Cleaning your bong can end up being the biggest pain in the neck of a lifetime. If you let nasty residue build up over time, the ritual of cleaning out the water pipe can become a legit struggle. Here are some friendly tips and tricks to aid in getting that glassware sparkling no matter what state of disgusting disrepair it may be in.


  • Using brand bong cleaners is cool, but there are other methods if you aren’t trying to represent corporations with your cleaning routine.
  • Pipe cleaners are an excellent way to get the nitty gritty hard to reach places in your bong or pipe. Regular arts and crafts style store-bought pipe cleaners work fine, but companies like Randy’s make excellent heavy duty paraphernalia specific models.
  • Stoners swear by name brand cleansers, but 3 tablespoons of salt in warm water or half a cup of isopropyl rubbing alcohol also work in a pinch.
  • Latex gloves are good to have just in case you totally hate your hands getting all spotty and resinous. Keep in mind that the gunky refuse left in your bong will stain just about anything, including clothing and skin.
  • Once your bong or pipe has some coarse salt inside, it’s time to lightly swish it around to break up and large clumps of grossness.
  • When using very hot water on smaller glass pieces, simply utilize some kitchen tongs so you don’t severely burn your hands or maybe worse, drop your pipe or Oil rig and break it.
  • Plastic q-tips are the best bet when getting those hard to reach nooks and crannies. Softer paper q-tips will start to break up then disintegrate once exposed to water or wetness.
  • Soak tinier accessories (if they can be removed from larger glass) by themselves to avoid breakage or losing them.
  • Lemon juice aides in making hard water stains disappear, as well as ridding your glass piece of that ominous bong water odor.
  • Using a deep sink or bathtub where you have plenty of running fresh water is key. Standing water during a bong cleaning not only looks gross, but will haunt your nose for at least a week.
  • Nail polish remover can also be an effective to rid small stains. The acetone acts as a magic eraser for all kinds of unsightly stains.
  • When choosing salt to clean your bong with, make sure it is Epsom, rock, or of a sea salt variety. The larger the grain of salt, the better it will be able to scrub your bong clean.
  • Once you have disassembled your water pipe, or removed any small breakable pieces, empty your bong completely and do a good pre-rinse. Sometimes larger pieces of refuse will simply slide out with a first swish.
  • When swirling and shaking the brand name cleaner or alcohol and salt cleaner in your pipe, practice the utmost caution. Your bong is still a highly fragile piece of glass, no matter how strong it’s been for you through all the hard times.
  • Make sure to store your bong empty. Letting water sit inside when not in use is a bad habit that may be hard to break, but once you have it down, you’ll thank yourself.
  • When rinsing your bong, make sure to have the water flow from the top (or mouthpiece) and out of the bottom carb hole or stem joint. As long as the dirtiness is leaving through the exit, your taste and clarity post-cleaning should not be affected.
  • Some bong cleaning aficionados enjoy using Listerine or other mouthwashes as water pipe cleansers. These minty tasting solutions keep that bong water feeling fresh and so clean, clean.
  • Freezable synthetic ice blocks made of silicon or other plastics are cool and helpful in keeping your bong spic and span. Make sure you grab a size that won’t get stuck in or stop up your glass piece.
  • Denture cleaning tablets are also big winners in the unlikely bong cleansers category. If these are safe enough for grannie’s mouth, it’s safe enough for your bubbler or rig.
  • Don’t use household products or dish soaps when cleaning your glass smoking pipe or bong. These substances can prove flammable and you don’t want your smoking sessions to end up in tragedy, right?
  • Flush any heavy tar chunks or resin pieces rather than try to rinse them down a regular kitchen or bathroom sink. These solid masses could possible clog up your pipes, and it’s easier to do a little flushing rather than call the plumber with an embarrassing stoner moment disaster.
  • Keep old toothbrushes if you aren’t too self-conscious. These will prove useful later when you need to scrub a downstem or get to the middle of your straight tube bong’s neck.
  • If you have a warm bong that you’ve just rinsed, don’t expose it to cold water right away. This could cause potential weakening of the glass and perhaps even major cracking or breakage.


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