Boost Bong Giveaway

UPDATE: Contest now closed. The winner is…

We’ll be launching a new range of glass bongs called Boost Bongs very soon, and of course we have one to give away to somebody out there reading this right now. It could be you as it’s definitely not me.

We’re giving away the one in the picture below which is beaker-based, weighs almost exactly 947g and stands at 44cm tall (a few notches above 17 inches). I think you’ll find that’s an 18.8 joint as well. Bad news is it’s got a carb-hole, but a GSpot Carb-Stopper deals with that (we’ll chuck one in if you require it) and it is a 3-piece er, piece with a separate lift-off bowl. Competition entry details are below.

 Boost Bong Giveaway

So to allow you entry to the draw, I require at least 1 of the following 2 requirements (feel free to do all two if you can and you’re bored at work or Jeremy Kyle’s just ended):

THE FIRST REQUIREMENT: You have made at least one order in the EDIT shop in the last month or have made 3 or more orders in total. Just say so in your comment and I’ll have a small man in my personal employ check your details for LIES.

THE FINAL REQUIREMENT: Write a quick film plot involving bongs. It can be extremely short, e.g. ‘5 Boost Bongs hijack plane, can’t fly it cos they’re bongs, crash.’ (The best and/or easiest-to-make film plot might also be made by us and released worldwide on this blog.)

So there it is, ONE out of the TWO above requirements enters YOU for another BORING glass bong giveaway.

 Boost Bong Giveaway

DRAW DETAILS: For time-saving purposes the names to be drawn or plucked to victory will be numbers one to whatever, and your entry posts on this page will determine your number. For example, post first and your number will be 1. Be the 16th to enter and your number will be 16. Remember too that first time posters’ comments need approval so there will be a delay before they appear, thus your number may change from what you thought it was when you first posted. Your number will only be definite once all entry posts are approved and the draw closed to new entrants.

IMPORTANT: Please post on this page only once, as subsequent or multiple comments will have to be deleted so the number/name correlation method of drawing the winner can work fairly. Cheers.


  • oliver

    tony blair and mr t were both sat outside papa smurths house smokng up a reafer. papa smurth came outside with a smooth boost bong with three ends and a small cone shaped bottom. the three friends ground down some freshly dried weed and mixed it in with some jamaican tobacco mixing them up tony blair began to chuckle looking up at the birds flying over head and pulled out a shotgun to shoot them. papa smurth threw his shoe at tony blair and told him to knock it off. the three of them began to carefully build up a bullet and papa smirth wacked out a lighter and began to huff the bong the three of them began to shoot and the smoke poured from there lungs which seemed to crystal in the air.suddenly the friends heard a bang and a man in pure black ran over with a gun shooting at tony blair tony fell to the floor and barack obama came from behin d the house and picked up the bong and threw it at the man in black killing him instantly. tony blair slowly died on the floor and barack obam agreed to buy papa smirth and mr t a new bong 🙂
    the end!

  • NTrailZ

    Ooo another comp, would love to enter 🙂

    Made an order yesterday, ref number 1269852.

    Long live EDIT you guys rock!

  • blkmmba

    I’ve made 13 total purchases from EDIT. 🙂 I can’t think of a story. I’ve literally had this page open for over half an hour. Hope i win anyways. Thanks edit!

  • Oly Edwards

    I have made countless orders with you, so I’m unsure of the exact number of transactions. Buy boxes of blue rips when mine run out at home, and have bought bongs, blunts and grinders etc from you in the past also.

    So please enter me into the competition :o)

  • Son of Gonzo

    Hi guys, I’ve been a member of EDIT for about 3 years, maybe 4 now, bought my Volcano from you! Anyway:

    A bunch of stoners are running an online head-shop, and are thus stuck in a large, high-security warehouse for most of the day. Surrounded by bongs, legal highs and not so legal highs, they are vaguely unaware of the state of the world around them during the day.

    Little do the store-keepers realise that outside the warehouse, things are changing. Fast.

    The recently deceased are rising from the grave in ever increasing numbers. As London swells with the dead, the film follows the story of two of the shop-keepers as they sharpen their incense holders, featuring the Boost Bong as a weapon of choice. Also includes hillarious scenes of Salvia-Intoxicated zombies.

  • Tony

    ordered somethin like a week ago reference number 1266913 I like to grab additions every so often but anyways

    4 bongs in a car hurtling down the highway in a rusty buick grand national The driver being a boost and the passengers his nefarious roor friends who watch his back (each packing ashcatchers and carbon filters in case things get hot) police are right behind them not showing signs of stopping this pursuit any time soon

    Wondering how the robbery could have gone sour boost asks “what the hell went wrong there guys?” to hear “turns out that volcano we talked to was an informant the police were supposed to be busy right now” the volcano had told them earlier that week that there was going to be a violent protest that morning that would require most of the police force turns out he was lying noticing the cops were still on their trail they needed to act fast as they had already driven pretty far and had 2 police behind them still

    knowing the police must be low on gas as they were also The Fairmasters lil sista had a sudden realization we could put smoke out the window stop these blue guys with the roors leaning out the window peering the cops in their eyes they started dumping heat right at them

    the police couldnt see or breathe through the smoke and their car careened off the road into a ditch (no on was hurt) and our friends escaped with the money

  • KRO

    It’s the night before Christmas, and Santa needs to be making his deliveries. All the reindeers are sick with swine flu and Santa doesn’t know what to do. Mrs Christmas suggests they all get high and forget about the stresses of delivering presents, no one will notice she says. Santa doesn’t think its a good idea, but then Mrs Christmas brings out Rudolf the red nose Boost Bong, and after a heavy bong session, Santa, Mrs Christmas and the elves decide to deliver all the presents by Royal Mail, and unfortunately Christmas is delayed a few days for no apparent reason, but everyone gets their presents in the end. Hurrah!

  • Max Carchman

    So this girl named Mary Jane was driving her car over to her friends one day to show her friend the amazing, best strain of bud ever. She had been working on this ever since her husband died, leaving her a white widow. Then there was this other guy, Bong R. Ipperton, who was a glass blower and just blew this cool new thing to smoke his tobacco out of, which would give him a cleaner cooler smoke. Well neither of them were paying attention while they were driving and they got in an accident. Miraculously, both the bud and bong fell out of the cars and the bud went into the spot where the tobacco was supposed to go. Mary and Bong stepped out of their cars thought it looked like a good idea and smoked it. It was the highest Mary Jane had ever been and the first time Mr. Ipperton had gotten high. Bong Ipperton continued to wok on making new bongs the rest of his life, and this is the story of the first bong.

  • Stanley Stoner

    made an order earlier this month for my birthday 8)

    2 friends decide to go to the best head shop in town to buy a bong, but get side tracked on the way.

