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Beyond these paragraphs you will find what I’m going to describe as a picture. It is not an ordinary picture. It is a very special picture.

What the picture is of, even though it’s a lovely Rasta Logo RooR Bong 500, is not what is special about the picture.

The picture is special because, for one of you out there reading this, though you do not know it just yet, you are actually looking for the first time upon your Roor bong. That’s right, it could be yours. Any of you, though ultimately just one of you, will be the actual owner of the very bong from the picture. Told you it was special.

All you have to do to be in with a chance of that special person being you is post a comment on this page and tell me roughly how many hits of a bong you have had in your life so far. It doesn’t matter if it’s none or a million, just give me a rough idea.

I’d also appreciate a breakdown in percentages of how many of your bong-hits total were from Roors, and how many were non-Roors or another glass brand. This might be a pain in the arse for some people, so don’t worry about it if that’s you – just give us a rough estimate of your hit count and you’ll be in with a shout.

This giveaway will close next week (week starting June 8th). Check this page for more updates.

Axl Rose wrote a song about this bong. He called it 'You Could Be Mine'
Axl Rose wrote a song about this bong. He called it ‘You Could Be Mine’

All you have to do to be in with a chance of that special person being you is post a comment on this page and tell me roughly how many hits of a bong you have had in your life so far. It doesn’t matter if it’s none or a million, just give me a rough idea. Also, if you can, let us know roughly what percentage of those bong hits were from a Roor bong or otherwise.


  • Somewhere in the region of 5000 though i fear the number may be a lot higher 🙁

    About 99% of those are RooR hits, i could count on my smallest apendages how many other bongs ive used

  • JABlack

    Hmmm probably around 15000 and about 99% of them coming from RooRs. Probably around 10000 from a RooR Big Brother( purchased from EDIT) and about 4800 from a RooR Black widow (also purchased from EDIT).

  • Locutuz

    I estimate a total of 4818 total hits or maybe 4819 (somewhere along the way I kinda lost count). I have NEVER hit a RooR, yes thats right I can’t even remember ever holding one or even seeing one in person. I know that’s hard to believe but it’s true.

    I need to get out more.

  • phil

    about 250 times i’ve used a bong
    rough estimate is
    45 % from acrylic
    30 % from coke 2ltr bottles, home made bucket bongs lol
    25 % where from a roor

  • Crystal

    ok i can tell you how many times i have had a bong hit but i can tell you that i have never had a roor bong hit i have 2 glass mini bongs but there not roor there just bongs but most of the bongs i have used we have used and home made thanks crystal i hope i win

  • Jonas

    I’ve only once smoke from a bong. It was home made and I did only around 5 hits from it.
    Never hit glass, so 0% of bong hit were from a roor.
    Only been smoking for ~2 months.

  • blkmmba

    rough guess…305,760 hits. About 10 hits daily more or less. when i first started i could only dream of a roor so id have to say about 50% roor 50% other brand. Ever since i got my custom us roor ive smoked out of it basically every day. at least half of all my hits are from this one roor now.

  • AcidBurn2020

    I have taken probably around 1000 hits before.

    5% on generic glass pieces
    80% on my WS Spiky Ice (from EDIT)
    15% on

    Never on a german RooR before…

  • Snapplecap420

    ~2000 for me…
    i think the percentage would be something like this
    60% roor
    30% weedstar
    10% no name brands

  • Theo

    I’m probably around 1,000 or so bong hits. Probably 5-10 of those were from a RooR Big Brother which wasn’t mine. Every other bong hit was from my Bushmaster Cyclone 🙂

    I’ll post yet another crappy, I mean, amazing, paint picture of this 😛

  • Jen

    Good question.. when I was younger I used mostly pipes and J’s, only started using bongs in the past couple of years. I much prefer them!

    Hmmmm 1000+ hits defiantly, unfortunately I’ve never been lucky enough to hit a Roor, although they are gorgeous bongs and I def will be buying one someday! 🙂

    I owned some acrylics before my glass pieces so I would say 85% acrylic, 10% Weed Star, 4% Black Leaf as I have only aquired these pieces recently as you know (thank you again! :D) also 1% my friends EHLE (which is also a lovely piece)

    🙂 Good luck everyone!

  • conf20

    Crap to many to think of, I’d say from estimate 3500.
    Percentages would be around…
    40% WeedStar
    35% RooR
    10% PHX
    5% Homemade

    Only got a RooR recently and haven’t stopped using it since.

  • mike m

    Here it goes:
    RooR bong hits: ~100
    Illadelph bong hits: ~1000
    All other bong hits: ~200

    The happiness gained from hitting a free rasta RooR: more than all my hits combined in my lifetime
    Good luck everyone and thanks EDIT!

  • Ironside

    This is almost impossible to answer seeing as I can’t remember anything 5mins after hitting a bong!
    I know i’v never hit a Roor though 🙁

    My guestimate is 1500, 50% glass, 40% plackie, and 10% from a converted metal baseball bat if anyone remembers from the old forum hehe.

  • headynugz

    too many bong hits to remember i smoke my bong daily but 95% of those hits that are all a blur were hits from my roor

  • Nick

    I’d say around 15,000 hits over the years, mostly from Roor, EHLE and many other custom glass from blowers around the world.

  • Jake Smith

    Hmm, that’s a nice one. Well, I did some math, averaged out how much I smoke from the pipe, joints and the bong. Ive had a good 2500 tokes from bongs, give or take 500.. =D

    Go EDIT! I’m bound to win one of these times. lol

  • SpiritualHerbalist

    Now thats a hard question, since i have so much freetime from not havin a “Real” job. So i basicly sit and look at movies/series /educate myself by reading etc. and all of them includes havin a hit.. so lets see.. 24h/day -Sleep 8h = 16h then we divide those 16 i 4 parts cause of pipe/blunt/joint moments. so thats 4-4-4-4 and 3/4 is bong hits 1/4 is other. and its basicly 1-2 hits/h from the crap acrylicbong. meaning um 12h bonghits aday roughly +- depending from day to day lol. and thats every day the last year. before that just weekends and before that just occasionaly. so i could say around um…12*360days”Roughtly”=4320 hits. and then the other times total of like around 2000. so id say 6320~7000 something around that, both from acrylic, glass and wooden bongs. mostly acrylic tho =/

  • Jake Smith

    Oh, and come to think of it, I honestly don’t think I have ever hit a Roor.. Kinda odd, but all my friends and I are pretty poor. Haha

  • Ehle master

    im gonna say about 11,000

    from a pipe, bluedot double perc, ehle, roor, and many no name bongs

  • SpiritualHerbalist

    Now for dividing it into brand. My first glassbong was a Bushmaster cant remember the name on it tho, it had this chamber in the neck, you filled it with liquid and popped it in the freezer. worked great until it broke… so id say around 13% of the 6320~7000 hits is from that bushmaster.
    2nd one was unbranded boxed 2part colour changing glass bong lol worked great until that broke aswell. tho it broke in a strange way, the neck just cracked from nowere just “snap”. another Roughtly 8%.
    and a few random hits from friends diffrent glassware, mostly nonbranded” but a few WS had been in there. around 2-3% WS bonghits.
    then the rest of the hits is from unbranded festival bongs/acrylic bubblebongs and the wooden bongs.

  • jeff

    that tube is gorgeous…i have always wanted a wide bore
    i have been smoking tubes exclusively for 4 years. only about 16 months with a RooR.
    351 days smoking / year (2 weeks off approx)
    4-8 bong rips per day average
    6 x 351 x 4 = 8424
    +200 rips for earlier years
    TOTAL = 8,624
    approx 2800 of them have been out of a black label RooR
    **That is just over 1 bong rip for every day I have lived on this earth. As of today I have been here 8360 days and 8624 rips…scary

  • Comet

    My best guess would be 325,520 total bong hits (not including joints of course). Of those about 85,000 have been on one of my ROOR’s (was poor through much of my youth). Over the last two years the only non ROOR hits were from a Bushmaster cyclone (won from EDIT and use for travel because of it’s size). Prior to using ROOR’s I always smoked out of glass (except at the occasional friends house) but it was always cheap glass from some local shop that compares to ROOR in the same way that a Fiat 500 compares to a Ferrari Enzo. They may both move you but in entirely different ways.


  • highlyblest

    ok im not gona lie to you i dont know if tis is a competition to see whos smoked the most bongs or whatever but ive never smoked a roor bong before but i would love for this one to be my first ive smoked over about 15000 bongs and shottys tho most of them from an acrylic blackleaf ice bong that i got for my birthday when i was 18

  • shawn m

    prob around 9000 90 percent from no name glass 7 percent from EHLE glass (thanks EDIT) and 3 percent from local glass.

  • highlyblest

    damn i hate livin where i am now i cant get any weed at all its doing my nut in i just recently moved bak to england from scotland and now all my mates that live here dont hardly smoke it an have gave up can anyone help i cant wait 9weeks for a plant ill die

  • highlyblest

    havent actually smoked anything sinse i been bak ere and i been bak 3weeks cant take it no more ppl there must be sum 1 out there get bak to me

  • visualdrip

    In total I’d say around 1500. 80% being bong hits the rest being bubblers/joints ect.

    As far as brands go, 90% has been weedstar bongs the other 10% have been no name festival glass bongs.

  • Matthew

    That’s a hard count to do… maybe about 4543.28 hits (the 1st hit wasn’t a success!)

    60 % generic glass (in my old life)
    40 % WS Spiky bought here (so much better)
    0.00 % ROOR (and it can only go higher!)

  • Goodall

    never smoked from a roor, probably had about 500 hits in my life, don’t actually own a bong myself (broke a while ago) smoke joints mostly, but would like a nice bong so that i can cut out as much tobacco as I can, and to make my smoking more efficient,

  • Andrew Bevis

    i’ve probably had about 500,000 bong hits in my life so far, but never hit a RooR, i’ve always wanted to.
    but alas i am bongless at the moment due to foolish friends.
    and RooRs are to expencive for the foreseeable future

  • Mon

    I’ll put the number of hits around 1,000. Definitely no high end bongs. Every bong I’ve hit probably came from China. Hopefully I can pick up a nice EHLE soon but this ROOR would rock my world.

  • Jordan

    I’ve taken around a total of 20 hits from bongs through my life. Just recently got my first bong and am lovin’ it.

    100% – EHLE

  • Nick C

    i hits all my bongs on the daily. i have never hit a roor but most of my hits have been from generic glass or my Ehle. id say i have roughly around 700,000 bong hits.

  • oliver elliott

    hmmmm i recon ive had a good 999 and with this roor could be my 1000
    a goof 60 percent of those have been from roor bongs as i just love erm to bits
    the last give away i said this bong was the best and i dont care if i dont win this i wanna buy it so badly!!!!!!!!
    i love it!

  • greendog

    hmmmm let me see, about a bong once a week or 2 weeks, for bout 2-3 years, at around 20 hits a time, lets see if my maths is good, should be about 12160, and only like 100 times with a roor

  • got rice

    Hmmm. For the past 6 years I’ve had GONG Pieces, can’t remember before then ;), And I’ve taken at least…jesus at least 50-100 (if not more, somedays I’ll smoke an ounce with just bong hits, that could be 100’s, never counted to see) but that’s, I’ll just say 75 just to be safe, 75×2190!!!
    164250 It has to be more than that but there’s my estimate!

  • got rice

    Sorry I was adding up and forgot about percentages!
    50% ROORs (Sadly all US)
    25% Ph(x)
    25% Dynomite
    And squeeze in the time when I smoked out of Acrylic and little metal pipes, but I can’t remember those days.

  • Alvin

    in my life time id say between 5,000 to 10,00 bong hits none of them were from a RooR because ive never seen a roor in person before most of them have been thru some local glass bongs and id say about 500 from acrylics when i was a kid i just really got back into smoking bongs again i was a joint or blunt type of guy for a couple years but a few months ago i switched back to bongs and ive been really happy since

  • Alvin

    so id say Percentage wise about

    4% Acrylic Bongs

    1% from a Black Leaf Sweet Ninja Bong (Thanks EDIT)

    80% from my Blaze1 Custom Blue Meanie Bong

    10% from my Purple Twist Local Bong

    5% from Cheap Chinese bongs

  • My estimates:
    1200 – 1500 hits lifetime (most are within the last year when i bought my first bongs)
    Roor bong hit percentage: 85%
    Lux bong hits: 8%
    Other bong hits: 7%

    Most of my hits are out of my Roor, some out of my Lux, and I guessed that 7% are from my friends’ bongs. =)

  • Erik Travis

    I’ve had at least I would say 50 milks off of my old weedstar bong I bought from EDIT. It was the only bong I had, and a friend liked it so much I let him have it. I’ve been lucky to rip a roor bong once before and they are nice bongs, really sturdy joints.

  • arthur

    i’d say approximately 800. And of those 800, I think 750 were from roor bongs. It’s mainly because me and my friends all have roors. The only other bong i smoke is the black leaf one I won off you guys haha. HOPE I WIN.

  • Jack

    Ive only taken a few hits from a bong, but they were the best hits i’ve ever had. I have never smoked a roor bong, so winning such a high quality piece would be pretty life changing.

  • Joseph G

    I would have to say i smoke out of a bong about over 200 times, thats only because i just started smoking out of bongs earlier this year when i order my first bong from EDIT “Weed Star Glass Bong – Slick Rick Ice”. I would love to get my hands on my first RooR , start a collection of RooR bongs with this as my first. Now that would be sweet as hell, hook me it EDIT.

  • Leo

    How many bong hits have I had? I’ve been smoking regularly for about 4 years. I got my first bong, a cheap glass one, the same year… so I’d guesstimate the number is 10,000. About 2/3 of those were from Roors.

  • Adamz

    Not gonna lie, probably not that many. I’m given to pipes and joints. But I’d say about 20, 25. I hope to improve.

  • Jackson

    i must have taken at least 400 bong hits. probably only 10 of which are from roors. i like to mix it up ya know

  • I would have to say i have smoked roughly 10,000 bowls / blunts / joints / bongs if i was to guess what portion would be which i would say
    55% bong
    30% bowl
    10% joints
    5% blunts

    i have had a roor bong since i bought it off you guys about 8 months ago now and i could easily say i have smoked more out of it than i have out of the pipe i’ve had for 6 years so about 40% total of my bong hits would be from a roor

  • howe

    bongs blasts me away into the moon with each bong toke. i’d say around 100+ since the green goblin roor bday gift!

  • Jordan Grant

    Hey, keep up the great blog!

    I’d say that I have taken bong hits probably 200 times in my life. I’ve only taken about 10 hits from non-Roor brand glass bongs (so that would be 5%). I was lucky enough to smoke with a head shop owner who brought along his Roor. I can remember taking 3 hits from it (that’s 1.5% of all my bong hits!)

    I would really like to up my Roor-bong-hit-taking percentages, so thanks for considering me!

  • architect

    pick it, pack it, fire it up, come along, and take a hit from the bong…

    I dunno. hundreds. god only knows. assuming god is keeping some sort of tally of my bong hits. which I doubt. god has much better things to do. like laughing at all the silly accents he created. dude’s crackers.

  • architect

    sorry forgot percentages,

    70% acrylics back in the day
    25% glass
    5% nice glass (roor / weedstar)

  • Sky

    approximatelly 420 and that’s not a joke -_- Taking hits from one year and a half, and one or sometimes two per day 🙂
    60% with my pocket bong, 30% from my weedstar mad professor [ now broken :'( ] and the others 10% with my friends’ bongs or artisanals bongs that I made from bamboo 🙂

  • Frank

    I would say, a nice steady 1,500 hits, maybe more, maybe less, nobody can ever really tell. I was smoking an acrylic last night which just went straight to my head. Anyway, here are my percentages:

    Shitty, cheap, homemade plastic lungs: 50% (Long time ago)

    Glass Bongs: 40% (Mojo with ice twist (Y))

    Acrylic Bongs: 10% (Incl. EDITs Collapsable Rocket Bong!)

    Roor Bongs: 0% 🙁 (But I am more then willing to increase that percentage :P)

    Peace Out.

  • Singe Du Feu

    I’d say about 15,000 hits. Been smoking Roors for about 4 years with around 10 hits a day.

    90% of which were with a Roor Zumo, Lil Sista, Big Brother or Dealers Cup. The other 10% from acrylics and Ehle’s.

  • Probably somewhere in the hundreds. Sadly no hits on a RooR before, all OEM glass or plastic brands for me.

    40% glass
    60% Plastic

  • Allubz

    Hi there!

    I suppose I never had a RooR bong, nor even a hit from one.

    Generally I hit that bong about two times a month, but mostly me and my friends take a whole day off for it :), taking at least 20 hits. Been smoking bong for roughly three years now, that’s:

    3*12*2*20 = 1480 hits.

    First 100 from a plastic home-build.
    Rest from quality glass pipes from Germany and the Netherlands.

  • Bernie Johnson

    I would say roughly 5000 Hits in my life.

    50%Roor (I have had a 5.0 Black label Icemaster) (2 times/day*365 days/year*5years)=
    25%Illadelph ( I broke my Rasta Label Illadelph, but still the best part of my college years)
    25%Glass Pipes (before i knew what Roor was)

  • Tom

    Ive hit plenty bongs in my lifetime. My most recent one being an Ehle I ordered off of here. However, he lived a short life. He got taken away by evil pigs…. Winning this bong would be a god send for my broke ass.

  • Chris DesRochers

    I would say i have taken over 3,000 bong hits. I smoke out of a bong 99.9 percent of the time. Its the only thing I own because well its the best. I also dont smoke out of tubes that are not roors, because I am such a roor whore.

  • nick buckley

    approx 1, 500 bingers in my life time.
    30%- green acrylic
    25%- red eye glass
    25%- green glass with rubber stopper
    10%- homemade (creme de menthe bottle) “barry bongs” (best bing ever, RIP)
    5%- homemade gravity
    5%- glass on glass mock zong bong
    0%- Roor

  • M. Dog

    I dont have a bong but this one is sick, filling the bath up for buckets is takin way to long!!!!!!

  • ivan

    i’ve had

    a blue dot for like a year before it got broken35%?

    i got a phx to replace it had it for abot 4 months now 65%?
    all i can say is the Pyrex glass is the way to go
    EDIT is the bomb got my stuff uber fast
    rasta label roor drool super sweet site will order agen soon

  • Dunc

    I would say in the region of 3000 or more probably more

    1-2% of those were out of acrilics
    30% from my old weedstar (Rest in Pieces)
    The rest from plastic bottle gravity bongs

    Sadly 0% from RooR’s although maybe you can change that?

