Bukket Bong Gravity Bong

Experience the Bukket Bong Gravity Bong – a revolutionary waterless, portable gravity bong, based on the famous bucket bong. The Bukket Bong provides a smooth, rich & hassle free smoke.

Bukket Bongs were first launched at the 2001 Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam by inventor Roy Cohen-Gilad and his company co-founder Oded Dim, who introduced the world to their dry and easy-to-use smoking tool; the unfathomable genius that is the Bukket Bong.

The two main advantages of Bukket Bongs are the lack of lung strain and what the Bukket boys call the Shotgun Effect. The Bukket Gravity Bong burns the material in the bowl by itself, via the vacuum formed by the extending of the tube, thus your lungs aren’t put to work before they’ve even had a hit.

And because the smoke is gathered altogether within the Bukket Bong, you can quickly shoot large volumes of smoke into your lungs for the Shotgun Effect.

Bukket Bong Gravity Bong

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  • Feltros

    This is great for lazy summers and when it comes to friends who bum splees/mangle the end/break your bongs! Got a friend to buy one of these last year after he broke my water pipe, and this was pretty much a fool proof solution for us.

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