Introducing the Brandon Martin Electroformed Head Pipe! This heady pipe is a wonder to behold with the sheer amount of detail put into the coloured glass and electroformed work.

At first glance, this incredible work of glass art resembles a beetle with its shape. A closer look into the piece reveals reddish brown coloured glass worked into the shape of a head. There are two black tentacles protruding from the forehead of this head with bits of electroformed work throughout the tentacles. At the bottom of the head on the left side there is a curled turquoise blue horn protruding off the side and pointing downwards. The base of this curved horn also has electroformed work which wraps around the neck of the face.

The mouthpiece for this pipe is at the top of the head, whilst the bowl is fitted on the back of the head. There is also a carb hole that sticks out the bottom of the neck. This is an incredible heady pipe made from the one and only Brandon Martin.

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