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[CLOSED] You can win the Black Leaf Glass Percolated Bong pictured below just by guessing its weight! I have weighed it on our postage weighing scales and I have the figure (in grams) written down neatly on a post-it note somewhere around here and the closest guess to the real weight will be victorious. I might even make a mini-video of it going on the scales so you can see for yourselves.


You need to be an EDIT customer past or present to claim the prize, though there are no other restrictions. If you have never placed an order with EDIT and you enter anyway and win, then the prize will go to the next nearest guess etc, etc. I’ll assume all entrants are customers so no need to proclaim it – the only one who will be checked is the winner.


This giveaway will remain open over the weekend and the guesses perused for the closest early next week. Good luck to everyone, especially the winner. (There are some details about the bong beneath the pictures to help you with your guesswork. And yes, it will eventually be for sale on EDIT, though probably not for a couple of weeks.)

Black Leaf Glass Perc Bong

Black Leaf Glass Percolated Bong

Black Leaf Glass Perc Bong Giveaway

Height: 53.5cm / 21”

Inner Diameter: 40mm

Downtube Length: 13.5cm

Weight-Bearing Features:

1 x Dome Perc

1 x Splashguard



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