Taking the smoking world by storm, this ever growing selection of Concentrate Products are a must have, and dubbed by many as a revolution in smoking, you’d be nuts to miss out!

That’s right, introducing the finest in Concentrate Utensils and Dabbing Tools available on the market, with many quality glass blowers we know all and love flying the flag such as ROOR and Black Leaf, to EHLE and Bad Wolf, you know you’re in good company!

So what’s on offer?

We have a HUGE selection of Nails, Dabbers, Concentrate Slide Bowls, through to a few awesome little Glass Concentrate Dishes and Vapor Bubblers to get you started.

150_roor-oil-dabber-005                  150_Oil-Dome-Globe---Ehle-Glass                 150_nail-3

Let’s take a closer look at each section….

Concentrate Nails:
Let’s face it, without a nail you’re just dropping your concentrate into your glass bong, it’s much like eating your dinner of the kitchen floor and if it’s anything like ours, you wouldn’t want to do that.

The main piece made from many different materials such as titanium, Stainless Steel and Glass, concentrate nails can be adjusted to fit your personal style and others are fixed to allow for the most comfort when in use.

Compatible with 10.0mm, 14.5mm and 18.8mm joint sizes, this covers the vast majority of glass bongs that can be converted from a standard glass bong, to a Concentrated Goliath!

Concentrate Adaptors:
So you’ve chosen your Concentrate Nail, excellent!

But you have a standard glass bong and the nail won’t sit on the female end, well that’s not an issue, these Concentrate Adaptors convert your standard glass bong which uses a downtube and bowl, and reverses the joint to hold your nail in place!

There are many different types available on site; our guys at Sheldon Black have a standard Male to Male straight adaptor for those vertical female ends, and our friends over at EHLE have a Male to Male Bent Adaptor for those joint sizes at an angel, turning your piece vertically for the nail to sit giving optimum balance.

Concentrate Bowls:
Now we need to contain the vapour trail, these selections of Concentrate Bowls literally sit over the nail and adaptor creating an enclosed space to hold the smoke in, making it easier to inhale.

Made from the durable medical grade glass so you know you’re buying quality goods, the designs and shapes produced by our friends at EHLE and Black leaf, customizing your new concentrated bong will be left up to your imagination!

Concentrate Dabbers:
Now to the crème de la crème of your set up!
We have the Nail, the Adaptor and the Bowl and we’re ready to go, all we need now is to heat the substance used, and to do this, we have a stunning selection of Concentrate Dabbers at your disposal.

The craftsmanship on these pieces by our buddies at ROOR has to been seen to be believed, and as you can expect from these giants of the glass world, the love and attention to detail are second to none!

How about a Purple Haze Oil Dabber to pull you away from normality and into another world, or the Mamba Oil Concentrate Dabber with a stable yet finely crafted mid section to compliment your style, not forgetting the stunningly attractive Honeycomb Oil Concentrate Dabber which holds all the colour and character you’d expect from ROOR.
Not your thing?

No trouble, we’ve also a great set of accessories from our good friends Bad Wolf , the GR.2 Titanium Spatula, Ball & Point Pack of 3, which include a Titanium Spatula, a Scraper and a Ball and Point Tool to start you off!

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