Dab rigs and bongs: What is the freakin’ difference and what components do they consist of? Read on, weary internet traveler. All the info you seek is within this blog.

Dab rigs do not use combustion as bongs or other water pipes for dry herbs do. Ignoring combustion use, you can get a cleaner and stronger hit comparatively. Dabbing concentrate involves flash heating your product to create a vapor. This vapor is cleaner and more flavorful than smoke made by burning dried herb the old school way.

A basic concentrate rig set-up consists of the rig body, nail, torch, and dabber tool.




Dab Nail Types

Whichever nail you end up choosing, make sure it heats up fast and stays lit so to speak.

  1. Ceramic
  2. E-Nails
  3. Glass
  4. Quartz
  5. Titanium




To Dome or Not to Dome?

There is no perfect way to dab. Everyone has their favorite routine. You can dab with or without a vapor dome.

  1. Domed nails are a little safer than their exposed domeless cousins
  2. Domed nails trap vapor in for you so you can have a fuller dab drag
  3. Domeless dab nails are usually easier to use, but be careful! They are exposed and your hands and fingers could be their first burn victims


Concentrate Rig Structural Cheat Sheet

Sometimes in the headshop being surrounded by all of the different glass pieces can be distracting and confusing. Here are some obvious watermarks of a true dab rig.

  1. Glass nails and domes are telltale signs of rig vs bong
  2. A quartz banger on a rig keeps that ferocious heat away from your delicate stem
  3. A male joint on a glass piece usually denotes a dab rig
  4. A 90 degree joint is a sign of a true dab rig. Bongs usually have 45 degree angled joints
  5. Recycler loops are chambers in the rig that cycle your water through each compartment


Dab rigs are the perfect example of bigger isn’t always better. A smaller rig can save you lots of flavor and they are less wasteful too!

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