass items shipped and never one broken! I don’t bother to shop locally anymore because I have you guys.

  • James A

    I just placed an order with Edit after hearing nothing but great things. Hands down the best inventory online, easy to find what you need and i’m just excited to get my order. I can tell you right now i’m looking forward to more purchases with Edit.

  • abe epperhart

    The best experiance I’ve had with EDIT has been the customer swrvice. You have always replied to evey email I have sent by the next day…always with exact answers…never bs!!! The EDIT website is absolutely amazing by providing such a large range of products and brands at the lowest price possible. Also the staff deserves a thanks for respecting and caring for their customers worldwide…AMAZING!!! Those are just 2 of the many reasons that I will only shop with EDIT for any of my puffing products!!!

    Orders 1487921 1499851

  • meth313

    iD: 1389170

    Great service everytime i use the site, always very quick delivery, evan at holiday times, and an amazing collection of quailty products to choose from. Couldn’t recommend enough =D

  • Ian Chambers

    I like that I can do all my shopping on one easy to navigate website, I also like the pricing, delivery and customer service.


    1218633, 1263034, 1330140 1331558

  • Alex Correia


    I really like the free wrist bands but my best EDIT experience is when I had to get my card refunded and pay with another card, the EDIT customer service team were incredibly helpful and friendly!

  • Ryan Bradley


    The best thing about EDIT is the customer service, even when Royal Mail screws up(which is most of the time) EDIT will do there best to help the situation.

  • SmokeSomeHash (Eddie)

    My best experience with EDIT was when I ordered my 14.5 g-spot diffuser stem and carbon filter. Living in Texas, no one around here knows how to really smoke. Ive yet to see any carbon filters in stores (and the employees dont even know what they are!), our glass prices are ludicrous, and the quality just downright sucks. When I found carbon filters from EDIT for such a low price, along with a great selection of GonG accessories (bowls, stems, ashcatchers, etc.), I was really impressed. I was even more impressed at how fast my products arrived, especially being sent overseas. Not only was the shipping fast but my products arrived very well packaged in their own plastic containers. The glass is excellent, the prices are awesome, and the customer service is second to none.

    order numbers
    1151814 ; 1246090 ; 1311957 ; 1505259

  • aghttö

    1440133, 1438773, 1436143 My latest order numbers, I have ordered 8 times ad i have to say that the best thing about EDIT is fast delivery and offcourse the wristbands =)

  • silvercheetah


    this is my first time ordering from u guys and let me just say you are like the only website that sells single kingpin blunts, since i don’t need 24 of them lol. And the kingpin blunt glue is also impossible to find beyond you’re website.

  • Mark Jones/Kelly Cook

    order #’s
    First of all, EDIT has probably the best customer service on the planet. Before coming to you guys I did dabble with other online stores, yes it is true, well never again I say… your response time to my questions along with your swift action taken to turn around any problems has been outstanding. I recieved my 2 replacement percs shatterred last month. a quick photo to you for proof and some hand holding from EDIT until you got your back orders in is proof you stand above the rest.
    second of all the quality of your products is amazing as well as your prices and selection.
    tie all of these things together, customer service, fast responses,quality products, and you have a recipe for one great company. More orders coming your way as I feel I need to celebrate a little everyday.
    thanks again,
    Mark Jones
    Kelly Cook
    ps, love the little surpises as well, I pretty much turn into a 10 year old when I see a package sitting on my porch after coming home from work.

  • Kevin

    I have had many great experiences with E.D.I.T. Customer service is GREAT. All questions are answered in a timely manner and any problems (which are a rareity) are always resolved. The unexpected freebies that jump out of the box are great, too. My BEST experience was when I ordered a 7MM custom RooR and had to wait a bit for it. This was no big deal – as I knew UP FRONT that I would have to wait for it. Well, when it finally came in, there was a hemp leaf sandblasted on the back – which was an unexpected extra. Keep up the good work EDIT. We love you guys (and gals) and always will.

    -the big ‘ol bald dude from across the pond

  • Liz


    What I like most is the cleverly-worded euphemisms and sneaky language and the wry humour peppered throughout the site (designed…to look like an entirely inconspicuous hand-grenade) – AND the spitting cobra bong, naturally. Good times.

  • Ryan

    I’ve ordered several times from EDIT, and not just because they have THE largest selection of smoking accessories online. The main reason why I shop here is that I come from Malta, and on this forgotten island in the Mediterranean smoking is still considered a taboo. Hence, the thing I love best about EDIT is their Discreet Packaging!!

    I once made an order and it was delivered to me while I was still hungover in bed. My father, who answered the door when the postman came, brought me the package and jokingly said, “The drugs you ordered have arrived”. Of course they weren’t really drugs – it was my Easyleaf Grinder, together with some other gadgets. But my point is that my dad got the package, looked at it (or examined it, knowing my father) and because it was so discreet, he didn’t suspect anything! Their plain package policy saves me a hassle every time!!

    Apart from that you gotta love their Customer Care, the 4:20 delivery policy AND the free gifts!! EDIT really is THE BEST one-stop shop for all your smoking needs!! 🙂 🙂

    Latest Order Nos: 934083, 984274, 1023988, 1463249

  • Ben

    The best ting about EDIT is the way you put up with my angry emails and phonecalls when something does not go quite right – you understand it’s the lack of a certain glass object over anything else and always are very helpful in getting me what i need! Understanding a stoner without his bong and having just smashed a hundred odd quid piece of art doesn’t always have the time and patience for manners is just awesome! i have far less patience than the lovely people who deal with me so big kudos…

    I don’t mean to be so angry! you could say, if anything, it’s because i love you!

    i really could go on forever… the fact you stock EHLE (german bongs for the win) and noone else does is just beautiful. i think i’ll stop now.

    order no: 01-270110-1446659

  • ToadWart


    Can’t believe how well the glass was wrapped and packaged. Also, my order came in a week. Very quick considering the distance.

  • Ryan

    the best thing about is the fast customer support and shipping. Through them ive learned about my new dream vaction idea… the cannabis cup. Also they have a very nice selection of products.

  • johna

    I just wish I could upload a pic of my box (Original Roll Tray T3) to show my appreciation of EDit. has a lime green EDit sticker on it… just a bit of free advertisement for the EDit team lol. but anyways… good luck to everyone in it to win it. have a super toke on the hurricane for me if i dont!!!



  • 1447733 and 1422494 i have ordered i few times from here and i am i memeber of this site and i love the quality and selection of the glass ware and wonderful product lines they offer

  • Gav


    The best thing is I didn’t have to go hunting around. EDIT found CINDERELLA 99 for me and I’ll be ordering soon !

    Wide range of singles, and fast efficient delivery.. can’t beat it

  • Bongaholic

    Order #: 1119525

    Best experience i’ve had was when i ordered my first Roor, EDIT phoned me back shortly after placing my order to tell me that me bong that ordered was out of stock for the next 2 weeks. I was then offered to upgrade to a more expensive model that was in stock for free! I ended up paying a little extra and getting a really nice custom which I have been enjoying to no end.

    As many others have stated EDIT’s customer service is second to none and are always happy to help, brilliant service and extremely speedy delivery! I highly recommend them to all I know.

    Thank You EDIT!!

  • Martin


    Best thing is fast and discrete shipping, just order before 4:20om and its there the next day! Also didnt get any free gifts with a high value order, just sent an email and soon as i did i got a reply and a package arrived the next day.

  • Bunnintreez

    order numbers:

    I have had a lot of good experience with EDIT. best thing about edit is there EHLE/ Kratom selection, and how quick and efficient your order gets to you. I LOVE EDIT

  • Rob

    Order: 1495735

    My story isn’t quite as glamorous as a lot of people’s.

    My friends are at a weird point at the minute. Most of us are off at university somewhere with only a couple people left back home, so we don’t see each other as much as we’d like, especially since we’re all low on money. Along with coursework and other commitments, we’re all pretty stressed.

    So we hadn’t all been together in months.

    I came across a little extra cash a while back by pulling some extra shifts and decided to treat me and my friends to our first piece of glassware. The word spread, and everyone got REALLY excited.

    So within a day, it had been organised. The order arrived within 18 hours of being dispatched, and the people that had money sent some to those that didn’t over paypal, and everyone managed to get a train ticket home.

    Suffice to say, we all had an awesome weekend.

  • Matthew Clagett

    ((01-240210-1468275)) Matthew here: Where to start?? I live in Maryland and work inside DC for the US government ;P. I per-chance found on google while searching for my favorite bong maker (RooR). When I first hit EDiT I seriously didn’t leave your site for about a week! I have NEVER seen so many RooRs in one place, not to mention ALL the other merchandise!!! When I go to the site now (daily), I can’t help but to drool over ALL of your merchandise, especially RooR. I have ordered 4 times now, and have received all orders in a very timely fashion (amazing!). I had an issue tracking one order (a tattered label was to blame), so I kept in touch with your customer service until I got it. They were kind enough to answer every email within 1 business day!!! Thus far, my favorite order has been my RooR Pocket Friend. It hasn’t left my side since it arrived. I bring it into DC for work, and on every bicycle ride I take =). Getting “gourmet” papers and an EDiT bracelet is definitely a plus! I am ordering a RooR Zumo right now, so I am hoping this will be my new favorite EDiT purchase.

