Right guys, I don’t know what happened over Christmas, did you guys not party???
I know we did, I almost forgot my way to work yesterday, hehehe…
The reason I ask is because no one adorned their fancy dress outfits for Xmas…
…no Santa’s, no elves, no Rudolph’s… nothing!
So that made choosing a winner for the costume competition a LITTLE bit easier.
I must reiterate there were some awesome entries both sexy, scary and some were just downright cool, I thank you once again for all that contributed, but powers that be inside this ‘think-tank’ we call EDIT have come to a conclusion.
I would like to congratulate Crystal Montanez for the amazing effort put into the picture below.
10 out of 10 my friend, you genuinely scared the **** out of me, lol.
There was much debate and dispute over a winner because you guys set the bar very high, I must say I genuinely was impressed.
But congrats again to Crystal, your prize is on its way to you! Enjoy
I guess it’s time for me to get another cool comp in the pipeline…hmmm

Ps Can crystal please email marketing@everyonedoesit.com with confirmation of a postage address)


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