  • architect

    I’ve made more then 3 orders under this name and email address. here’s my plot:

    a blind man walks into a headshop, feels around the shelves and buys a bong thinking it’s a lovely vase. ‘oh what a lovely vase’ he thinks. little does he know it’s a bong. and not a lovely vase. though a bong could make a lovely vase, but you can’t smoke weed from a vase (trust me on that one). sorry where was I? oh I don’t know, maybe then he gives the ‘vase’ to his neice for her birthday, his neice who happens to be the daughter of the police commissioner, who’s maybe like 6 or something, the daughter not the commissioner, and she unwraps it at her birthday party in front of the whole police force, causing her father much embarrasment. but then as a handy distraction (and a good excuse for special FX) the caterers at the party turn out to be nazi ninja robots trying to take over the world one birthday party at a time and there is a bloody and violent battle with lots of lasers and explosions (I hope you didn’t want a short plot summary) and it ends with a nazi ninja robot about to shoot the commissioner in the head but his daughter throws her bong in the way and it deflects the laser beam into a massive cake which explodes in a shower of delicious icing. then everyone’s like “woah bong’s are great, they saved that dude’s life!” and everyone sits around getting high and eating the delicious icing rain and playing with the corpses of nazi ninja robots. the end. the movie is (inexplicably) called ‘sucking on a doorknob’

  • Dym

    I’ve made some orders with you! 4 to be honest. =)


    And for the story:

    One day, Jean-Guy was in his bed thinking about life and things. He was so far away in his head that he don’t even heard the door bell who was making a lot of noise during the last 2 minutes. But, a bad bathroom thing (he wanted to make a poo poo) take him and he woke up from his weird thought. During his way to the bathroom, the person/thing who was ringing the door bell became a little more frustrated and smashed the door. It was a monstrous and enormous bong, written “SMOKE ME” on it. The bong was so furious that he was producing cannabis smoke, even if no bud were burning in is bowl (probably due to resin left over). So, Jean-Guy, curious, went to see what the hell was happening at his front door. The bong was emmiting so much smoke that he became high even before reaching the door. He fell on the floor laughing and the bong, furious, take him by the leg and put it in his bowl head first. He take out a lighter and smoked Jean-Guy. Now, the bong was high. He was happy, because he too wanted to be high like everybody, but he only can when he smokes human who are already high.

    End of the story.

  • smokeysmokes

    I made a purchase about 1 hour ago, ref # is1275192, i have made many orders in the past as well.

  • Goodall

    Lock stock and 2 smoking bongs, A card playing bong is scammed out of his money, and is in debt to a crimelord bong, in order to get the crimebong off his back he decides to get his fellow bongs together and rob the neighbors (who happen to be a gang of bongs as well)

  • Feltros

    More than 3 orders somewhere on your records for me i’m sure 😛

    Once upon a time in dreary London a scandal was afoot. One man claiming expenses for a duck pond, another for a moat to be cleaned, one MP’s husband even claiming for porn….

    Jacqui Smith – Welcome Mr Dutch, on behalf of England we are grateful to have you.
    Ambassador – Thanks, I brought traditional dutch cookies to enjoy for this occasion.

    Soon the Ambassador and MP’s are enjoying a stunning RooR custom, Jacqui Smith is blowing away on her own festival pipe, and, in the ensuing talks many of the MP’s are moving towards a motion of ‘Hotbox’.
    The motion is passed by all political parties without disagreement.

    Ambassador – You know, now we’ve had a little fun why don’t I explain to you how we do expenses in Europe?

  • stoner3007

    hi guys, great give aways!! ive made a few orders definately more than 3 so i hope i get a chance lol.

  • Erik

    THE FIRST REQUIREMENT: I have 8 orders total, so I think I’m good on that one 🙂

    THE FINAL REQUIREMENT: The sun is going down, there’s a boost bong, a dairy cow and a farmer. The farmer has to decide between the bong or the dairy cow, which one should he milk?! the ending is up to you EDIT!

  • Jack Armstrong

    The president is a giant bong. his daughter, a smaller bong, is kidnapped. Kurt Russel saves her.

    Order number

  • Jamie Stanton

    just made an order
    REF: 1267129

    so heres a story a man walk’s into a bar and orders a drink the bartender asks his name and he says its bong, james bong

  • Adam Y

    I’m sure I’ve many more than three orders on record, but here i go anyway.
    Ivan Denisovich is a prisoner in the brutal Stalinist gulags. His days have become empty, his every luxury and liberty curtailed, his diet consisting only of a thin fish broth. One day, like every other, Ivan is woken by the reveille bell. He then goes through the daily rigmarole of dealing with inefficient and cruel bureaucracy of the prison, and labouring to build pointless structures without the proper materials in the bitter Siberian coldness. We sympathise with Ivan, and can identify with his despair. However, on this particular day, Ivan’s cellmate has a particular surprise. This cellmate is well connected, and his supply packages are worthwhile even after the corrupt guards have taken the majority. Today, though, he has something more precious than milk, sausage and white bread; on this occasion, he pulls back to reveal a brand new Boost bong, and 14 grammes of dry, fragrant Neville’s Haze. The sight of the glistening crystals, the fresh haze smell, triggers an overwhelming rush of gratitude in Ivan, and the humanity that the system has tried to strip him of with it’s harsh routine of exhausting labour floods back in an instant. Ivan, salivating and wide eyed by this point, grasps the bowl with pale, crooked fingers, and picks up a whole bud of the sweet haze. So desperate is he for the taste of thick, white, tickly smoke that without grinding it, he deposits it directly into the bowl, and holds it to the candle. The elegant, transparent chamber of the bong fills with dense and creamy smoke, until Ivan finally releases the rush, suddenly reducing the resistance and allowing the vapours to penetrate every crevice of his lungs. A tiny cough emanated from his lips, as he lay back on the hard bunk with a smile and slowly let his eyelids close. He knew that the guards, with all their cruelty and mercilessness, could never break the spirit of a man with such a tasty bong.

  • 420yoker

    Hi EDIT! i ordered an ashcatcher within a month i think but if not i have more than 3 orders for sure 😀 which will continue to grow as your website offers more.

  • AcidBurn2020

    I have bought my WS Spiky Ice off, Cyclone Bong, Bubbler and countless other things from EDIT. I like these giveaways that have requirements!

  • Jamie Duncan-Brown

    the government has a conspiracy to crack down on people smoking marijuana so they make the “boost bong” which is lined with a different addictive substance which is make to look like the glass. the government then bribes websites to give them away in online giveaways. citizens become addicted to the other substance and the government tries to brainwash them using the addictive substance. all the while, a harvard professor (who is a giant stoner) tries to get to the bottom of the conspiracy and finds a startling truth about the experiment that even the government hadn’t forseen.

  • bambalambam

    Order 1263594 a week ago. A weed star perc. Always love to add to the collection. EDIT was way easier than other stores.

  • Dave

    hey there. I just got seeds from you. heres my story.

    A Cowboy bong living in 1960’s america has a job as a ranch hand. one day he meets another Cowboy bong and they unexpectedly forge a lifelong connection. They both decide they dont like the bud no more and only have eyes for each other. The complications, joys and heartbreak they experience provide a testament to the endurance and power of love.

    in the film we could have the boost pong playing the lead role. I was thinking we could call it brokebong mountain. Might even win a couple of oscars for this one.

  • Jake Smith

    The names Bong, James Bong. Bong is sent to recover a military personnel with highly classified information. His main nemesis and the kidnapper.. Dr. Vapo! On his journey Bong comes across several sexy Pipes and proceeds to tap that ass. I think we all know how this ends.