    Anyhow, my favorite things about EDiT… There isn’t a company like EDiT in THE WORLD! The fact that I can order glass from “across the pond” and it arrives at my house in perfect condition, 7 – 10 business days later. Your product selection is something I dream about. Customer service is a 10 out of 10… You have a loyal customer in me for life! Keep it up and Thank you EDiT!

    (I can’t wait for my ZUMO!!!)

    Cheers all!

  • braden


    EDIT is the bomb….great selection and prices.!! im working on my next order cant wait till it gets here. …

  • Bruce


    Hats off to EDIT –> “Recieve a Free Gift When You Spend Over £25”
    The gift then turns out to be the one thing you forgot to order!

  • Whitman11


    EDIT’s amazing customer service and overwhelming selection are some of the many reasons I fork over the big bucks to you guys! Keep it up and I’ll keep coming back for more

  • Robert


    The most awesome experince i’ve with an EDIT order was when i got my black leaf bong and it came with some candy =D . I live in sweden so it was nice to munch on some brittish candy while experiencing my new bong =) ..

    Thank You EDIT!

  • Z@cl{

    I love EDIT you always have the best bongs pipes and smoking gear at awesome prices I guess that sums you guys up AWESOME!

  • EugeneGoodham

    I rang you guys whilst walking around my ex-college to collect work, whilst really loudly talking about buying Super Lemon Haze seeds, just to see if anyone would notice.
    I also bought a bong, filters and some other stuff off you guys and my friends and I waited with weed for hours till the delivery guy showed up, just so we could use the new bong.

  • pisces541

    Order: 1486961
    well i’m still awaiting for my blackleaf golden dragon i’m sure it will be here in no time the customer service is the greatest on the web i have bought from other web sites but edit is by far the best one out there they anwsered my every question keep up the great work

  • Andy W

    1310600 was my best ever order here – the almighty iolite : )

    To say it’s the best thing since sliced bread would be an injustice, because having your bread cut for you is no way near as cool as having your favourite herbs vapourised.

    It basically works with a combination of butance and magic – somehow bringing out all the goodness from your herbs, without any of the hazardous smoke and fumes – delivering it in a full-tasting and potentially heady cloud of vape.

    Not only has this had untold benefits on my health, but it’s also helped get more out of my herbs so they last longer (leaving me more cash for some funky storage options etc). And better still, it’s fully portable and ultra stealthy. So when I say in the middle of the 3D Imax to watch Alice In Wonderland, I could suck away on my iolite (hidden in a big gulp cup!) right in the middle of the audience. And for the privelege of herbal ingestion in a cinema, this awesome purchase justified its cost instantly.

    My second favourite thing here was the Lowryder seeds – which helped me catch my first ever fish! Just a tiddler, of course, but that’s all I wanted really : )

  • 1496839

    My Best Experience Is When I Received My First Order Of Seeds
    They Came SUPER DUPER Quick
    I Ordered Also From Another Website
    Not To Mention Any Names(Worldwide)
    To See Which Would Come Quicker And Be The Best.
    And EVERYONEDOESIT.COM Came First And Every Seed Has Popped So Far.
    ALOT Better Than The Other Guys!
    I’ve Ordered A Few Times And Everytime A Success.
    I’ll Keep Ordering Until I Have A Forest Of Green From Their Seeds 🙂
    And With The Rewards Program I Save Lots Of Money Now Unlike Others.

    I Will Always Stay Loyal 🙂

  • elliott

    well i just placed a order today i got a roor kit i havent used this web site yet but you answered every question i asked in like a day and it really seems lagit so i hope evry thing works out and soon after i get this one im going to order a red baron custom but id love to win this prize 1479648

  • Chris


    EDIT is not just any pipe shop…it’s products encompass an entire lifestyle and supplies one stop shopping to people all over the world. Not only are the products innumerable but the quality of their products is nothing short of superb. EDIT’s customer service is always helpful and quick to respond. A fun site to browse and a perfect company to do business with no matter where you are from!

  • Alvin

    Order reference: 1219690

    the thing i love about edit is the ease of use finding what i need right away without hassle i love the fast and prompt discreet shipping and their customer service kicks ass if you have any questions about an item dont hesitate to contact them

  • Charles

    What i love most about EDIT is the shipping is cheaper and quicker than if i order something in my own country. I tell everyone i know about EDIT and how you guys have the best selection, best prices and the best shipping!

    most recent order #’s : 1466376,1477276,1480497

  • Katy S


    I bought I hurricane bong from your website in 2005… This year, it broke against another piece of tempered glass, and I really appreciate that I can go back and buy the exact same product 5 years later (although, I had to choose a different color) We’ve also bought several replacement bowls and downstems over the years… No one else sells this stuff, and it’s really important to be able to replace those downstems!

  • Kevin


    best thing i’ve experienced while shopping here at everyonedoesit is their kindnest for hooking you the F up, even on small orders, plus the fast shipping, my high is advanced everytime I hit up the website.

  • Nathan

    Reference numbers : 1311527 & 1326462

    I have got to say the Layout and Incredible selection the everyone stocks was what kept me here at first then when my package came there was a crack in the piece. minor and the piece was still usable but they sent a replacement out anyway and extremely fast. You have GREAT customer support. That what keeps me coming back.

  • James

    I have never milked this kind of bong before, an would like to try one out for a change I own a beaker bottom green label RooR. Great Bong but I think it’s time for an elite bong. I can see by the photo someone spent a lot of time on this bong props to the glass blower who created this beast. I’m from California so we never see glass of this level and or quality. I love edit for it’s great prices and have recommended many of my friends to your site an they loved it. They don’t mind the wait when they order because it’s real quality glass they tell me, my friends are very satisfied with you “edit” great stuff.

  • Matt


    I’ve only placed one order so far EDIT. Unfortunately, it was when their e-mail system was down so I was kind of freaked out at first when I got no confirmation that my order went through but the charge on my card definitely went through. While that experience was scary, when I called in to customer support I found they definitely have the best customer support of any company I have ever encountered. I got my order about a week later, and I will definitely be coming back to order more 😀

  • Bill N

    I ordered from EDIT. First a RooR Rasta 250 and i had an issue with it. Sent it back and upgraded to the 500 model, it was the best experience because I was extremely satisfied with the service and speed of which the issue was handled. (I might not be able to find my order # but I will provide details in private when necessary)
    I haven’t bought anything since the roor but I know i will buy it here next

  • LuckyLeo


    It’s great when you get not only what you order, but random extras as well. Thankyou EDIT.

  • Andrew

    Ref # 1329369

    EDIT is a great company, i had a few questions about an item, the EDIT customer cirvice was very helpful and eager to find a way to find a answare to my problame. It worked out in the long run and i wam happy that i inquired to find a helpful hand.

  • Elliot K

    I have been ordering off of EDIT for about 4 years now. I love the roor products and I would only go through this website, handsdown. I have never had a problem with any order. I like to consider this my pornographic website(stoner Porn). On my rearview mirror I have about 5 edit bracelet’s hanging, hahah. Now the seeds are available, great move. I also would like to put out there that they are constantly working with the website. Better then any head shop around.

  • Gillespie

    i recently had an order that was shipped to a wrong address, the place that got it shit, tryed to make a big deal of it long story short, that my order was just gone, but cs. aided me in get another one shipped with no questions asked when i expected to be told to piss off, Awsome exp. will return, thanks

  • ORDER: 1319248
    TRACKING REF: RJ414220682GB

    The best thing… well the amazing selection on the site, from bongs of all kinds to suit all budgets to the best customer service, when my order was not able to be shipped cos there was no stock I got offered an alternative quickly and effeciently. No questiones asked. Staff at EDIT rock!!! Will definately buy here again!! Also the constant influx of new strains and items is always a HUGE plus.

  • Siw and Tonny

    Hello, my name is Tonny.
    And i have been a customer here about 4 years now.
    i have ordered a lot of bongs and many of the legal stuff you have on this site. i have also checked out many other head/hemp shops online, and non of them is even to compare!! every things… just so clean and simple, and you even have the best prices!
    but unfortunetly… all is lost…
    the 5-6 past years my life’s been kind of a whirlwind from hell, with the police, my family and not least! the “inn-law’s”…
    so from time to time some of them could just drop inn and “steal” and break my stuff, the police tok it as “evidence”, but it all whent out a peacefull day me and my girlfriend tok a trip too sweden, in the mean while my girlfriends mother came to my apartment, to visit her daughter. but there was no one home! so she found the spare key i have in my back yard. locked herself into my place, and had her own little personal “razzia” or raid…. she tok everything that looked stoner related or non lawfull and stuffed it into a big bag and threw it!!!
    so many pipes, all the papers and bongs, and the little nik nak ive collected these years…. gone!!! seriusly… ALL GONE!!! i didn’t know what to say, i was stunned! totally paralized! two weeks later me and my girl friend moved, 5 hours by car away!!!
    this was a big bump in my life, but i made it.
    But for the last 9 months the only “help” i got is a botle and a half busted corn cob!
    So, it would have been GREAT! to win this bong…

    Tonny Loewer, Norway

  • Poppa ray

    Just since i started ordering from your website I have never needed to buy anywhere else, even though I live overseas, and thats quite an accomplishment for you, congrats. Thanks to your outragerous friendly and not least superfast customer support, you have become my number one headshop.