  • Lots o bong hits

    Lots of rubbish plastic bongs from my youth, not that many nice glass hits, need to turn the ratio in the favour of glassssss

  • j Gu3r1n

    Bong Hits roughly 1000 or more
    roor hits prob like 700
    hurricane bong hits 200

    this roor looks amazing and would be a nice piece to add to my collection hope i win something for once =)

  • i love g13

    probably like 11,500 or something

    18% pipe
    40% no name glass bong
    2% acrylic
    29% Ehle bong (thanks to you guys!)
    10% other(no name bongs/bubblers/steamrollers..)


    um about like ok so 5 bongs like ummmmmmmmm… all broken and dead by now. 500 to 600. i realy like bongs never used a roor bong. i remember stairing at roor bongs for ours when i was younger

  • Christopher

    well i’ve never had the pleasure of putting my lips to a nice and wonderful ROOR, but i would have to say for reg. bongs its around the one fifty to two hundred. i keep going through cheap acrylic ones like its no joke, but never have enough dough to buy a lovely and beautiful ROOR.

  • Green water

    i cant really remember how much hits i took considering that getting high gives memory loss

    but if i had to guess it would be 30%-acrylic

  • I’ve been toking my Yellow Label fairmaster very heavily the last few years been, been a great dd, especially with the de 21 hole diffy, pure heaven!

    I have to say its been well over 600+ hits in this tube. Its been through alot several tip overs and such but never a scrach or nick, top quality german glass 😀

  • DrBengele

    … now thats hard, some hits per session, and quite a few sessions… a cupple of hundred times maybe.. only only about a 10th of them from a roor though, mostly Weed Star, some ehle and the rest from unknown brand..

    Kind Regards,
    Dr. Bengele

  • John

    Really hard to say, a good 1500-2500 would be a good estimate. The glass I’ve smoked from varies in brand, I’m not a critic 🙂

  • Sha B

    I forgot. They were from a Spot On. There’s no way I could afford a Roor. I can dream though, can’t I?

  • Angelica

    I wouldnt ever be able to say EXACTLY how many bong hits ive had in my seemingly short lifetime, but with the estimate of hitting atleast 10-15 bong hits a day and having around 7 bongs, a few of them glass, but mostly acrylic, and an estimate of smoking bongs for about 3/4 years, i would say ive probably hit about 3,000 bongs.
    I dont own a ROOR bong, but i have a few Basil Bushes, and standard glass and acrylic bongs. All bought of EDIT 🙂

  • Shane Pinckney

    I have had my bong for, lets say, coming up for a year. So rough estimate 5,136 hits.

    96% Molino 11.4 Inch
    4% Unknown Glass

  • Mike P

    Probably round abouts 500 hits.

    82.2% EHLE

    17.8% from my mate’s RooR (damn were they nice)


  • Papa T Dawg

    Ive never owned a bong, so would love to win this comp 😀
    Maybe had about ~20 bong hits in my life

  • Gary Ebbess

    i’ve been smoking for almost 10 years. i started by making a pepsi bottle bong (12 oz. bottle, bic ben, aluminium, bubble gum). then aound 17-18, i started finding real bongs at flee markets. not untill this year, i found this web site and got 3 roor bongs. my lifetime, i hit over 30,000 bong hits. coughed about 1/4 of the time. since the start of this year, i’ve hit at least 1,000 times so far. if i win this vintage peice, it will be the one that only gets the best of the best (if it even makes it out of the glass case)

  • Feltros

    I wasn’t going to enter this having already won my beautiful Tornado Superhelix 😛 But since its been going for ages now, may as well lol.

    I’ve done a few hundred or so hits, mostly in the dam on other peoples bongs. I’d say 30% ROOR, the rest a mix of hurricane, and unbranded items.

  • Timothy Du

    I’ve hit a bong maybe 20 times in my life. I’m in the market for a new one, this would be great!

    I’ve hit an american flame-polished logo 10 times in one day!

  • Finn Cahill

    Im still quite new to toking, only the past year or so, i’ve only smoked around 10 different bongs, probably like 50 hits or summing.

  • J B

    Damn… That’s a nice Roor. My favorite colors too. I’ll go out on a limb and just throw out a number like ‘hmm, about 420 bong rips? I honestly couldn’t tell you anywhere near the right number of hits I’ve had off of a Roor, or any bong for that matter. I’ve already forgotten how many times I kissed Mary just yesterday. Funny thing is that I don’t own a bong, anymore sadly. This would be a perfect make-up for my 1st one that was stolen. Whoever wins, take a hit for me!!! Good Luck to all, and happy chiefin’

  • Ak1346

    i’ve had roughly 50,000 bong hits. an 18” green lable 3.2 us straight tube was my pride and joy till it got taken by the police. I’ve used roor for probably about 50% of my smoking, then the other 50% gets split up to SG Sovereignty, VIP Glass, and Bluedot.

  • Rob

    I’ve been smoking through a bong for over 8 year so its very hard to say but i hit it about 15 times a day so my estimate would (15x7x52x8) 43,680 i know it sounds crazy but thats what it works out too, i really didnt expect it to be that much LOL.

    Around 30% were from unknow branded acrylic plastic bongs when i first start using a bong until i was introduced to glass,
    Around 50% were form home made glass bongs that were blown by a trainee glass blower that i am really good friends with,
    Around 20% of weed star.

    I havent had the chance yet to try a RooR bong to really appreciate them, the only thing ive smoked with thats RooR is a steam roller pipe which i own and still use alot.

  • Justin P.

    well, i own an icemaster (beautiful bong) 🙂 and i smoke about 4 times a day! ive been smoking for about 7 years so yea hahah thats quite alot of smoking! probably smoked pounds of weed! hahahah and took thousands of hits! im actually smoking as i write this! love edit and love smoking out of my roor! peace and pot to all!

  • Jordan

    i’ve only hit a bong once, and it was a local blown piece.

    so that would make my roor bong hitting percentage a big fat 0%

  • Stephan

    From now on ill make a counter for each hit, but ive atleast smoked a million times with bongs.

    Never tried a RooR tho, would be pleasant i bet =)

  • austinnnn

    i smoke a bong at least once a day, 2 bowls so between 2 and 4 hits a day minimum and alot on the weekdnds so id say 100 a week, thousands total…
    as for roors, 80 percent since my friends and i all have roors

  • Mark

    Over a year of smoking, at least 300 bong rips, with more than half coming from a friends Roor Big Sista.

  • Alex

    I have owned 4 bongs

    an Illadelph, a Weedstar, a Toro, and a Roor.

    I would say about 10% of my hits are from Roor, I mostly use my Toro for myself and small groups. I use my Illadelph with my party bowl for when I have a large group of friends come over.

    I would say I have hit a bong several thousands of times.

  • ElectroNauT

    Between 3 and 5 thousand bong hits easily.

    Percentage is something like:

    Weedstar 30%
    No-Name 30%
    Ehle 40%
    Roor 0%

    hehe. 🙂

  • S.n.o.w

    Probably about 200-300?

    50% on the bushmaster cyclone, 40% on a hurricaine (much better than its imitator, although it was still a great bong) and about 10% on RooR’s. 🙂

  • Angry-Kid

    Somewhere around 1200 I reckon, only used a Roor for 4 though…. about 0.0033% then 😉

    about 50% from acrylic bongs over the years, around 30% from my taj glass straight tube (which i gave away to a forum member) and the remaining 20-ish % from my boost beaker 🙂

  • Dave muthafukin Edwards

    ~Warning, long post ahead!
    If you’re looking for the important stuff (number of hits), go straight to the bottom two paragraphs where it says “**STATISTICS”.
    The rest is my gigantic back story to how much I want that RooR! 🙂

    I have no clue how many bong tokes I’ve taken total, but I’ve always smoked pretty consistently for the time I have been smoking.
    My buddy I started out blazing (pot smoking) with (Matt) and I were bong fanatics from the start, my first real blazing session was with two bongs in a buddys van haha. Did i mention this was grade 8?…

    -No, it seems I didn’t. Sorry, but moving on…

    Weed always ment bong rips (hits) because we couldn’t roll haha. We started out smoking with a lime green acrylic bubble body bong with a metal bowl/downstem and a carb… and it hit bettter than any bong anyone had ever owned. It’s name has become a legend among some circles in my town, you say “rest in peace Carl” among the right crowd and people
    will never ask you “who was carl?”
    My poor friend Matt, you remember Matt right? The guy i started out smoking with? Anyways… the poor guy has the worst luck ever with cops: they always find him, its always when hes carrying, and they always seem hell bent on searching him… and hence “RIP Carl” became a famous phrase among my friends, even those who never used him.
    The next piece was also an acrylic for two basic reasons: lack of $ and it was a double chamber acrylic so it had some allure. The bong was solid, reliable, and kicked you like a horse haha.
    We used the acrylic, which we had named freakshow, gladly for months untill we smoked the RooR…. “Jack The Ripper” Matts brother had bought a RooR blue series 500ml, and those hits changed our lives…… Our mission in life had become to take bigger and better bong rips out of the nicest pieces we could find, and we’ve never stopped trying.

    I blaze every day 🙂
    When I wake up to get me up, before bed every night to put me out and at least 3 solid sessions throughout the day with whichever friends swing by to join in just cause there’s nothing we’d rather be doing than smoking good weed with good friends out of killer bongs 😀

    … so now for the numbers:
    5 sessions a day, at least 5 bowls a session, thats 25 a day.
    365 days per year (duh) 365 * 25 = 9125 bowls a year
    9125 * 4 years smoking at this frequency = 36 500
    36 500 bowls 🙂
    only about 5% tops out of a RooR tho…
    its because Matts brother is still the only guy around with a RooR and we dont blaze together much anymore…

    Case in point, ever since my first RooR rip… so many bowls ago, I have wanted a RooR. To this day, my biggest goal is to own a piece that will make someone say HOT DAMN! THATS A NICE ROOR! and i think that rasta label will do the trick 🙂
    All the bongs I’ve bought have been in some way styled after a RooR, probably because I LOVE the RooR style! Crystal clear borosilicate, super clean smooth welds, the perfect craftmanship and of course the best example of “less is more” styling ever!

  • Arthur B

    probably about 200-300 hits from ghetto homemade bongs, probably about 50 from my new bushmaster and about another 50 from other peoples bongs.

    I’m a roor virgin though 🙁 hopefully not for much longer.

  • Ross2452

    I’ve probably had, roughly, in the region of, an average of one bong a day for the last 5 years.

    365*5*1 = 1825

    I’ve never had the honour of smoking from a RooR, even though I’m very very aware of the sheer quality of these fantastically crafted masterpeices.

    Will my luck be changing….?

  • rodneyringo

    ill have a guess, 10 a day, for 35 years, works at about over 100,000, that’s just a guess to get an idea…

    what bong? i am a bong.

  • Danja

    Well if I have roughly 20 bonghits a day, 365 days a year, I’ve been toking for 6 years….

    43800 bonghits?


  • Drew

    For an average week I get about 3-5 rips a day. Ive hit a ton of different bongs. I never get to hit a Roor from choice just if someone happens to have one that day.

    Although i have seen some pretty sick ones from the custom lines ive never owned one.

    My bongs have been custom glass from random shops. Never from everyonedoesit. Cause every time i get some money for the glass fund I blow it on this site when i see a new bubbler. =) The bubblers have been sick but since summers rolling in its time for a bong.

    Id say in my life ive had around 10000 bong hits.

  • Bill

    Hard to say just how many bong hits I’ve taken in the course of almost a quarter century of ‘itting the ‘erb. Rough guess, probably in the region of 25k~50k.

    Home-made / no-name / can’t remember the brand: 10%
    My trusty little Black Leaf bong: 89.9%
    My recently acquired Weed Star: 0.1%
    Roor bongs: 0% (sadly)

  • ollie

    200 maybe? and none on a roor bong. theres no way i can afford one yet =( all hits from homemade ones untill ive ordered my new bong

  • Jason

    I have enjoyed a bong 0 times 🙁

    That piece would be very spoiled and always the center of attention!


  • Mattitude

    Oh huh? …. ide say a couple thousand hits for me? None from a roor though :[ just local bongs and gasmasks 😀

  • Chas

    Tricky question, i’d guess at 300 but after the first few i tend to forget ;p. probably 1/2% from my friends RooR but mainly from my rok-it

  • Alex

    I’ve probably hit the 666 mark, never had the pleasure of ripping from a roor bong before, all i’ve used are plain unbranded glass bongs.

  • TKnight

    Since I started smoking I realized that water filtration was the only way to go, and since Roor was at the forefront of quality water pipes i promptly picked one up. Most days i’ll do 10 to 20 bong hits, more if i’m lucky though. About 99% are from a Roor as i have hit other bongs. Total number would be about 10,000.

  • The instant i saw this bong i knew it had to be mine, now im not one for going all fancy and giving a huge explination on why i should have the bong, but i can however tell you this rasta label roor was made for me and I deserve it.

    I would be exceedingly happy if i could have this along with my beastly black label icemaster! they woulld make such a lovely couple!

    As for bong hits id have to say around 600 in my lifetime with 200+ of them being from my roor.

    So yeah, when will it arrive? can’t wait to get it!

    ill be pestering the postie every day till it arrives !

    BOOO YA !!!

  • P23

    after highschool… lol which all seems like a blur…
    took a 2.5yr break from smoking… just got back in the game…
    most of HS was spent smoking homemade hookahs and gravity bongs….
    I would have killed for a piece like this!! hmmm still might 😉
    Now im back in the game smoking blunts, could def use myself a nice piece like this…..

    Glass Bong Hits: roughly 30ish
    RooR: ….. sadly yes sadly 0%

  • BlueBerryKush

    A few months ago I’ve bought a RooR 100ml so i’m a starter but I would love to go a bit bigger. I’m taking almost every weekend hits and man I love the RooR bongs.

    Regards, BlueBerryKush

  • Cillo

    Total bong hits: 100+ , less then 200 (maybe . . . ?)

    Never smoked out of a RooR, use my own mini glass bong, friends festival glass bong and an old acryllic one a mate had. Mostly smoke blunts but hav a Zumo in my wishlist 😀

  • Kenny

    I have hit a bong probably about 1,000 or so bong rips in my Career

    RooR- 5% (I just bought my Custom Emerald Prince from EDIT)
    50 Hits

    Bushmaster cyclone 50% ( Bought about a 1 and half years ago)
    500 Hits

    Molino Mad Scientist 25% (Bought about 2 years ago)
    250 Hits

    Others 30% (Friends bongs)
    300 Hits

  • Joe

    I have probably smoked about 1500 bongs in my life, of those rips id say 200 of them were from a roor.

    The majority of the rest were from a 7mm gear that I bought when I was 19.

  • lucas

    Total Bong hits: 1500 -1700

    pHX: 15%
    Medicali: 15%
    ehle: 10
    Graffix: 30%
    zOb halo w/ halo ashcatcher: 30%
    RooR: 0%

  • chris r

    ive probably taken around 100 to 200 hits from bongs, but ive yet to hit a roor, hope my luck will change, ive always wanted to hit one of these

  • jonb

    I have been smokn for 15 year now and for at least 11 of those years i have been token on a ROOR. Once you have toke on a roor every other pipe becomes inferior 65,000 hits total 60,000 of them being out of one of seven roor`s i have owned (I still have 5 of them one broke one sold to friend). So 87% out a ROOR and 13% out of a inferior bong and I would say out of the 5,000 hits i took 4,500 of them where before I owned my first roor in 1997-1998. So 98.9% after hitting my first ROOR!

  • Ian

    Probably about 500ish bong rips, which is good considering the time frame.
    And I’d have to say that I’ve probably taken about 30 hits off of a RooR before, which is dissapointing given how awesome they are.

  • Mark

    I have hit out of multiple bongs and recently came home to my girlfriend with a zong for our 1 year anniversary and was really excited to give it to her, but to my amazement she said the only bong she has ever hit out of and gotten “high” off of was her old blue ROOR which a past boyfriend broke in front of her over a “argument”. She told me she would never smoke out of another bong unless it was a ROOR so I spent $200 for nothing and we have 2 car payment’s and a house payment, plus paying for our own 14hour college classes. It would be nice to be able to give her the beautiful rasta ROOR since we cant afford one and I would love for both of us to be able to enjoy hitting from a bong.

  • Garret Cohen

    Lets see I’d say about 4 yrs of bongs (been something longer though but was outta pipes and joints), i smoke everyday (about 5 hits a smoke), some times 2 or 3 time a day, so id say probably around 15000 hits.

    G-spot (85%)
    Roor (1!%)
    other (4%)

  • Kongtown

    I would say roughly 30,000. On average I’ll take two or three per sesh, twice a day for the last 14 years. So 6 X 365 X 14 is 30,660 minus a summer that I quit 6 X 90 or 540. Perhaps one fifth out of glass on glass 6,024 and only a quarter of those being a RooR. So Maybe 1,506 RooR hits.

  • Tokken

    I started out smoking bowls and then blunts in 9th grade because it was easier to smoke driving around or going places. We never had a place to just chill and toke a bong. It was also easier to deal with cops in case something happened we didnt have a huge bong. Cops were just itching to catch HS kids with drugs/paraphanelia. But once I got my own place I invested in RooRs. Ive probably smoked +8,000 blunts and hit bongs at least +10,000. 85% of those hits from RooR. And the number keeps rising every day.

  • John Baker

    I hae been hitting the bong every day for the last twenty one years so the count must be in the millions. Only glass ever used as I don’t enjoy acrylic as much I did own a roor bong for a couple of years but it got destroyed at a party:-( & haven’t been able to replace it, however have been smoking a weed star for 6months & have to say I’m impressed. Would love to win is roor & use it all day every day as it deserves but for all you guys stuggling to afford a roor give weed star a go they’re a great altrnative

  • Kongtown

    Nothing beats the smooth clean smoke produced by a glass on glass percolated tube. 30,000 and counting

  • Kongville

    Who’s that [jolly fellow] doing all the math? I am way too f*’d up to follow that shit. Herb is good. I like bong hitsaklajhsdlakjsd.l/;kfkjc alksjdf. Sorry I zoned out there. What am I doing? Where am I? Oh yeah. I like bong hits. I’ve probably taken like a billion or two.