  • Kim Byrne

    Ordered the Boxed Borosilicate Glass Bong – 3-Part Super Carbon Filter, just the other day from EDIT. # 1268045

    A Cyborg-Bong is sent back from the future to kill the future mother of the founder of Boost Bongs, and her only protector is a Boost bong sent back from the future to ensure the existence of her unborn child and the future of mankind’s use of Boost Bongs. The most action packed summer hit of the century, the sequels will be anticipated for years to come.

  • Joey Beckman

    Order Number: 1245164 like 2 weeks ago anyways

    3 stoners are sitting in their basement with a fresh bag of *oragano*

    The 1st stoner says: K guys we got the bud, the lighters, and our grinders
    The 2nd Stoner says: Ill grab the boost bong! once he grabs it he starts walking back with it when,god no! he tripes the bong hits the floor and shatters!
    The 3rd Stoner: NNNNOOOOOOOOOO!WHY GOD WHY!! “he breaks down on the floor and starts screaming hysterically.Hes so sad hes actually crying.

    *Theme music plays*
    Its time to bring in ~The Bong Squad~
    Three boost bongs bust down the door and hop on the couch on your lap, the third stoner stops crying and starts smoking… and they all live happily stoned ever after….well for about 3 hours…

  • Locutuz

    The Story of Goldensocks and the Three Bongs

    Once upon a time, there was a dude named Goldensocks. He went for a walk in the forest. Pretty soon, he came upon a cabin. he knocked and, when no one answered, he walked right in.

    At the table in the kitchen, there were three bongs. He took a toke from the first bong.
    “This bong hits way to harsh!” he exclaimed.
    So, he took a rip from the second bong.
    “This bong has too much drag,” he said
    So, he milked up the third bong.
    “Ahhh, this bong hits just right,” he said happily and he smoked it all up.

    Goldensocks was very stoned by this time, so he went upstairs to the bedroom and fell asleep.

    As he was sleeping, the home owners, who happened to be hippys, came home.
    “Hey man someone’s been smoking my bong,” growled the first hippy.
    “Dude, someone’s been smoking my bong,” said the second hippy.
    “Someone’s been smoking my bong and they smoked my shit all up!” cried the third hippy.

    They decided to look around and when they got upstairs to the bedroom, there layed Goldensocks. The 3 hippys were about to jump his ass when Goldensocks woke up and saw them. He screamed, like a little girl and he jumped up and ran out of the room. Goldensocks ran down the stairs, opened the door, and ran away into the forest grabbing the boost bong on the way out. And he never was seen by the three hippys again.


  • Hi guys,

    Could you please enter me into the contest? I bought a 2′ weed star bong from you about a week ago.

    Thanks 🙂

  • got rice?

    Is it the 3rd set of numbers sepperated by -‘s under “Standard International Mail”?
    Cause if it is it’s


    If not, I bought a weedstar puncher no ice, and you shipped it to athens ga, that’s pretty specific, my name is Benjamin too x3
    i’m so blazed I can’t think of any story xD

  • David Adams

    I ordered a weedstar perc bong and it got held up….. : (
    order# 1263594
    I hope I get my bong soon…


    Ive made more than 3 orders.

    Film Called ‘Champion’

    Racing driver Mr Toke-alot and Mr High-Allday,
    had a race on the island called highasfu
    Mr High-allday was winning but a company called ‘Edit’
    sponsored Mr toke-alot which gave him a ‘BOOST’
    so he could not lose race, and guess what? bingo-BONG-o..He was

  • daltin spicer

    req. 2

    USB (united states of bong) is the worlds major power, president barack obonga.
    Bub-xico is a small country fighting for independance.
    big war.
    USB wins of course with their secret triple-perc power

  • dankyouverymuch

    My boyfriend and I have, collectively this year, bought Blue Lotus, screens, New bowls, Dream Herb, a few new pieces, a mini bong, AND two regular bongs from you. It would be really freaking sweet to have another glass piece to put in our EDIT collection. Especially if we didn’t have to pay for it. We’re getting an apartment soon, so we could totally use a house warming present that doesn’t suck. I actually just smoked out of one. 🙂

  • I have atleast 3 roor bongs sat on my desk that all came from you… so requirement 1 met…

    requirement 2: Film Plot:

    Polatician legalizes and taxes cannabis after smoking Boost Bong… more like a newslfash but I met requirement #1 anyway….

    I look forward to receiving my winnings and test driving my new b00st b0ng!!!

    Thx EDIT!!! you r0x!!!

  • BePower

    order #1270810

    Bongs want to break a bank, they got caught (bongs can’t run :<) and i prison after being abused by prisonners they start a new life and decide to break the biggest bong bank in the world !

  • jason (nordelen)

    another bong give-away? cool!
    right, for speed purposes here are my last three order numbers.


    O.k. Film idea: bong in 60 seconds. a team of bong heads have twenty-four hours to travel around a city to find the best weed for a big party that is being thrown. If they do well they will be accepted into a very exclusive party circle. Fail, and they will be shunned by all but the shittiest dealers. Hows that sound?

  • Mike Wise

    I have boughten multiple pieces from you guys. We are going to make a video about the Boost Bong. The premise is that the Boost Bong is such a killer bong, that it actually kills whoever smokes it. We have some funny shots planned out, should be a good one. Hope we can win this contest, so we can use this piece for our video. Thanks in advance.


  • Duncan

    An old age bong, hit many a time, decides he’s had enough of life in a room and sets off to persue a carear in nepal treking tourists up the mountain side and letting them hit him as they go. The catch is hes actually an 82 year old man. The tourists never notice.

  • Tiny

    Hi guys, im a regular buyer, you can check by my e mail address, id love this bong! And il tell a story

    One day there was a bong called frank, and the next day there wasnt because some asshole dropped him in my kitchen, i should have tore his throat open with that glass….. the rivers run red with Burgundy’s blood!

  • Sheshka


    That’s my most recent order ref, but it’s still being processed, so 1271743 just in case 😛

  • Monlee

    A goes to a headshop to make a nice purchase of some new glass when all of the sudden a hippie sees the walking down the street and thinks to himself “I bet that bong would milk really nice”. So he goes over and milks the a couple times, goes to the headshop with the and takes both the roor.dr and the new glass home and milks it all night long with some nice nuggets.

  • ned1988

    I just checked my order history and it says I have made 0 orders… But I must have made about 10-15 over the years, I have the wrist bands to prove it :p

    last order ref – 814044

  • Andrew Satz

    my login’s satz15. i’ve made way over 3 total orders, 2 of which were made February and April of this year.
    this story contest is kinda goofy; instead i would much rather photoshop a bong or something… maybe next time?
    thanks, hope i win!

  • Mike


    The sick glass gets shipped to my house safely, along with an ehle teardrop ashcatcher (diffused of course), and Mike has many good time with said glass.

  • Zach

    I have had friends order me many things, i can even take a picture of my everyonedoesIT wrist band 🙂

    One day, a RooR walks into a headshop, he sits next to this fine ass PHX, she has one of the biggest beakers he has ever seen!!! this made his diffuser perculate. As he slowly milks, to build up confidence, he walks over and sits next to her just to hear this. ” Sorry dude, i dont go for the straight tubes ”

    This is why Roors, must never be mixed with a PHX 🙂

  • Gimme that

    my idea for amovie involving bongs would be were-potheads, one hit from this boost bong and every full moon you’ve got weed cravings(munchies for brains?)! then the US would legalize marijuana in hopes of getting out of recession (parallel?) and were-potheads would be everywhere! it’d be like underworld except with potheads!