    This site has a VAST range, and can supply everything I will ever need.

    Never had any bad experience.

    Keep going EDIT.

  • Hayden V


    My first ever order for some skins came with a some free sweets and mos importantly a mini wooden pipe. Those crafty edit people eventually got me interested in bongs until a bought a hurrican which i fell in love with. A few hundred quid later and..

    Never looked back!! 😀


  • IV-XX


    I like how I’ve always had my questions answered, I always know the status of my order, and I always get it quickly.
    Top quality customer service and good prices you can’t beat it. (n_n)

  • Smokeyadam

    Most recent order is 1503223

    Best experience with EDIT (so far) was after waiting for a 14.5mm ashcatcher to come into stock for some time the team decided to just send me an old ashcatcher that was kicking around to keep me going. As it didn’t have a downstem or bowl EDIT decided to throw in a diffused Roor stem and a Weedstar bowl….all for staying chilled during my timely waiting period! So Mother was right, it does pay to be polite.

    Above order is me buying the achcatcher at long last. Now I have to start drooling over that hurricane instead…I will definatly be back again soon!

  • Manuel

    Today I ordered 1508459, also older ones like 1043721.

    EDIT is simply the best because of the excitment that you feel when you open the package to see what little great extra things they sent you.
    It’s like christmas every time I order from EDIT.

    Thank you and keep on going strong!

  • Squishy

    my favorate order 1021997 (to date)
    the only place i go for all my gear and gizmos
    the best site in the world fact

  • Raul. C


    best site to order from. Better than any other site. veary reliable and has great customer service. I also love how you get free stuff in your order. The only site I’ll ever order from again.

  • Benjamin


    Best site to order parts from. My best experiance was I broke my downstem and bowl and ordered a new one and within days had my replacement roor diffuser and bowl all nicely packed. but wait! a free grinder.

    made my day. Love EDIT.

  • Dave Witters

    The best thing is I can make my own cigs cheaper and keep my money where it needs to be/

    EDIT’s great

  • Tom


    The first time i looked at this website i seen the gas mask bong, i know i had to have it. Bought it for new years eve nd it made my mate cough for half hour.

  • Jordan

    Edit is by far my favorite site to order from. They have a selection that no one else even comes close too. Their customer service is one of the best I’ve ever come in contact with and if in the rare case that they mess something up they will always get it fixed for you. Some of my past orders are 1031257, 1109697, 1159924, 1248975, 1473173, and my favorite 1100463. My best experience is the day my Roor Black widow came, god rest her soul. When I opened up the package and saw that beautiful piece it was like i was in heaven. Unfortunately my drunk “friend” cut her life short in a drunken haze. For the short time that I had her I learned what it was like to have a really nice edit piece and now that I’m left with next to nothing and not enough cash to pay for school I hope that I can feel like that again.

  • Artsvr


    I’ve ordered from EDIT three times now and every time everything was just smooth. No problems at all, except from my side. I had some issues with my bank but customer service was just exceptional, polite and easy to approach. I will buy everything I need from here now, the selection is good and there isn’t a thing to complain about. If my friends want something I will tell them to order from EDIT.

  • jdw702


    I placed an order with E.D.I.T. they sent me a tracking number and everything was cool but 10 days later my package still didnt show up i called their international customer service line to ask about where my package might be, the customer service rep named Chris helped out a lot he told me the package might have been delayed with usps but to call the next day if it still didnt show up, so i waited impatiently til the next day came and it didnt show of course… i called chris back he reshipped my seeds and they got here quick as hell

  • Sean

    After 5+ years of ordering items. Still the best place hands down for service, selection and shipping. You will get the piece you ordered and in a fast amount of time, most important, not broken. Your websites customer service hands down is great and the best!

    Thanks for being the best smoke shop on the net!

    Long live Everyonedoesit and their great service!

  • James

    Where can i start?


    This order was for a;
    – A Metal Six Shooter bong bowl attachment
    – A TyeDye Throw with the Tibetan OHM Symbol on it
    and a few other bits and pieces

    Got the package in time for the weekend, was stunned by the throw(Its colourful and massive and still up in my bedroom lol)

    The main thing thts been the best thing thts happened to me while shopping on edit is the SIX SHOOTER BONG ATTACHMENT, sheeeat man this really got me going, iv got an Acrylic BlackLeaf bong which i teamed up with the attatchment, to make a super ice bong.

    Come to think of it, thts one of the best things thts happened to me in my life, anyway thanks EDIT!


  • Salty Cracka

    1214200, 1459082

    Those are the only two order numbers I have in my account. But there were a couple more that were older.

    EDIT is by far the best site to order smoking goods. You cant beat the prices. I can order several items from the site and have them shipped to the US. for a lot cheaper than it would cost me to go to a local smoke shop. Have never had any issues with shipping everything has always arrived in one piece.

    all my friends love my Bushmaster Liquid Ice Water Bong, And I love the fact none of them can find anything like it anywhere around here. EDIT always provides me with items we cant buy here which makes for a lot of jealous friends.

  • Nigel


    The free sweets (gifts) are my best experiance.
    But expect winning a Bong could beat the sweets…. Just:)
    Did I say I liked the sweets?

  • Josh B


    I bought the Hurricane TDE600, order took a while so i phoned up and some confusion happened, the bong was in fact out of stock where stated on the site that it was ins tock, instead of me having to wait two weeks for the stock to come in, EDIT sent me a better, more expensive alternative.

    What im getting at though is that whenever i’ve ordered a product and something may have gone wrong in the process i have always come away happy, and thats why i still shop for bongs/seeds/accessories here today.

  • Paul J


    After doing a little looking around for a good place to buy a new piece, I found EDIT. All I can say is keep up the good work! I placed my order and withing days it was at my doorstep. The selection here is fantastic and I could not have found any decent glass where I live if it wasn’t for this site. I will continue to look to you for all my smoking needs.

  • Walter S.

    The best thing that i have experienced from EDIT is recieving some of the finest ROOR bongs and accessories. After living in Germany and coming to the states, i have finally found a website that provides quality from the homeland…Thanks for making me feel at home so far away….


    What do you get someone who has everything? I’ve never had such a hard time buying a gift for a millionaire, until I found After searching for two weeks online, I decided to risk it and buy a HURRICANE bong for him. It was the most useful gift he had ever received and it was something he really appreciated. He said “I would have never bought something like this for myself.” He was blow away by the quality and the fact that it was all glass.

  • Matty P

    Ref: 1216834

    EHLE Glass – Ice Cylinder Bong (Hexagon Foot) – 250ml
    G-Spot – Diffuser 14.5

    There will never be a better online head shop than EDIT. Their prices and selection dominate in every category and their international shipping is superb. I wear my wristband in pride everyday.

  • Leo


    I wanted to buy a nice bong and ended up buying a custom ROOR from edit. I live in Australia so naturally I was worried about buying such an expensive item and getting it shipped. I was so happy with the customer service and enjoyed a good rapport with you guy’s over the phone and via email. I got the ROOR, along with numerous fittings and nick nacks since then…no worries. I’m extremely proud of my ROOR and it has caused something of a sensation with my friends in the little country town I live in. Well done EDIT

  • Chad S


    edit is by far the best site I’ve ever used. Very reliable and great products and prices. I love you guys. Could use a new bong since my last one got stolen :\

  • murkdeep


    I ordered some legal herbs and a lovely Roor bong, unwrapping the packaging was better than Christmas morning, and now I have a lovely piece of german glass for me and all my friends to enjoy.

  • Adam

    Customer service is the best. EDIT makes me feel like an extremely valuable customer. Every time I buy a bong or papers or whatever from this site, I always receive my order promptly with a great free gift. This site conducts its business perfectly. Now gimme that bad-ass Hurricane!!!

  • Dariusberne

    I remember when I bought my weedstar little bitch, I thought it was the best bing ever. Then after smoking something interesting for a few hours and bought a precooler, EHLE diffuser and some
    new bowls. Best thing I ever did!

    Username is dariusberne 🙂

  • Steve J


    What positive things can I say about EDIT? To start, the selection of glass is amazing. Anybody looking for a new piece of glass is sure to find something that they will love. The prices are also great. You don’t need to spend a fortune for something that will give many years of enjoyment. Being a new customer, (my second order is currently being mailed to me in the US) I know that I will never consider using any other site for any of my smoking needs. Thanks EDIT for being so reliable and affordable. You will continue receive business from this happy customer.