    HUNDRES of bong hits thats why im broke used to smoke out of a cheap reg bong with some bowls off this site but theen it broke so blunts it is

  • Brandon

    I don’t know how you expect us to know this, what with the after effects of a rip. But I’ll try.

    I’ve been smoking for 7 years. Got my first bong 3 years ago. Got my first RooR about 6 months ago.

    I probably ripped my first few glass bongs (never bought acrylic) at least 700 times a year (2+ times a day.) And now my RooR probably 500 times so far.

    Grand Total : about 2600

  • Tiffany

    Probably a couple hundred times in my smoking lifetime.. still more to come!

    Of that, maybe 25% from the RooR little sista, the rest in glass on glass bongs.

  • Bryce

    Hmm how many hits off a bong…roughly…well lets see mom got me started smoking about 2 years ago and now all my college friends buy bongs and leave them hear at my house so i have a different bong for every night. depending on who comes over depends on the bong. so if id have to get you a number id say some where around 1000 from all different types. from natural percs. to 4ft, 3 perc. to strait up bongs and zongs and all different types. But the one thing i haven’t hit is a roor. Always looking at them but never able to buy one. Not to easy to find RooR out here in Hawaii. Ive been planing on getting one but the way the economy is. screw it i go get some bamboo and make something that looks the same. Maybe call it “FooR” the “fake RooR” haha. I would love to just have my own piece and be like “ya brah i get one RooR bu” an go rip um ALL DAY!!!

  • Jack

    I have had around 9125 bong hits (so far), all from my many home made bongs. i am that poor :(.

    I have on avarge 5 bong hits a day and i have been doing this for around 5 years. so that is how i worked it out :D.

  • Dmitri

    lots and lots.
    About 3 sessions a week, 4/5 hits per session, for 2 years.
    Total bong hits= 1409
    Unfortunately none from a RooR

  • Jennifer Marie

    I have probably smoked 400-500 hits out of a bong in my life. I bought a weedstar from you guys and use it all the time. I have also smoked out of the Roor Big Sista a few times. I would say between 20-30 times. I suppose that is a little more then a few, haha. Anyway goodluck to all of you and much love!

  • Corey harris

    I’ve taken about 100 rips out of weedstar Mahoney ice 2, 200 out EHLE. 500ml and like 500 out of a local blown bong and pipe. 2 out of a 2 foot weed star I’m not sure about the name 50 rips out of my mini roor stream roller 5 out of a weed star steam roller 30 out of molino glass stingray pipe 20 out of corncob pipe I’ve taken probably at least 500000 rips

  • Nick

    Im not going to lie, I’ve hit a bong about 50 times. I have never hit a roor bong But i love ice masters.

  • Michael Bergling

    ive hit a bong 96,728 times and 32,543 of those have been various of roors ive owned, i have a new one on the way icemaster 7.0 🙂

  • Zach Craig

    i have take or 42,000 tokes out of a bong roughly 25% of those were from a roor and another 60% were from a weed-star i purchased of EDIT! yay high end German glass!

  • Hunter

    I smoke alot and have taken roughtly 1300 hits from bongs. that doesnt include other forms of smoking. Ive hit about 30-50 different bongs and pieces. 40% being sorted local blowers and no names, 10% being hurricanes, 5% being illadelphs, and 45% being my favorite, the RooR. they are my favorite and i will always love and rely on them. unfortunatly some punk just broke my Custom Little Sista-Big Sista. it was my favorite bong and now i am bongless: (

  • michael

    19 years old. and probily 150-200 hits under my belt. i smoked out of a broken roor once in my life after buying it the cops took it after speeding (it was on the pass seat he walked around and my window was down, and he said your free to go dont let it happen again. Looked back just when he threw it) smashed it and cam back 4 hours later and it was missing half the neck. it hade a legendary hit. i dubed her First Lady on account it was the first glass pice i ever owned i got it after winning 300 at batavia downs.

    %%%%%%%= .5%

    RIP.first lady/aka/Grey roor

  • kn1fi3

    Started smoking 2 years ago.. 3/4 of the time it was a bong (100% if it were allways up to me :P), about 10 hits a sesh.. and about 160 times roughly of smoking in this period.. 160 x 10 = 1600 hits.
    None of which were a roor.. All have been a WS Mr Li with a carbon filter and a dodgy home made a/c aha, a Bushmaster double boubler and a pipe i got for free :-).

    I tried to save up for a roor once but I had to buy a new processor as a computer is essential for my work..

  • Crippled Chris

    Probably taken about 70-80 bong hits in the last year and a half(only just got into smoking bongs after a few bad acrylic experiences).

    Never hit a RooR which is not a good thing, been wanting one for a while but funds have not permited it.

    About 40% of my bong hits have been from my mini GonG, and the other 60% have been from some terrible plastic or home made bongs.

  • ive always wanted a Roor.. i hit my home made ones every day probably around 400 or so… to get that bong would make me look like a king to my friends 😛
    crossin my fingers 🙂

  • Sjampo

    i have smoked many thousands of bowls from varius bongs mostly random brands bougth at random street shops but the main reason why i should have the rasta mega bong is becouse i have ray ban shades 😉

  • Ben

    I have smoked for 4 years.

    I smoke three-four times daily usually taking five hits each time.

    (HPY) -7200a

    (HPD) – 20a

    Percentage Per Piece Type

    80%-Plastic Bong


    I have never had the money for glass. These days I use a plastic one I bought from EDIT and a can sometimes but I used to use homemade pipes only.

  • Godsfarmer

    i have bonged 0 times with any bong not even had a chance with a roor bong, maybe this is my chance to finally get to get a good smoke through a bong like this

  • Tony

    i started smoking bongs with a good friend of mine when i was in the 9th grade. he didnt have a roor then and i didnt smoke much but once i fell in love i got a roor of my own. i now have 2 30″ roor’s the fire and water hurricane from this site a perc’d zob and the lovely 40$ weed star tube from this site. since i started ripping tubes its been at least 20-30 bong hits a day roughly. (i just took 3 right now) for the past few years its been like that so counting is a little rediculous lol but id say OVER 9000!!!!! even if i dont get me this beautiful tube i hope whoever does has as much fun ripping it as i would.

  • KIP

    I’ve never hit a RooR in my life, but my buddy has a real nice Toro that I have hit at least 150 times. Real smooth.

  • Jake Smith

    So much attention and length to this giveaway. ZZzzZz. Waiting builds suspense, to MUCH waiting kills the suspense. lol

  • marissa

    Well lets see…i’m about to turn 18 and I started smoking when I was about 13. I LOVE to smoke and ever since I started I was doin alot of it! 🙂 I didn’t get my own RooR until about a year ago but since my smoking habits are daily it gets plenty of use! To turn that into a number I would say that I smoke about 10+ bowls a day… bowl holds about 5-7 hits…365 days a year….so….

    RooR hits = approx. 21900 hits ( plus my cheefin sessions)
    pipes/other bongs/joints/etc. = approx. 1798720 hits

    I really like that bong and I would look REALLY sexy hittin it so PLEASE send it my way lol take care E.D.I!! love you guys!

  • courtney s

    i smoked hundreds of pounds i think in the past like people who smoke cigaretts, when your done u already want another, but when i tryed the green roor icemaster 7.0 and i didn’t smoke out of anything else again.then we had a 5.0 earthquack that just took out the roor now during these hard times but i can still rate the roor 2 thunbs up

  • Elliot

    I Have probably Hit a bong well over 1000 times with about 300 out of my green goblin RooR.i could have hit a bong 10000 times for all i know but at 30% it was a german roor. i like to use my High Tides Jerome Baker and the classic blue dot.

  • Joseph

    My first bong hits were from bongs I made myself; out of plastic coke bottles and aluminum foil. I remember getting really stoned. I traded a quarter for my first glass bong, Rufus. It was a stolen red vase drilled and fitted for a very nice blue glass bowl. That lasted for a while. Then there was Lucifer and the Tower of Terror, and many other bongs, including a few from this website. I’ve had thousands of bong hits, but I’ve never tried a ROOR. Hits from the bong!

  • Tim

    I would say I have probs done between 200 and 500 bong hits and I think I have never used a RooR which is a shame… To be fair I’m only guessing with the number of hits from the bong but I should start counting… I remember at this one festival some friends and I went to we had one of those lynx clickers and clicked for every spliff we had it was at 189 at the end so I got it to 200 later on… I’m now tempted to make a bong with one of those clickers attached so everytime it’s hit you can click it to keep track… Actually I would rather have a RooR… Now I’m just typing rubbish…

  • frank

    ive probally taken about 900,000 bong hits total in my 9 years of smoking…the best 20% of my bong rips were taken out of roors.

  • Cooper Hinman

    I have smoked from a bong roughly 20 times.

    I’m happy to say that 100% of those hits have been from a RooЯ.us Orange Label! =P

  • David A

    Ahh, a question that comes up quite often when smoking with friends. Normally answered with something like ‘Millions’ or just ‘Tooooo Many’

    Smokin 5-10 a day for 5 years(7.5x365x5)….so about roughly exactly 13687.5 lol.

    You would think i would have encountered a Roor along the way, you’d think wrong. Only became aware of this brand since shopping on this site, they look quality, but if bought one i couldn’t afford to put anythin in it, lol.

    All i could afford was a Roor downpipe and bowl for my cheepy ass glass bong, on its way in da post. I stood on my old downpipe, smokin dry bongs currently ffs!

  • James

    I’d guess around 800 bong rips in total, when i first started smoking i only had 1 of those cheap plastic bongs, but then 1 of my close friends got a RooR Howard Marks limited edition so around 300 of the 800 total have been out of my friend Howard Marks ltd edition, i think he’s getting sick of me continually using it lol, my friend would be even happier than i will be if i was to win this 1 as his bong would get a well deserved rest from me constantly using it!

  • chronic cole

    around 1900.

    about 150 or those were from a roor glass bong

    the other majority were about 60% branded and other no name glass bongs and the other 25% were homemade.

    my papa dukes just ripped off my roor bong so its pretty much done for so i desperately need a new one 🙁

  • sweeeeeeeeeet

    I hate to admit I have never used one, due to lack of funds and I think i’m missing out :-(. And would love to have chance to. Especially from a roor

  • well been smoking it since i was 13 and 1st time was in a bong and the last time i smoked some was in the “AK 47” which was about 15mins ago

    ill say at least 1 a day for past year for sure the other 3 years is blank 🙂


  • Paul Toscano

    How many hits have i taken off a bong? I have roughly hit it off a bong about i would have to say close to about 100 times. Off a glass bong only about 20 times acrilic bongs somewhere around 40 times and a plastic bong a whole bunch of times. I have been smoking for about 7 years now and im 19. I have hit a roor bong about 15 times. I have always wanted a chance to hit a roor bong. One day i was watching hashbean420 and my friend droped by and was watching it with me 2 weeks later he has a roor. I was so excited to hit it because i seen hashbean take major rips. I still remember hitting the roor and the big cough that hit me after inhaling some og kush from it. Ive always wanted a roor but its so expensive to buy its either i smoke or i buy a bong. Whats the point of having a bong if i cant break it in the day i get it. The roor bongs that i have hit was the roor blue series 100 and the roor ice master 5.0. Please help me out with the bong I dont really have much luck so i dont really even bother entering contest like this but i took some time to do this hoping it helps my chances. THANKS FOR THE OPPORTUNITY EVERYONEDOESIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lets see here, i have never hit a roor bong EVER, 0% have seen them in a local shop but never bought. Always dreamed of a bong from edit way back from the forum days (name->bohexile, or something similar to that)
    as for name brand bongs, only a small percentage have been name brand, i only recall a few name brand bongs i have hit, and they wernt from edit (around 3% or so)
    all the 97 percent have been from no named china glass (do the trick)

    but that rasta roor looks like it would milk up like a pregnant mother 😀

  • robert pettorini

    well i broke out the old calculator and according to my math roughly 23360
    although i love bongs and own several i have never owned or hit a roor though wouldnt mind finding out for myself how good they really are !

  • I’ve probably had somewhere around 1500-2000. I smoke mostly out of the Zong that I bought last year at a local head shop. Unfortunately, I’ve never had the pleasure of hitting a Roor, so I hope I win!

  • robert pettorini

    broke out the old calculator and according to my math roughly 23360 although i am a large smoker and glass collector i have never actually owned or hit a roor never even seen one in a head shop in my parts sure would like to try one out!

  • fisk

    I have hit a bong a few times (maby 50?), and the breakup is even more pathetic. It goes as follows;

    RooR 0%
    Molino mini bong number 1: 80%
    Monster soda can homemade: 10%
    Plastic homemade: 10%

  • Avish Vohra

    at least 5-10 bowls a week with my molino mad scientist w hurricane precooler, over the past 2 years ive had it. only bong ive owned thus far. but % wise with other bongs ive tried probably
    95% molino bongs
    5% unknown plastic bongs

    over 3000 hits since ive started at least :p

  • D

    If I had to guess I’d say around 2000.

    Roor Blue Range 500 maybe 100
    Bushmaster Cyclone 800
    Weedstar Aladdin 100
    Handblown old school 2ft bong. 900
    Misc bongs 100

  • steven sergeant

    I’ve probaly taken around 1000 or more rips from the bong thats because I prefer the tube no name bongs 200-300 weedstar 75-100 but I’ve never smoked out of a roor always heard they were nice but never had the $$$$ 2 get 1

  • kyle

    i’ve never hit a roor, have always wanted too but yea lol.. about 200-500 bong hits i’d say. I can only use my bong on the weekends out at my dads since my roomates don’t know i smoke.

  • Ian

    Prolly a little under a thousand, about half of which being from a roor. Others would be through the gasmask or long ago broken mad scientist. Not much can beat a good roor though.

  • Chris Krog

    taken about 5-600 bong hits through the years.
    60% from my Bamboo bong. (only bong i could afford)
    40% random bongs
    0% RooR bongs. from where i come from, most people don’t appreciate the quality and essence a good bong can deliver, so they all buy crappy 5$ bongs 🙁

  • Micah

    I would have to say a total of 500 more or less and at least 80% have been Roor, and that Rasta looks sick!

  • bandit-chris from australia.

    roor bongs 5% home made 65%other brand-cheap bongs15% thats roughly i recon about right.
    i smoke about 6 seasons a day/about 6 to 8 bowls per season.
    i’ve been smokin just about every day for 25-27years.
    keepontoken. (-:}

  • Ross

    I used to be a joint guy but recently found love for bongs over the past few weeks i have been hitting this small crappy bong i got just to try them out over about oh i don’t know 9000 times.

    5% – Unknowing bong (Friends)

    95% – Small glass bong (No brand)

    0% – Roor 🙁 i will add one to my collection one day though.

  • Harrison Brigham

    I have hit about 4,000 bowl to this date, continuing to go up rapidly
    None of these however have been from a Roor sadly 🙁
    most Red eye in support of Canada

  • chris hill

    ive been a bong person ever since i hit one about a 2 years ago but not many people nor do i my self own one because i never had a safe place to keep one but i can now and just recently became in the market for a bong and saw this beauty i id say 400 hits and counting 0 thats right 0 ROOR hits i am definately in need of this bong let it take my roor virginity

  • Greg Walden

    I’ve had like 50 bongs it’s. None of them were from a RooR or anything high quality. That’s why I wanna buy from you guys. If I win I won’t have to. 😉

  • Phil420

    It’s really hard to count the number of bonghits I have taken in my life, but it would probably be around 1000.

    Sadly, I have never had the chance to hit from a roor, only no-name glass and acrylic bongs.

    Keep on toking!

  • Ronny

    I have to be honest, I have never had a bong hit. But winning this would be so special because not only is it going to be my first bong hit but it will be from a ROOR.
    0% bong hits
    0% roor bong hits

  • Ted

    Probably around the 500 mark.

    Only about 10 from a ROOR, a lot from the Ehle 250, and I just picked up a local blown glass on glass zong, then got put on probation 🙁

  • I have propbably taken between 200-400 hits. My friends have roor bongs and afte smoking out of a roor i ont want to smoke anything else. so probably about 60% of the time all out of my friends

  • Austin

    I would say probably 6,000 hits from custom glass bongs, probably about 2,500 hits from an Illadelph. And sadly I have never personally hit or seen a ROOR bong in my life. It would be a dream come true to hit one let alone own one.

  • Drew

    Probably around 750
    50% with my G-spot
    20% with my old SYN beaker tube
    10% RooR
    10% my buddies Tourture Chamber Technology Tube
    10% various no name brands

  • Drew

    600 hits or so mainly G-spot probably around 75 %
    then a SYN beaker around 10%
    Roor around 10%
    TCT tube 5%

  • Had about 200 bong hits in my life… considering im still in my teens.. only hit 1 roor and it was a roor mini 14” with perc and we used a hakko and it was the best time ive ever gotten high. would love this piece

  • Douglas

    I have probably had around 20,000 bong hits in my life which has lasted a whole 20 years as of now. My experience with Roor is none. I am sad to say I have never hit a Roor bong… I always contend that they are overpriced and not worth the money. I instead bought what looks like a Roor, and most likely hits like a Roor. I suppose it would be nice to prove my theory wrong, but I don’t come around many Roors, even though they look extremely pretty online.

  • Mizerk

    I’ve taken about 20, none out of a roor. I wish I could get my hands on a roor.
    I want a cleaner way to do it.

  • Vince B

    probably somewhere in the 10,000’s and maybe 46% of it was with bernie johnson’s 5.0 roor icemaster.

  • jean-mickael noel

    at least 4-8 hit a day for the past 6 years so around the 12000. wow when you think about it thats insane .

    i never had a roor so 0% sadly

  • GMan407

    Four years of smoking, roughly five hits a day comes out to 7,300 HITS!!!
    -1500 on a Green Label Roor
    -1000 on a Rasta Label Illadelph
    -4000 on a Black Label Roor
    -500 on a pHx Duo
    -200 on a Volcano Vaporizer
    -100 Blunt/Joint/Steamroller/Hooka/Chillum

  • taylor anderson

    ive hit a bong about 70 times and 1% on a roor only hit one once but i really enjoyed it

  • Wes

    i have hit a bong probably about 600 times…bongs are the best my friends and i always smoke bongs for someone’s birthday lol….unfortunately i have never hit a roor…mostly locally made bongs…i have hit a phire bong that was very nice but that’s it

  • Anthony

    Roughly 2,500 hits. 500 or so from a RooR.

    Saved up for it, bought it from this site, and it broke. Now using china glass 🙁

    Being stuck around no decent glass blowers is unfortunate.

