The lid of this Clip-On Stealth Bong apparatus reveals the bowl protruding up out of the special grommet, while the detachable mouthpiece can be stored in what would normally, during use, be the water filter chamber. It fits nicely in a safari jacket pocket or you can clip it to your blazer while attending conferences on corporate upskilling.

Clip-On Stealth Bong

Stealth: a secret, clandestine, or surreptitious procedure, not openly acknowledged, not disclosing one’s true ideology, affiliations, or position.


Clip-On: designed to be clipped on easily, especially by a self-attached clip, e.g. a clip-on device or ornament.


Bong: a dull, resonant sound, as of a large bell.


  • oli

    haha yes i officialy love this site i gave you a website with one of these on asked if you could get it in stock and you did
    i love you everyone does it . com you are the best!!!!!

    oli xx

  • oli

    i want one please i beg of you do a give away for one of these please im on my knees here please!!!!

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