Our EDiTor’s Piece of the Day today is this very modest and affordable Black Leaf Discmaster Glass Bong. This clear glass beauty is characterised by its multiple levels using clear glass discs. Supported by a stable round glass base this spectacular glass bong by Black Leaf contains 5 layers. Each level contains its own functional design. This straight glass bong is supported by a sturdy round base at the bottom.

Level 1 has a three hole disc

Level 2 has one hole in the middle of the disc

Level 3 is again a three hole disc

Level 4 has a slit holed splash guard

Level 5 is again a one hole disc that allows you to place ice is desired.

A reducing (18.8mm-14.5mm) 6-slit diffused downstem is included with the bong. There is also a 14.5mm glass bowl that fits onto the neatly ground joint.

This is a simple and effective beautiful new bong from Black Leaf glass.

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