  • Luke

    Out of my 24 yrs i would have to say i have taken about 7 hits.I know for a fact that they were not ROORs as ROORs is by far the best in the industry.They were great bongs thought, that i hit from.I Just recently bought a ROOR and i would say without out a doubt.If there is a not a ROOR in ur possesion….Then my friend YOU are not smoking right, its ROOR or nothin!

    Thank You Luke

  • Luke

    I would also have to say as well.That i would deeply appreciate that most define character of a ROOR bong that u have up for grabs.

    Thank You, Luke

  • William Cox

    I am a RooR glasshead. I have and us roor’s aswell. I love to collect as much roor glass as possible. But id say ive been using my first roor since 2004 and have taken thousands of rips. about 85% of my bong hits have been out of my roor glass.

  • justin

    ive taken roughly 40 to 50 thousand bong hits so far in my life including once filled with everclear., ive made a bong out of a watermelon as well as cantoloupe

  • Soochi

    About a couple thousand, I would say about 65% of the time it was from a Roor. I have two Roors that get plenty of use. The other brands were from random headshops, I’ve hit a PHX, Illadelph, Ehle and JB.

  • Rhino

    about 3,000 oughly none from roors. Most from no name glass from the local shop. I started watching hashbean’s videos and have really gotten into glass. I can’t afford a roor yet. i have bought a roor precooler and a cheap glass on glass tube with a bent neck. i want a roor so badly. i have been saving upit would be awsome.

  • Katie Wallick

    I’ve probably taken around 750. About 10% were RooR I’d say. I use my RooR rasta label steamroller religiously though 😀

  • Chris

    well my first time smoking was the summer of 2005, and i only did it maybe 3 times a month till the summer of 2006 when we started doing it pretty much regularly each weekend all summer till the next summer, when it became maybe 4-6 days a week (each summer is quite the journey)… summer of 2008 was everyday and at college it was one a week, but this summer it has been multiple times a day, mostly when landscaping.

    So number crunch
    3 times a month for 12 months= 36 (2005)
    5 times a month for 12 months= 60 (2006)
    16-24 times a month ” ”= 192- 288 (2007)
    summer 56 times total + school 36 times total= 92 (2008)
    summer 168 times total= 168 (2009)

    but if were talking about how many bong hits we’ve taken then its pretty much 3 bowl packs and we each get about 2.5 hits so thats a 7.5 multiplier
    so total smoking sessions = 644
    644 x 7.5= 4830 – 300 (for pipes, blunts, spliffs, hookah, and grav hits)
    total= 4530…ish hahaha

    my first bong was a nameless glass bong, it was blue and very fat, it broke, but that didnt stop us, we taped that sucker together and called it franken-bong, second bong was a small green glass bong, nothing special, i now have a weedstar and my graduated cylinder bong
    We hit bongs very often around here
    Ive only smoked out of a roor once, but it was good, damn good

  • Sean Fenwick

    Around 40,000 “water pipe” tokes from my Red Lable ROOR, which I bought from EDIT. 100% of my tokes have been from ROOR, use nothing but the best.

  • Tony_K

    I’ve done at least 100 hits from the awesome Ehle you sold us. But, in total I would have to say at least 300 hits minimum in my life.

  • In my lifetime, I’ve probably had a total of around 100 good bong hits out of a few nice tubes, most of which were RooR.

    My first bong ever was a 250ML RooR blue label, which I purchased on EDIT about 2 years ago… This tube ripped but also (eventually) tipped, due to poor judgement on a table I sat it on.

    My Second bong was a 24″ 7MM thick RooR Yellow Label, which I purchased off a member on a forum and later sold after owning for about 4 months for no specific reason in particular. I would take a snap from this tube every morning after waking up, and even the smallest of snaps would have me feeling amazing; ready to take on the day!

    Now for the third tube – my recently purchased 18″ EHLE 1000ML! I purchased this tube a few weeks ago from EDIT and it should be delivered tomorrow, just in time for a little get together with a few friends and I. We will be testing this huge tube out with some fresh, high quality US grown herb and I can’t wait to see how it treats them!

    Hope I win,

  • Morgan

    In my 3 years of smoking I’d say I’ve had roughly 7000 hits, none of those from a ROOR! I’ve only ever bought local glass and as it’s illegal to sell at smoke shops down here.. we don’t have much choice. All the bongs available down here are generic and very cheap.

    I’ve wanted to hit a ROOR for a while now! If I don’t win this, I’ll start saving so I can get a ROOR or a Weed Star.


  • nick trybel

    1000 RooR tokes, i hit a ROOR every signal day, 500 normal bong tokes bbut this was before i found out about ROOR bongs now ROORS are the only bongs for me lol………

  • Ashley

    I worked out that i have smoked roughly 614 times from a bong so far.

    Started off as a joint man till i moved out. Bongs for life (hopefully roor soon 🙂 )

  • FidelCashflow

    several hundred rips, maybe 300, 350. probably 80% have been from RooRs though, from an 18″ rasta label .us much like the one in the contest.

  • Ryan

    I’ve taken somewhere around 300 hits from a bong. I’ve only taken two hits from a ROOR though, and it was incredible! I hope I win this one!

  • danny oldani

    honestly have taken a good hundred thousand bong rips. some to start me off in the day, some to keep me going, and then of course the late night sesh. I don’t need to talk more about it

    the catch is mine have been out of illadelph tubes. my shop doesnt push roor too hard. I love my illadelph beaker, love my glycerine coil, and love the perc’ed glycerine coil.

    looking for a mobile daily driver I love the rasta, been running with that pattern for years now.

    -Rasta Illy (from tokecity) check it out.
    unfortunate close of the EDIT forum
    GC and TC welcomes you

  • Big Migz

    i have over 13 years experience smoking i can honestly say not much surprises me…i have probably taken a couple thousand rips this month alone and shit i am hitting my bong while writing this… to me and my bongs account for about 96% off all my smoking and i have hit roors in the past but smaller bowl versions so i didnt count those but UNTIL I A ZUMO 4.2 1000 MY LIFE CHANGED FOREVER..about 1 week after first toke i ordered a roor for myself..AND NEVER WILL I SETTLE FOR ANYTHING for my future smoking career i shall always ROOR. oo i forgot i own 4 bongs, 3 spoon bowls, 1 bubbler, 1 roor steam roller, and 1 wooden pipe and alast i babysit my friends zumo ROOR. LOL SO PLEASE EDIT PICK ME BECAUSE I WILL CARE FOR IT AS IF IT WERE MY OWN CHILD AND ALSO I PROMISE TO CLEAN IT EVERYDAY AND USE IT FOR ALL I REPEAT ALL FUTURE BONG SESSIONS. THANKS.

  • Big Migz


  • Aaryk

    I have taken maybe 100 bong hits in my life, I only started smoking the around this time last year, but every bong hit of my life has been out of a Roor my roomate has. So needless to say, I started off right 😀

  • JOHN

    Id say i’ve had around 1052 give or take a few numbers here and there.
    I’ve had the “Jolly Green Giant”-3 foot dark green bong not sure what it was not roor…a 3-4 foot bong at a friends house… a chubs at another friends house…a gas mask that we made with a pink kaos bong…and 2 bongs that my friend got for christmas and his birthday… so i guess that about it no ROOR so the percentage is a 0 sadly.

  • JOHN

    Id say i’ve had around 1052 give or take a few numbers here and there.
    I’ve had the “Jolly Green Giant”-3 foot dark green bong not sure what it was not roor…a 3-4 foot bong at a friends house… a chubs at another friends house…a gas mask that we made with a pink kaos bong…and 2 bongs that my friend got for christmas and his birthday… so i guess that about it no ROOR so the percentage is a 0 sadly :(.

  • JOHN

    Id say i’ve had around 1052 give or take a few numbers here and there.
    I’ve had the “Jolly Green Giant”-3 foot dark green bong not sure what it was not roor…a 3-4 foot bong at a friends house… a chubs at another friends house…a gas mask that we made with a pink kaos bong…and 2 bongs that my friend got for christmas and his birthday… so i guess that about it no ROOR so the percentage is a 0 sadly :(>.

  • JOHN

    Id say i’ve had around 1052 give or take a few numbers here and there.
    I’ve had the “Jolly Green Giant”-3 foot dark green bong not sure what it was not roor…a 3-4 foot bong at a friends house… a chubs at another friends house…a gas mask that we made with a pink kaos bong…and 2 bongs that my friend got for christmas and his birthday… so i guess that about it no ROOR so the percentage is a 0 sadly:(>.

  • Ive prob had about 1000 bongs hits in my shirt life, and not one of them were fortunate enough to be from a roor, or any name brand glass piece, just random pieces picked up here and there, though some of them were pretty great.

  • Andy

    Hmmm probably about 20, but they have been from dodgy gatorade bongs! Have not had a hit out of a glass bong yet, although just ordered a big ass Weed Star bong from here, so looking to getting that quite muchly.

  • Ryan-dudz


    around 250 bong hits (5-10% from roor), most from my decent little bong, i’ve hit many different bongs but hitting my friend’s roor icemaster was amazing. roor ftw.

  • Jack

    I have only been smokin for the last year maybe a lil ova but at least 5 hits a day since I have got my roor I have had it about a month I think and I f’in love it! So before roor maybe 100 altogether after 150 at least first month so like 3/4 of the times i hit the roor and it will be many more! I plan to buy nothing but roor! I would love to have this piece in my collection! Thx

  • Danny

    I actually put some thought into quantifying my bong experiences.
    My stats (as accurately as i can rem) are as follows:

    4000-4200 bong loads total @ ~1-1.5 hits per load

    91% of total being ROOR of which 85% were ROOR custom elites

    8% of total being an orig JBaker mothership (confiscated by campus police)

    1% others… PHX and nonames

    Had an awesome bubbler that broke recently (in the freezer, ya it was worth all those ice hits 🙂 which i had for many yrs but doesn’t count as a bong.

    Out of all the bongs i have ever smoked, the ROOR Lion of Judah is the king of kings. BIG UP!

  • Nigel Herd

    Hi There Everyonedoesit,

    Still hitting the fantastic ROOR Fairmaster I got from you over 3 years ago!
    I would say I am close to my 99999 hit. Which will probably take place later today as soon as work is done! Have been smoking Roor’s since my college days in America. Best pieces of smoking art money can buy!

    All the best and happy toking!
    Nigel the guru

  • Alex A

    Weed Star Series Messias Illusion Ice 5mm – Double Tree Perc
    1300 hits (Including RooR adapter and down pipe)

    Rok-it bong (new)
    10 hits

    Agung trading co Australia. (Natasha)
    2500 hits

    Misc bongs
    1500 hits

    RooR bongs
    10 hits

    Total bong hits 5320

    Much love al <3

  • Epic Eric

    Over the past five years I’ve had the pleasure to smoke, I’ve pulled roughly twelve thousand seven hundred seventy five (12,775) bong rips.

    %100 from beautifully crafted west coast artists (none as beautiful and precise as a RooR.)

    %0 from an exquisite RooR piece.

    Ever since I’ve read of Roor in Treating Yourself magazine Ive been on the quest for that “Perfect Piece.” I believe i have finally found it and deeply appreciate the chance to finally obtain a dream i thought I’d never see again. Thank you.

  • Ross Savoie

    man i love bongs
    i bet i’ve taken at least 500 hits
    this has been my real break through year smoking
    bongs are just amazing
    i would say i had 40% of my hits out of Supreme (my first and only bong), a tree perc, ice pinch, beaker, 18.8 diffused, ROOЯ carbon filter, clear a/c, and blue bowl slide 30% out of my buddy anthonys bong curved 14.4 diffused, green teardrop a/c, ice pinch 15% out of my buddy richs triple dome perc, ice pinch, beaker, clear a/c 10% out of my buddy nicks mini ROOЯ tree perc, splash guard, ice pinch 14.4 diffused, ROOЯ tini slide and 5% out of homemade grav bongs a sunny d bottle with a bowl taken off a pipe put in the lid
    i think this Rasta ROOЯ would be the perfect daily bong for me and i would love to say i own a ROOЯ let alone won it in a contest

  • dannygfunkle

    as a daily smoker, i smoke about roughly 13 bowls out of a bong on any given day, and id love for that bong to be this roor :]

  • SirSmokeItAll

    I have smoked about 3,057 bong hits

    40% from Ehle
    40% from No Names
    and 20 % RooR

    Please help me smoke out of ROORs more often!
    I need my own!

  • Steve

    I’ve probably had around 700 bongs hits since I started smoking. Probably about two thirds of those were from a Roor, since I had only used a cheap acrylic bong for a short time before moving up to some high quality Roor glass.

  • Jade Stevens

    i dont really know the amount of bong hits i had. a lot thats for sure!never did smoke out of a RooR bong…would be nice to try that one for the 1st time!
    by the way…WE are really enjoying the perculator bong that i just bought from you guys!thanks a lot!!!!
    plan on buying more!!!

  • Jeremy Reese

    i’ve taken way more bong hits then any of these other jokers that posted on here. i believe i should win this ROOR on the account of tonight while i’m drunk as i type, i had a bright idea of putting my friend bistra’s(female) liquid filled glow in the dark pipe that she has had since age 16 in the microwave so maybe it would smoke up and the resin cherry and we could get high. instead of that happening, it exploded and i feel like ass. i came on this website to buy her a new one, and saw this contest. i am a 22 year old smoker from windermere, florida. please help a brother out.

    oh yea, i guess i’d say the percentage of ROOR hits from me is .00067
    i’ve only hit a roor about twice in my life.

  • Ravi

    Hmm..Well, I own a RooR 14 inch green label. and Ive hit a few Roors…The first bong i ever hit was a Phire. 14 inch. Then I hit a no name 8 inch,then ive hit a 3 foot,3perc hvy once or twice. ive hit a roor yellow label dealers cup, ive hit a 2.5ft roor orange label straight tube w/mike fro bowl. id have to say roors make up at least 50% of the bongs i have hit. roor bongs are the best!

  • Ravi

    Oh i also owned a roor bubbler for 2 months. i am guessing i have taking over 250,000 bong rips in roughly a 2 year period. at least 50% being from roors. 30% from 8 inch no name and 20% being from other.

  • Smallerbach

    I have probably taken around 25,000 hits….30% Roor 50% Local artists glass 19%
    non roor and 1% Weedstar

  • Seth

    I’d have to estimate around 20,000 over the last 10 years, 5+ hits a day (2-3 bowls), roughly 2000 hits a year, wow!

    Out of that roughly 60% has been with a Roor, 25% with a hurricane, and 15% with an old JBD, without a doubt my Roor is my favorite!

  • Chris

    Many a hit in my few years of smoking … unfortunatly, none have been from a roor bong. The killer AK47 is my current weapon of choice, lol ..
    Wouldn’t mind a session with this rasta bad boy though!

  • rj

    ive taken maybe 15-20 rips from bongs only had zob and medicali i wanna know what its like to milk a roor!

  • Nothing

    May be 100-150… Beginner in this area =)
    But, me or my friends never had a RooR, so I want to continue my career with this rastaman =)

    Checking this blog and seeing the winner is not me will make me sad till I get a hit from my acrilic one =(

    Humankind keep hitting to complete evolution… =D

  • benhameen420

    i couldnt put a number on the amount of bong hits ive taken but if i have to id say roughly 50,000 bong hits and none out of a roor because i am poor even though i just bought a JBD double tree perc and dome splashguard w ice catch but i would love a rasta roor even if i dont win this contest i might have to buy one =)))

  • Kasim D.

    Well ever since i bought my first bong from, ive been hitting it at least once a day, so ill say so far in my life time around 240 hits from my mini exotic bong.
    None have been from a Roor Bong! i really want a bigger bong to hit from 24/7!
    If i won this Roor bong i would be so happy.
    But i never win anything 🙁

  • Chris

    Maybe 3000 when younger (before I had even heard of the Roor brand), these days I prefer to vaporise!

  • Macale Smith

    I have taken probably a solid 50 hits. My first piece was a small acryllic bong that was not anything special. In the 12th grade i bought a nicer glass piece, but it was tragically broken by my upset mother after she found it for the second time. My first year of college was the first roor experience and I overestimated its power. I over lit the bowl piece and I inhaled enough smoke to make smoke signals. I have never had a roor personally, but I feel that it would definitley take my smoking experince to the next level.

    Macale Smith

  • Matthew Brindle

    i have had about 130 hits from a bong and about 5% were from a roor bong, and now just about to take a bong hit 😀

  • Campbell

    some days illl take 2 or 3 some days ill take 20 and some days maybe more.
    ill go with avg 3 hits a day times a solid 3 years of lighting up, and another 2 worth of mediocre smoking. ill say 1600 hits to date.
    been through many bongs, red eye glass from canada got me started, and ive only hit a roor on two separate occasions both of which were breath taking.
    homemade bongs, properly engineered of course, have also been a big part of my lineup . stoked for a chance at this beautiful piece
    keep it real edit

  • Markyt69

    I’ve probably only had about 150 bong hits in my life.

    10% from a tiny ceramic bong

    45% from a weed star big mama 2

    40% from a bushmaster

    5% from homemade bottle bongs

    no RooRs for me

  • Joe

    Probably about 200, sadly a large proportion were from a homemade bong, which admittedly was really effective but nowhere near as good as my mates roor icemaster which I’ve used on about 20% of those bong hits, oh and about 10 of those hits were on a watermelon bong, filled with tropical fruit juice as the water… Amazing taste whilst smoking, eventually started leaking a bit though nothing that couldn’t be temporarily fixed by caution tape 😀

  • Human Sapien Person

    Hi all & good luck …
    First experience was with my dad’s, (he does not know to this day :]) Hand blown glass from Cu Chi ,Vietnam (Beautiful Country & people).
    Reason i mention it is cause he just recently asked me if i had it. Did not tell him that my mom destroyed it (shame, it was irreplaceable).
    It is my preference to snap from Bongs which i did throughout the 90s through at least 80 bottles (Sunkist,Pepsi,Fanta,GRafix…etc) But never truly experienced a TRUE Flow of Bubble milk till my EDIT/ROOR GREEN GOBLIN & ,with all due respect to all here,& all glass blowers around the world, ROORs can & WILL tame all.I WILL now only use glass on glass as they are truly Art pieces !! BTW Only had it a few months…..:) sooo about 500 (just me using)
    ROOR/EDIT is gonna make someone very very happpppyyyy!!! Highly collectible!!!

