You know the saying guys… ‘As one competition ends another begins’ 😉
This time we got another fine bit of glassware for you to get your hands… This fine Molino masterpiece stands approximately 50cm tall and features a bent neck, ice notches and custom Molino bowl and diffuser

But there is a catch…all we need from you is a picture!
Costume season is almost upon us, with Halloween and Christmas around the corner,  So we thought you guys could take a pic of yourselves in your best costume or outfit;
Emphasis is on the costumes; however we will take all entries with pics of you & EDIT wristbands, EDIT paraphernalia and EDIT related parties (I know you guys like to party!!!)
This competition will be running from now until the New Year, so you have plenty of time to get an awesome pic.
Please e-mail all entries to marketing@everyonedoesit.com and the best ones will get posted up on the site so Happy Snapping people, I look forward to your entries


  • bambalambam

    Hey edit i ordered two downstems and an epic A/C but only the epic was in the box… says there was a backorder. Will i be getting a late order when you get them in?

  • EDIT

    Hi Holistic,

    sorry for the belated response the wonderful lady in customer service managed to resolve the issue for you. There is a problem with UPS deliveries in that the system sometimes does not register the reward points when using this shipping method, an issue we a currently looking to resolve. Sorry for the inconvenience, I hope this is satisfactory.

  • EDIT

    Hi bambalambam,

    The downstems are currently due in our next delivery, we will be sure to send them straight to you as SOON as they arrive.

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