  • Jordan J.

    Hah, well what can I say. Just the luxury of being able to get reliable products at such great prices and with such a wide variety was what gave me confidence of purchasing online….I was kind of sketchy about purchasing internationally and decided to make a purchase on here recently. It was a double precooler and it arrived sooner than I thought it would and was very please at the quality. Nonetheless I will discontinue searching through local headshops for quality glass when I can just hit up EDIT at anytime of the day and purchase cheaper, safer, at the click of my finger. All my buddy’s do it and want me to order them sutff all the time now…definately my main glassware website!

  • Jordan J.

    The quality of the way my product was packaged thrilled me as well, where as if it were to get dropped in the shipping process in sure it would’ve been fine. Theres just so much EDIT has to offer and the list keeps going on and on….Wether your trying to cultivate some fungus or keep your lifestyle in secreet fashion EDIT’s got your back. Whenever I show this website to anyone they get stuck on it for at least half and hour before I take the computer back from them…Even my aunt has a use for this website, she likes to get on and check out all the ashtrays and array of incense…Need I say more?

  • Kasim D.


    Edit reallu has everything you could want and the prices are always great then with the added ease of ordering and fantastic shipping speed, oh and edit has unbeatble customer service!
    would love to have this hurricane bong would be 1st thing ive ever won and i dont have a bong 🙁

  • Jay R.


    Molino Glass Hurricane Spoon Pipe – Blue & White

    I bought it as a Christmas gift for my friend, I got tired of him using an old beer can that he cut holes in. He was talking about getting one for almost a year. Its a shame I moved outta state before I got a chance to use it.

  • Adrian


    New customer, Long-time browser. Coming to the EDIT website – Candy store temptation, Dept. store variety; new or old items, their selection NEVER fails to impress. Did you see how many categories they have?! Everyone can literally find something they want here. I keep coming back because there’s always more!

  • BEK


    I recently purchased a cheap bong that broke very easily and since then ordered the messias illusion 7mm I have knocked that thing around in the sink had my mates tip it over and even drop it in the grass and it is still in perfect condition. I am very glad I stumbled onto this site tired of local glass.

  • Manuel

    I ordered a Carbon filter from you guys Order: 1268056
    23/7/2009 and couldn’t have been happier! Shipping was extremely quick especially to California. Packaging is always very sturdy and discreet. Thank you very much for all of the great contests you offer us!

  • Dino


    A few years back I picked up a really nice little tree perc bong, it came with a soft glass diffuser. within the first 2 days of owning it I’d not only broken the original diffuser but a replacement as well. My local head shop was out of the size I needed so I decided to try a few others in the area, no luck. Over the next few years I was in head shops in 3 different states and never once found the right size diffuser. Until I found EDIT. I picked up an 18.8mm Roor down stem along with an Ehle turbo bowl and a Weed Star carbon filter adapter (highly recommend). This piece is now the only one that I smoke. Thanks EDIT

  • Ashley M

    best thing i have experienced while browsing the site, was my girlfriend at the time bringing me in my birthday present which was a bong bought from this site. It was already loaded. Took the hit and while i was doing so she unbuttoned my pants and gave me my other birthday present as i continued to browse the site. Order number 1442191

  • Anton Persson

    The best thing about shopping edit is that is no problem changing out of stock items to other products in the same price range and the wonderful and polite customersupport fixing minor problems without any comotion.

    order number: 1413835

  • Max Calcaterra

    Dear EDIT,

    I ordered a 420 stashjar from you all about a year ago and it has done a very nice job at keeping the strains super stinky and fresh. Ive ordered countless blunt wraps and papers from you all as well because of all of the funky flavors that you offer from Juicy! Unfortunately I deleted the email with my order number but I can prove that I’m dedicated to you because every day since I’ve gotten my jar last year Ive worn the wrist band that has come along with it. I wear it in my rugby games, I wear it to school, I even wear it to church! HA in fact, im wearing it right now! looking at leafy. Since you send two per order, I give them to my friends and its like a little club almost at my school 🙂

    It has always been my dream to own a hurricane bong but sadly I cannot afford them let alone most of the glassware from EDIT because I have to pay for my own school. This bong would be so fitting for me because of how much I love the leafy bracelet that I wear everyday and that I’m proud to be an EDIT supporter!

    Thanks, Max from USA

  • Lily V gave me my first steam roller and most importantly, my very first bong. The ego shooter ice, which has such a niiiiice hit that it makes me want to melt. Now im adding a diffuser and a carbon filter. Oh but the most important thing it gave me was privacy. As a college student that lives on campus during school and with the parental unit on off days, it’s nice knowing that every one does it isn’t going to print a list of my order and put it on the outside of the box (a certain site that rhymes with grasshitty did that to me). And the awesome customer service and free gifts with every order are some pretty nice perks too. I guess every time i order and get my stuff in the mail, it’s a good experience.
    order number 1504493

  • Frank B.

    I ordered a gspot diffy but I guess they ran out because they sent a roor equivalent which was way better.

    ref. 1435466

  • Edenfall

    The absolute best thing about shopping with EDIT is that during the time to wait for the package I’m filled with a mellow satisfaction; soon the stuff is at my door, and I’ll pay close-to-nothing for all that…stuff. Everything is so cheap, it’s like ice-cream, which helps you smoke. Oh my gaed.

  • Guy S

    Simlpy edit are amazing I no I haven’t bought any one here but I bought one from a friend. I went over one day cuz my friend called and said he got a new bong so I went over and then I say it look preety cool. But I didn’t think much of it till I used it. It had the smoothest taste. It just made it so much more injoyable . After a coulpe visits I popped the question and asked him if I could buy it from him and he said ” hell no it a f$/@ing edit ” but I was possistant I really wanted it. So I called every day or so, you know to bug him. I told him I would pay double but still nothing. Well after 2-3 months of bagging I finally broke him and i’m not gonna tell how much I payed cuz he made out like a bandit but I still use it all the time I would tell u the name but he didn’t tell me much and I can’t ask him now cuz he passed in a car crash. But in short I really love ur prodects. I mean I just wrote this not for the chance to win the amazing bong , brovo by the way brovo but so I can show u my apperastion for taking your time to makeung my smokeing experencie more injoyable . Ps I fianlly found ur web site just now so yeah new peices next week lol and again thanks And I really need a new one my bro broke it.

  • Anubis386

    Ordered the RooR Red Baron (Custom Lil-Sister) (Order reference: 1263363) .. I was told it’d take 3 weeks for it to arrive .. Showed up a couple days later 😛 I was VERY HAPPY as you can guess 😛


  • Wisner

    Weedstar WS series is awesome great bongs for an even better price bought 3 of them with a bunch of accesories absolutely love them and spreadin the word around Canada.

    Order #1319100‏‏

  • Jedidiah

    Order: 1400451
    12/12/2009; time for another order I think though; love browsing the site – it just seems to have everything in the one place so I don’t need to mess around.

    also glass on glass water pipes are literaly non-existant in Australia and the convenience of EDIT is great 😀

  • Jake Saunders

    Hi I once bought a Stash box that was a complex puzzle to get into and it baffled my friends. It was so successful at hiding things I didn’t want found, I took it to parties, where I could leave it care free (I thought it lucky no-one stole the actual box). But the best feature of this box is that it came with a lock and a key in case a sober individual overcame the complexities of finding the lock. All in all I was far beyond satisfied and have shopped happily on your store beforehand and after never had an issue with quality.

  • Latest order ref: 1495703

    I’ve been a customer for about 3 years or so, bought a variety of different products but the one which sticks in my mind is always the EDIT Cone Holder, it has been an everyday convenience and at times a life saver, these plastic cone protectors are just the right size for a cone of your favourite smoking mixture, and they’re a steal at just 35p each. I often carry up to 3 on me in a jacket pocket.

    Sometimes great things come in small packages.

  • TeaWrecks

    When ordering my first real bong setup, I was looking to get an ehle diffuser to match my bong. To my slight disappointment, EDIT was out of stock of the size I needed, so I ended up ordering a g-spot one. I thought I had caught another stroke of bad luck when the g-spot had also gone out of stock. While waiting for the diffuser to arrive, I saw that the ehle’s had come back in stock. With a short series of emails, EDIT arranged to send me the ehle diffuser for no extra charge AND a free gift for having to wait. That bong broke today, and whether I win this bong or not, I look forward to getting my next one from EDIT.

  • Woody

    Purchased Bushmaster Art Glass Bong-2-Piece Recliner 18.8. Excellent price…Excellent Bong….Perfect for use with heat gun with tapered nozzle attachment.

  • Chris B

    Been to a lot of shops and websites and none have the value of EDIT. Got my Favorite piece several months back through them. Fast and discreet delivery. Can’t wait till I can order a new piece!!

  • Joe

    Order # 1468333

    Virtually the only site I visit to keep up with all the great new products that are released! Great customer service and well mannered people. Keep up the good work. Cheers!!!