  • A

    I’ve been hittin bongs for about 15 years, many weird and wonderful contraptions, but never a Roor. On average 4 hits a day for 15 years, you work it out. Big up the herbalists, one and all.

  • Tom M

    My first bong hit was from my friends Lil Sista Rasta Label!
    id say iv had about Four Hundred and Twenty ^_^ Bong hits and Of them about 25% of them were Roor hits. so 105 Roor hits.
    and 75% were other brands to No Name Glass. some brands were Illadelph, Phire, and some Zong bongs.

  • Brian

    I hit the bong everyday for a year. Maybe more. I did this mostly to prove a point. I am in college and I wanted to smoke my mind out to prove that the herb doesn’t affect you. In the end I got two A’s and two B’s the first semseter and all A’s the second. While taking engineering classes! Although maybe a hand full were from a Roor my friend got and holding it made me feel like I was hold a gift from the Gods. True story!

  • LionsRoor

    iv had im guessing about 1000 Bong Hits
    only used a Roor maybe 50% of the time
    and others 50% of the time. i Dont personally own one, but i sure as hell am hoping to!

  • misterdj


    I think i’ve had at least…100 hits on my ROOR Fairmaster Green Machine with the rasta ashcatcher 5mm…

    I think this rasta tube could be nice with my ashcatcher…

    I forgot 5 hits on a poor quality bong from my cousin

    Cheers from Spain!!

  • james

    before winning this competition
    bong hits=324
    % of hits from a roor bong=0

    after winning this competition
    bong hits=3264723726476274623
    %of hits from a roor bong=99.99%(recurring of course)

  • Big Migz

    i have over 13 years experience smoking i can honestly say not much surprises me…i have probably taken a couple thousand rips this month alone and shit i am hitting my bong while writing this… to me and my bongs account for about 96% off all my smoking and i have hit roors in the past but smaller bowl versions so i didnt count those but UNTIL I A ZUMO 4.2 1000 MY LIFE CHANGED FOREVER..about 1 week after first toke i ordered a roor for myself..AND NEVER WILL I SETTLE FOR ANYTHING for my future smoking career i shall always ROOR. oo i forgot i own 4 bongs, 3 spoon bowls, 1 bubbler, 1 roor steam roller, and 1 wooden pipe and alast i babysit my friends zumo ROOR. LOL SO PLEASE EDIT PICK ME BECAUSE I WILL CARE FOR IT AS IF IT WERE MY OWN CHILD AND ALSO I PROMISE TO CLEAN IT EVERYDAY AND USE IT FOR ALL I REPEAT ALL FUTURE BONG SESSIONS. THANKS.

  • Big Migz


  • Ashwin

    definitely close a thousand… i own a roor and an illadelph, and have smoked mostly roors, so i’d say roughly 75-80% of the time were roors.

  • I currently own 2 roors… with the same rasta label 14 mm and a very nice twin perc 18mm yellow label with perced ashcatcher and charcoal filter……..SMOOOOOOOOTH!!

    Life time id say I average 15-30 hits a day im 28 been smokin since 13 pipes and joints till found the wonderful world of glass bongs……heavily smoked bongs since 16 so lets average 20 hits a day for 12 years.

    So thats about 87,600 hits lifetime to date from a bong. Roor owner for past 5 years smoked no other bong then roor, so that would be 36,500 hits from a roor in past 5 years.

    And lifetime id say the percentage of roor glass hits ive had is roughly 72% as they make the BEST GLASS ON THE PLANET!!!!!

  • Pelle

    I think close to 500 to 1000 hits of bongs, I love them!!!

    I hear RooR is a really good bong, but I’ve never tried them before, so 0 hits on bongs.

    And then 100% of other brand bongs. I would love to hits this bong for being the first time of a RooR haha, who wouldnt?!

  • LargeLungs

    23 years of professional bong toking. Total tokes taken = 25 average tokes per day multiplied by 365 days multiplied by 23 years= 209875 tokes!!!! I started using ROOR in 2000 with an grommet black ice master that quickly moved on to all glass on glass. Today I use a ROOR Zumo as my daily driver and I love it!!!!!! A rasta ROOR would be a nice prize, hope I win!!!!

  • Naon

    I tried smoking a hit in a shisha pipe a couple of times. Didn’t work too well – but does that count?

    I’ve had perhaps 50 hits from a bong, of at least a dozen different substances. All from the same bong – when I first discovered edit and the scene, I bought me a cheap, tiny little plastic thing, and it’s been with me ever since.

  • Josh

    lol i usualy cough up a lung then go pass out but id say around 4-6k maybe
    now that i think of it dammmmmmm

  • Otto

    Lets be honest, it’s safe to say noone counts their hits, but I’d have to say that I’ve had roughly 7,894 bong hits in my life!

    Easily 60% of those hits were from a RooR or a quality bong!

  • Jam

    About 300, never from a ROOR, just the usual headshop generic glass nonsense and a couple out of some shitty acrylic ice bong in a lane when I first discovered the green stuff. The RASTA is gona be mine 😀 get my ROOR stats beefed up a bit.

  • Gio

    I reckon since i bought me this little rasta bong (banjo) i have taken about 200ish.

    I thought to myself should i take time and write a load of BS and claim i’d taken 100 millioin hits OR should i get out banjo and use it for inspiration on what to write.

    I decided to use banjo.

    I’ve NEVER had a hit from a ROOR bong BUT if i win i’ll take hits as much as i can and name it “ROCKET”

    Rocket the Rasta Roor bong 😀

  • matthew

    i love bongs man all of my friends have bong and ive destroyed all thats at least 16 diffrent bongs and 100dreds of tokes at least 10 were roor i have to say you guys arent doing to bad!hit me back with thats rasta

  • O.G. Yammerrip

    I have taken many a fat milky hit in my day, i have owned many bongs, starting off with my first peice, the snail a large pipe that fits comfortably in your paw, good for smoking fat spliff bowls and large dome rips full of hash and laced with other yum yum goodies. I hit that around 10,000 times, i then got a bong which i hit 2,000 times until it broke. I purchased a HVY quad perc which rips like a beast, a roor dealers cup and a custom AMG. I smoke about 15 bowls a day so i smoke a grip. I really think i deserve to win this bong because it would be nice to hook up my homeless homies with a nice fat rip from time to time out of a nice new bong, as i smoke so much out of my bongs i usually dont let em out of my hands and tell my buddys to bring over thier own bongs. I can easily smoke 1/8 of dank in a sitting, and they call me the destryoer of dank. I hope i win, as it would improve my quality of life as well. Sometimes the dank i smoke isnt so great, so it would be nice to have a new bong to spice things up a bit. I also smoke pure hash out of my roor dealers cup quite often, some people have a bowl of cereal when they wake up, i have a bowl of hash. Its like my coffie but better. Any ways, i would say i have taken 1 million plus hits just by math.

  • Dublinchron

    All I do all day is smoke. Thats what I do, smoke all day. I take about forty to fifty hits of full melt a day out of my dealers cup. If I wanna smoke I smoke an eighth of the best hydro around, maybe two. I’ve taken about 200,000 hits lifetime, probably 50% have been a roor. I have had the same roor for three years and it is all I smoke out of.

  • Joe

    i myself own an acrilic bong that ive hit about 300 times. i have encountered the roar only a few times before. by far the most amazing hits i have ever received.

  • Dan

    Smoked roll-ups for most of my smoking career. Only started using a bong regularly a few weeks ago (about 5). Probably had at least five hits a day. So thats 5*7*5=135 plus about 20 hits off other people’s bongs, at least ten on a bong I bought a couple of years ago. So probably in the region of 165 and climbing by about five each day.

  • Dan

    Forgot to say, I don’t think I’ve ever taken a hit from a Roor, but I couldn’t swear to that.

  • Monni

    If I calculate that I’ve smoked from my bong for the last year, about 3 times a week and around 5 hits every time. That would mean that this year I’ve taken around 800 bong hits.

  • Erik

    I think i have taken about 500 hits.

    Halv was from a bong i built from a plastic bottle and halv was from another one i built from an aluminum can.

    So i need that bong.

  • Dub

    I’d have to guess 250 or so. Never used a bong too much since I never had one as nice as this RooR!

  • vann

    i was about 10-20k into bong hits before i actually tried a roor.. my friend left it over and the smoothness of a refreshing roor bong was what i needed to get my worries away of losing your girlfriend of 8 years in a car accident.. well one night i was dancing around in a haze of pain pills and white rhino… his roor fell over and broke (it was a vintage red label 3.2) and i had to buy him a new one for he is my buddy who is 6’3″ 325 and i am 5’5″ 130 tops inf ear of getting my ass kicked.. so i bought him a new one(green label 3.2 and custom roor bowl option also in green) and he was cool about it but just decided to leave it at my place.. so i dont own my own roor bong but do use one on a regular basis and i would not go back to any other bong.. with this roor im at least 2-6k in hits and i clean it out probaly thrice a week.

  • Sam

    Well I’ve been smoking for 8 years and average roughly 5 hits from a bong a day which totals about 14000 hits. At least 3000 (21.4%) were from plastic or acrylic bongs, 9000 (64.3%) being glass (non-RooR brand), and 2000 or less (14.3%) of them being from RooR brand bongs.

  • rodney

    i lost count but i had hit the bong over 500,000 times in my life and i enjoyed each one =) i just love weed all of them was from a glass bong i have been smoking since i was 7 i never smoked out a RooR Bong and i really want too i am a 100% POTHEAD=)

  • Hans

    Seeing that the first time I smoked was with a Bong 3 years ago, I think it is somewhat simple math = 36500 Minumum

  • Greg

    I have probably taken between 500 and 700 hits from a bong. About 70% of those being from my RooR little sista. I will be smoking RooRs for the rest of my life 🙂

  • Well I was doin a bit of “windows” shopping when I came across this beautiful bong!, I can’t really tell u how many hits Ive had on the bong, usually one every night before bed, “can’t beat a bed time toke!” so at least one every night for the last 7yrs..
    Recently I smashed my Molino bong I got from Abrax’s in Amsterdam, n Ive not been right since.
    This beautiful piece would make up for the of lose an old friend!

  • Morgan

    I’ve had probably 400 hits from a bong and 15% were from ROOR’s, 10% ZOB, 20% PHX, and the rest were off brand glass. Hope this helps!

  • Jack

    No-one counts lets be honest, and if you are doing it right you wont remember even if you did count 😀

    I’d guess I’ve had around 534, 18% of which were whilst listening to “Hits from the Bong”, and about 40% from a Roor Bong, but been using makeshift bongs pretty much the whole time since my flat-mate smashed our Roor within weeks of getting it *shakes fist*. Need another bong! *hint* 😉

  • Dylan

    ive hit so much i dont really remeber, more then 1000 less then 1000000 but id say that 10 percent of those hits were a roor… and ive hit over 50 differnt bongs mostly roor

    smokin the og kush
    from hawaii

  • 3 years of smoking homemade bongs but not regularly, then smoked my first glass bong which was a Roor on a trip to Amsterdam. After the trip I bought and smoked a glass bong with grommets for a bout 9months. Smoking about 400 bongs over just short of a 4 year period.
    After the glass grommet my friend bought the WS Mahoney Ice 2 from you guys at EDIT which I smoked about 30 bongs of before we broke it. Whilst my friend still had his WS I bought the 5mm WS Messiah Illusion twin perc which was again from EDIT, whilst also picking up two Roor diffusers and a carbon adaptor to go with it. My friend later got the EHLE Bent neck 5mm with tear drop pre cooler and carbon adaptor. Been smoking these two bongs since which has been overall for about a year. Averaging a couple of hits everyday, equalling about 730 bongs.

    So therefore overall smoking around 1160 bongs with the first glass bong I tried being a roor and then I have never had the chance to smoke one since. Would definitely love to own one though so I could smoke it whenever I want. 😀

    Percentage of Glass bong hits:
    Roor – 1 %
    WS Mahoney Ice – 6%
    WS Messiah Illusion – 80%
    EHLE Bent neck – 13%

  • Big Migz


    i have over 13 years experience smoking i can honestly say not much surprises me…i have probably taken a couple thousand rips this month alone and shit i am hitting my bong while writing this… to me and my bongs account for about 96% off all my smoking and i have hit roors in the past but smaller bowl versions so i didnt count those but UNTIL I A ZUMO 4.2 1000 MY LIFE CHANGED FOREVER..about 1 week after first toke i ordered a roor for myself..AND NEVER WILL I SETTLE FOR ANYTHING for my future smoking career i shall always ROOR. oo i forgot i own 4 bongs, 3 spoon bowls, 1 bubbler, 1 roor steam roller, and 1 wooden pipe and alast i babysit my friends zumo ROOR. LOL SO PLEASE EDIT PICK ME BECAUSE I WILL CARE FOR IT AS IF IT WERE MY OWN CHILD AND ALSO I PROMISE TO CLEAN IT EVERYDAY AND USE IT FOR ALL I REPEAT ALL FUTURE BONG SESSIONS. THANKS.
    Big Migz says:
    June 12, 2009 at 2:30 pm


  • noah

    I have never hit a bong could never et my hands on one since i’m the only one out of my friends that smokes. I have hit my pipe at least 200 times though. the roor bongs look like they are the best of the best and would get you the best high cause it’s just a straight hit.

  • chris

    smoking for a year, probably… 3000 rips? they’ve all been good. hope i get chosen, that’s a sick rasta!

  • Jake

    ilove to smoke bongs… bigger the better. for the past 3 years all i have done on my birthday is get a bigger bong and smoke all day… untill the cops came and took all my shit. FUCK THE POLICE!! i am still buying pieces just to say fuck you to the cops.

    Roughly i would say that i have hit a bong about 4 or 5k… from all sorts of bongs… small 12 inches plastic, homemade waterbottles, 3 foot phx, toro, some from this website and many, many more.

    this website is awesome… keep getting newer and cooler shit. customer for life… peace

  • Chris

    I have easily had at least in the tens of thousands of bong rips if not hundreds of thousands. Unfortunatley I didn’t discover ROOR glass until about a year ago or so. I’d have to say that only about 10% or less of my total bong rips have been from a ROOR. But that small percentage was by far the best, no one makes bongs like ROOR. They are so smooth and the draw is so quick and smooth, not too mention how incredibly smooth it is, they are just the best. The rasta piece is a ridiculous beast and whoever ends up winning it better not only take extremly good care and always keep it clean, but but it to its best use, only with the finest herbs.

  • Errk

    Been smoking weed for about 5 years now… If I really had to guess how many bong hits I’ve done in that time I would have to guess 10,000. At least. I can barely count how many times I hit the bong everyday. As far as how many of those hits have been Roor, probably around half of them. I’d been smoking acrylic and crappy made in the China bongs most of those years as I’d never heard of Roor. Now in the past 6 months, I’ve found out about, smoked and long for a Roor of my own. My roommate owns a couple and a friend of mine in the city also owns a Zumo and Dealers Cup. So I’ve been really heavy into the bongs since then. I would love to own that gorgeous Roor tube.

  • Max Carchman

    Umm, Ive probably had about 500 or so bong hits. And about 25% of those are from ROORs. While other people may like blunts and vaps, to me there is nothing like smoking out of a quality Roor bong.

  • Max Carchman

    ive taken about 500 hits or so out of bongs. About 25 % of those have come from ROORs. I own 3 bongs and just wish that i could start smoking out of a ROOR on a normal basis. But I just dont have the money.

  • anthony

    I only have 2 pieces….my green roor 7.0 and a one hitter quitter….i absolutily love the roor…never a dull hit…i honestly couldnt tell you how many times i have hit the roor….but it is a numerous amount….i would love to add this roor to my collection…it would be amazing…i clean my bong everynighy, using dish soap and pipe cleaners

  • stonedone420

    i have been smokin for 7 years and bongs are my fav but ive never smoked a roor but id guess about 200 hits roughly

  • ZM BUDdah

    I have had roughly 300+ bong rips and started smoking a lil over a year ago, have yet to hit a roor though 🙂

  • Jenn

    Well, I’ve only been smoking for four years, and thats 2 bong hits in the day time, and three or four at night, so i guess ive averaged about… 7400, ive never had the oportunity to use a ROOR bong, though i have dreamed of it, but its been out of my price range, but i have used glass bongs for atleast fifty percent of my hits, *ee* i want this so bad haha

  • Mike Archer

    I’ve took a few hundred, if I’m lucky. Mainly homemade. Did buy a pretty nice one on my eightteenth birthday, only got to smoke out of it a few time’s though, before my brother broke it. Witch really sucked, it was pretty sentimental. Hoping to come across a new one, nothing beats a nice milky bong rip.

  • Not sage

    i have probley taken about.. 200 hits out of a bong…

    ive never ripped out of high quality glass, and have actually been looking at getting some high quality glass to make life a little more breezy

  • Miguel JK

    i have prob 10000 bong hits
    62% Roors
    20% Hurricanes
    10% Jerome Baker
    8% Borscilate GLASS or just a no name bong

  • Fireflyuk

    Well iv been smoking bongs for about oh say 3 years now First bong G-spot turbine bought from EDIT aprox 500-600 hits and My Little sister Bong also from you lovely people aprox 300-400. yea i kind of lost cont after a while must have been all the good ermm heral smokes i had what else could it be oh i don’t know burrp end

  • Nathaniel

    I’ve had somewhere around 700 hits from various bongs. I’ve never smoked out of a Roor bong–all of my experience has been with non-Roor pieces.

  • GoldlunG

    Over 50 000 easy and a good 2000 or 3000 with my new killer bongs
    I need a new one lolll it time to change it and I ear the roor bongs
    Are realy good quality. I’m ready to try this little bb lol

  • Ryan B Teeny

    i have taken 0 hits and 100% have been from roor. as wayne gretsky says, you miss 100% of the shots you dont take

  • djtegan

    i dont have any idea how many bong hits iv taken.ha good question i wish i knew ,im gonna say 1000 no like 5000 maybe 10000 feels like a million….its been like 4 years .but i wish i could try thats rasta that would be a dream please hook it up!!!!!!!!!!

  • Meredith

    I’ve had about 90 bong hits. Probably like 40 percent from my perced bong from, 40 pecent from shitty bottle bongs and other no name brands and like 20 percent from my friends really awesome roor.

  • Meredith

    I’ve probably had like 100 bong hits. 50 percent from my perced bong (I don’t know what brand I bought it from a friend), then like 30 percent from shitty plastic bottle bongs and other shitty no names and then like 20 percent from my friends wicked roor

  • gdorn23

    Probably more than 3000…
    Id’ say 50% ROOR and 50% bottle bongs
    Roor hits should be worth more than one!

