Nothing is worse than hitting someone’s pipe and catching a mouthful of gnarly resin. Don’t be that guy and try to clean your pipe regularly. Clear out a bong after each use, and treat your pipe to a wash every week. Water can attract mold. Mold does not belong in your mouth or lungs.



How to Clean a Glass Pipe

  1. Grab a simple Tupperware container sized a little larger than the pipe you plan to clean
  2. Place the pipe inside and add just enough isopropyl alcohol to cover it
  3. Seal the container and gently swish the alcohol around to fully break up the resinous stains on your piece
  4. Let the pipe soak in closed container for about two hours (Leave overnight for extra stubborn, filthy pieces)
  5. Open up the container and carefully drain the alcohol down a sink
  6. Lay a paper towel over the sink drain to catch resin chunks (some smokers like to keep this runoff for a rainy low supply day)
  7. Run your pipe under hot water over your makeshift paper towel strainer until water runs clear
  8. If there are any excess patches of grossness, simply attack it with a pipe cleaner or q-tip


Cleaning Tips for Miscellaneous Pipes

  • Stone or Ceramic Pipes –

Don’t soak these puppies. Cleaning stone faced pipe is as easy as swabbing with a tiny bit of isopropyl alcohol in hard to reach nooks and crannies.

  • Metal Pipes

Boil metal pipes you use in water for 20 minutes. This will cause resin to fall away

  • Wood, Bone, or other Natural Material Pipes

DO NOT use isopropyl alcohol or anything else abrasive on these pipes. Having something so naturally beautiful is a true labor of love and dedication. These pipes require extra, substance free cleanings with gentle pipe cleaners or q-tips.



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