UPDATE: Nice one everyone. The incense will be sent out on Monday to the first ten order numbers posted (Tom, we’ll your new address if you could send it to the blog@everyonedoesit.com address). Also, we still have a couple of those t-shirts to go out to those who won them before so they will be going on Monday as well.


A giveaway now for EDIT customers only (my apologies to occasional browsers, but hey, buy something). I have ten new, er, Incense Blends called Bombay Blue to giveaway. Five x 2g and five x 3g. It has been on the site for a while (click here) but I wanted to do another giveaway as I wasn’t around for the last one and I feel left out.

So, old school styley, first peeps to post one of their EDIT order numbers on this page will receive one of the samples. First five get the 3g, second lot of five get the 2g. Simples.

Don’t forget to mention in your post if your delivery address has changed since the order number you post was placed, otherwise whoever moved in after you will be getting your prize.

Bombay Blue Incense Blend


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