  • corum

    i have never had any bother with edit all transactions smooth with prompt delivery.everyone does it,” but nobody does it better”

  • emmet forbes


    I just recently start using EDIT, its class!!! ordered myself a bucket bong on the weekend and it was here first thing monday. good prices and fast service just what my heavy eyes needed. haha. i like the way yous throw in free gifts too. i also think the hurricane and my weed would be perfect together and would please my mind in many ways , so you should give it to me for deffs!!

  • DeanTweeD


    I remember when i first bought a bong before i become a member, i was weary of buying offline, but after it came next day delivery which has never bin a let down, i was confident an became a member an ordered more items and was happy each time, so i recommend this site to every 1 i can an they also was happy so thanks for the great service its much appreciated an the free gifts are cool as well an replacements can b better than what u wanted so that can b pretty good too

  • joonas


    Helo ive been ordering from everyonedoesit a long while now and had my friends ordering like today friend ordered roor steam roller blackleaf bottle bong and blackleaf dragon bong.

    latest of my orders was seeds and incredibowl grinder whit collector and pollenpresser and moline bubbler.

    best things happend whit everyonedoes it is a very fast good customer service like last time i had a bit mixup and got a turbolighter for gift.

    ive also called england from scandinavia few times and every time left a smile on my face when making business whit you guys 😉

    i also collect some bongs that are rare so this would especially be good for my collection as beeing used 😉 not for some wooden shell for yrs to stand but EXTREEME use! ;D

    latest special bong i bought was howard marks limited edition roor.

    im not here to beg but hope you might sponsor this lowlife stoner in w**d corrupted country ;))))))) peace an love <3

  • connor




    all three of my orders have gone through amazingly. have bought a molino glass jar, a magnetic grinder, and some pre rolled cones.
    all here in pretty good time considerng where i live haha. edit is my one stop smoker shop.

  • Dc03

    When will the revolutionary method of random winner plucking be? I can’t wait to see who win this! It has been open for enough time 🙂

  • Tim

    Ref: 1505892

    oh by the way, i forgot to mention that when i win that Hurricane, i will be buying that hurricane bag you offer to protect my winnings!! thanks EDIT you guys rule!!! 🙂

    your BUDdy,

  • Rob


    My best purchase (of many) was my festival glass bong. Although cheap, it is very durable, and sees the light every day. EDIT is a great company to deal with.

  • Emmet F

    ref: 1450671

    i cant wait til my grant comes in ill be attacking yous guys with orders, was just lookn at all the stuff yous have and I AM EXCITE!!! ive got a few festivals lined up n i think im goin too invest in one or two off those survival kits, lol. theyll come in handy. ive never smoked a blunt b4 either so ill be gettn some of those wraps off yous guys too. th hurricane looks class and when i win ill have to get one off those bags too. :). luv the ways yous guys are quick about things. got myself a bucket bong there and it came in no time. cheers guys!! its workn perfect and it was cheap aswell. just what i luv, haha!!

  • 56acegotpurp

    1092393 1119244 1119577 1168969 1218636 1303731 1324551 ALL I HAVE TO SAY IS EVERYONEDOESIT.Com IS THE BEST AS U CAN SEE I NEED THIS SO BAD

  • 56acegotpurp

    Its been hard times latley and i would love to have this item i would love it an take real good care of her i promise it would be a blessin while im stress u guys rock for even givin some 1 a chance to win i respect that Peace edit Staff!!!! One Of My Order# 11119244

  • SubzD


    Shopping on edit for some skins and roach papers and then seeing a gas mask bong…..then ending up having a basket over £50 😀 i love shopping on edit

  • Jake J

    Christmas shopping was coming up and I was biting my nails about what I was going to get my best friend and my cousin. I fell in love the first time I came to EDIT and thought how could I go wrong. Anyway I first ordered my best friend a beaker bubbler and thought what the heck and ordered my cousin a mini glass bong and super joint roller survival kit (my made up name) four days later. I came home for winter break from college to find that just that day My friend’s bubbler had came and I got to break it in with her and all my other buddies and she loved it. To make things even better, On the trip back to school, I stopped by my cousins house (as it’s a long drive) to find out that he too had just gotten my care package about 2 hours before I arrived. My cousin and his wife and I all christened the new piece and tried the paper package and he couldn’t have been happier. The shipping was great and the prices unbeatable and I have never had such joy in getting people close to me nice gifts for Xmas. It truly was a holiday to remember. EDIT ROCKS!

  • tron

    Messiah’s illusion single perc sweet ass bong for a sweet ass price only regret is I should have got a double, no problems with shipping fast and quality. I’ve also ordered plenty of bowls, ash catchers , Diffusers, etc… love edit best online head shop there is.

  • zachy gee

    everyone here is telling stories of greatness from their personal experience shopping with edit. I on the other hand want to point on something important that edit has recognzied that no one else has. in my book its the little things that make me coming back for more. and edit is always fantasmic with giving you little things such as a free grinder, a free bowl or wutnot. those little gifts make my day and bring a single tear to my eye. keep up with the attentiton to details. keep truckin motha truckas! hope to see a bong at my doorstep soon that wud be like the bejesus kneesus

  • headynugz420

    i ordered a roor giftset but i never recived it so i emailed the website and after some discussion they sent me a more expensive custom roor. so to sum it all up BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!!!! !!

  • Evan Lehrer

    The best experience I have ever had with EDIT came something like two years ago and thus I have no order number. The most I can say is that it was a glass tube purchased sometime in 2007 that was shipped to Marion, MA USA.

    I loved buying this piece from EDIT because it provided me and my friends with one of the more hilarious stories that we’ll probably remember until we’re fat and old…I was buying the piece, and everyone was psyched because well, thats what people do when something new to smoke is going to be arriving. It took some amount of weeks to get to the door, maybe two but it did finally arrive.

    Now, I was at school when the package came to the door so my mom took it to the kitchen for me not knowing what she was actually handling. I was a bit nervous because I didn’t want her to take my new treasure, but she asked me what I’d got. I said something stupid and she removed the outer packing with some curiosity. I was about to freak because I had waited two weeks for it to arrive, and it would only result in my mother discovering the new bong I just bought. However, EDIT saved my life. It was nicely boxed into what was previously the packaging for a ceiling fan. My mom looked at me really oddly, like why the hell would I buy a ceiling fan, but because of EDIT’s discretion my new piece was saved from being made a victim by my Momma, and allowed me to fully enjoy the bounty that I had just received.

    Later she ended up figuring out what it actually was, but its ok…she found the ceiling fan thing just as funny as I did and she didn’t take my piece. Thank’s EDIT for providing me with a fantastic memory. I still have my green rubber bracelet that came with the piece.

  • It’s been ages since I ordered from edit, probably a couple of years. Perhaps winning would be an incentive to be more loyal 😉
    I was one of the Guinea pigs and commenters when the whole incense market started. I’ve posted a fair few incense reports before the forums were deleted. (I’m sure you can find an old incense order with my name and email address)

    What I will say, which I can’t say for any other headshop, is they put customers BEFORE profit. They don’t stock anything they think is dodgy, even if it’s legal and when they put a product on the site for sale, if bad reports start to come from the internet they will remove it from sale if need be.
    That’s awesome! They have real integrity.

  • Just ordered a fantastic Weed Star bong absoulotely amazing is all that i have to say words dont describe the service EDIT has provided within in minutes confirmation and delivery status love it definitely recommending to the world and all my friends much business is to come from me in the near future

  • David Chaim

    My last two orders

    I love EDIT because you guys have everything. I’m from Toronto and live in Montreal so there is no shortage of head shops but I know when it comes down to it I can always count on EDIT to have what I need. Every time something new comes out the first place I look is EDIT.

    One of my orders there was a little mixup. For what ever reason, it got sent here was sitting at the Canada Post place around the corner from me and the next morning was returned the UK. Through, I believe, no fault of EDIT or my own. Upon checking the tracking I realized this, called EDIT and they immediately reshipped to me with absolutely no charge. They were extremely nice, apologetic and helpful.

    On a side note, when my order actually did come my roommate was nice enough to knock my new bong off the table not 12 hours later and shatter parts of it. Quite the sad night.

    The main reason I love EDIT is because you guys don’t hide who you are. Where I’m from LITERALLY EVERYBODY DOES IT. I have been in a room with 13 year olds (when I was 13) and everybody was high. Similarly I have been in a room with 30 people aged 50 and over minimum yearly income well over a million dollars and everybody was high. The society and world we live in people are ashamed to smoke weed but it is such a great thing. So many positives and so few things to worry about. The lawmakers still conform to conservative pressures and don’t really act in the best interest of the people and country when it comes to this and it is really upsetting. The more businesses and people like you that come out and say clearly who you are and what you do the better the world will be in the future.

    I love EDIT.

    Keep on smoking.


