Build Your Own Roor Bong

Its coming soon to, the ability to build your very own roor bong and get it made by the artisans that are, Roor in Germany!

We have been working on as simple a way as possible for you to arrange and get made your very own roor, built your way. We will have available very soon a build your own roor section allowing you to create your very own custom piece from the myriad of different options available to the roor enthusiast.

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How it will work?

It is really simple, first you will pick a roor base bong, either a tube or beaker in 5mm or 7mm and add that to your basket. Then using the different sections within the Build Your Own Category you will add a mouthpiece, either a crown, rasta, pearl or opal. Then working your way down you will be able to order, narrowing sections, coloured sections, ice notches, match striker? the possibilities are all there for you to add to the pipe. Just add whichever section you want on your pipe to your basket. At the end you will have a one off designed by you pipe.

Checkout as normal – Full payment will be needed at the time of order.

Then we get our in house roor specialist to check your design, make sure everything you want can be done, we may even email with suggestions if we think something will look better. Once passed the in-house roor specialist we will send your one off design to Roor in Germany to be made just for you. This process can take between 4-6 weeks from the moment you order your piece till the time you get it. Patience is the key during this phase, after all its a one off piece being manufactured to your exact requirements.  Once we receive the finished pipe back we will then check it against your order to ensure it has been made correctly the ship it out to you by your chosen method.

What do you think? Interested? We hope so, get your thinking caps on and we will let you know when you can start building your own custom roor



  • Daniel Bird

    This whole design your own RooR sound perfect.Will definately be ordering one as soon as you guys let us do it. Can’t wait for this to happen and again love all your glass and greatest customer service anywhere.Will always order form Everyone does it RooR are always No.1

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