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Beautiful and beguiling bubblers can completely change the way you smoke. These small glass bong and pipe hybrid pieces are ready to rock with just a small bit of water at the bottom of the unit. The term “bubbler” is actually used in the New England area of the United States to refer to public drinking water fountains. For the purposes of this particular blog, we will use the word “bubbler” to describe glass water pipes used to smoke dried herbal mixtures or legal and properly prescribed medicinal concentrates.

Easier to handle and in pretty much all cases portable, a bubbler can change the way, where, and when you light up. Bubblers come as one-piece build units and are either for dry herb or concentrates depending on if the piece has a bowl or dabbing nail. Newbie friendly, these water pipe variations are perfect for someone new to the smoking game or perhaps an individual who is torn between a dry pipe or a cumbersomely large bong.

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Bubblers hit like regular pipes but clear like top shelf bongs. As you hit the bowl or dabbing nail, the smoke from this interaction gets filtered through the small amount of water. The water cools your smoke, and as you release the carb you can inhale a delicious and finely combed hit. Unlike a bong, you can continue to release and close the carb in order to get the perfect amount of smoke. The opportunities to get your bowl cherried to the perfect degree is almost fool proof with the all-star bubbler.

When hitting a bubbler for the first time, keep in mind you are going to receive a more intense drag than from a cigarette or cigar. The water inside reduces the heat and carbon intake but also leaves that yummy flavor you enjoy and crave. Remember the nooks and crannies of these twisty little pipes can be difficult to clean. Take extra care to get your gunk out with a good soak with specialty glass cleaner or isopropyl alcohol after heavy use. Bubble on, bros.

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