  • Bryce

    Is hands down! The best shop to buy all of your smoking accessories. I’ve bought many papers, wraps, containers, and other items from the site. I live in Hawaii. Truly a great place. Its hard to find a good priced item out here. Everyone is jacking the prices around because we live on a small island and its “exclusive” to get at these shops. But even though they are local business I’d rather go to someone with the better price, even if i have to pay shipping. In all of my orders I have never been disappointed with anything. The speed is great, the prices are great, and if you need anything that isn’t there, you let us know when its in. No one else does that.
    EDIT keep up the amazing customer service, and keep up the amazing quality business you have become. I will continue to shop with you guys as long as my wallet permits. Shoots EDIT!!! You all rock!!!
    From the 808!! STAY IRIE.

  • Bryan

    Living in America its tough to find some quality glass in the town I’m from. I’ve been purchasing ROOR’s for years from EDIT, and have put together a Fine collection that could challenge most head shops around here. Just recently purchased a Custom label and it was delayed but the great customer service always kept me in the loop through phone and e-mail. Looking forward to purchasing even more from you guys


  • Order # – 1482616

    Glass. I love it, you love it, it brings us together. Finding anything decent, at a price you can afford… sucks. Local shops will rob your pockets and leave you unsatisfied. Browsing this site is like a hobby because you can’t believe what you will find, own, and still be able to pay your bills. From accessories to necessities, for penny pinchers to connoisseurs, you WILL find what you need. And in my opinion, I don’t see why I should ever get off of my couch to purchase glass again.

    I have sold away my locally purchased pieces (one I found on EDIT for fifty dollars less than I paid!) to take up filling my closet with something a little better. I have already started this transformation, and my prize piece that EDIT has delivered stands strong. I first had worries purchasing from an online company but now know you stand by what you say. I am sick of being ripped off, sick of a poor quality product and selection, but am relieved now that my friends and I have someone that we can trust.

    Plus, there’s always something else in that box to put a smile on your face, just like a good friend hooking you up.
    Thank you.

  • Shawn Jia

    Every one of my orders from EDIT is the best order. I live in the US and my order always gets here sooner than I expect, usually in about a week. Nothing gets lost or seized by customs. Also package padding is done very well for all glassware. Prices are usually lower than my local headshops! Thanks a million~

  • JDK

    The last couple of orders I made:


    There’s a lot of “best” things when ordering at EDIT. Extremely low shipping costs, fast shipping to northern Europe, GREAT customer service, largest selection on the net and the list goes one. I’ve showed EDIT to all of my friends and every time one of us gets a shipment from EDIT it’s like xmas 😉

    The latest of many great experiences was when I received a nice EHLE bong in the mail. It’s a real day to day workhorse, so I got all my friends over to try it out and we had a 16 hour, 10 people smoke session. We like to stress test our gear 😉 Great fun!

  • tyler jeck

    EDIT sent me an amazing glass piece and an awesome stone bowl. everything was like quadruple wrapped and taped like 10 times for extreme care! I also got free papers, best service ever! thank you edit so much.

    and btw how many customers do u have in new york? your welcome. haha.

  • Ross Gillespie

    (forgot to leave comment)

    The thing i appreciate most about ordering from EDIT is the excellet service and freebies!

  • Lupe Angel Garcia

    EDIT Order Confirmation (01-260310-1510423)
    I love EDIT i wear your wristband everywhere and will be buried with it :). Living in Texas I expected to receive my items from EDIT in a couple of weeks but a few days later it was here. I even gave EDIT the wrong address and luckily they were understanding and sent it to my real address I was so thankful that I always buy my merchandise from EDIT a site that you can trust. Even if I don’t receive the Hurricane Bong I’m happy to know I got to praise EDIT today and that is always a good day :). Peace and Good Luck EVERONEDOESIT CUSTOMERS!!!!

  • Rob Blum

    Just bought a sick weedstar bong with removable perculatat, and also bought an awesome weedstar ashcatcher to go with it.
    Also happy to report that they rock!
    My favorite part of the site is that you guys offer so many awesome thing! When i first found your site i was amazed! and after ordering i was extremely happy with the products and the shipping was super quick.
    All the way from New York, in the USA…. YOU GUYS ROCK!

  • Smallerbach


    i like that edit keeps alot of add-ons for bongs…i have a few tubes but galores of ash-catchers pre-coolers and assorted glass additions…it makes smoking like legos but with glass and an extra reward when your done building it. stay classy edit and thanks again for everything

  • Matthew Clagett

    Order# 1484244
    My new favorite thing about EDiT is that I can place truly custom orders through EDiT with German RooR. (something I can’t do on my own, due to me living in the US=)

    I just put in for a Zumo, Flame Polish, Gold Ice Pinch, Gold Bowl, Diffuser, 29/18 reduction adapter, and a RooR Dicro. ;P

    Zumo: Matt Clagett Edition. Thanks Guys!!1

  • Creyon

    Order#: 1511481

    I’m a new customer, but this is definitely in the top10 of my all-time favorite web pages/stores, if not the best 😉 I love the variety and size of your stock products, it is HUGE. I can get lost in your store for hours, looking for all the wonderful products and thinking of what to buy next. Everything I need to know about a product or shipping/payment, I find in a heartbeat. I also love the thorough product descriptions and clear pictures of the products. Thanks for the great and fast service and I can’t wait to make more orders!

  • hoguerra

    I recieved my seeds yesterday. WOW! fastest shipping ever, I have not recieved my grinder yet but I am thinking it was sent in a different package for security and stealth reasons. Great job on the shipping! I will keep doing businuesss with you guys. A million thanks to you guys and your great work!

  • Mary Romero

    I have placed several orders with EVERYONEDOESIT and I am very satisfied with the ease of shopping and speed of delivery. emails I have sent to you have been responded to and that is very much appreciated . I will continue to shop with you . Thank you.

  • Jeremy

    I bought a piece off of EDIT a while ago… It shipped discreetly and quickly with a free wristband, and when I contacted customer support the answer was lightening fast. Everything about it was great, except my bong was broken within a week of delivery thanks to one of my friends… I would LOVE to win a replacement!!!

    Order number: 1465287 placed on 12/2/2010

  • KuzhKlown

    I Love & Respect because of the fact they are a 1 Stop Shop 4 any & all accessories a Stoner or Collector mite need & want. I always send my friends here cause EDIT has the BEST prices & Best selection (Everything you need).My #1 HeadShop on the Web where I can ALWAYS find the Newest NickNacks for my stash.Edit has Never let me down, and never did me wrong. I recommend EDIT 2 every1 I know & meet.Thankz for all the Top Notch Gear & Free surprises and Gifts along the way.
    Thankz Again, Much Luv & Respect
    The Kuzh Klown

  • Nick Hanson

    Order number: 1481001
    I order a bong over a month ago and it is still not here due to being out of stock. EDIT keeps me on the edge of my chair everyday as I wait for it’s arrival.

  • jdw702

    My first experience with everyonedoesit was just perfect, the customer service blows competition away!! to keep it short i placed an order on edit and somehow it got lost in the mail on the way to my house and i called their international line and spoke with a representative that was cool calm and collected, i didnt even get a chance to worry about getting my seeds because he already told me that he would reship them if they werent here the next day. the order didnt show the next day so i called their international line again spoke to the same representative and he reshipped the seeds A+ customer service for sure almost seems like a guarantee :]

  • swomina

    Order #1096350

    There is absolutely no better place to shop than everyonedoesit, TOP NOTCH CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! Huge variety, great prices Whether you’re spending $20 or $500 you get excellent service and prompt shipping.

  • Chris james

    i am a brand new customer to this site but i haven’t found any other site out there that even compares to this one. My experience with has been great. Ive already found dozens of things on this site that i would LOVE to have.added several to my wish list and plan to get them in the future. Every time i order something i always find myself waiting by the mailbox,anticipating its arrival.MY experience has been top notch so far,and i look forward to a long a prosperous relationship with this site.

  • Elliott Debell

    BIG THANK YOU to who thought of putting some penny sweets with my order. I thought “Why do I want these” … used what I ordered and realised THESE TASTE BANGING WHEN YOUR HIGH!!!!!!!! Perfect gift for a stoner 🙂 JUST THE REASON I BUY EVERYTIME FROM THE NO1

    ORDER NUMBERS: 1516647, 1434102, 1304779, 1157210, 1129336

  • Robbie

    I must say that the selection on this site is the far best out of every other head shop i have seen, the prices too are great :D. But my best experience with edit i think would be the customer service aspect. Not to mention the speedy delivery and how could i forget those reward points and free gifts 😛

    My last order code was 01-010410-1515677


  • Francesco

    Order# 1309340

    my first purchased were seeds. everyonedoesit threw in a complimentary auto-flowering single blueberry seed. I had no expectations for it, but it turned into a great sucess. Your sitelayout, product, and above all your service are excellent.. Live Strong and Long.
    my new #1 source for seeds

  • Francesco

    order# 1309340

    My first purchase consisted of seeds. everyonedoesit threw in a complimentary auto-flowering single blueberry seed. It was a great success and opend my mind to the auto flower world.
    Your site layout, products, and above all, your customer service are Excellent. Live strong and long..peace

  • House number is 52 and the start of my post code is CH.