  • ian

    at college i do like twice a day for 3/4 of the year.

    i estimate 500 a year times 3

    1500 hits. and ive onl had roor like 100 sooooo. 8%

  • Tom

    Unfortunately, I have never had the pleasure of taking a hit from a superior piece of of glassware, such as the beautiful Roor pictured.

    I have however, taken roughly 8 hits from a pretty solid acrylic bong, in two sessions. A novice to milking the chamber, I was not expecting the difference in sensation that a bong had over a nicely rolled spliff. After 4 hits, I found myself falling asleep on a beanbag, waking up to eat magically procured pizza, destroying rednecks in Hitman: Blood Money and experiencing the most enlightening cycle ride home.

    In conclusion: Bongs are awesome. Roors look awesome.

    8 and 0%.

  • matty

    sanja thats a lieeeee you must have had roor.

    i personally think you’re all being dicks by not admitting it.

    ive PROUDLY smoked 20,000 (roughly) and maybes 5% roor bong hits

  • Wes Savage

    Unfortunately, I just recently really got back into the bong scene thanks to EDIT. I’ve smoked plenty in my life, but probably only around 1500 bong hits. Off of a pipe, good God I couldn’t even count!

  • Jared

    Probably a couple thousand. Ive had a 2 foot ROOR for about 3 years and it is by far the best bong Ive ever smoked out of. GREAT investment in my mental health 🙂

  • Jake Black

    I was recently diagnosed testicular cancer, at first i was extremely deppressed. but soon i discovered that i could get a medical marajauna card. I can’t afford a roor at this moment but would love to chance to get my hands on one before im gone.

  • that bong is fuckin sick yo!!!!
    I’ve smoked plenty in my life, but probably around 10000000 bong hits. Off of a bong, good God I couldn’t even count!…. i only smoke bongs joints dont makes me high for shit

  • micky

    id say im a solid 1,000 hits in all and 10% of those have been from Roors, but never from a rasta one

  • Melina

    I think I’ve had 3 bong hits maximum. Bongs, surprisingly enough, aren’t very popular in my area. I know for a fact they weren’t Roors.

  • Alex

    I have no idea, they’re are so many bong hits, maybe about 400-500? Probably way more though =D and only a lucky few hundred have been from a roor, I want one so bad<3

  • Matthew Paciello

    I bought an 250mL EHLE off this site as my first water pipe not too long ago. After using a standard handheld pipe for so long, my lungs thanked me afterwards for my investment (and thanks for getting it to me safe). With that being said, I presume a hundred bowls have been cleared from it so far. Being a frequent visitor of this site, I have looked up every RooR on this site after using a friends RooR for the first time. I was never so happy in my life afterwards.

    ~2000 EHLE
    ~300 PHX
    ~4 RooR

  • zach

    wow bongs bongs bongs, it’s all i even think about these days.
    i used to be obsessed with js and peices but now i realized it’s all about the bong. Their isn’t anything better thank taking a huge rip from a ROOR bong, I’ve probably taken at least 75 my whole life and probably 50 to 60 from a ROOR, and lately it’s the only thing ive been hitin. ROOR bongs are the best thee is end of story, i have a ice master and it’s done me pretty well over the past year or so, but I’ve needed something better to suit me and idk if there is anythign better than this RASTA ROOR.

  • Amycus

    Just started to smoke (through a friend) and only recently had my first bong hit. It was not a Roor but nice none the less

  • Big Migz

    i have over 13 years experience smoking i can honestly say not much surprises me…i have probably taken a couple thousand rips this month alone and shit i am hitting my bong while writing this… to me and my bongs account for about 96% off all my smoking and i have hit roors in the past but smaller bowl versions so i didnt count those but UNTIL I A ZUMO 4.2 1000 MY LIFE CHANGED FOREVER..about 1 week after first toke i ordered a roor for myself..AND NEVER WILL I SETTLE FOR ANYTHING for my future smoking career i shall always ROOR. oo i forgot i own 4 bongs, 3 spoon bowls, 1 bubbler, 1 roor steam roller, and 1 wooden pipe and alast i babysit my friends zumo ROOR. LOL SO PLEASE EDIT PICK ME BECAUSE I WILL CARE FOR IT AS IF IT WERE MY OWN CHILD AND ALSO I PROMISE TO CLEAN IT EVERYDAY AND USE IT FOR ALL I REPEAT ALL FUTURE BONG SESSIONS. THANKS.

  • Robert

    Since my epic quest for the perfect smoke started my first bong hit was out of an orange plastic bong. my first bong was a jerome baker, and my sisters boyfriend had to buy it for me because i was only 15 at the time. ive had a few rips out of r00rs only my friends though :'[ hundreds of rips out of my friends r00rs and like… ive taken about 5 thousand bong hits in my time.

  • 1000 times. Rough estimate. I usually smoke blunts or pipes, but my buddy has a Molino Madscientist v2, but a RooR would stomp on that. I hope I win =D

  • John

    ive probly had over like 200 bong hits
    never from a roor tho so hopefully i win so i can try it out

  • Sean Quinn

    I have taken roughly 200 hits in my life, 130ish from ghetto rigs, and 70 of which from my weedstar I bought here. None of them have been from a roor :[

  • LBailey01

    how many bong hits have i ever taken hmmmmm…..probably about four thousand over the course of sayyyy all my smoking
    and how many of those have been roor hits, you ask? well, a tough question, between a roor for five years after having my first little bong ive gotta give about 49% to the tube and the rest is history.

  • In the first years of smoking we used to have regular bong competitions, my personal best was 40 in 45 minutes (I was not the winner).

    not including those times, I’d say 15 a day,everyday for at least 4 years = 21,900..

    then the last four years would of been a considerable amount less, perhaps 2 a day = 2920.

    approx total = 24,820

    Unfortunatley I have never smoked off a Roor bong, guess that discludes me from the prize draw?

  • Ok Ive probably taken about 7000 to 10000 rips out of several different bongs.I just bought a Roor Black widow custom a week and a half ago and ive already got well over 150 rips out of it and several cleans. About 25 percent of my rips have been out of a roor Fairmaster my buddy owns.Thank you and Good luck to everyone.check out my videos on youTube burchbud is my screenname.

  • H. Harris

    oh boy thats a tough one. its gotta be in the hundreds, ill say about 400 with maybe half of those from a roor.

  • will

    i have smoked about 150 thousand hits but whos countin. i own 6 other roors including the dealers cup bling pin that i bought from u. this would be a great addition to my collection

  • luke

    pretty much erry day at least once. but then a lot of days more than once. id say roughy 3,000 or so. only once from a roor

  • Zander

    Lets see…

    About 5 bong hits a day every day for the last year and a half.
    365 days in a year. x 1.5 = 547
    547 x 5 bong hits= 2735 bong hits

    The first bong I ever hit was my RooR lil’ sista from edit, and I’d say around 90% of my bong hits since have been from my small collection of various RooR’s.

    2737 x .9 = 2461 total bong hits off of RooR’s!!!!

    Pick me to win so that number can grow!

  • Well i have no idea how many times i have hit a bong but roughly about 99999999999999999999999999999999999 million times . no but really i have been smokeing sence i was 12 and was an everyday smoker sence 16 with at least 5 or 6 bowls a day i love bongs and blunts i am now 19 have a kid and a wifey . therefor never could efford a roor. Even though at a head shop in baltimore before i headed to the Kottonmouth Kings show I was given one RooR red label bowl Pack of someNY piff toped off with kiff from my grinder. I took one huge hit finishing the bowl pulled the glass on glass slider and was hacking from theicey cold smoke noty only was that my first roor hit but also the bigest hit of headys i have ever tookn. and oh my god was it good. My friend also bought a $420PHX that day to with double percs ice notches and a inline perc ashcather . one time in 6th grade i made a homemade bong but other the that i have used glass on glass bongs for ever. I would be so greatfull if i recived this beautifull peice of art.


    Sorry I suck at spelling. Was never to good at that 🙂

  • Mikewrabbz

    Actually an interesting question which makes me think about my habits somewhat. Being an every-day regular bong-smoker for the past 5 years or so means i’ve definitely racked up a fairly large number of hits.

    I thought about this the day before the last 20th of April (which apart from being 4/20 is also Hitler’s birthday lol) and decided, upon careful consideration of my habits over the last few years, that the first one of that day would be my 10,000th bong hit. Pretty amazing when you think about it.

    What’s even more amazing is that i would have to say that more than half of that has been out of a plastic bottle or acryllic ‘springer’ bongs….classy i know, but I live in Australia. No offense to our great country, but i don’t think there has ever been a greater wasteland in terms of quality glassware. Its really a tragedy, a crying shame how hard (actually impossible) it is to get quality glassware (bongs) in this country. We’re not a poor country by any means and there’s no shortage of stoners (most in the world in the 16-26 demographic apparently) and yet, somehow, Australia represents a black hole for real quality bongs. People are happy to smoke from kindergarten-style-bongs or chinese-made terrible glassware with rubber stoppers and other travesties, most not even knowing what they’re missing. It’s like George Orwell’s 1984 or something. This largely inferior glassware represents about another 40% of my bong hits.

    The other 10% is from when i lived in Germany for a year, and my eyes were opened to the true magic of glass-on-glass-on-glass smoking. Nothing ever felt so right, even though i never had the fortune or the money to smoke out of a ROOR. Since i’ve been back from europe i’ve been trying to live with what we have here but i can’t, so i’ve recently ordered a proper glass bong setup from EDIT which is waiting for me at the post office now. Even that bong is going to blow people’s minds here.

    Imagine if i had that ROOR. For us in Australia a ROOR is like something from another planet, something foreign and unattainable. A beautiful alien, that unless you’re lucky, you won’t ever see in the flesh or have the chance to wrap your lips onto. Something most people dont know can even exist, and the rest have seen pictures of at most. If i got it i’d probably spend a week just looking at it, waiting for my hands to stop shaking. Then i’d invite every stoner i know around and show these people what they’re missing, what’s possible.

    Sorry for the essay, but if you’ve gotten this far, you can probably appreciate just how much I want that bong. I feel like an abused person asking desparately for refugee status. I can’t afford a ROOR now and i’ve never had one or even seen one in the flesh. If you want to blow the mind of half of Melbourne then send that bong to me. That half of Melbourne would appreciate it is a mammoth understatement. You could send me Jessica Alba trussed up like a turkey and if I thought it was that beautiful rasta-themed ROOR i’d actually be disappointed.

  • Dobra

    picked up my first ROOR, smoked an estimate of roughly 10 hits a day, for roughly 2 years, so about 7300 were smoked out of ROOR piece alone, along with fellow ROOR holders it has to have been about 9000 rips out of ROOR glass alone, then to take other glass it is an incredible hard estimate to come up with, maybe around 1100-1300? ROOR rules!

  • Eric

    As bongs are my favorite smoking apparatus, I’d say well over a thousand in the two years I’ve been toking.
    Unfortunately I have never had the opportunity to even hold a ROOR, as my head shop doesn’t carry them and no one I know has really even heard of one until I told them about them. So all of my beloved bong hits were from a foot tall glass on rubber head shop special.
    I’ve been trying to work out my expenses enough to buy one of these beautiful pieces of German engineering, but as of late have had little luck. I hope to have one on sitting proudly on my shelf soon enough.

  • Dear EDIT,
    i seriously can not count how many times i have hit the bong. lol
    but i will give you an estimate, because i LOVE ROOR DE and EVERYONEDOESIT!!!
    id say in the thousands, so I’ll say about at least 2,000.
    i just bought my first roor from you guys last year and it was love at first rip, lol.
    never again will i appreciate a piece of glass more than i do my 5mm black label icemaster, (expressing my anger towards no name head shop glass hehe)
    i live in hawaii so i proudly say im one of the few people probably in the state that owns a German RooR. so please EDIT help a bradda out on this tiny rock in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, you have no idea how much it would mean to me to win this. Rasta is very popular here in the islands and i have never seen a German Rasta RooR until now. oh and btw ive probably hit my icemaster at least 300 times now. im putting it to good use thats all i have to say haha.
    -mahalo EDIT for your incredible service and products thus far

  • Aaron Loney

    I have never had a bong hit, i feel i have been deprived of such bliss, and i love free stuff so gimmmmmmmme

  • jake limm

    i hav had about 500 bong hits but i hav only had 1 on a roor bong it was the best by far (i couldn’t walk afterwards)

  • Toby

    For me, probably 25 times… noobish i know. but i normally smoke when i’m out with friends and police search alot in my area, i got searched yesterday!! So a bong is a rare delight. i just bought a simple bong from Camden Town in London.. it would seem wrong not to!
    Though never using a roor!

  • I’m 26 now and bought my first locally blown glass bong when I was 18 along with a bong bag. I still have it after 8 years. I can honestly say my amount of hits a day grew from 2-5 hits a day to about 15 to 20 rips a day. I pack enough just for one hit and not a whole bowl that holds almost 5 hits. I think packing a whole bowl is a waste of product.

    I’m going to say roughly 36,000-40,000 hits in 8 years out of a bong.
    5% were from RooR
    5% were from Hurricane/Tsunami
    90% were from local blowers and head shops

    I want to point out that roor had the best function out of any bong I’ve ever smoked. I’ve noticed just by the way the downstem is positioned it creates a better flow of the smoke filtering and the draw of the smoke is faster yet smooth. I’m a huge fan of the 18.8 joint size because of the easier draw of smoke. I can’t pass up a chance to win one so here is my estimate.

  • Christo A

    smoked mayb 1000 bongs 2 date, yet to even lay my eyes on a roor, id be the talk of the town wit that thing, plzzzz pick me

  • Matt portlock

    Ive had about 40-50 bong hits (just started) I havent smoked outta a ROOR before but I have to edmit…they look smooth!

  • Skywalker

    idk how many hits but i smoke everyday so…alot. none from a roor though this it’d be my first one

  • Angus Young

    somewhere past a thousand hits i’d say man a few outta the roor but none from which to call my own.

  • dingleberry

    i go through a slice a week to help you figure out how many hits ive taken. roors are pretty ill i had on once but it got busted by the po-po

  • ville

    A smooth hit out of a quality bong just makes the whole day better. i have taken over 1000 bong hits and none of them out of a roor. i have yet to expiriance the superior quality of a german roor first hand.

  • Jack O.

    Ripped roors plenty of times they are pretty good but i have to say i’ve had just as good times on different bongs. i’ve probs ripped hundreds of thousands times mainly using various bongs including some sweet custom roors.

  • Mike Tyson

    fuck me thats a beautiful bong you’re giving away for free! Anyways, ive ripped about a thousand times, some with a roor, but i’d sure love to increase that number with this beaut

  • Johnny Boy Johnson

    Ive always owned around 5-7 bongs at one time my whole life since i was about 19 years old and also still own the first bong i ever bought….a Forest Green Label RooR
    I just cant bring myself to ever sell it even though i moved on from that lil bugger he sure gets some good use when i travel =D
    and its usually nothing but roor….WHy stray from quality when smoking some quality?

    I would say out of my life i have taken about 20 thousand bong rips and they were prob 80% RooR Rips
    I post on many forums and am well known on the web
    If i win this i will make sure to PIMP out and distribute Very positive info about your company and let everyone know that you guys are the BEST
    I deserve to win this because i need a new RooR to sit up in my collection and plus my girlfriends birthday is in a couple weeks and shes been threw so much latley including 2 car accidents 3 surgerys and a VERYYY long time in bed…shes very depressed and this would just make her so happy to acually have won somthing
    Thank you EDIT,

  • I’m Going to Say i really don’t remember the tally of Hits for my self,
    but if i had to guess.
    Only hitting about 100.
    only been smoking for 1 year tho.

    The Roor is the BONG!

  • Petter

    around a 700 hits probably. only been enjoying this sweet herb for a year or so, but im not having any plans of quitting anytime soon 😉
    only been taking around 20-30 hits from a roor and that must be the best hits ive taken.

  • Meredith

    I’ve taken about 100 hits from bongs. Probably 50 percent was from my perced bong from my friend, probably 40 percent were from shitty bottle bongs and other no name bongs, and about 10 percent were from my friends really wicked roor

  • Vincent

    I”ve probably taken around 500 bong rips. Most of them are from my kaos tube, but I’d say a good 5 percent of them are through a buddy’s blue label 500, which hits amazingly of course.

  • Id say 450 bong hits
    0%from Roor
    10%Blue Dot
    30%shitty glass

    no roor hits tho
    hopefully that will change soon!

  • Duncan

    Never hit a roor yet. Just a few festival songs and my Big Mama 2 from weed star.
    I’d say 1000+ bong hits it’s hard to count though.

  • John

    Uuh I’ve used a bong twice lol, me n Toby (who posted earluier today) bought one from Camden and I took like 5 hits the first time and two the second, so 7 hits I guess! It’s awesome, but seems to burn stuff like there’s no tomorrow, so not too often! I’ve never used a ROOR bong.

  • Shane

    in my life i’d say i’ve had roughly about…500 bong hits?
    i bought my first bong from edit about 3 years ago which was a acrylic rasta pistol grip which served me well until over use caused the plastic to melt!

    i’ve recently moved on to glass and can safely say its the way forward!
    i acquired a beautiful thick glass bong from my holiday in america and it became a full time smoking item..until recently my friend cleaned it out and forgot to take out the slider which was dropped and smashed!

    i am now bongless and in need of a new smoking partner!

  • seanicle

    ive taken probably about 1000 bong hits in my life
    never from a RooR bong though
    i’d love to try one

  • Dym

    About 10-12. Just buy my first bong last week (at Edit) and received it wednesday. Pretty fun to smoke with. And I have never taken a bong hit from a Roor… but it seems wonderful and sweet…

  • GreenGoose

    I have one bong named Kimbo (named after Kimbo Slice the big black guy that looks like a hobo who likes to street fight but got his ass kicked in the ufc :() that i have used probably 500+ times. Unfortunatly it’s a plastic piece and isn’t really anything special except for it’s sized (about 2 ft tall), so despite it’s lowendedness it still delivers quite the hit. I have hit RooR’s and other high end glass before but simply can’t afford one right now what with my family losing their house and all, though i do plan to make a purchase of a high end glass on glass sometime in the near future.

