Do you bong it up or dab rig down? The type of glassware you should look into buying will vary depending on what kind of substance you plan to ingest with it. EDIT has tons of glass ranging from affordable to save your rent style. Let’s read ahead and see which rig or bong suits whom.

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The main difference as we had mentioned previously is that you need to decide what kind of cannabis product you are planning to enjoy with your new glassware. If you enjoy waxes, concentrates, oils or any other non-flower brand of weed, you’ll be wanting a dabbing rig. If you are strictly into lighting up a sweet bowl of dried herb, get yourself a bong, baby.

If you’re going to use a concentrate, you will need a dabbing rig, dab nail, and a torch to light your dab hit with. If you are going to blow flower cloud, then you will require a lighter. Don’t use matches, even in desperate situations, as the sulfuric component can affect the taste of your herb. Hempwick is best to light a glass bong with. You conserve your stash and aren’t burning anything except that sweet cannabis treat.

The size of your bong or dab rig is also very important. A smaller dab rig always works out great because concentrates to be vaped are usually way more potent than straight herb. A bong can be any size but the true rippers like to use larger sized water rigs to really get a huge cloud.

The joint size fitting of your rig or bong is extremely crucial to understand and know as well. When you are buying replacements or modification pieces, you will need to know the millimeter and also the gender of your joint. Make your life and the life of your local headshop staff member a little easier.

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