  • Smokey

    A man buys a Boost Bong from a shady back-street dealer, and discovers that it has magical properties; transporting the user back to the 60’s, where he must embark on an epic adventure to get back to his own time!

    Starring Seth Rogen, probably

  • There once was a bong named Woody. Woody was made out of glass and has a cowboy themed sandblasted all over him which includes Woody from Toy Story, hence the name. Woody was just a plain straight bong that was a great daily driver. Andy used to use him all the time, he would wake up do a wake ‘n bake, would take a toke before going out for lunch, take a rip after getting home, get baked before dinner, and then get more stoned before going to bed.

    After years of using Woody Andy got a new bong which was an inline to 8arm perc with an inline ash-catcher. It was named Lightyear because of how hi-tech it was. Andy started using Lightyear a lot more than Woody, and then something terrible happened. Woody broke, Andy’s dog knocked over Woody by accident and broke the joint and downstem. Andy was upset but not too badly because he had Lightyear. After a year of just Lightyear his mom did something great for his birthday, she got Woody fixed, but with some upgrades! She got it fixed and got an inline put on it.

    Now Andy uses both Woody and Lightyear all the time and everybody lived happily ever after 😀


  • Huw Smith

    I made an order within the last month- reference number 1254182

    erm for a film………..dude goes to blaze on the side of the montain….blazes loads….trips the fuck out because of weed spiked with special shit……..leaves bong behind……….bong gets found by some other dude and goes on some epic journey throughout the united states…..until eventually it ends up in the presidents hands just as he passes a law which makes marijuana legal and he lights up a fat bowl for publicity


    (carb stopper appreciated)

  • Russel

    hey i didnt really want too read all the details but i think the bong is really kewl and i would like to have it

  • I recently smashed my Molino bong and I’m looking to replace it very soon, Winning The Boost Bong would make my dreams come true if I was to win it!!

  • Thomas Haugen

    First req ok.

    Film plot –
    Inn a galaxy hopefully not so far away where bong hitting now is a world wide sport, we follow tim, an orphan who got nothing except a pair of steel lungs and the will to do anything to get to the top.

  • Matthew

    A man drops his bong on the floor, it shatters but then, each little piece of glass becomes a bong of it’s own with a soul and all of them then attempts to take over the world! Bwahahaha! <– Evil laugh

  • Mike

    It was an almost-dark night as the crickets chirped…The only light available was from the full moon, which kept disappearing behind a group of heavy, gray clouds. To make matters worse…It was August 2nd, the anniversary of when the Boost Bong deaths started occuring. To those who haven’t been watching the news lately, or have been living under a rock for the last century, every August 2nd, massive amounts of bodies are found dead in awkward positions, forming the letters “E” “D” “I” “T” — or “EDIT”. Each of the deceased had glazed over eyes, a look that says “I like to chillax,” and a Boost Bong almost glued to their hands. The police suspected fowel play at first…However, after further inspection, it turns out the deaths were caused by “massive waves of leet water filtered smoke” and “death from eating a GSpot Carb-Stopper”. The GSpot Carb-Stopper was proven innocent, thus the guilt remains with the Boost Bongs. What will happen next?

  • busturdust

    The bong smoking championships are on ESPNS the Stoners sports network. It consists of a variety of glass on glass greatness and pits the best bong milkers against each other. Who can hold the most smoke? The bustduster arrives and puts all others to shame in wins the coveted golden nugg.


  • Jonas

    Here’s my 3 purchases.

    Movie plot: Like Cars just with bongs. Main bongs name can be whatever. He has to win combustion cup or something and it’s all very cool.

  • Alex A

    Too many orders to list…

    hmmm this was a good one…


    Movie Plot:
    Boost bong’s take over Boost juice bar,
    and offers hits all around the world, at great convenient boost bong bar locations…

  • Stephen L

    Order: 1264723

    3 Men in a Boat with a Bong. Like the TV programme, but better, with myself and 2 friends. Maybe throw in some Boost Bars for namesake snack. And there’s an Island we sail to (eventually), with some sort of huge party with all the EDIT team on the beach.

  • oliver

    get on i got number 1 haha good luck everyone
    any one know when the draw will take place cause i just ordered some incsence and am thinking of buyin a diffuser to go with this boost bong

  • LukeZorz

    The Ehle goes to the shop and buys some sweets. Upon finding out they are extremely carcinogenic and can cause insta-death he sets out to find the people responsible…. but will ‘they’ find him first? BadaBing BadaBOOM!


  • Brent

    Two bongs go on vacation to Vancouver and get into a car accident, and one of them is critically injured. In order to pay for the Bowl Transplant surgery that bong1 so desperately needs the second bong begins a drug smuggling operation bringing canadian bud to the US, something that catches lead DEA agent Bongs Mckenzie’s attention. Can the bongs avoid the heat and a trip to the big house and raise the money for the vital surgery in time? ACTION, DESIRE, ROMANCE, BONGS!

  • Kellen

    I have made two purchases from you guys i hope atleast one of them was in the last month but i’m not sure. I dont have a ref # but my username is (Kalec.)

    2 bongs locked up for paraphernalia charges plan there great escape from a maximum security prison in California. In the thriller The bongshank redemption.

  • ville

    so these two roors walk into a head shop, its filled with a new breed of bong… the boost bong! a fight ensues and the roors with their legondary powers defete all 30 or so boosts!

  • Loomboom


    One day Guenther the Roor goes to the park to toss a Frisbee with some friends. As he’s there, his friend Luxemburg tosses it to him, however he is too distracted by a the most beautiful Roor he has ever seen. The Frissbee hits him and knocks him over, and that beautiful female who was looking back runs over to him to see if he’s okay. He was fine, and asked her out on a date. Anna, was her name. After a few weeks of dating, they end up married and Anna gets pregnant. However it wasn’t until she gave birth where Guenther found out that Anna was never actually a Roor, and that she was an off brand bong. As mad and disappointed as Guenther was, out came one of the nicest baby bongs he had ever seen! And on it’s chest, was the name Boost. Guenther was so happy by this glorious baby that they made, he decided forgive Anna and they lived happily ever after.

  • Nick R.

    make an Orbit Gum commercial pun.
    “Dirty Mouth? Clean it up.”
    (guy hits bong and smiles as blowing out smoke)
    “Boost your way to a better day”

  • Sam Evans

    I made an order a week ago and am making another one tomorrow.

    There once was a bong called bob.
    He knew how to do the job.
    The rush hole was tight.
    The bud glew bright.
    And at the end i was certainly high.

  • Danielle h

    The lord of the bong

    One bong to stone them all
    one bong to rules them on

    you imagine 2 h30 of party on .
    multiply by 3 movie it a box office lolll

  • austinnnn

    film plot

    far across the ocean in china there was a camp. you were chosen at birth based on various factors and throwm in here and bread into ultimate bong hitters. this is the story of one who rose to the top.

