The Careforair Health Breezer together with its specially formulated Aromatherapeutic Essences remove air pollutants and smells from smoke, pollen, pet dander & odours, paint fumes, bacteria, chemicals, mould spores and dust from the air you are breathing everyday in your home or workplace. Each Breezer cleans at a rate of 120ft3 per hour in an area of up to 800ft2 (75m2 ) reducing your risk and minimising your exposure to these pollutants causing allergic reactions.

Health Breezer Benefits:

1. Eliminates tobacco smoke, unpleasant odours and food smell
2. Releases essential oils molecules into the air to revitalised the room
3. Humidifies and releases negative ions
4. Cleanses the surrounding air of dust, air-borne viruses, allergens and bacteria
5. Prevents growth of fungi and mould
6. Provides therapeutic benefits for individual needs

With integral base featuring magic mood LED lighting. Choose changing or fixed colour effects that cast a glimmering water play of light round walls and ceiling.

Careforair also has the effect of working as an ioniser, converting positive ions in the air into negative ions, with great benefits to the way you feel. And, unlike ionisers you may have experienced in the past, Careforair will never leave dirty marks on your walls or doors.

The Careforair Health Breezer uses less electricity than a domestic light bulb and is sold complete with a 50,000 hour continuous use guarantee.


Great for Neutralizing:
Pollen, Smoke, Fumes, Cooking Smells, Mould & Fungi, Paint & Solvent Fumes, Pet Smells, Stale Air

Helps to Combat:
Toxins, Viruses, Dust Mites, Asthma, Industrial Pollution, Allergies, Bacteria, Dust.

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