    Can’t find my invoices.

    Best experience with EDIT was the customer service.

    Amongst one of my orders I decided to throw in a couple of extra cannabis flavoured lollipops (I don’t care how childish it might seem, they’re nice!). Anyway, EDIT accidently left out a single lollipop, I e-mailed them to let them know it wasn’t a big deal.

    Anyway, a couple days later I got an e-mail saying that they were sorry and they were sending me a goody bag!

    I got a few lollipops, some Spice Gold and one of those joints with a face on them (still cracks me up to look at!).

    Win or lose, everyone should know that you’ll be safe ordering from EDIT 🙂

  • Got my first bong from EDIT. Also came with my first grinder… free. Awesome. Fastest shipping and best prices compared to any other site I’ve used. Great work guys, I really hope to win the custom Hurricane, it’ll nicely replace the Weed Star I ordered several years ago that has served me oh so well. THANKS AGAIN GUYS!

  • Gibb819

    Have to agree with zachy gee on this one, th little things like th free gifts, gold standard postage time, and impeccable communication is what makes edit the online headshop which all others must bow to! With this kind of due care to customer service, who wouldn’t keep coming back for more! oh ur easter blog made me damn near piss my pants to! And we all know pants-pissing is a welcome bonus when shopping online! 😛

    Hell, whether i win this or not, I’m still glad i got the chance to get all this off my chest before I dissolved in a fluffy, glittery goo!

    Order numbers: 859373, 1005281, 1167945, 1242315


  • greeny

    the order number – 1479399

    Come on its got to be the wrist bands, ok well their at least up there, i think i have nearly 20 now. ah good times.

  • 1217474

    I have a new moment. I was sitting about in my room doing absolutely sweet FA, when i get a phonecall from a mate, he’s just been out buying my birthday present (3 months late XD) He comes round and gives me a new roor dealers cup! So i buy some bowls from here and i am knocked DEAD by it! Now sits proudly next to my weedstar 🙂 her lil sista

  • Johan340

    I come back because of the little free surprises that come with my orders(have gotten some pretty neat once too : )), the cheap prices and the good product range though I really miss the good old pills days etc but times moves on.

    I wear the wrist band in the summer to get in contact with other Editor’s and can send in a picture of me sitting in nature having a great smoke of the old Spice Gold, being on Summer Daze in a perfect summer day wearing the wrist band on and thanks to EDIT I will have a memory that will last me till the day I die as everything on that day was perfect, I also got interviewed by one of the biggest news papers in the city and if it wasn’t for EDIT that wouldn’t have happen because I wouldn’t have started enjoying legals otherwise so I’m very greatful because of your service.

    Its a shop I will always come back to as its been good to me!

    870462, 1024976, 1002098, 1036938, 1221922, 1323765.

  • Curt E.


    Selection second to none.

    Site is super easy to navigate, and great photos make ordering from abroad easy. Shipping is super quick.

    Just awaiting some shipping reimbursement so I can get on with an order of Roor extras.


  • Kenji

    So many things online that no other place has. Bought so many extensions for my bong. All great quality. Good brands too, ones you have heard of. Packaged very nicely, and came very fast. Extremely good prices.

  • Sean Jones


    I ordered a Lime green bong from this website, and after i didn’t recieve it i phone the up, I was greeted in a friendly and efficiant way,
    The got my order number etc, told me what was going on, and gave me the option to wait for what i wanted, or have a free upgrade on the cost, with additional points added to my account.

    You guys make our lives easier, and the easier the better in my eyes.

    I also feel completely safe when ordering with a card, which a lot of sites i don’t trust, so thank you

  • Jason Martin

    i ordered a bong from here, i was delivered the package before the time that was set for delivery excellent bong works very well i hope to buy more off you in the future because your website has everything not jsut everything everything GOOD
    my reference to order number 1436621
    i not only hope i win because im excited about the offer im not even too chuffed if i do win its just this is an awesome giveaway and the bong will be awesome like all of your other products and anyones lucky just to participate. thanks for your time

  • Hey guys!

    I’m not one of these guys who actually can afford to pay 100-500 bucks for a bong, but I’ve always wanted to buy one like that. My last order was kinda mixed; a mini bong, filter tips, new OCB’s, some fragrance oils, an oil burner, scales, a steam roller pipe etc.

    The mini bong was very nice, I could use it everywhere. Too bad I only had it for about one week. When I was taking a walk in the middle of the night a police car scared the crap out of me, so I threw the bong into a nearby river. RIP mini bong.

    Anyway, EDIT has made my life better with all of the stuff I’ve bought. That’s truly a noble achievement.


  • Order nr: 1230864

    I love the free gifts you get and that it never takes you more then 4 days to ship to Sweden! That’s better then our own sites, keep up the good work and hope that the fifa commission will let wayne rooney play on his own.

    Big up from sweden!

  • Order: 1282337
    The onestop headshop with everything you’ll ever need to enhance your view on life. If these guys don’t have what you’re looking for, then you probably don’t need it.

  • Monni

    I’m not sure if I have a single best experiece with your store, except maybe when I ordered my Volcano. All the free stuff you send with the products is a nice way of making me the customer seem important and wanted.

  • Gerard


    It’s been a long time for me. But like everyone else pointed out above me, it’s the little things that make this place great. Between their selection and service, I couldn’t even fathom trying somewhere else first.

  • Jess

    Order #1517763

    A few months ago, I stumbled on Edit looking for a rolling machine. What I found instead was a cornucopia of everything imaginable. I ended up buying a shooter and some tubes instead, and was impressed at how fast they came stateside. I couldn’t figure out how to use it at first, so after about a week when I was home on break I met some friends when they got out of school (which happens to be next to a post office). They taught me pretty fast, but what was really amazing was how fascinated they were by it. We went to a nearby convenience store and literally bought 4 or 5 pouches of tobacco and proceeded to put all of it in tubes. We sat on the post office steps for two hours getting such weird looks and comments from people going in. Best way I’ve spent a tuesday afternoon in a while.

    Thanks Guys!

  • Jesse E.

    Order reference: 936276

    I’ve thoroughly enjoyed everything this site has to offer – from the broad range of seeds and glassware to the vast panorama of convenient accessories, I can say with confidence that the best experience I’ve had on this site, is simply being on this site. What I think makes EDIT more favorable is that the options here are endless! Detailed-quality photos, instructional videos, recipes, and a great community…this is why just surfing EDIT will always be a great experience. Keep up the great work!

  • dave plumley

    order reference: 1027939
    always top quality product free shit too boot. top mans keep up the good work

  • Andrew

    The best experience I’ve had with EDIT:
    Last year I wasted a (very) large chunk of my student loan on a lovely RooR during my first year at uni. Definately stoked on the purchase, and after about 4 weeks of anxious waiting this beast turns up. I walk into the uni halls post room and there is this giant brown box towering over these lame little packages sent from other people parent’s. So I sign for this huge motherfucker with a slightly knowing grin, take it back to my room and get it out to bask in it’s everlasting glory. I’m ready to take a big rip of my favourite legal herbal blend, but first I decide to clean it, and as I do the famously super strong roor joint crumbles into my hand like a soggy Hobnob. I don’t remember my exact reaction but ancient scholars maintain I created 4 new swear words that day. Devastated I decide to wait it out and ring EDIT the next day, sure they would feel bad for me but c’mon, I didn’t have any ACTUAL proof and surely a company can’t go round replacing every insanely priced bong that gets broken? Wrong. The legends at edit totally understood and had a replacement with me within like a week, and their customer service girls sounded fiiiiine. It was ridiculously cool of them to replace it for me purely outta trust and the new aptly named ‘Rory’ is still living to this day! Long story short – edit are the fucking don! (plus now I have a ‘free’ grinder every colour of the rainbow).

    Order # = 1137956

  • loopylis

    I think this edit is gr8 ive bought a few toys form here the best being my vapolution pocket vaporizer, its the best thing since sliced bread its soooo cute, it fits anywhere with its clever little bobbles in the middle so it wont burn ur finger,and the 4 boobles to sop it move around, its brill

  • reko reko

    Well edit his the best shop ever, one day they forget to give me my free gift, i had sent an email, and they send me a free fift packge with many things, more just one gift, very fast shipping.

    i love edit


  • loopylis

    Ive bought a few things from edit ,the best being my doody little vapolution pocket vaporizer its a amazing little all glass pipe, you can stash it anywhere its got cute little noble bobles of glass round the middle to stop you burning your fingers, and 4 little bobles at the end to stop it rolling around, its the best thing since sliced bread.

  • Dylan M.

    The service here is fantastic, and even though the products ship from over seas, i still had my new toys in under a week. Thanks EDIT!

  • cameron

    # 1511896

    The thing that i enjoyed most is that when buying through EDIT, you know that your going to get the best customer service in the business. I ordered and knew my product would arrive on time no worries and it did. Thanks!

  • Ian

    Most recent order number.