  • Godsfarmer

    i hav bought from here 5 times but only once as a member
    maybe my address might be of help ?

    film plot

    1 guy searchin fo da “holy ganja” the only ganja from “cheebus” who ppl say growed it himself but no one knows wer, our guy searhes all over the world, but he cant find it and dosent, he goes out to a “high” party n meets a girl who uses a new and unique never before seen BONG, she tells him its a SUPER BOOST BONG, he asks wer was it made, she tells him in the UK, he and the girl both go der hopefully to meet the makers of the bong (EDIT) bcuz mayb they might know da wer da holy ganja is. n they do, kinda. they tell him they r decendants of “cheebus” and they used to b “high monks” with cheebus. so they tell him wer it is but not its percise location cuz they dnt even know, so dey giv him a boost bong to help him. he n da girl go to the high mountains to find it they go thru storms, wild animals, dangerous cold, still they reach da top of high mountain n dnt find it so they giv up, they decide to smoke n realize they hav a boost bong so they use dat n bcuz they r on high mountain they get a super high n dey see a little temple. ( since they r now high they can see wat is hidden on top of da mountain) they go in da lil temple n find cheebus. he is 4eva in high ( call it the high world lol or heaven for people who die while smokin cannabis lol) . ( so they talk n cheebus says if they want the holy ganja they must complete 2 tasks ( EDIT can do wateva tasks they want) they complete the tasks n get the holy ganja. cheebus warns them if they smoke it u will always b high. the boy n girl dnt believe him n walk away as cheebus n his temple fade away.

    the boy n girl get home n smoke da holy ganja
    n dey believe dey r floating in da clouds n all cool things happen
    but bak in reality the boy n girl are lyin on da floor lookin like retards
    n da movie ends cheebus’s head luaghin above the boy n girl

  • have ordered

    Two gamers?(hippies, skateboarders…) sitting around looking tired and one says to the other, ‘man, I could really use a boost’.

    they get thier blast and go back to what they were doing with a vengence

  • ExeterDopeHead

    Here’s some numbers for ya


    That glass looks thicker than Vida Guerra

  • Damian D

    One Sunny Day in the streets of england there was 3 regular boring bongs chillin’, getting stoned, with there small bowls and there small amount of weed. then the new boost bong comes over, looking good and says “you call yourself bongs” then *laughs* then packs up the biggest bong and smokes them all out!

    (if it was done in cartoon and made a lil’ funny it would be sweet!!)

    I havnt bought from you this month yet but i will now!! 4shaw

  • Sharon

    A group of 5 male bongs walked into a bar, but it wasn’t just any bar, it was the glass pipe bar. A place that is forbidden from young bongs from all over the world. You have to be an older, more mature bong to go into this kind of bar, but these 5 young male bongs didn’t know any better. They ran out of butane and the lighter was empty.

    The young bongs take a seat at the bar and get some ice and water to wet their palet.

    A young female pipe with a very wide spoon and I mean wide!!!! approaches them.

    Female pipe: Hello boys, what are you doing in a place like this, you look a little young.
    Young male bong 1: That’s because we all take care of ourselves with a blend of sea salt and rubbing alcohol with a little rub down to sparkle up our glass real nice.

    The female pipe is very impressed: How about I take you boys up to my room and…

    Suddenly a man walks into the bar and shoots the group sitting at the bar. All lives are immediately over as the glass shatters.

  • Dr. Bengele

    Film Plot: (Cheesy Martial Arts Movie)

    A person finds a ancient bong made in jade, the bad guys who have been trying to find it for a long time finds him just after he have found it, determined to take it from him they send people to try taking it, in waves so the main character can fight them off before getting overrumbled, last scene should be the leader of the bad guys trying to get the bong, and thay fight wile holding it and stealing it from each other all a bunch of times during the fighting (jakie chan style), main character beats the leader, the end

    Kind Regards,
    Dr. Bengele

  • Ryan Bradley

    Roor and Hurricane are sitting smoking, the same as they do everyday when they realise the smoke passing through them today feels better than it has ever felt before. This sudden euphoria sparked their adventurous sides which hadn’t been ignited since they made a first class trip in boxes to the place they now call home. They decide the next time they are sitting on their beds (or shelves as they had once heard it called by strange beings how always seem to be around them) that they will finally make their move, and head on to pastures new.

    It’s finally time to go when Hurricane changes his mind, but Roor puts all his energy into moving at the same time, falling 6 feet and smashing on the ground. From then on Hurricane decides to stay home, and smoke everyday in memory of the courageous Roor, whom he once called friend.

  • Ginge

    Film Idea

    A guy finds a old, dusty bong while cleaning out the attic of his dead Mum’s house. Calls a couple of his mates over and they are about to get blazed, but the first one to try lighting the bong get sucked into another dimension. His friends run, leaving to bong to be found by a college student 30 years later. When he tries to hit it, the original guy arrives back in this dimension, but in doing so brings many weird creatures from the other dimension with him.

    It’s basically jumanji but with a bong instead of a board game

  • Gary





    movie title – Bong Man and Spliff

    Plot – bong man is a super human smoking machine. his arch nemesis is cigarettes. Spliff is a trusty sidekick that use to be a cigarette, but got introduced to the truth of tabacco and went over to the earth’s side. the start of the movie will be intoducing the characters. many fight scenes and smoking scenes in the middle. bong man smokes the tabacco at the end of the movie to kill it. if you want to make a sequal, the tabacco companys form an alliance and try to take over the world.

  • Heres the plot

    Bong porno-The little bong that coudn’t
    Theres a boy bong that had alittle “steam” and decided to get into porn despite the fact that he had a little steam. Then acidently got put into some kind of fuck up porn like beastiality or gay porn

  • Jedidiah

    most recent order arrived less than a week ago so im in for sure.

    plot: bunch dull of kids sit around smoking tobacco through a plastic gatorade bottle bong *magic wand waves* boost bong appears full of lovely herby smokeables and party ensues.


  • the first bong invented has been discovered again after decades of being buried in a box out in the woods after a group of stoners stumble upon it, along with the bong, is a bag full of nugs from the first kush plant, along with some seeds that are to be planted to keep the kush in circulation worldwide, but as the stoners snap some rips of the kush through the bong, they notice the original kush seeds are missing…

  • nindja

    the clock is turning 16 18 and a guy is standing at the subway and his getting a desparat look at his face hes pushing poeple a side and start running ´trougt the streets running throug all kind off trouble and looking on whatch again its says 16 18 hes running faster the whatch is ticking hes running and runnig hes you can se a count down start ticking and 10 9 8 -7-6-5… and hes getting to the door and trowing hes baag on the couch and picking op a bong and when the whach turns 420 and hes milking and then a chatchi line lol 😀

  • Spud

    I have made purchases 3 years ago but they have disappeared from the order history?

    *Film Plot – Dirty Bong*

    MADNESS!!! EPIDEMIC!!! Nowhere is safe when the ferociously big, insanely tall 50 foot dirty bong is on the loose…

    Its gauze is clogged and charred with ash, the mouth piece is chipped and broken. Its water has NEVER been changed, thick blobs of stanky tar drips from the jaws of its downpipe and has formed a colony of scaley filth, encrusted to the wall like a dirty toilet in a chineese restaurant.

    This bong has never been cleaned nor has it ever been looked after.

