Someone HELP! The G-man has gone crazy…

well he was always crazy but now he is has gone proper mental, spouting gibberish about Aliens, and Red-Eye and so on…

Last we knew, he was on the phone to the legends at Red-Eye, before he disappeared for Stonehenge, and all that was left was a note with 4 words; abducted, independence, competition, aliens!

From this we naturally assumed he had gone rogue and had abducted some aliens, in order to train them for an aerial display at the Solstice, aiding him in his never ending quest to make EDiT its own independent nation… but then after some time to think we realised… he wouldn’t go to Summer Solstice wearing his motorcycle helmet!

Needless to say the G-man returned few days later with a new bike, a set of Siamese chipmunks, some Amazed Pipes, some Raswell’s and 10 aliens!


So we are going to resolve this the only way we know how… that’s right… a COMPETITION!!!

We have hidden G-man’s alien pals across the site, they will appear in a different place everyday for the next few days

Your job, should you choose to accept it is to find those little alien b******s before they take over.

Only 1 will be live each day, and will be accompanied by a clue which will be found on EDiT’s Social Media networks.

All you have to do to enter is this awesome competition is copy and paste the url of where the alien is hiding into an email and fire it off to, it’s that easy!

And for all your hard work, we will be selecting one lucky winner each day, who will win EITHER an Amazing A’maze’d Pipe or a Radical Raswell Pipe all supplied by the extremely generous guys at Red-Eye (maybe they felt bad about G-man going crazy :p).

The last day may even see a special giveaway of the Siamese chipmunks… or even a Red-Eye Rok-It Bonghow cool would that be?

The Aliens begin their assault of the EDiT website from the 23rd June (10:00 GMT), so ready the harpoons and the phazer guns “we gonna catch us some aliens!

Watch this space for further details to follow…


  • Sue.H

    I’ve been looking for this bloody alien for over an hour and I still can’t find him. That’s it, I’m phoning Men In Black

  • Chris

    My prize arrived today (wow fast!) Amazed pipe in gunmetal grey, it looks fricking awesome

    I’ll review it on the main site also but here it is –

    First reaction is this pipe is very well presented, in a fancy case with hologram. The pipe is smaller than I expected (I was thinking it’s be a similar size to my budbomb) which is a bonus for portability. When you take it apart you can tell the build quality is superb. It works very well delivering a smooth enjoyable draw. My only criticism would be that when using a “torch” style lighter the pipe can get rather hot, not a huge problem if you hold it closer to the mouthpiece (just make sure you let it hang outside your t-shirt if wearing on a lanyard!)

    Overall very impressed with this piece of kit from red-eye, thinking the allevi8 might be on the cards for me in the near future!

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