Biohazard Inline Bongs

BioHazard Layback Inline Bongs are perfect for hitting while relaxing with your feet up. You don’t have to put your feet up, but something doesn’t feel quite right when hitting one without them up somewhere or even just resting on a poof.

There are two BioHazard Inline Bong options to choose from, including one that features a tree percolator for an extra smooth smoking experience.

Biohazard Glass Bongs are ideal for the glass enthusiast who wants high-end quality at a more affordable price. Biohazard bongs are made from borosilicate glass, and every one comes with a diffuser and bowl.


BioHazard Layback Inline Bong with Tree Percolator
BioHazard Layback Inline Bong with Tree Percolator


Biohazard Glass Bong – Layback Inline Bong

Biohazard Glass bong – Layback Inline Bong (with Perc)


  • Melayer1

    Looks Amazing, still WAY too expencive for my taste tho., ill wait for Weedstar to make a *GOOD* one

  • Henrik Nilsson

    A wooden pipe I made out of a hanger. It kinda looked like something out of a fantasy movie! It was long (about 35cm) and cruved at the end. Took me bout half an hour to make a smoke channel without using a drill =P Still one of my favourite pipes.

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