    Dirty stagnant water pisses from its carb hole all over your favourite carpet or Xbox controller as it delivers you a hit so harsh, you don’t even want to smoke it…

  • Benjamin

    The plot is all about bongs who fall in love. One bong is a RooR and the other is a boost. Basically romeo and juliet where their love is forbidden. The love would be displayed by two stoners and their friends. One group of friends only likes the roor while ones only likes the boost. Then one day there is a blind smoke off and people forget what they like, and the bongs get married.

  • RUPufnstuf

    I qualify under both requirements.

    Two cavemen are near a cave that is situated in the woods, near a stream with high banks. One caveman is near the fire with a suspiciously familiar plant, holding it so that the big buds on the end catch fire. He then shakes the plant so that the flames go out and it smokes ferociously. He shoves his head into the cloud of smoke and then coughs like crazy as his eyes water and become red. Meanwhile the other caveman is using a long reed to drink water from the stream because the bank is so high. Hearing his friend coughing, he turns his head and some of the smoke cloud is sucked into his reed. His eyes bulge and he exhales a stream of smoke without coughing. Thier eyes meet and they nod to each other, then the straw using caveman glances down at the water and scratches his chin.

    Later, the cave is full of difuse smoke and the two cavemen are slumped up against either side of the cave, slit eyed and grinning. As the camera pulls back, it reveals that there is a glass bong on the floor between them backlit by the roaring fire so that it looks like the bong is surrounded by a flaming aura as Thus Sprach Zarethustra (2001 theme) plays.

    As the scene fades to black, the clever caveman is looking at a stick with fire dancing on the end of it and scratching his chin.

  • King Nic

    The scene opens with smoke comming out of 2 Boost Bongs. They try to order pizza but cant, they try to turn on the tv they cant. Even more smoke now comes out of the Boost Bongs.

    I have made 3 orders and 2 within the last month.

  • PhoeniX

    Hi dont know if im a member but i have more than 3orders in total here thats for sure, not least my blackleafbong i got home yesterday 😀

    But to the plot: The Jogger comes running and looks tired, looks up in the cloudes and thinks ” I Could Sure Need Something right About Now”

    she heres this loud noise, “Need A Boost?” she takes a hit from the bong and runs like never before.

  • StayinHighwhileRiding

    I’m not a member unfortunatly. I would if i didn’t live in portland, OR which has dope ass bong shops every-fucking-where hahahah

    PLOT: 4 bongs, with towlie like appreances(that is eyes that turn red when smoked out of). There’s a red, green, multi, and blueish/green bong, we’ll call them Red, G, M, and BG. We’ll also refer to them as the high troupe, cause that’s what they do! Anywho, these bongs live in a crazy ass reality where theres people and inanimate objects that talk and shit like people, and they also live in hawaii, because its fucking nice as hell there.. most of the time… dun dun dunnnn


    the high trouppe is walkin down the road, headed to the beach to get some bitches and have em hit em all day long. Although red is technically a female bong, she totally digs the bitches too, because i mean really they live in hawaii and are fucking walking bongs. On the walk down, a van full of freeride mountain bikers see them walking and pull off to the side of the road in a crazy skidding to a halt while turning fashion that causes quite a dust cloud, and somehow the bikes stay on their rack. They get out and say “WHATUP BONGS BROOSSS” and they reply “stayin hiiigh maaaan, and shes a bitch bong” and they’re like “whaaat? ive never heard of some shit like that” so they bust out their sack, which is a filled up ziploc (not the pussy small ones that you can fit a ounce at most, im talking the economy sized shits) and a space case grinder the size of your fucking head. The grinder says “woah ive never seen a girl bong either!” and immediatly starts grinding up their weed. Luckily, BG had some cardboard in his arm (its like a utility vest on that shit) and lays it down so he can put all the weed on somthing, unfortunatly the cardboard isnt big enough and some of the weed gets on the ground. The bikers are all like “bro your getting shit on my SHIT! what the fuck homes i know your a bong but you gotta watch out!” and G steps in like a true bong brotha and says, “hey dont worry bro we got some match, lets touch the sky” and proceeds to load a bong hit into his motherfucking SELF! and then pulls his trusty bic lighter out that only says “yo” or “sup” then lights that chronic green sticky icky wicky licky UP like some forest fire in california. the bikers get so high they forget about their weed because they just hit a 6ft tall/4ft dia bong, and are totally tore the f up.

    our high trouppe continues along their journey!

    they hit the beach like some old school pimps, but without the cars, or human features. Immediatly upon arriving they notice.. holy SHIT! its HIGH TIMES babes tryout oor whatever the hell its called with the hot bitches who get real high! and our bong trouppe smokes em the pound they just got and totally get sucked on all day!

    then a storm hits

    they go back to the high times place and are voted the best talking bongs ever because they get people so high, since they’re living bongs they blow ALL the smoke into your lungs with no effort on your part except to breathe, which if that takes effort your a fucking retard.. or really stoned.. so alot of people had to take effort to hit the bongs but they countered that by being really high. all the time. with cuties. everywhere.


  • j

    a bong and his friend decide to rob a bank but they can’t get out of the country because their paraphernalia

  • Brady

    Meh ive ordered 3 bongs but 2 came in one order.

    One time there was a bong with a bowl that was uncashable. No matter how many times you put a lighter to it the chamber would fill. After smoking it for a long time some idiot came over and broke it….


  • RBS

    I should qualify, made my first order today 🙂

    idea for film…

    guiness advert with the hoarses in the sea, but instead of running in the pub at the end and and reaching for a pint, he runs in a cafe and a boost bong is waiting!

  • greeny

    There is a bong lying in a hospital bed, the doctor comes in and says “I’m sorry, you’re going to die” to which the bong replies “What! I can’t beleive it, was is lung cancer?” the doctors then says “No”, the bong says “What it wasn’t? What was it then?” The doctors says “aids”.

  • jimmy s

    the earth has een taken over by zombies with only one man alive who stumbles across some weed. He locks himself in a room and rolls a fat joint. The zombies manage to get in and get high. It flicks forward in time and the man is sitting on a throne made from weed with a crown of weed smoking a 7oz blunt and all the zombies are worshiping him with joints and pipes wearing ganja shirts. behind the throne is a big flag with a weed leaf on it. smoke blurs out the screen and appears in the smoke.

    hope you like it 😀

    *at the end instead of a 7oz blunt the man is smoking a massive boost bong!

    sorry forgot it had to involve a bong lol

  • Luke

    terrorist’s create a bong that kills people in one snap.
    They sneak into the white house and leave the bong in the oval office along with a quad of some of the finest *eh tobacco* and slip out of the white house unnoticed.
    The president–the quality glass and tobacco connoisseur that he is–was found dead in the oval office the next morning…

  • nibs208

    Film plot

    The movie would be called BOOST: The Worlds Most Illustrious Bong. About A team of thieves who get really stoned and attempt to pull off a heist (or a Boost, title is double entendre) to steal the worlds greatest bong from a maximum security complex of some sort.

  • Brian Keith


    2 Bongs are boxing in a boxing ring, one random bong(roor, molino, g-spot etc), one Boost bong. 10 seconds in to round one the boost bong Knocks out the other bongs. Then a screen pops up that says, “Nothing hits like a Boost!”

