The CHAMPS trade show has been going strong since 1999, bringing like-minded buyers together with excellent merchants in the smoking and vaping industry seamlessly. Growing in 16 years to become the largest and most productive convention for a 420 specialty market, CHAMPS is a chance for everyone in the game to meet up and sesh out business style. From merchandisers to customer service reps, this expo is a sparkling opportunity to share expertise and battle stories from the front row of a pioneering and exciting enterprise.

CHAMPSgravlabs1      CHAMPSgravlabs2

We hit the Grav Labs table first, and saw the full spread of simple but meticulously functional spoon pipes,  glass bongs, and mega steamrollers we know and love. Based out of beautiful Austin, Texas, Grav Labs only uses high quality scientific glass for it’s sturdy pieces. Adaptation is key in their huge success, and being innovative with how they not only make their glass but run their business day to day is admirable and refreshing.


Pyptek‘s shiny collection greeted us at our next stop in the convention hall. These are best-sellers at Everyone Does It, and we couldn’t wait to meet and greet the people behind rolling this product out to us so to speak. Handcrafted locally in Denver, Colorado, these futuristic looking pipes have very tech beginnings fitting of a Terminator film. 3D printers are used to draw up the marvelous designs, then glass blowers and metal workers meticulously piece together the computer generated plan.


Our posse returned to the HVY Glass tables again and again. We couldn’t get enough of the bright and engaging colors in their new collection of glassware. German Schott and American borosilicate glass are used to construct these show stopping pieces. We fell so much in love that we purchased almost everything they had on the table! As soon as these dazzling bongs are photographed in true glamour shot style, we will rush them onto the site for your purchasing pleasure. Watch this space!

Next year can’t come soon enough. The entire crew here looks forward to checking out all of the new goodies and hearing first hand straight from the source manufacturer and merchant knowledge come February 2017.


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