Add some sparkle to your smokes with these incredible 24k gold rolling papers from Shine.

Shine 24K Gold Rolling Papers – Regular

Yes, that’s right – these awesome golden skins are hand crafted from pure 24k edible gold.

These amazing gold papers first came to our attention a few of months ago when it broke in the media that pop music balloon, Miley Cyrus, was giving packs of them away with copies of her Bangerz tour brochure.

The story was covered everywhere, from Cosmo to Rolling Stone Magazine – 24 Karat gold rolling papers were, it seems, a huge status symbol for rappers and hip hop artists and the Shine brand started to break through.

Although Miley Cyrus fans are, to put it politely, slightly under-represented in the EDIT office, we do have a lot of time for cool new smoking products.  We had to get hold of some of these skins and see what all the fuss was about.

Shine 24K Gold Rolling Papers – Regular

We’re mightily impressed, which is why we decided to launch them on the site.  Shine papers burn really slowly, meaning that your cigarette will be free from runs.  The gold papers also leave a golden deposit on your discarded ash.  Shine themselves refer to the golden ash deposits as ‘the gems’.

Obviously, the main feature of Shine papers is just how cool they look.  Walk into a party smoking a shimmering gold herbal cigarette and we guarantee heads will turn.  Or how about special occasions?  Got a new job?  Why not celebrate with a golden stogie?

Shine 24K gold rolling papers are available as single leaves or in packs of 12 with same day dispatch and EDIT’s famous price match guarantee.

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