Model 419 Pipe Winner

A decision was made that the winner of this Model419 Pipe would be chosen by pure heartfelt feeling rather than random name drawing, where somebody who made hardly any effort might win. So, after a long and mostly enjoyable read through the posts for the Model419 pipe giveaway, we have come to a decision to award the pipe to a customer who made a real effort in their post and rendered us almost tearful at the passing of the pipe they regaled us with. The poster’s name, as entered by them, is Jim.

Over the weekend I will be selecting a few random runners-up to receive a few random runners-up prizes. There’ll be no song and dance about it, I will just send an email to you to get an order number or address to send to. If you haven’t heard from me by Tuesday then you failed to be randomly plucked by me and I place the blame for this entirely on you for not having a name that I picked.

We have also sent Jim an email to confirm the existence of said Jim. Everybody else will be pleased to know that upon checking how many entries were made under the IP address of the comment, it was discovered to be the only attempt at entering Jim made. A worthy winner I feel, considering at least one person out there entered over 30 times. We do check these things, especially so when deciding on a winner in this manner.

Jim’s tale of the Bo Nordh pipe was heart-warming and tragic in equal measure and drew assenting nods from all involved when it was suggested to award the prize to Jim. So Jim, which is not your real name judging by your order history I checked up on before awarding you the prize (bit anal like that, sorry), once we have confirmed you do exist and are contactable, we will be sending you the Model419 Pipe so you can hopefully find love again.

More, much quicker, giveaways coming extremely soon, people. In fact, you’ve probably missed three of them just reading all of this babble. Thank-you so much for your patience as well. We all need a bit of it from everybody else at some point or another. Cheers.

Model 419 Pipe


Jim Says:

The best pipe was/is by far a genuine briar/ebonite Bo Nordh. I used to own it unknowingly it was one of the most expensive pipes in the world (up to $30000 for some models). The pipe was bought by my dad locally at a small shop called Pip-Larssons some years before Bo Nordh became famous.


I lost it to some asshole of a friend who left it at a party and I haven’t been able to use a pipe properly since. Even the thought of it stings me to the core and it didn’t help one bit when I several years later in the age of internets, in search of my beloved, stumbled across a identical pipe as mine selling for $3000 in used condition on e-bay.


It’s pretty difficult to explain what made it so special but it was really practical, stood flat on the table and had a build quality to it that just made everyone who toked from it go “wow” – and this in a pretty sad second hand state tarnished by both me and my dad’s habit.


But most of all it had a soul. It was just one of those things where the object was more than a object. I seriously LOVED that pipe. The smell. The grain of the briar. The sweet taste of the wood. Everything…


More on Nordh:

Almost identical pipe to the one I had except my head was all briar and the top had a rugged texture to it:



  • Theo

    Congrats to Jim! Sucks about your pipe mate, hopefully this will at least somewhat make up for it! And to the person who entered 30 times….really?? I mean come on. Thanks EDIT for the giveaways!!

  • holistic616

    well done jim sounds like you need it more than me hears to many happy years toking bro 🙂

  • Lupe Angel Garcia

    There was three comments from this computer but one was mine my bro’s and a friend cause everyone that comes to my house I have to show them this site my friend will purchase a vaporizer soon so he was happy to see this. Congrats Jim I remember reading his comment before the winner and following his link I did cry a little I won’t lie.

  • Jim

    I won! Yes! Thanks a ton you guys and THANK YOU EDIT! 😀

    It DOES have it’s work cut out for it before touching my trusty old friend, but let me tell you… this IMMACULATE piece of stainless steel already has a proper VIBE to it and I’m already feeling it! What a great way to kick off my weekend! Thx again guys! Wooohooo!

    (PS. Still waiting for that mail DS.)

    EDIT: Email sent!

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