Black Leaf Glass Percolator Bongs

These Black Leaf Glass Percolator Bongs feature coloured and tinted glass sections along with clear and matching coloured percolators to smooth out the hit. Forged out of 5mm glass, the Black Leaf Perc Bongs all have 18.8 joint sizes and come equipped with a diffuser and separate bowl.

Some of the Black Leaf Percolator Bongs come with a special lift-off Ashcatcher bowl, coloured to match the bong’s design.

The Black Leaf Glass Bongs do feature carb-holes (rush holes), but they come already plugged with a discreet grommet, black and smoothed out to blend into the pipe. It can be removed if the carb-hole is required.

Black Leaf Percolator Bongs
Black Leaf Percolator Bongs

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  • Nick

    The beaker looks exactly like Pure Glass, even the exact same bowl. I’d love to know what goes on between all these companies that copy from each other.

    That said, they are not bad for the price. If I was out to buy a low end tube then I would get one of these before a Weed Star. But then again they are all probably made by the same kids in China.

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