Team EDIT have arrived and settled in Amsterdam, ready for the 2014 High Times Cannabis Cup.

Prior to us leaving the UK, there were unconfirmed reports of cancelled events and seminars, and even threats of participants being arrested if the event went ahead.

After deciding to travel anyway to see the situation for ourselves, we can confirm that the expo has been cancelled, and all the seminars which were scheduled to take place at The Melkweg today have been suspended.  Today’s seminars are now set to take place tomorrow, leaving this beautiful city devoid of any cup-related action on what should be the penultimate day, and one that is traditionally packed with quality events and networking opportunities.

Organisers, High Times insist that the voting process and awards ceremony will still go ahead.  Judges pass holders can still vote at the Melkweg café.

Connoisseurs and industry figures have so far tried to make the best of a bad situation.  Most have adhered to existing travel arrangements and remained in Amsterdam, this, at least, has given the vibrant coffee shop scene a boost.

The EDIT team have joined in and visited several coffee shops and seed companies in the course of meeting friends and colleagues.  From delegates we have spoken to, the general mood seems to be one of bitter disappointment and confusion.  It is still not clear exactly why the Cup could not go ahead as planned, but we are hoping for further clarification at some point today.

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