  • Dan

    The film stars Jean-Claude Van Damme, Steven Seagal, and Chuck Norris as down-and-out mercenaries. They’re hired by a group of rastas who need help defeating an evil drug kingpin who rules with violence and cruelty, so the rastas can freely distribute ganja with kindness and goodwill, for no cost, to everyone.

    Oh. And the rastas are all boost bong enthusiasts. And there has to be a scene where our three heroes are smoked out by said rastas using said bongs.

    Bam. Cinematic gold. You’re welcome.

  • Rick

    a lonely RooR Lil’ Sista has no downstem. Her female joint needs something in it, so an Illadelph Brother takes the male part of his diffy, puts it in her, and then the downstem releases a bunch of milk inside her, only to have the downstem replaced in the Illy.

    Never before has she felt so used…

  • Jen

    I’m hungover so pardon this crap story lol

    A bong couple go shopping for thongs (just using cos it rhymes lol) one day. The RooЯ Terminator (guy) and The RooЯ pink Lil Sista (girl) The lil sis says ”does my beaker look big in this?” and the Terminator being a typical man 😉 (jokes!) says the wrong thing which was yes and the Lil Sis got so annoyed she pushed him over and GONG! smashed him to bits. She then had to escape the country as she was being accused of first degree murder and we follow her dastardly attempt to escape the cops.

    Unlike Arnie, this Terminator will never be back..

  • moejo


    First Requirement…Is definitely met..
    BTW, I like having both a Carb hole and a Slide…

  • so i have had three orders

    but here is the story.
    One day two guys put money together and ordered a roor a roor down stem and an water pipe bag and a new sparkling gold bowl. but then the roor never came just the down stem and the two boys forgot and went on with there lifes. all the sudden five months later a package arrives and its there gold bowl. but still no roor… the story of my edit adventure

  • Mr Nigel C Pollock

    First Requirement met.

    Film plot. Well it’s a porn film so not much of a plot.
    Film starts off with Girl bong (Red Becky). Bongking away with her self.
    But she has left the fron door open and some bongs of Jehovah
    come round and Witnesses Red Becky in action.

    After that it a Gang Bong……

  • Adam Barrington

    Mama tomato bong, Pappa tomato bong, and baby tomato bong are walking down the street, baby tomato bong is lolly gagging behind so Pappa tomato bong walks over, smashes baby tomato bong and says “ketchup”


  • Dan Sehgal

    Hi there,

    I am new to this blog and just decided to join in. Ive made 2 orders recently.


    Btw, I would like to have a GSpot Carb-Stopper with this, if i make it 😛

    As for the story i dunno…..i cud say something funny then again mite end up saying something stupid and the joke could be on me….. ill give it a miss. haha

  • bambalambam

    My movie idea:

    Who is that big black guy that does voice overs? His voice:

    “In an epic duel of endurance, two heroes cash bongs. One will fail and have a bad trip, one will get really high. An endless pile of bud, Four iron lungs. Who will prove their right as Bob Marleys’ heir?
    Two of the greatest stoners ever to smoke the bud of this earth.
    Two perfect bongs. One pile of weed. Who will puke first?”

    Hash Bean (RooR) Vs Dave Warden (Illadelph) in a massive Duel to the greenout.

  • stanni

    Made an order today!

    A guy is smoking from a bong for the very first time. Having seen others take hits from it before, he remembers from his childhood when he blew bubbles into his milk with a straw. With that knowledge he grabs the bong, ready for the hit of his life, and puts his lips on the glass. Much to his dismay, the bubbles he was expecting did not form, but instead he sends the downpipe flying with ferocious speed into the wall; smashing it into a thousand pieces.

    If you dont get it.. he blew into the bong 🙂

  • James

    Iv Ordered Countless times, ordered a black leaf bong a while back, a few pipes, rolling machines, papers etc, waiting on a chillum right now though coz it out of stock.

    Anyway heres my piece
    “A lonely old bong, lets call him Frank, has no friends and gets bored of playng GTA and listening to funk, so Frank decides to join Bootsy and the rest of the Parliment gang, they tour the world but Bootsy desides to resign and give his job playng funktaculous bass lines to Frank, but Frank is made of glass and as soon as our dear Frank touched that star shaped bass and felt its funk he shattered into a million pieces and George Clinton cried”

    Story sucks but its still a plot


  • Dunkbro


    A musical prodigy develops a brain tumor and the only therapy is through substances that need to be smoked. he starts smoking weed with what he calls the “muse” bong and becomes enlightened. he throws off his parent’s fascist rule of his career and realizes the hypocrisies in what he had done and supported before. he eventually runs away and makes a life for himself as a guru of knowledge and enlightenment

  • Jay boy

    Deff interested in seeing what these are about and what better way then to win a free one. Shame bout the carb but nothing the stop cant solve hope i win. Thanks for the chance.

  • Jeffrey

    Film Plot

    A young, busomy blonde is jogging down the street, keeping time with the bass heavy trance track blasting through her head phones. As she turns a corner she collides with an older man, who wastes no opportunity and gropes her on their way down. She has no idea what to say to that, so they both offer apologies, and head on their way. Our blonde (Lets call her…Erica) makes it home and walks into her house. Given her hot and sweaty nature Erica leaves a trail of clothes behind her as she strips while making her way to the shower.

    Cut to Erica and her roommate, Tara, a well built brunette with ice blue eyes and legs that start at her neck, sitting in the basement, blazing some fine bud, discussing what long days they had and how the only thing that kept them going was the thought of coming home to kick back and get high. When suddenly a creak from upstairs alerts the women to the unexpected presence of someone they don’t know. Erica, being the bolder of the two leads the way upstairs to investigate the noise, followed closely by Tara, still clutching her heavy glass Boost Bong. When they reach the main floor, the girls separate to close in on the intruder. However, he finds Erica first. To her surprise it’s the creepy old guy from earlier. He grabs her from behind, uttering all sorts of vile, and slightly nauseating threats. Tara, of course, hears this commotion and quietly advances on the struggling pair, then proceeds to beat the ever-living shit out of the guy with her bong (she has however, removed the bowl, to avoid wasting any herb).

    End scene with a witty one liner such as “Wow, this bong’s saved the day twice and it’s not even 4:30 yet” (Or something wittier. I’m to baked for humor)

  • Jinx

    I meet the first requirement, in fact it was only last week i received my space case (best grinders ever) from you guys.

    looks like a bongtacular piece of glass!

    Anyway hope I win!

    Thanks very much

  • Corny

    Thousands of years in the future benevolent aliens visit Earth and find in the charred rubble of what used to be Los Angeles a perfectly intact Boost bong. They add it to their collection of cultural objects they believe to be representational of the ancient civilizations whose ruins they have visited on hundreds of planets across the galaxies. Among the artifacts in this museum are the Predator’s shoulder cannon, the loc-nar, and R2-D2’s real third leg.