  • James

    I’d say over my life of bong hitting and good times iv had maybe under 2000, 75% from homemade bongs, 25% from the killer mr Black bong from edit, Btw its a good one for £15

  • Pete

    Well id guese in total around 300 hits but none with a RooR. i have had a few illadelph cones and the rest being my generic glass one and ghetto homemade ones. Have to try one though in the grey area when I visit the dam in a few weeks should be an experience!

  • Jonathan

    Hmmm, tough call. Funny thing about a good bong hit is that you’re not guaranteed to actually remember it.

    I’d guess maybe 200 hits, none of those from a Roor. Sadly the vast majority have been from crudely constructed MacGyver bongs cobbled together from coke bottles, bits of biro and tin foil which kind of highlights just why I need that lovely shiny bong.

    Please EDIT, there’s only so many times a man can drip bongwater all over the sofa before he goes seriously weird. Please give me the Roor, if not for my awesome reason then for at least making an effort with spelling and grammar. Commas and capital letters, I has them.

  • Mikeyh347

    somewhere between 8 and 10 thousand I would say but i have no idea honestly, only about a few hundred were from a roor, which I purchased off this site, sadly my 400 dollar roor and setup were broken one day when i was quite high and droped it while cleaning it 🙁

  • Steve

    Ive only had about 12 hits on a bong none of which were a roor but I hear alot of good things about them and this ones sweet.

  • Ricky

    i have hit a bong a couple thousand times but i have never hit a roor but hopefully this comment will change that

  • G


    So Far I Have Had
    Few From Acrylic Twister
    Help My Bong Journey

    I would love it like a child

  • Tes Powell

    I’d say close to 400. Never seen a roor in my life :O Looks amazing! None of the hits on a roor though.

  • pete

    iv probably had about 100 all from cheap glass ones.
    would love to try a hit from a lovely piece of kit like that.

  • AshB333

    300 hits
    approx 50% on Roors
    5% on the Percs in Grey Area.
    the rest on anything that aint plastic!

  • Mike D

    About hmm, I’d say close too 500 or 550, depending using no roors ever in my life :[. I’d love one and use one, I’ve seen some of my friends they are sick as fuck. Any respectable smoker should use bongs, but I’m poor haha.

  • Nioclás

    H i guys, i reckon i have smoked a bong atleast 8,000 to 10,000 times, mostly 95% through glass on glass bongs or glass bubblers, not into the plastic bongs or crackheads tinfoil! great roor id love to add this to my collection and make a few videos on youtube with it!

  • Nioclás

    Id also say around 50% of my 8 to 10 thousand hits smoking cannabis has been from roor’s, i have a beaker, i really want this rasta label, what a beauty!

  • Coby

    not enough probably more than 1000000000 times though. never smoked a roor though hooping i get the opportunity

  • Alasdair Gillespie

    probably about 500. sadly only about 1% have come from a RooR.. but they were memorable.

  • I would have to say i have had well over 10 thousand bong hits 0%… im very very sad to say NEVER FROM A ROOR i would LOVE to smoke out of one let alone OWN one!! …
    thank you AARON..

  • I have hit a bong roughly 30,000 times in my smoking career ranging from a 2liter gravity to a dealers cup roor. The first time I ever hit a roor was when I became friends with my dealer. I walked into his house only to observe a small but staggering roor collection. He had custom made icemasters and even one of the old roor percs. I live in santa cruz california, so smoking bongs was nothing new to me. But when I hit that 7mm icemaster I couldn’t get enough. We smoked approximately 3 ounces that day, All through roors and a few locally blown tall boys but the roors were amazing. Sadly I have not had enough money to buy one as result of a lawsuit I had to file in regards to a disability that I was denied work for. I would love to add a roor to my small collection

    so to total my bong smoking

    30,000 hits

    4 oz’s smoked between two people> approx. 2 oz a piece> 100 rips per oz

    approximately 200 rips from a roor… keep in mind this is a conservative estimate

  • Dub

    Wow, it’s kind of weird calculating how many bonghits you’ve smoked in your entire life, don’t you think? As I enjoy a joint every now and then, it’s kind of hard to say. A rough estimate would be around 4000 hits so far (and counting – in fact add one more). Very few of those hits have been from RooR bongs, though. Actually not a single one has been from a RooR bong per se, even though I’ve enjoyed the RooR Classic 3-Piece Water Pipe several hundred times. I happen to have one you see 😉 Lovely pipe that one.

  • silverthree

    in all my years ive accumulated about 6,200 hits total from bongs and i would guess 400 are from ROOR.

    6200/400=.0645 x 100 = 6.45%

  • AJP

    There is no possible way I could even fathom the the vastness of that number. It would be like trying to memorize the first thirteen digits of Pi!!! I do know that I have only hit a RooR once and it was like getting kicked in the chest by 20 angry leprechauns…(terrific!). I have also smoked regularly out of my Zong for the past 5 years. Smokers Unite!!!

  • squeesearch

    my mind hurts because of this question. 1000 hits and 20% roor. but that could be soooooooooooo so sos sos sosos oss soos osos os os sos SO S00oOos00oOo off

  • Aiden Nou

    i justed turn 18 three days ago so i only took 42 hits on my birthday out of a roor and i hope i win this because i dont have my own bong and this bong is so sexxy

  • lets see started in 04, smoked 3 times a week, about 10 bong hits a session, been smoking ever since, so id say roughyl 8000 bong hits. only 100 or so were from a friends roor, and the rest were from my own personal no named glass

  • Brandyn

    Probably 4-5,000 hits so far. probably 50-60% roor, all my friends collection including a mini roor, a roor steam roller, a roor beaker, and his rasta label roor. the rest about 20% custom no names, and the rest is between a WHYB normal, a 5150, my custom ads and zong.

  • Brandyn

    Probably 4-5,000 hits so far. probably 50-60% roor, all my friends collection including a mini roor, a roor steam roller, a roor beaker, and his rasta label roor. the rest about 20% custom no names, and the rest is between a WHYB normal, a 5150, my custom ads and zong. sorry about the double post i used the wrong email the first time

  • matt nagle

    been smokin since i was 12, im 20 now. i take roughly 10-15 hits a sesh, smoked 3-4 times a day , been smoking bongs for about 5 years now.

    thats 60 hits a day,21900 a year, 109,500 total roughly . haha thats alot.

    and i have never smoked from a roor 🙁

  • Sam

    Oh hai – I have been smoking for like…6 years and all that time I have been smoking mostly bongs so I’d say…a litte more than 3000. Not one of them have been a ROOR :O, It would be the best possibel thing thing that could happen to me if I got it, I think I would cry a bit.

  • HappyToker

    Around 1000 bong hits, with the majority being on my EHLE.
    Never smoked a Roor but I am longing to own and smoke one tho.

  • Aleksi

    1620, i can be off about 5 hits, i was pretty high that time! And i never ever smoked from a Roor, i dont even know anyone who has a Roor.

  • Martin

    I smoke RooRs every hour, all my friends have RooRs but me, ive prob hit a bong atleast 5000 hits and about 65% are RooR tokes. Whoop!

  • mista rasta

    green yellow red my fav colors! ive smoked upwards of 10,000 hits and definately 80% from roor (i already have one)

  • i must have taken over 1000 bong rips .. or more, i never really count and sometimes i dont even remember!
    I have never hit a roor though and i would love nothing more than to win this one especially because of the rasta colors.
    I have heard there’s nothing better than a roor and they look great too.
    I would be so grateful if I won this beautiful bong but if not I’ll probably buy this exact one so i get to experience it!!

  • Bubba

    i’ve proly hit a bong about 200-300 times. i dont own a bong but i smoke one every chance i get, however no one knows what company makes them. i also make bongs outta any kinda bottle

  • Jordan

    ive taken rprobably around 2000 bong hits since ive been smoking, and only once was i lucky enough to smoke of a roor.

  • Fred The Head

    probrably 98% of my tokes were from local blown glass & 2 % from a RooR but I would love to own that beautifull piece of art for another
    countless amount of bong rips on that sick piece. I smoke a half oz every 2 days so that would be great to use for every hit from now on

  • Harry Stevens

    somewhere around a million i reckon, I can’t remember…
    None from roor or any other glass bongs 🙁

  • Xander

    I’ve taken about 2,000 bong hits in the five years or so i’ve been smoking and I’ve only come across a roor once, yet i remeber it was good quality and hit very nice. I own an illadelph coil that i’m pretty fond of but i’d definetly like a roor straight tube. Nothing hits quite as good. Rasta Lables are always down. Doesn’t hurt to try. Thnx EDIT!

  • Ron

    ive taken roughly 1487 bong hits, roughly 78%, or 1160 hits have been from roor glassware.

    my last german roor was broken by a friend so it would be awesome to have a new one!

  • ChronJohn

    I’ve taken roughly 4500 bong hits in my time and I’d say about 10% were from Roors, 5% from Illadelph, 10% from a no name ceramic and 75% from my weed star messias spike bong. I would love that percentage of roor hits to go up, so this rasta label would make an excellent addition to my little collection!

  • Alexz123

    I Have never used a roor and it hurts me to say that as i have been smoking about 25 to 35 hits a day, for the last 7 or 8 years but most of them where through the cyclone bong. i heard that roor are the shit so i really wouldnt mind winning one and i smoke alot so it would go to a good home

  • Dan

    About 8 bong hits… I’m a relatively new smoker. And none of them have been from RooR, or other fine glass companies. I’m poor.

  • chris

    Ive had my share of roor hits and have been smoking bongs for about ten years, ever since I took my first hit out of a beaker roor i fell in love, and it took me about 10 years before i actually picked one up. Then I started collecting U.S. roor’s, until one night i was minding my own business, and the next thing I know $1500 was gone, and that was about a month ago 6/25/09 the cops came and took um while they were looking for someone with a gun and thought he was in my house but instead went after the smell and the next thing I Knew they took my bongs. and it still breaks my heart to think about them today. and now im left with nothing, I want another roor so bad but just cant afford one right now.

  • Jordan W

    Probably around the 500-1000 mark, I really have no clue!
    About 10% from a Roor, me and my buddy went halves on one a while ago 😀

  • Rainicus

    Hey bro
    thats a rig of a bong and i would put it to some hard use keeping it ever clean
    ill take it doofing and get some epic photos for the website.

    Ive been bonging strong for 4 years now all through plastic bottles of various descriptions, i have just in the last year started using glass bongs, my favorite being a “zong” bong. i find them far better aside from the health benefits. i recently bought a ws series puncher off this website which had the glass base snapped off and would think this a gracious compensation.

    peace manxo

  • Scotty

    Id say 500 ish hits. Maybe 20 percent from roors, 50 percent from no name, and 30 percent from the vortex.

  • jordan

    i have hit about 1,000 to 2,000 bongs i am 16 years old my % of RooR bongs is 40% …If you give me this bong my friends will hit it and want to buy a RooR.


    Taken a couple hundred hits out of glass bongs, but right before the Hurricane, I’d have to say a RooR gave me my smoothest hit. Almost cleared a gram!

  • Rasmus pedersen

    Very many bong hits 😀 over 1000! And i never tried a roor 🙁 but i have tried a golden hurricane and many other but the best bong i ever smoked om is the hurricane thats why i so bad want to try a roor 🙂 have fun out there 🙂

  • Joseph Sk

    I’m going to have to guess that I’ve taken 144 bong hits, 8% being from a RooR.

    Personally, I’ve never owned a RooR, but they are by far the best quality pieces you can buy.

    EveryonedoesIT has the best prices online, I hope you pick me!

  • Arthur Ecker

    I would say i have taken maybe 10000 bongloads in my years of smoking maybe 4% of those being Roor as i never have owned one but it was the first bong i ripped.

  • David Colagiovanni

    267, i have a counter sitting next to my bong..

    and twice ROOR..


  • Joe

    I’ve probably hit a bong about 5,000 times total. 15% ghetto rigged, 23% plastic, 60% glass, 2% roar. 🙂

  • Brandon1886

    well, probablly 20 bong hits a day, for 10 years, so 73,000 as a minimum number, and between then red and yellow label roor i got from probablly 25%, but since i own a perc and a blue label which is signed by pauly shore, so it doesnt get much use) i got else where, i’d say roughly 33% of my bong hits are roor. and i would say 25% of my bong hits are from wicked sands bongs. i cant miss a chance to win a sweeeeeet rasta label made by the top glass blowing artists in the world! the remainding percentage would be crappy plastic bongs hits as a youth, but now i am more mature and know roor are the best! 😀

  • Pacus Sacus

    well, i recon, 8 years of smoking everyday pretty much, about 30 cones a day, im would say easily 87600 not too bad, and id like it to be alot more, so please make that possible for me hahaha AND I THINK I DESERVE IT COS MY LAST GLASS BONG I HAD GOT SMASHED BY A MATE BY MISTAKE AND HE RUFUSED TO PAY FOR IT 🙁 LOL

  • Kim

    500-600 bonghits from acrylic bongs, I have not tried a glass bong yet! :/ Så it’s all none Roor bonghits! But sometime has to be the first time for everyone! 😉

  • i have smoked on average of 8 bongs each day sinces i was 16, im now 21 and am still smoking the same, this is usualy 7 grams a week. that is 2880 bong hits a year so a total of around 14400 bongs in my life time. Never realised it was that many, lol.

    The first bong i got was from, it was a bushmaster and lastest a year but then i broke it, after that it was a weedstar mr.lee, then i thought i would get a better bong so i went for the 60cm customised ehle, i realy need to get myself a roor to add to the collection. especialy that rasta roor, it looks insane.

  • Godsfarmer

    ive been smoking through spliff all my life and have never ever got a chance to get hold of a bong ive heard that a bong gets out 78% of thc out of wat ur smoking than a spliff which only gets out 28% which is very poor i know that information yet iam still here smoking through a spliff. this is my chance right here to smoke through the lovely roor bong my first ever smoke through a bong will be through high quality bong is dis my luck right here? give me dis chance to remember roor and for the rest of my life wow

  • Frijmagnet

    Man that’s a hard one- it’s been a long time and the bong has always been my weapon of choice. I’d estimate about 30000 – 40000. I’ve never seen Roor in Aussie and have never used one.

  • Blindet

    Since my last comment didnt pass moderation lets try it again..

    I’ve taken many bong hits in my life, but nearly not enough!
    i would say.. about 2000?

    I never seen a roor in my life, not even in any headshop i visited… So neither have i ever took a hit from one.

  • ville

    mabey 1500, none in a roor, just found out that my payment method is not accepted so im screwed and i cant buy my roor.

  • Tom

    Probably somewhere in the region of 30, I’ve never been a big fan, but perhaps I just need to try a nice bong – 0% from a Roor 🙁

  • ben

    I’ve taken 200-300 rips from different glass bongs, none of which have been through a roor. I’ve been missing out.

  • drake

    I discovered America with Christopher Columbus
    I stormed the beaches of Normandy
    I witnessed the beatings of Emit Till
    I marched through Washington with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
    I climbed to the top of Mt. Everest
    I set foot on the moon
    I survived a Colombian prison
    I have taken 5,000 bong rips but none from a roor

  • Fuel

    I’ve hit an average number of bongs, I’d say. I mainly smoke out of glass, but that’s because I’ve had my pipe for five years. I’ve never smoked out of a Roor before, but I hope I can someday. I can’t wait to start a larger glass collection. It’s my dream hobby. 🙂

  • I’ve probably taken about 600 hits from a bong. I’ve been really lucky in that every last hit was from a Roor dealer’s cup, bought from EDIT. You gotta love Roor. You gotta love EDIT.

  • adam butcher

    hi, i am a smoker and have only hit that shit about 10 times, never a roor bong, just the cheap acrylic ones… although i was rather baked… im not to shore what the difference is but maybe you can help? i wouldnt mind owning a fancy looking piece of smoke wear that also mullers the life out of my poor little lungs! lovely jubly..

  • NEIL


  • Michael Bergling

    i took at least 100,000 bong hits 20% of em being RooR 40% chameleon glass, 20% acrylic and ill save the last 20% for all the misc. bong ive smoked plus all our home made 20oz and V8 gravity bongs hehe.

  • Olivia

    11 bong hits and 100% of them were from a ROOR. my friend owns 2. but other than that iv never used any other bongs

  • cannabiz

    ive had to have taken at least 6,000 bong rips in my life roughly in about 4 yrs of smoking 0% were hit out of a roor , ive never hit one before but this could be my perfect time! the 100% would be split up into all the other EDIT bong companies i.e. bushmaster,festival,weedstar(myfavorite), and edit brand clear glass .

    thank you Edit.


  • Ryan Carter

    I’d say ive had about 35,000 bong hits…. none of which have been off of a RooR. I’ve been using a triple tree prec’d bong recently and it was hand blown. And the one chance I had to hit a RooR was the same night my friends friend dropped his precious $900 RooR and it wsa no more.

  • Ralph Burrows

    Wow, fucking hard question, wouldn’t even be able to tell you a rough amount of hits i had last time i smoked bong…But im gonna guess it’s at least in the thousands, ten-thousand possibly, not likely though. At least 50% of my bong hits were out of my friends Little Sista, and a lot are out of my home made RooR bucket bong 🙂 (An 18.8 narrowing bowl in a normal bottle) and The rest would be out of my EHLE 30 cm straight 🙂 And then a lot of acrylic bongs friends and random strangers i’ve met through smoking have had 🙂

  • I ahve been toking for the past six years constantly. I ahve two RooR bongs and they are the only things that I can truly hit with a passion. I have had gears, acrylics, and a tonne of rolling papers, but ever since I bought my first RooR two years ago it is the Only Brand Bong that I am able to hit. The technology and quality have lead to me taking a solid 2500 hits and have made me the pothead I am today. There is nothing like truly smoking out of an Authentic RooR. NOTHING! If I were to win this amazing RooR, I would literally be on cloud nine and it would be a phenominal addition to my growing collection. Please. Please. Please. Let me win. Also I would like to mention my broken RooR whose loss is still being Mourned, R.I.P: “Old Faithful”.

