This premium percolator production piece from Blaze Glass features a spiral percolator, ice notches and a splash guard. The spiral percolated midsection provides optimum smoke displacement giving the smoke a greater cooling area – in conjunction with the Ice notches this gives you a smooth and perfectly cooled smoke. Also with the splash guard you know you’re not getting any of that nasty water either.

This Blaze Glass Bong is 400mm tall and 40mm wide with 5mm thick glass, it also comes with an 18.8 to 14.5 reducing slit diffuser and a glass bowl to match. This bong has a sand blasted logo witch I might say is very deep giving it a really special effect, and last but not least a carb hole on the left hand side with a rubber bung in it. The chose is yours, to carb or not to carb that is the question.


  • Karlene

    Couple of questions. !st, Are u guys in Australia and if so, where? Im in Greensborough (Outer suburbs of Melbourne)..2nd, How much is this glass pipe pictured on this page? Plz add the shipping cost and give me a total amount.. Im after a glass bong but cannot spend more than $40. Plz give me an idea of what i should be looking for. Thanku, Regards, Karlene

  • sneal

    no we are not in australia everything should be bought online thank….have a search thorugh our fabulous value range of bongs

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