  • Chas

    I meet the first requirement, i think my last order was less than a month ago but if it wasn’t i’ve made more than 3 in my time

  • brooke

    wooo, I’ve made over three orders in the past, I keep moving house, but im sure you’ll find my records

    ‘Bongtown was a mellow place, happy red-eyed people wandering around. That was, until the boost bongs arrived. Next thing you know people are arguing over their bongs saying who’s is best, in the end their wass mass bongocide and all bongs were broken except for the boost bongs, who multiplied and made everyone happy with their big hitting blasts.
    the end’

  • darren li

    boost bong takes winter Olympics by storm with a belly full of water and a neck full of ice,he burns through the competition with his bright orange bowl glowing and cold neck held high he shatters the previous records with a 7 gallon hit!!!!!

    one me please!

  • James

    using trippy colours and graphic animation style video the film is based on the Bong being able to be durable and adaptable in all situations. eg winter, summer, rain ,wind or night clubs..anywhere basicly what ever suits the design . each sequence ending in a cartoon type charactor blowing smoke into the screen into the lense

  • Tim

    yes i have ordered gear from you within the last month…and always happy with your service!!! thanks!!!!! here is my idea for short advertisement

    NEWSFLASH!! custom boost bong rigged to launch you into outer space.. first glass bong to take man to the moon LITERALLY!! 🙂

    NEWSFLASH!! Glass Bong BOOSTS mans car after he bought it at E.D.I.T. epic police chase still in pursuit!!!

    more to come!

  • Tyler Doherty

    I’ve made more than 3 orders from edit and loved them all (about 7 to be excact) and that bong looks so clean I’d love to have a tube.

  • Josh F

    film plot

    The boost bong floats down from the cloud of smoke into a circle of stoners. to decide who gets the piece they decide to have a competition, only to perfectly tie with each other. So the piece stays with the circle forever.

  • jake j

    i think i like this piece….. NO I KNOW I LIKE THIS PIECE…… i think i want to smoke out of this piece…..NO I KNOW I WANT TO SMOKE OUT OF THIS PIECE…… HELL YEAH GIVE IT TO ME

  • Fredrik

    I have made an order in the past month.

    movie – a guy walks in to a bar, and the bartender puts a bong on the table, and says take a toke. and the guy smoke from the bong. THE END

  • Tim K

    a bong sits alone in a large empty room. suddenly a baby walks into the room and hits the bong like a pro, then the baby proceeds to leave the room. the end, best short story about a bong ever.

  • The Boost bong is a crash landed alien craft that a financially challenged glass blower stumbles upon and transforms into a bong. After taking his first rip he notices something different as he exhales.. The smoke is sparkling. This is immediately followed by the most mind blowing high he or any other man has ever experienced.

    He invites his mates over and after they all experience an equally mind blowing high with sparkling smoke his friends immediately are instilled with the urge to steal this bong for themselves.

    “Hey man you mind if I borrow this for the wee-”
    “No dude he’s gonna lend it to me aren’t you dud-”
    “ITS MINE!”

    This preludes to a struggle for the bong and leads to its shattering. The spell cast over them is immediately broken and they realise that the bong was not for mere men in a series of conclusive words. The glass blower makes a new bong in the Boost Bongs likeness in memory of the space bong, and they spark up a bowl and have awesome fun.

    The end :3

  • Jmcpherson

    3 robbers break into a bank at night, however during the raid when they encounter the cash vaults, 2 of the robbers ignore the cash vaults, and upon being questioned by the other robbers, they swiftly tell him that there are “more important things in store”.

    They walk past the cash vault and various safety deposit vaults bearing determined looks upon their faces. until they reach vault number “420”, they spend a fair amount of time penetrating the harsh security measures placed upon vault 420 (Motion detectors, lazers etc etc) until they finally gain access to the vault.

    Once opened there is the Boost bong sitting there in all it’s glory (Possibly with the bowl filled however that is to the discression of the director/editor as I am not sure wether if that is allowed or not, if it is allowed then the bowl will be packed reaching the point of spilling at the slightest knock, they then proceed to light/enjoy the bong then and there, good vibes ensue.

    However, forgetting where they are and the events leading up to this glorious occasion, they forget that the police would be onto them by now, and get caught.

    But that isn’t the end, the police arrived so early because they thought they were there for cash, and upon realising that they are there smoking the Boost Bong, they decide to let them off, and proceed to smoke the bong with the robbers.

    The end 😀

  • aidan

    oh man i cant wait till the boost line comes in
    i just got a new gear double perc with a/c and an illadelph glycerin coil
    im think should so pick up some illadelphs, sg’s, or gear bongs by the way
    itd be SICK

  • Sammy B

    This is it, it’s sick nasty.

    two bongs are sitting on the table, on says to other,

    “Man, it’s cold in here.”

    The other one turns and says,

    “Holy Sh**! a talking bong!”


  • Scott

    Movie idea. There is a group of strait tube Boost bongs and a group of beaker bottom boost bongs. They are fighting as if the strait tubes were one and gang and the beaker bottoms were another. Then a bubble bottom comes out of no where and in a real tommy chong stoner voice says “Cmon man can’t we all get along… we are all bongs” then the beakers and strait tubes start saying quietly “yeah yeah hes right yeah.” then the over voice guy says Boost bongs are sure to boost your happiness in any situation….available at”

  • jj

    I have made more than 3 orders from! I love this site!

    1st movieidea: BOOST BONG smashes down onto other non-boost bongs.
    Each one blows up or disapears AND IN THE END THERE IS ONLY THE BOOST BONG STANDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!(amaizing music and this would be a hit)

    2nd MovieIdea: KingKong hitting the Bong

  • Rob

    So the plot goes like this;

    requirement 2) Two adults regret wasting their life on studying and being geeks, sure they’re rich, but their life is boring. At the age of 30, they decide to start smoking and act like the kids they hated in high school in college.

    They run into a stoner kid from high school. After confessing that he had stopped smoking, the 2 adults buy his bong and the last of his weed (1\8 ounce white widow) The 2 adults get extremely baked and smoke the entire 1\8th, not knowing that they had smoked more then enough. They end up in the forest not knowing what had happened for the past 18 hours….

  • Ian H

    orderded load of times

    5 boost bongs break into the EDIT warehouse and send this ” /online_headshop/Roor_Custom_Little_Sista_Icemaster_70__EDITOT_SPECIAL.cfm?iProductID=5709 ” to me by mistake


  • Devan

    Movie Idea –
    Little Goldi-bong was walking through the forest when Goldi-bong had come across a house. Having been walking for awhile, Goldi-bong was coming down. So Goldi-bong decided to enter the house to search for a good smoke. Goldi-bong saw 3 piles of herb setting on the table. The first herb Goldi-bong tried was too harsh. The second pile of herb Goldi-bong tried was schwag, so finally Goldi-bong tried the last pile of herb. Goldi-bong bubbled away at the last pile of herb and decided it was just right. But soon after, Goldi-bong became couchlocked. Goldi-bong saw three different couches to sit on. Goldi-bong sat on the first couch and decided it was too lumpy, but was too couchlocked to get up and fell asleep. Not too long afterwards, Boost bong came home and saw his three piles of herb missing. Upon this sight Boost bong exclaimed, “Someone’s been smoking my herb!” Next Boost bong went to his favorite couch and noticed Goldi-bong fast asleep there. Goldi-bong quickly woke up with a jolt and fell to the floor. Goldi-bong smashed into pieces. After tidily cleaning up the mess, Boost bong sat on his favorite couch with his secret stash of his favorite herb and enjoyed the rest of the evening.

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