  • I have been toking for the past six years constantly. I ahve two RooR bongs and they are the only things that I can truly hit with a passion. I have had gears, acrylics, and a tonne of rolling papers, but ever since I bought my first RooR two years ago it is the Only Brand Bong that I am able to hit. The technology and quality have lead to me taking a solid 2500 hits and have made me the pothead I am today. There is nothing like truly smoking out of an Authentic RooR. NOTHING! If I were to win this amazing RooR, I would literally be on cloud nine and it would be a phenominal addition to my growing collection. Please. Please. Please. Let me win. Also I would like to mention my broken RooR whose loss is still being Mourned, R.I.P: “Old Faithful”.
    Hit Breakdown:
    85% ROOR
    15% Gear and Acrylic and Spliffs

  • Jonas Bothén

    I cant count how many hits from a bong ive took, but i can assure you. its alot!

    unfortunately i haven’t had the chance to try one of the Roor- beautys

    ive only build my own bongs out of old plastic bottles


  • This is simple but took me a min so il brake it down like this am 22 born in 86 been smoking since 12 but did not buy my own bong that I could hit everyday till I was 13-14 so il round minm bong hit a day not trying is around 8-12 bong loads a day so kick it to 9 ish so 9x 360 days outta the year add a triple count for 420 and birthdays 2-3 times n I got 32400-35900 if not MORE lol… damn and NONE Were outta Roor bongs…. mostly red eye and gear bongs since they are popular around here it seems if not those two its no day local stuff .. I enjoy my blunts n doobies like everyone else but bong is my true love n always will…. il never be able to stop .. I cut down on the wake n bakes but there has never been a night besides when I was in America for a few days that I did not SMOKE A NIGHT CAP BONG LOAD … not trying to say I deserve this great piece of art in any way more then anyone I am just saying I will enjoy it to the fullest..

    thanks n much respect …. and thank god for auto spell corrector ! lol


  • PS YO !! LOL! it was like 60% RED EYE 25% Gear and 15% random locals n home made bongs from high school/that time I lived with a bunch of buddys for a summer n had a living room fulla things u could smoke from lol…..

  • Austin Henry

    I have taken about 50 bong hits. I have never smoked out of a Roor bong only a glass bong and a homemade water bong out of a 20 oz

  • rob

    oh man id say a few thousand…unfortunately none from a ROOR. i have a local blown beaker style bong named ziggy and id love to add the Rasta ROOR to the collection!

  • Billy N

    I have been smoking bongs daily for 4 years. I haven’t run out of weed in over a year.
    So we’ll do some math.
    3.5 grams a day for 4 years. is 3.5 x 1460 = 5110 grams
    now i will weigh the size of my average hit.
    .089 was what i pinched.
    so 5110 x 0.89 = 4547.9. so we’ll say 4548… now to include what i smoked with other people prior to that and away from home

    we’ll say 9952

  • Simon

    I’ve had my ROOR for about 3 years now and I love it. I’ve got a carbon filter for it and an ash catcher but there’s nothing nicer than filling it up with ice and cold water then taking a cold, crisp, smooth hit. I would love to add this piece to my collection so overall I’d say My Roor’s running up around 290,000 hits, maybe you guys edit should start selling bong hit counters? Keep selling the fantastic glass. Thanks Edit!

  • Josh Fongemie

    I cant count how many hits from a bong I have had from the six ft acrilics to the 2l soda bottle and of course the roor line. I would say nearly half of my bong smokin days have been through a roor. The fine german craftsman ship of the ever so durable borsilicate and the fact that it is scientifically designed for maximum volume and a healthy clean smoke. Would love to get my hands on that rasta though.

  • my first hit was in 1984 been smoking bong more then joints and pipes,s i probaly got around 420,000 hit on a bong,i got a roor 100 and would love to be able to pair it up with the 500 with rasta logo.

  • Kris Lee

    I’d say on an average day, maybe 15 good bong rips, at least 2/3 of them from my Roor, the others from my Lux mini.

    On a heavier day, I might pull 15-20 through the Roor itself. I smoke a lot, then I play a lot of video games 😀

  • Kris Lee

    Okay, so I was told the wrong information to write down. I did not read as much, just went as long with what my friend said. I thought we were suppose to post how many per day, not total.

    As I posted before;”I’d say on an average day, maybe 15 good bong rips, at least 2/3 of them from my Roor, the others from my Lux mini.

    On a heavier day, I might pull 15-20 through the Roor itself. ”

    Doing the math at 15 per day, smoking this heavily for roughly four years, that comes out to about 21,900 bong rips. 2/3 of that would be 14,600 out of a Roor. Please ignore the first comment 😀

  • PhilipHand

    well, probably 2500, with the math worked out.

    about 1500 out of acrylic
    about 500 out of US Tubes
    about 400 out of no-name shop glass
    about 100 out of RooR

  • Dan

    ive been smoking for about 4 yrs, started when i was a freshman in highschool. I love smoking out of bongs its my all time favorite, especilly ice bongs, ive never smoked out of a RooR, always wanted to but never got the chance. i was going to try out my friend’s roor but he broke it before i had a chance.

    ive had about:
    30 hits from my friends bongs he got at a shop-no specific brand
    55 hits from my old bong before i sold it(gf made me sell it)- got it from a website in Czech
    25 hits from my other bong(gf doesnt know about that one)- got at VIP
    1 hit from my friends ice bong- no specific brand

  • J

    Started last december, done four bongs in total each of them some random brand… 2 small (under 20cm) ones, 1 medium (30+cm) and one large. Hits taken from small ones account up to some hundreds. Hits taken from medium one is the largest number which is roughly 1500+. Sadly only a couple of dozen hits from the large bong. All that accounts up to 2000 hits and many many more to come… hopefully from a real RooR soon!

  • tanZ

    I’ve taken roughly over 9000 bong hits since I started smoking. A RooR was my first bong experience and about 40% of the hits I’ve taken were from RooRs. Another 30% were from Illadelphs and the other 30% were from misc. bowls from local headshops.

  • Chris Corsello

    I’ve taken around 200 bong hits and rerally want to enjoy a nice bong hit all the time. I have never hit a roor bong only blank maufacturers. Thats not including grav hits i dont think of them like bongs

  • cibbo matto

    are you guys still accepting comments?

    its sunday and it says its ending over the weekendddddddd

    but if you’re wondering my hit number isnt more than 500 (maybe 430 is more excact)

    and i guess 10% from roor

  • Mr. Cloud Maker!!!!!!!

    I’ve took (im guesstimating) 366,247 hits of a bong. I use a Khaos bong that does the job. I’ve never gotten the chance to hit a roor bong.

    I have been smoking since 7th grade and i am now a sophmore in college!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anthony M

    Ive taken many bong hits in my life (thousands) but i have yet to take one from a roor. i watch videos daily of people hitting them online and hope someday my time will come. im hoping this comment will give me the opportunity to take a large toke of these beautiful pieces of glass.

  • MikeRoth

    Let’s see if I can do this….38 year at 200 hits a day which gives me 2,774,000 hits…or now 2,774,001. The early years…first million or so were acrylic…the next 500,000 were no name festival glass…so 500,000 for illadelph, 100,000 to delta 9 and pure…which leaves 674,001 for ROOR. I will use the RASTA to help reach a million for ROOR. Thank you very much.

  • TreeMan

    I’ve probably MILKED 8-12 rips a day for the past 3 years. Not including all of those dutchessss… Between my roommates and I…we had at one point 6 Name brand tubes and a Volcano vaporizer. (Sovereignty Roor Toro) RooR Is by far the best quality rip. Smoothe yet potent every time!

  • Matthew

    I think I have had about 2,000 bong hits. 95% of them probably being Roors. I currently have 2 Roors – Both of which I bought from EDIT. I love the Roor Zumo – The Bastard. It gives the best bong hits ever. I would love to win this sexy looking Roor!

  • Erkka Järvinen

    I have taken about 5000 hits from a bong and about 99% of them have been taken from my cheap and lousy acrylic bong. I would just love if I could just get a try from one of these expensive and quality bongs!


    wow i dontthink i could count prolly like 50000? bout 50% out of a roor since my good freind owns like 4 of them

  • Dave Lush

    I have taken to many bong rips to count! I have a 2 foot double tree perc Feuer, rip it every day at least 20 times. Bong rips since I’ve been smoking, it has to be in the tens of thousands. I have owned two Roors, both stolen, so most of my bong rips have been from Roors!!! I would love to own that straight tube rasta Roor! Nothing like a straight tube Roor and always smoke with class, nothing but glass!

  • Matthew Bell

    Definitely done around 500,000 hits over 21 years, smoked a Roor solidly with only Volcano otherwise for about 9 years now so around 200,000 lovely Roor hits. Only the best will do,

  • Ryan Davis

    After finally saving enough money to buy my first piece of GonG a few weeks ago, am expecting an EHLE from EDIT as soon as its off backorder. But throughout my life maybe 5000 hits with hopefully many more much smoother hits in the future. 50% vaporiser and 50% out of crappy aussie bong

  • Laxer Bra

    I hit my friends bong all the time at college but now im home with nothing to hit and feeling a little lonely without the roommates bong. I have only hit a roor a few times but by far the best smoke, so smooth. I love the new rasta label to its so heady!

  • James Greaves

    iv taken about 1000 give or take and all apart from 4 were homemade bongs so thats kinda lame and that 4 wer from nasty Acrylics and even that was a honor… so yer i need a bong

    00% Roor
    98% Homemade
    02% Acrylic

  • Mustard Tiger

    I would have to say that i’ve taken probably over 2500 bong hits in the 2 years ive smoked outta bongs regularly. Haven’t hit a roor, but I have hit lots of glass on glass bowls.

  • Hector

    Well I’ve been smoking for about 2 months, and I’ve taken about 150-200 hits from my smartwater bong (with perc) 0% roor 🙁

    my bongs still a beast though 😀

  • hmm, lets see, I’ve probably taken 4 thousand bong rips in the past 4 years. Works out to 1k a year, 2-4 a day essentially. Roughly half of them, from the first two years, were on my late red/white label RooR little sista that I purchased from this website, and the others were mostly on my current rasta label Illadelph (soon to be big bro to the rasta RooR 🙂 )

    Awesome giveaway!

  • Adam G

    Hey! Been hitting the bong for almost three years now. Started rollin’ them bones first, way back in the day and probably only smoked a bowl or two through highschool. I moved out of my parents place in ’06 with some shitty roomates. It was hell, but their pot wasnt bad. They had a bong with some black ass water in it and from then on I’d say I hits about 2 or 3 bowls a session, 2 sessions a night, so I dunno, roughly 4 to 6 thousand hits in the past few years. My first bong was a cheap acrylic… hit that thing for like a year and a half, let it get all dirty and shit and ended up tossing it when I upgraded to a no name brand glass piece. Double Trouble is pretty nice, but I need a RooR. Never going back to plastic again and I can just imagine how a beautifully a bong like that one up there hits. Keep on tokin’em dudes, ciao!

  • harrybjjohnson

    i have only had about 80 hits in total. roughly 90% from my friends RooR, i don’t have my own bong at the moment as i have just lost my job and cant afford a lovely RooR (the industry standard in my opinion, i wont accept anything less) :'(

    i hope i win, it would make my year

  • nick hunter

    i don’t know how many but i sit in my friends piped out shed and smake and all we do is hit the bongs so i’d say a few thousand

  • LeighAnn Pena

    Lets see in my 19 years of life, I’ve had around 60,000 bong hits at least. only about 30% of those were out of a roor, 60% out of other no name glass water pipes and 10% out of acrylic, but I would have to say that 30% were the best hits. I usually only smoke out of a pipe because I don’t have to money to get a bong, I’ve only used my friends. It would be awesome to have one of my own though, especially a roor.

  • Steven Schoenbald

    Ive probably taken over 100,000 bong hits. So hard to tell. Could be more. ALL I KNOW IS THAT WHEN I WIN THIS I WILL BE TAKING A LOT MORE!!!

  • 1000 bong hits in my life. i own a roor and 3 of my friends do too so its pretty common. maybe 100 non roor hits but nothing so far has come lcose to the roors.

  • Zack

    Ive probably taken around 500 hits out of bongs… most of them are from a roor i bought my first year in college but my friend broke the bowl piece. I took a lot of hits off unmarked cheap things too.

  • Royce

    im kinda newbie less than 500 hits for sure but i know a good bong when i see it and im lookin at right now

  • josh kirsch

    i have had 48 bong hits in my life. last week my buddy got an arcylic bong and we used it, both of our first time. i have never used a roor

  • Yuh Dig

    A rastafarian in JAMAICA plains deserves sucha rasta bong like this, billions of tokes, i had one good sesh with some roors but i dont remember many others so 50 tops

  • Chris

    Im gonna say about . . . 1000 or so? 0% from a RooR or any other glass bong. Me and my mates have only been toking regularly for about a year now so we’ve only been hitting a cheap acrylic bong (well 3 actually as we managed to drop one off the top of a very recognisable mountain in a rather large scottish city =oP and the other got so clouded and minging cleaning alcohol couldnt get all the crap off)
    We’re saving at the moment for a glass piece next year for the flat so here’s hoping we get lucky and we can see what all the fuss is about!

  • Justin Flores

    I would say i’ve had around 300 bong hits, probably 1-2% were roor, the rest other various glass brands.

  • Johnnie

    Y’all think tat sinse yuh kin speel so will tat i a suthner kinnot win? 100000000 tokes i got tis don

  • l i n e

    i took around 250-350 bong chops none of them being roors but hoping to hit one once but i eve hit high guy glass and gear glass and alot of home mades.

  • Alex

    I’ve been smoking for almost 8 years, roughly 2920 days. I smoked least once a day everyday (excluding maybe 30-40 days as sick, etc) 7 out of those 8 years (once I was one probation for a year). I prefer bongs and have had several nice ones, never anything as nice or expensive as a roor. To cut to the chase I’d say I’ve taken anywhere between 500,000-2,000,000,000 bong hits. Only about 1% have been out of roors unfortunately I only have a few friends that own them. Good luck everyone.

  • damnn, im too late 🙁

    Though to share the love it must be well into 4 figured hits from the bong by noww!!

    Im doing my country proud!!

    Hehe, and i’ll show any guy how to lugg.


  • Robb Pemberton

    I have been taking bong hits for about a little over 4 years and if I had to guess I would say over 10,000 bong hits. I had ordered a 5mm Lil’ Sista from and had that excellent piece for about 3 months before it was broken by a friend. That would make a small percentage of my bong hits from a RooR but they sure were worth it. 🙂

  • Voltron

    I have probably taken like 1492 bong hits and i only say that because that is the year columbus discovered north america. 0% of them have been from a roor due to the fact that no one i know can afford one so if i win this at last 80% of my new hits will be from a roor.

  • Paul

    Ive had roughly 1,200 bong hits Id say…10% roor, 15% lux, 23% phire, 17% syn, 10% zong, 15% soft glass, and 10% acrylic…roughly haha

  • Jared Altenau

    ive taken about 300,000 bong rips in my life……and like 80% have been in a RooR………….50% in my bros flamepolished roor straight from the amsterdamn roor shop……..15% in my friends 7mm green label with lazy boy on it……..and the other 15% in my friends rhasta 3 label roor………………all of them with the german diffusers

  • mark reagan

    Ive prob hand like 30 or 40 hits out of a roor (best bong hits ever),most of them have been out of my 7mil 2ft ads and my 7mil 21inch manifest, or the illadelph cooler coil my buddy ownes. I think roor are the best tubes made and would love to own one, my local shop just started carrying them. i’ve had thousands of bong hits in my 13 years of smoking .

  • I would say 12,000 or so. Im not new to bongs, just relatively. As for smoking, quite a while. OPTIMUS! breakdown… roors, none. never had a chance hence im hopin to change that. Other brands, 100% and of that 100%, at least 20-30 from the G-Spot Leaf print i lub. hope im still in this as its the 14th here. 😉

  • about 95% of my smoking is done out of a bong ….i <3 bongs….. i own a roor pink label wich was THE single best birthday present i’ve ever gotten & it’s broken & so is my heart …. this bong would make a nice replacement

  • michal

    ive taken at least 500 bong hits. at least 70% are from a roor 250 ml bong and the other 30% is from a nameless bong all about a foot big. and ive made gravity bongs before so i guess maby 5% would be from those

  • I been smoking since the age of about 17 and none of thoes ,maybe 4,200 hits, have been out of a roor. Up untill this April 24th when i finally found a place that sold authentic Roors here in California.I bought my first Roor set up , took about less 300 hits from it, then i met is fast and sudden end when my friends 30 dollar headphones decapitated it.Broke it right down the glass on glass joint (RIP 5/9/09) It was a rasta roor (US) 14.5 gauge 18inch beaker bottom. That cost me about 300 flat, not to mention the signature-less ash catcher i also bought from them (didnt know about the signatures at the time).Yet that didnt break.I lost my job on may the 21st as a result of trying to look at EDIT online to get a replacement (friend suggested you guys).But now I’m broke,after paying off bills 😐 and am reduced to looking and admiring what once was THE PERFECT smoking device.Only hope this gets in on time, hopefully going by local time :X.Thank you and rock on EDIT.

  • wez

    I never got a chance to use a ROOR.
    but I’ve had a few hundred hits in my life.

    %50 my small bentneck bong (no label)
    %30 my mates 2 foot glass on glass bong(no label
    %10 my mini bong (no label
    %10 misc (homemade, other friends bongs, etc)

    i have been saving up to buy a nice bong from EDIT, but moneys tight and winning this would be so great.

  • Sara

    I’ve never used a ROOR Bong, I’ve only used my homemade bong and the Bushmaster bong that I have ordered from this site. I’m in great need of a ROOR but I could never afford such a piece of work :p

  • Cody

    under 100 roughly. I just started not too long ago and ever since I’ve been in love with Roor bongs. I’ve been unable to get a nice bong still since money’s been tight but I’d really love to have a Roor bong.

  • MARS

    Lovely piece of glass there.

    I’ve done at least 100,000 bong rips through out the years and years. I have done rips off some expensive bongs but never a roor.

    0% from a roor (Sad Right)
    20% Misc. no name bongs
    30% Graffix
    30% Bushmaster Liquid Ice (Bought right from this site)
    20% Old bamboo bong

  • Stanley Stoner

    60% blunts, mostly juicys from edit
    20% bubbler
    10% joints
    4% illadelph bong
    1% misc

    i really want to get a roor because of it’s solid reputation, but the recession is a mother…

  • Austin Gess

    I have used a very large amount of RooRs in my life but only one was a which was a splashgaurd ashcatcher. Off my first janky tube i probably took somewhere near eighty or a hundred hits. Then i bought my first roor it was a rasta logo 18″ beaker. I fucking loved this thing. I would say i have rippped it over 500 hundred times and it still 4 years later get use. But now i have a custom too to share the burden. I would estimate i have ripped over 3000 full tubes of milk. thanks and i hope this submission isnt too late

  • Admin1


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