    Didn’t even get a wristband with my order, how sad 🙁

  • Recent Order Number: 01-240210-1479219

    I recently ordered an ehle 500, and was extremely satisfied both with the promptness of the delivery, and with the quality of the product. as well, i had a different order get lost in the mail recently, and was grateful of the customer service representative who emailed me back almost immediately and helped to work through the problem.

  • Jan

    Order: 1517934

    My favorite thing about EDIT is their INSANE selection! No one else even comes close. I always tell my friends to shop here first!

    Keep up the good work – and thanks for offering this great giveaway

  • alex

    hey i really love the site you have a ton of great products and everything i ordered was right so thank you for the great service and my order number was 1496313

  • Ryan


    For me it’s these frequent giveaways. always seem to bring me back to the site and even if i dont win I always seem to order a new piece of glass anyway… hmmmm time to buy a new diffuser now methinks

  • Markus

    Love the shop. At first I only visited your site for Spice, Smoke and other smoking blends. Then I discovered the books and all the other nifty gadgets. Your prices are also super nice, I live in Sweden and basically everything in your shop is way cheaper than it would be if I ordered it from a swedish shop, and strangely enough, 9 out of 10 times your package arrives faster than the ones ordered from shops in Sweden. Great service!

    Previous order: (01-270809-1297735)

  • cameron

    My favorite is by far the Roor steam rollers.. mini and small are the BEST!.. i also love how i got a free grinder and the best tasting Joint wraps and awesome King size thin ones whenever I purchased seeds or the Roor Steam Rollers

  • Stoned_Finn

    OrderNumber : 1225917 – 15/6/2009

    I think my cheap black leaf bong has been the best thing from edit. It has lasted me ages and cost only £17!!!

  • 1508097

    I ordered from part of the WS Series. It looks great. Also got a diffuser with my bong and insline pre cooler. The colors came out great just like in the picture. Couldnt have asked for anything more perfect! Very accurate item description and great shipping. Also the customer service is great notifying us customers if anything is going wrong such as back ordered items. Which is great. Thumbs Up!

  • Stickabu

    Order number:1517565
    So I just purchased some items the other day from EDIT and I’m already satisfied(been 3 days haven’t got them yet of course.) As soon as I placed my order the payment already processed. I was expecting it to take a couple days or at least a day to complete. Another thing that I love about EDIT is the variety. They have more things to choose from then I could ever know what to do with all of them. I literally spent 4 hours just trying to find something that I really wanted the most. I couldn’t decide and I had looked at maybe a quarter of the glass pieces. Also, when I was shown this shop I expected everything to be ridiculous prices and for shipping to be an arm and a leg since I’m in the US. When I saww how most things on here are cheaper than my local shop I was shocked. And shipping only cost me $2. That’s insanely cheap. I had sent a message to EDIT trying to see if my order had shipped and they responded quickly letting me know that there was no shipping with the Royal mail over the holidays. I felt stupid as I saw later on that it had been posted on there blog already but the person at EDIT didn’t give me any hard times. I can’t wait to do business with EDIT again and I know I will soon.

  • I bought a big box of rollingpapers and a Space Case Metal Herb Grinder, the biggest one, and a stash battery and some other flavoured papers. Everyone does it has the best prices on stuff and I loved the candy I got with my order! And you get really good service, they´re just great! I live in sweden and there’s no shop with your prices here !
    Order: #1040959

  • dope. man

    419 Responses to “Custom Hurricane Bong Giveaway!!!”

    hey am i 420? i like the glass and customer service

  • Chris G.

    One of the best websites out their. I always enjoy checking out the merchandise
    Post # 420 gotta be worth somthin

  • rapizadar

    order # 1414981
    got my order from england to australia in less than 2 weeks in a very well padded box – the mailman dropped it as he was handing it to me and it landed on the doorstep. thankfully my brand new weedstar tube was completely unharmed 🙂

  • Tim

    419 comments… well its Easter here in the US and i really want this badass bong so i want to be the winner with the 420th comment!

    EDIT hook it up!!

  • Benjammin

    Order #999565
    I remember placing my first order with EDIT. I got a beautiful pierced hole roor diffuser, and a roor carbon filter, and a handful of gong accessories. They’ve outlasted the bong i got them for.
    The roor diffuser didn’t come with the rest of the stuff, but the edit customer service took such great care of me and made sure i got the diffuser as soon as possible, as well as a few little gifts ^_^

    Thanks for being around and keeping the dream alive.
    Order #999565

  • Stefan

    Order reference: 1111114 (there is two more)

    I will always remember the 60cm weed star bong i’ve bought. The half thrill was just to order it, but when it came and i blazed it up for the first time… WHOOW i just can say!! 😛 And there was at least 12-15 wrist bands that me and all my friends got on a whole summer. Fun as hell!!

  • Steve

    Order: 673012

    For me, my fondest EDIT moment was from the first purchase i made from you guys–it was also my first bong purchase ever–. Anyways, after MONTHS of deciding which bong i was going to invest in, weighing the pros and cons of many different ones, i decided to go with the bushmaster cyclone. It seemed to be the perfect purchase to start my ever-growing glass collection. Great reviews, great price, and I REALLY wanted to see that smoke spiral! Hahah. I was especially leaning towards that one because it was the summer of my first year at uni, and i was strapped for cash, but wanted to be smoking clean. When it was all said and done, I ended up receiving the bong within THREE days i believe,(I live in Canada) so when i signed for that package, bed head and all, needless to say, I was ecstatic. As i carefully started to unwrap my squeaky new present, unloading the paraphernalia piece by piece out of the box, i noticed that one of the pieces wrapped up in bubble wrap was crushed. It was the downstem. Long story short, I emailed EDIT right away and let them know what happened, and they gladly sent me another FREE of CHARGE by next week. AMAZING customer service you guys! Keep doing what you’re doing, and ill continue to be a customer! 🙂

  • Chris Tosch

    I ordered a number of pieces for my Tsunami on EDIT, and they came promptly, and although one piece was broken on arrival, they refunded it no problem.
    Order ID: 1389504

  • Arthur

    order reference : 01-090309-1158024

    The customer service and the selection offered by EDIT is unparalleled, and anytime I am looking to buy anything that has to do with smoking, EDIT is my first choice.

  • LB

    the best thing for me anyway was ordering a vapour star for myself and a high life hookah for my friends as a leaving present, however once i received my delivery and checked out the goods, i couldnt part with the present and the hookah is still in my livingroom….had to buy my friend another present that wasnt so tempting to keep for myself ! he he

    latest Order: 1308114

  • Ricardo Augusto de Castro Araújo

    Well, i’m from Brazil, and to tell you the truth, i’ve never personally bought anything i EDIT, but my cousin did, here in Brazil, as u must know, some of your products are not welcome (legal). So I asked him to buy the products in London (where he lives) and bring them to me.

    It was a lifetime experience, really, here we don’t have varieties of cannabis related products, so I was shocked, my friends where shocked, with all the products and stuff.

    I think it’s necessary to tell that he never bought me anything that where prohibited. Just the products that are allowed to. Well… I don’t have a Order Reference due to my kind of shoping (givin’ the money to my cousin and askin’ him to buy me the stuffs =] ) ….

    So even knowin’ that i’ll not get ant bong, I would like to tell you guys that if I had the conditions I would travel just to see your place guys (I don’t even know if there is one O.O ) but certainly it would be a place to remember, for I think the Culture of Cannabis may be one of the most correct solutions for all the war and rage in the world. So… Don’t make war, make peace and roll it =]

    Big Hug from Brazil – Positive vibrations for all the world – Ricardo

  • Belfast_toker

    order number: 1040023

    EDIT – without you, the world would be alot less hot-boxed.

    THANKS EDIT!!!!!

  • Øyvind

    Order reference: 1468770 (I’ve ordered twice before without being registered).
    Three bongs, rolling papers and other accessories from EDIT have provided me with a lot of happy toking! I love the great selection of both bongs, pipes and accessories, and the reasonable prices. All my orders have been in perfect condition, with fast shipping. I guess my best experience was when I passed out and broke my new bong, but the replacement I ordered arrived within a week (meanwhile I had my old one). Thanks, EDIT!

  • Drew0rZ

    Hey guys, my latest order number was; 1376042

    Your shipping for it was very discreet, it was packed up in a flower box and made it through customs without a second glance which was excellent, as the item in question ( Chrome Rok-it ) was purchased as a gift for my father-in-law.

    Beyond that you guys have the best selection I’ve seen online and I would ( and will ) gladly purchase from you again.

  • Johan340

    I just have to agree with Markus, I live in Sweden as well and its very expensive for the little things that are here so EDIT is trually a life saver, I would never had gotten to experience all the things I have or gotten great new friends if EDIT wasn’t around.

    Oh and my last reply was at 4:20, that’s pretty sweet hehe

  • Buddyhomey

    Give it to ricardo, he deserves it man, reppin you from brazil, thats insane

    You better put him in the contest at least, he repped the shit outta you!!!

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