Red Eye Tek are an up-and-coming Canadian company specialising in beautiful scientific smoking equipment made from top quality borosilicate glass, decorated with stunning coloured switchback designs.

Rasta Swirl Switchback Oil Dome Set by Red Eye Tek

The latest new Red Eye Tek products have just landed on the EDIT shelves – a range of oil dome sets for converting your trusty old bong into a new-fangled oil rig, capable of vaporizing waxy oils and concentrates:

Switchback Oil Dome Set With Handle by Red Eye Tek

The Switchback Oil Dome Set with Handle is a complete kit comprising everything you need to transform your waterpipe into an oil setup.  The kit includes a male-to-male adapter, a quartz glass nail and an oil dome with a female connection and a contoured glass handle for safe and easy use.  The dome and the adapter are made to a superb standard from heat-resistant borosilicate glass and are decorated with a flame-effect switchback design that really catches the eye.  The Switchback Oil Dome Set is available in both standard connection sizes -14.5mm or 18.8mm – so you can be sure to select the right size to fit your bong.

Galaxy Switchback Oil Dome Set by Red Eye Tek

The Galaxy Switchback Oil Dome Set from Red Eye Tek is another complete oil dome converter kit, new to the EDIT shelves.  The 3-part set includes a male-to-male adapter and female oil dome made from heat-resistant borosilicate glass and decorated with a mesmerising switchback design in various bold colours.  The set also includes a clear, quartz glass nail which can be safely heated to extreme temperatures for the purposes of vaporising herbal concentrates.

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